Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mitali thinking Raj is never greedy about money and thinks Tai ji is greedy, but brainless too. She thinks Aaliya will make a team with her. Tai ji asks if she will fill her stomach seeing her face. Mitali says I was thinking who was helping Aaliya. Tai ji asks are you doubting on me, and says I have a doubt on you. Raj thinks why Mitali is investigating and thinks to be safe from her. Mitali thinks to check on Akash and Rachna. Kya Kool Hai Hum stars come for their film promotion at the party. Tushaar and Aftab promote their film. Pragya calls them Bhai Saheb. They get happy and ask if they are searching someone. Pragya asks them to help her and tells she came here following Sautan/Tanu. Aftab says we shall help her as she called us brother. Tusshar says how we will search

her. Pragya gives the description of clothes. Tanu and Nikhil are there. Purab comes and looks for Pragya. He calls Tanu. Tanu thinks why he is calling me and picks the call. Purab says Abhi is asking about you. Tanu says she is in birthday party and disconnects the call. Purab wonders where is Pragya now. Nikhil comes to Tanu wearing shawl and asks Tanu to come.

Tushaar and Aftab is asked to perform on stage. Aftab suggests that they shall dance on stage. Pragya tells that they are there, and spots Tanu. Aftab asks her to get involved in their dance troupe and says we will stop them from leaving. Purab informs Dadi that Pragya went following Tanu. Rachna says we shall inform Abhi. Purab says Abhi doesn’t care about her and he want to forget her completely. Dadi asks what you are saying? Purab tells her everything, and says Abhi thinks Tanu’s baby is his. I tried talking to him, but he is not opening the door. Pragya dances with Tushaar and Aftab on the song Hai Jawani Le Doobi…….Pragya thinks she has to see his face anyhow. She pulls the shawl and see Abhi. Abhi says he came insearch of her and says he has worn the shawl as his fan might see him. He asks if she is dancing in film promotion to get money. Pragya says you are thinking me wrong. Abhi asks what you are doing here and asks her to tell.

Tushaar, Abhi and Aftab dance on stage. Tanu and Nikhil see him and think to escape before he sees them. Tusshar announces that Abhi has a unique talent, and asks them to watch their film. Abhi promotes their film. Aftab also promotes the film. Pragya tries following Tanu, but she is stopped by Abhi. Pragya sees them left and says he has escaped because of you. Abhi looks on.

Abhi says I didn’t know that you are on mission, and says we will ask Police to nab the culprit. He thinks Dadi says right. Pragya says if we involve Police then they can take Dadi, Dasi or any family member to police station, and then the news will reach media. She says that’s why she is searching alone. Abhi comes home and tells Purab that he went insearch of Pragya after he asked him to search her. Pragya tells him that the man escaped and now she has to search from the start. Dadi and Rachna looks on.

Pragya asks Abhi why he is giving pain to himself. Abhi says he will be in pain and talks about her betrayal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. safa

    omg!plsz unite abhigya as dey r a cute cuplszz..i wnt deir union nd romance..bez cuplszz 4evr..plsz expose tanu bfor valntines day..bcuz v need abhigya romance on valntins day..luvb yew abhigya frm core of mah heart.plsz unite as dem as fst as can..nd also romance as fast as can..:(:)

  2. One more failed attempt but I feels pragya will soon find about takhil’s relationship. And thank god, they didn’t see pragya is following them. And precap again annoying with same words and things. Usually promotions does not put this much efforts which can help the leads or can take an important turn to story of the show. So it was expected that nothing will happen. Anyways hoping and waiting for soon getting some positive results. Let’s see.

    • reji

      Ya pratiksha wat do u think about pragya’s next plan fo u have any idea about that and how is the trp rating is it in top 3 hope CVS will do some plan with sense

      • Reji I think raaj could reveal tanu’s truth in front of pragya. Becoz raaj got to know that tanu has came to talk some important thing with him. So when he will definetly asks tanu about the matter or tanu will herself tell about pragya’s deal from him. Then to save own self, raaj could expose tanu’s truth in front of pragya to gain her trust. Remember he was thinking how to gain her trust? This is a gud opportunity for him to gain pragya’s trust so if tanu or aaliya will take his name then pragya and no one could believe on them. I think, raaj will tell to pragya about the whole truth of takhil if he knows about nikhil and may b with this, he will tell to pragya that tanu and nikhil has planned killing of her with aaliya. He could say that becoz he has listened their talk so he got to know about this and now taaliya and nikhil r threatening him that if he will tell about them to her so they will trap him by putting all the blame on him and by taking his name infrint of her. With this raaj will get escaped and gain pragya’s and everybody’s trust. This is all my guess. Well let’s see what happens next.

      • Sahithi

        Pratiksha but Raaj doesnt know about Tanu n Nikhil or about the baby not being Abhi’s right. I am not sure if Raaj will play any active role for coming few days.

        That part if Pragya’s mobile is returned by the taxi driver is not clear yet.
        Even otherwise, Tanu may take help from Nikhil to bail out Aaliya first, as she is feeling very tensed by not having Aaliya around. And will this spolier be true that Nikhil will now plan for killing Pragya along with Tanu also has to be seen.

        But when is bulbul coming back, there is news on that. I think we need to wait for next segment only. Purab is also not actively trying to do anything, he is only consoling Abhi all day.
        I had this doubt also, last month there were so many on location videos for KKB floating around. Now they are missing only for this show, I see them for all other shows.

  3. Nithi

    Again Abhi is hurting Pragya feelings..also he himself getting hurt too….dunno till wat extend his misunderstanding will go

  4. nivi

    poor fellow abhi
    y r u gvg pain to us?????
    ipidi loosu madiri interrupt panradhe unaku velaya poiduchu abhi
    onnu ne culpritsa kandupudi ilaina pragyava kandu pudika vidu
    aen edhukume othu vara matengura

    • Kirthy

      Your are right nivi…. i don’t know why is abhi so foolish in this track! Please let pragya find the truth and don’t let her even more to suffer.

      I didn’t read the comments everytime, therefore: guys do you know why isn’t nikki commenting? Did nikki drop kkb?

      Praktisha I like your comments :). Thx for your description in the past episode.

      • razia

        Haha kirthy some one annoyed nikki by commenting on the name Nikki itslf so she decided to comment as pratiksha

  5. Ridhima

    This abhi is disgusting now a days … Always ..doing some nonsense … And making all plans flop …

  6. JR

    Another cat & mouse episode. Chasing their tails and getting no where. Even the dialogue is boring and stupid. Nothing in it. Thank you Hasan for your written updates.

  7. sana

    Next valentines day vara pothu but tanu not yet exposed.her belly not grow at all.she wear modern dress with high heals.

  8. madhu

    Enough of dragging guys …. Now it seems really impossible even to follow on written updates … If we have to wait 1 year for a interesting twist then I think we can leave this serial and come back just to watch Tanu Aaliya and Raj are planning against Pragya ???

  9. Moni

    This serial is stretching beyond viewer’ s patience. From today I am going to stop read updates also. Got some hope after aliya exposed. Tanu will get exposed next year. What else can expect from Ekta?

  10. anisha

    tom never succeeds in catching jerry n pragya never succeeds in catching the villains…. I guess pragya should’ve worn her glasses today so, she could she nikhil…

  11. Sharad

    What else to expect other than another dragging episode. ….next tanu ‘ s baby will fall in love n get married…..still tanu s secret will not be revealed……I guess Ekta will tame us to 20 yrs from today nu some 2 weeks later……stupid serial…wasting everyone’s time…..abhi rock star mattum illa head is also made of just hard rocks ??…..Dadi can at least reveal truth but nothing doing…..n where n wen r they going to bring new face bulbul? Wen she comes that track will run for another 3 months…?? pongada neengalum unga sottha kathayum…..orunulla story eppadi kedukkalam nu ivanga Kitta than kattukanum pola. …??

  12. sasikumar

    Supera sonninga sarad mokka pottu kolranga ur honor…ethula abhi onna number lusuuuu…initial problem vanthurakudathunu 2,3 varusama ektha soru pottu valakura pola borrrrrrring serial

  13. Meena

    I hope ekta kapoor try something new and get the couple united for a long time and punishes the antagonists soon coz i have a strong feeling that this tanu chapter will not end so soon…

  14. sharmi

    Seriously, how long has this mission to find Tanu’s baby daddy being going on for? Like more than 6 months and she doesn’t even have a baby bump…at least make the woman look pregnant. Geez wheezz

  15. kajol

    Too.much dragging..ohhh come on bring tanu’s truth out infront of abhi… Nikhil should ask tanu to marry him sooner..and blackmail her as well so that she will be confuse..

  16. Lorena

    I was expecting today to be found the truth of Tanu but it failed.I think that it will be revealed soon because Pragya now really know that the baby father is somebody else than Abhy and probably she will focus on this.I have a presentiment that Tanu and Abhy will get married, but during their marriage Pragya or even Nikil will stop it by revealing the truth.I hope my assumption become real.?

  17. They got to be kidding me pragya didnt see his face again tanu pregnancy is almost 2 year she is going to give birth to an adult great writers

  18. indera

    This story is so boring n getting more boring as days go by When will Tanu truth come out. I am willing to write a good TV soap for Ekta

  19. Reji

    Inga irukkuradhula niraiya peru தமிழ் ninaikkiren anyways but this show is too much of dragging what they r thinking in their we r fools??? to them ahh!!!!!! can’t guess what is pragya’s next move any guesses pratiksha how about the trp

  20. ishani

    I wish abhi would see thanu with nikil & he will pretend not.
    He will make a plan to catch them like before mms track & will find pragya’ s truth in his own rock star style

    I hope this will happen.

  21. rose

    Ya reji nd sheetha .me too Tamil.irumalargal pakla arambichi we got stuck in this kkb dragging in every episode we r waiting for abigya sceens in Tamil abhi start loving pragya.. within 3-4 weeks pregnancy track s going to start .. plz end this track soon and we want purvi s truth to out .in Tamil sterday only corporater acquisted outburst for kidnapping … so bad for pur

  22. Boring.the leads r crying from two years .pragya is hiding everything .tanu is staying with abhi without marriage. Now pragya is staying without marriage with abhi.the society is keeping quite. So illogical. There no romantic moment without crying .there r so many issues in society between husband n wife .not only multiple husbands n wives there should love concern n most important faith they can potry in that. Anyways they have totally lost their mind now.

  23. sana

    Guys..today new segment will be coming…Pragya is crying and abhi is shown as tensed….don’t know what is happening 🙁

  24. Priya $

    I saw some snaps in instagram.. Pragya and abhi crying… But separately omg abhi decided to marry tanu ah.. Too much.. Anyone know abt this update guys?? If so give me some detail info..

  25. Dave

    Some new segment has come with caption twist ,emotion and Tears… looks like abhi is sitting in a different room.. hope he has not shifted to tanu… Omg I don’t want this to be the new twist.. we have to wait till 2.30 to know more details…

  26. rose

    I saw a news feed in fb about todays sbs segment .. pragya was crying nd abhi looking payama him sadly … wt happened prathiksha… did u saw anything like this

  27. Dave

    Or guys may be he would have told pragya that he has decided to marry tanu in 7 days… just waiting for THE day… untill then we have to go through all this?

  28. Sahithi

    I think in today’s segment we will see ABHI shifting to another room.
    Good for him n Pragya also. He can sit n cry alone n not show his hatred towards her. She can also carry on with her mission. If she can expose good else Daadi can act ill n stop marriage in last minute.

    • razia

      Yescif he shifts the room then its gud hell nt hurt pragya more n he too vl feel better I hope .. Cant see them in pain .. Pragya cries alot this really hurts me .. I CNT see her lyk this really .. Bt if abhi had decided to marry tanu then its gud he shud inform pragya so tat shell be alert n do sumtng .. Bt I’m damn sure marriage vl neva happen wit tanu .. I’m 100 percent sure it vl definitely nt happen .. Bt wt vl happen next .. Vl al these pain end up in tanus exposure? If so then its great

      • Sahithi

        But if he shifts to Tanu’s room there are 2 possibilities – Tanu cant go n roam around freely, goto meet Aaliyah, meet Nikhil n all such stuff, as Abhi may question her. If we are still being positive, we can hope if Abhi will find some clue from her room or her phone.
        On flip side, Pragya n Ronnie have been keeping an eye on Tanu after Aaliya was gone. If Abhi is sharing room then how far they both can track Tanu’s whereabouts or go around her room, we don’t know. Abhi will doubt on Ronnie why he moving near Tanu’s room.

    • razia

      Yaa bt .. No idea how the CVS vl develop this .. Bt they ll do in a smart way I’m sure .. Mandaya pichukudhu 😉

  29. vaishali

    guys i am also tamil and i love this serial but stuck in the dragging of kkb i love their pair bbut they r not at all showing their scenes hope they will reunite abhigya soon fingers crossed…

  30. srimathi

    today there is SBS segment update!! In glimpse they showing Abhi leaves to Tanu room n Pragya is crying in AbhiGya’s room..

  31. razia

    Pragya in their room cries holding a photo frame jus then abhi comes n tells sumtng so she left the room crying .. And then abhi cries in another room

  32. rose

    Abhi is shifting to tanu room ah?????? Such an idiotic nd bad twist… if they drag like this by giving more pain to pragya views may got down . Such a bad hating thing .. I can tolerate abhi with tanu by leaving pragya alone… after 2.30 only we got clear idea about the segment .. hope good will happen

  33. susila

    Pratiksha any updates? Pls the writers expose tanu soon. I am also Tamil. A big fan of kumkum bhagya. I love abigya. Pls unite them and stop dragging

  34. New segment update- Abhi tells to pragya about his decision to marry with tanu soon. Pragya gets heartbroken and cries a lot in another room. Abhi goes to tanu’s room and asks her to come with him on lunch date. Tanu gets happy and goes to b ready. Abhi sits on the bed and sees a greeting card behind the pillow which was given by nikhil to tanu. But there was no name on the card. Abhi asks tanu about the card. She makes excuses and says that this card is for aaliya becoz someone had proposed her and gave it this card to aaliya. Reporter says abhi is suspecting on tanu and will definetly try to find the truth behind the card.

    • During these days and in upcoming days, we will cry with abhigya so much but I m sure this is the last pain before lots of happiness. And I m happy that story is moving for it’s climax means tanu’s climax. Now pragya got to know about tabhi’s wedding decision and abhi have also started to spend time with tanu. Hope this will bring tanu’s reality in front of abhi becoz pragya said to abhi that tanu is behind his money and now he has seen lovey-dovey greeting cards behind tanu’s pillow. Ya tanu got escape by using aaliya’s excuse about the cards and abhi still didn’t believe on pragya completely that tanu is behind his money. Then also I feels this is the starting of abhi’s doubt. I hope we will see more scenes of abhi’s catching of tanu’s lies and her truth. Now pragya and abhi both has been connected from tanu’s truth, let’s see who will find out tanu’s truth first.

      • Nithi

        Yeah tat will b good if he has some dbt on tanu…but abhi usef to dbt only pragya for all dcthings n he wants proof.. but he easily beleive those devils watever rwason they will tell n he never ask anything afterwards. ..
        so sadof Pragya…

  35. sana

    Sbs news in short–Abhi taunts pragya….declares to marry tanu…leaves the room and goes to tanu room….he will get some card there and will question tanu about it……

  36. rose

    Nothing gud in todays sbs segment only abhi Hurting pragya… this week is gonna to be more irritate us.. but it is also a right way if abhi take a step to marry tanu then pragya too fast up her plan to find tanu baby father… like MMS track pragya may reveal the truth at last time of marriage..

  37. Probably post marriage abhi will find out tanu’s true colours……crap this is an ultimate they have changed a romantic love story of a confusion of hate or love……..this is ultimate crap

  38. Hey guys hey guys???
    Can you believe it!!!!!!
    Believe it or not but this is true??
    Tanu is going to be exposed by Monday I think cause I read that pragya comes to know who is tanu’s Childs real father and tussar and aftab will be helping her??????????

  39. rose

    Abhi wil not get any doubt on tanu or he will not try to find the truth .. his eyes r fully closed bcz of the betrayal by this own sis nd also he is thinking his own love too cheated him.. abhi take the decision of marrying tanu is also a closed eye decision .. only purab nd akash only able to help pragya. This is the last chance for pragya to save his love nd life… so she will put her all the throughput to find the tanu baby father.. Also tanu will be in exited mood that he is gonna marry abhi so she may do some mistakes that help pragya.. overall I think this track will come to an end very soon. I want abigya reunion before valentine day and their spl valentine day celebration …

  40. Highlights of today’s episode’s- Pragya thinks about how to find out tanu’s baby’s father. She comes in the room. After her abhi comes and and sleeps on bed. Pragya comes and says him to leave the bed. Abhi says he will not, u can go some other place. Pragya leaves to dadi’s room. Tanu tells raaj about pragya’s deal and asks her for the idea. Raj refuses to help her. Purab tells her about tanu’s pressure abhi for marriage. Pragya comes back and sees abhi is not sleeping. She asks him about the problem. Abhi says that he is becoming a father so he could not think about own his own happiness by siding baby’s future and happiness. He says to pragya that if u have some humanity left so she help him to forget her. Pragya leaves sadly. Pragya talks to dadi and purab. She says that she will loose abhi forever if he will feel ownself this much guilty. Dadi says come let’s go together and tell everything to abhi. Pragya stops her and says not now becoz if she tells it before to him then he believes her but now it’s too late he will not believe on her. Pragya says I have another solution for it. She goes to meet tanu and they have some heated arguments.

    • Guys today’s whole episode is a mixture of abhigya’s pain, their nok-jhoks, abhi’s attempt to forget pragya but thinking again and again about her, pragya’s info about tabhi’s marriage and pragya’s decision about exposed tanu soon before wedding. Pragya has came in that same strong mode when she was after getting Bulbul’s letter from purab and after knowing her last wish. Pragya says to tanu at the end that if she will not tell her about that third person name then she will not let her marry with abhi becoz she is still abhi’s wife becoz they r not divorced. Pragya says to dafi and purab that now tanu’s countdown has begun.

      • Reji

        Pratiksha now pragya is abhi’s legally wedded wife so she can prove that to abhi at last you said pragya is going to do some other plans and in the sbs update they said abhi will find some greeting cards ? but tanu will escape will abhi get any doubt on tanu

      • Sahithi

        So Pragya is using that legal wife thing as the last option with Tanu, which we have been waiting for long. Will she say same thing in front of Abhi that I am ur legal wife n u cant marry Tanu, I dont accept it. I wish she says n I want to see Abhi’s reaction 🙂

        Then logically there is no way he can marry Tanu.

    • Pratiksha this countdown dialogue is the repetition if you remember when aaliya’s cd chori case came up she told she will expose her but somehow aaliya managed to escape. ………similarly I think tanu would tell nikhil about this then nikhil would tell if they kill pragya property will also become abhi’s as well as she can marry abhi………with this I guess the spoiler will come true…….nikhil will definitely plan to murder pragya then again abhi will rescue her and postpone the wedding plan telling he has to find who is trying to kill pragya. …….
      And all that and then as always the great dragging will begin

  41. i think pragya will expose tanu tgeir marriage. if abhi decided to marry tanu .he will tell tanu marry him on the marriage pragya will exposed tanu front of all family members in that marriage abhigya will take 7 round (saath phere) i think so

  42. i think pragya will expose tanu on their marriage. if abhi decided to marry tanu .he will tell tanu marry him on the marriage pragya will exposed tanu front of all family members in that marriage abhigya will take 7 round (saath phere) i think so

  43. rose

    So prathiksha tanu go and fill abhi ears abt pragya telling that he will not let her to marry abhi.. so abhi angry at him and ask divorce from pragya so pragya s crying which s shown n sbs segment .. it s right track pragya s n full form she will end. Tanu track soon .. let hope

  44. rose

    Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi to take Tanu’s love test and taunts Pragya Upcoming EpisodeAbhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) makes Pragya (Sriti Jha) cry talking about his and Tanu’s (Leena Jumani) wedding in Kumkum BhagyaThe upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Abhi tells Pragya about his decision of getting married with Tanu.Abhi decides to spend his whole life with Tanu.Pragya does not react much in front of Abhi and comes in other room.Pragya cries badly in alone and feels bad for Abhi because he is unaware of the truth.On the other hand, Abhi goes on to Tanu’s room and he gets some greeting cards.Abhi doubts on Tanu seeing greeting cardsAbhi asks greeting scars and Tanu tells him that these are Aaliya’s.Tanu tries to divert Abhi’s mind saying he is jealousbut she is unaware about as Abhi is not satisfied with her answer.Abhi decides to take Tanu’s test and find out the truth.Stay tuned for further exciting update.

  45. rose

    Prathiksha wt do u think about the last two lines of my above command… I saw it in fb. Wt doubt hr s having at tanu .. there r possibility for abhi doubt that.greeting cards r or not.. y he take test may be it may rumors .. bt last time I saw bulbul d going to dead in this page for first time.. it happens in kkb.. wt abt ut

  46. Obviously guys abhi will not easily suspect on tanu only by a card or only by pragya’s telling like pragya says in today’s episode to dadi that now abhi will not believe on her and he may think that she wants to stop his marriage with tanu that’s why she is lying about tanu. So obviously only one incidence is not enough for abhi to suspect on tanu. For it, there should b more things about tanu to come in front of abhi so his doubt gets strong and then he will start investigation about tanu by his own and then when pragya will expose tanu so at that time abhi could easily believe on her. Firstly it will look like that everything is going in tanu’s favour but I m sure with this some things will also happen in pragya’s favour too, firstly it will look like little but slowly it will turn one day into big. As pragya said today that tanu’s countdown has begun so guys yes this is the starting of tanu’s downfall not of her victory. That’s why I will not take abhigya’s painful scenes as pragya’s defeat in fact I will tolerate it with this hope that this is the last few days of abhigya’s pain. This is the last test of our abhigya’s love and patience. I m waiting only for those scenes who will b witness of tanu’s downfall and her upcoming defeat and poor situation’s. With this hope I have made myself ready for upcoming episodes. Becoz I believe that we will see tanu’s exit and exposure soon in upcoming weeks. Fingers crossed.

    • Sahithi

      We will get more clarity after watching the episode today, but if Pragya says Tanu’s countdown started, then like Aaliya’s case, she may have already planned something and waiting for Tanu to fall in her trap.

      When Daadi is ready to reveal everything, if she is stopping Daadi, then there is definitely some plan that we can suspect. After Purab tells Pragya that Tanu is blackmailing for marriage, if she didnt have any clue or plan, she should ideally be desperate about Abhi and scared if she will lose him. But if she is confident, either it is because Aaliya is not around to give cunning ideas to Tanu or Pragya has some more cards to take out like legal wife, before all her options are exhausted.

    • reji

      exactly pratiksha with this hope only we should tolerate ourself and as u said now tanu’s countdown starts our abhi is so dumb cvs has made him dumb and he will not take greeting cards as an big thing now my thinking is in that greeting i am thinking that there is no name in it but they can write to whom they are giving and god knows may that name also must be written now in g. card (greeting card) r u very sure that nikhil name is not written or may be will abhi act that the name is not written there tanu said to abhi this was given to aliya but what happens if tanu’s name was written in it like that also may happen any idea about it ???????

  47. Mahi

    Prayhiksa I think only on weeding day of Thanu and Abhi the truth will come out by pragya she will stop their marriage with some proofs.i am just hoping. Even though pragya legally Abhi wife she cannot stop with that reason because Abhi will hate more even pragya . As a fugii she try to sacrifices her life earlier with knowing the truth.

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