Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing Aaliya outside the outhouse. Mitali asks if she ran away from jail. Aaliya says her friend have bailed her out. Abhi asks why she came to stay in outhouse. Aaliya calls him by his name. She says I haven’t enter your house. I own no value in your eyes and that’s why I will stay here. She says she don’t want to stay inside the house, and this outhouse makes her remember her chawl days. She says Abhi always fulfilled all her wishes and never gave her a chance to do something on her own, but now she want to struggle and move forward. She says I will try not to come in your way and asks them to live and let live. Pragya says what do you think that we will forgive you and let you stay here. You are doing a mistake?

Aaliya says everyone

is following your commands as you are boss, but I don’t care about you. Dadi says I have seen these kinds of dramas before and says we will not fall in your trap. She says Snake will bite only as it is its habit. Aaliya calls her Dadi of Abhishek mehra, and says I knew your truth since you sent me to jail. She says I will do everything face to face. She says I have chosen this house and I want to show to everyone that I can go to the top. She says I have talent more than you, and I have decided to reach heights. She says she won’t stay for free, but will give rent.

Purab says if you want to give rent then you can take rented home elsewhere. Aaliya says I can fall or broken many times, then I have to do one thing. I will come out of this house and will look at your house, then my motive will strengthen. She says it is my right to stay here and requests them to let her stay there. She says I won’t come to your house, and you people don’t come to my house. Taya ji and Tai ji ask Abhi to let her stay in the outhouse. Dadi also asks Abhi to let her stay. Abhi goes from there. Pragya asks Aaliya to remember her doings. She says Abhi is waiting for a chance to kick her out from the outhouse and asks her to do acting properly.

Tanu thinks about Abhi’s words that he will not marry until Sarla gets well. Tanu thinks how to kill her. She gets Nikhil’s call. Tanu gets angry on him. Nikhil asks her to marr abhi and then divorce him, and come to him. Tanu gets angry again. Nikhil says he has a plan. He tells he got poison in injection bottle and asks her to replace it with medicine bottle. Tanu says okay and says this plan is good as doctor and nurse will be blamed for Sarla’s deatha. She says she will meet him.

Later Tanu comes to Sarla’s room. Nurse asks her to stay there with Sarla and goes. Tanu takes advantage of the situation and changes the injection bottle with poisonous injection bottle. Nurse comes back. Tanu says Sarla will die now and thinks nobody will doubt now. She thinks if Nurse checks medicine then…and thinks she shall be positive. Mitali comes and asks what she is thinking? Tanu says why you are asking? Mitali says it is Mehra house. Tanu asks her not to interfere in her life. Mitali says you are thinking about killing Sarla. Tanu asks who told you this and why I will think of killing her. Mitali says this is a good chance. She asks Tanu to kill Sarla now with a pillow. Ronnie comes and asks what they are talking about? He warns them not to talk in that area. He tells if anyone is seen here then they have to stay with Aaliya in the outhouse. Tanu says I didn’t know and goes to meet her.

Purab, Pragya and Dadi are tensed thinking about Aaliya. Pragya says Aaliya might go to court and asks about her share then things can worsens.

Abhi asks Purab to keep an eye on Aaliya and says if anything happens to Sarla aunty then you will be responsible.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Height of stupiditu if they came to know that som1 want to kill tat useless moti aunty its so simple keep a secret camera there…they have olready cctv everywhr remember in mms track thn wht they r waiting for…idiots…nothing like 2016 time its like 1950s…hahahaha

    1. This is how the KKB story line goes…. Kidnap, Plot to kill, Lie, and Steal, Kidnap, plot to kill, lie and steal, Kidnap, Plot to kill, Lie and Steal….AGAIN …….. Kidnap, Plot to Kill, Lie and Steal. This is the WHOLE Story Line in a Nut shell. It is the SAME thing OVER and Over and over and over and over. So Very, very, very BORING,,,,,,,

  2. Btw its oll because of Alia she forcibly married pragya nd abhi…tanu still loves abhi nd in which world a gal dun want a rich husband she is as usual as other girls…cvs stupidly turned tanu in a villain…atleast she want abhi only with his properties…not like tat stupid pragya very sacrificing nd over acting for family where there is no need to do ..I realy hate pragya character in every show each bahu is shown loyal dumb even they can not speak they know everything btt never react on time…ftr years then prove the past things by stupid plans..huhh

    1. Shut up if you say anything about pragya I’ll kill u. U r a crazy supporting tanu??? Idiots …….

      1. But though she has a point na?? Thank abt pragya’s stupidity. This can be easily solved even if we were the writers. Of course I din support tanu but pragya must come into senses

      2. Hii Sreemathi ji is Pragya ur mum or something else u ll kill me if I am saying something about pragya….realy you r reacting like tanu…hahahaha..
        If you dun mind, why you dun make a portrait of pragya and kiss her oll day and night even worship her….its my own view wht I feel that where the syoryline is going..both lead characters are really dumbo…y u r taking so much pain..

  3. Haha seriously ur right they r dragging this drama continuously they r making fun of themselves

  4. Yaar pls stop dragging tanu’s secret pls expose her….

  5. When this stupid idiot tanu will get expose!! Frankly writers are waisting Thiers as well as our time too..

  6. When this stupid idiot tanu will get expose!! Frankly writers are waisting Thiers as well as our time too.. Der r many features now a days like cc cameras in sarla’s room but they because they r stupids na

  7. Plz expose tanu’s truth

  8. Dragging dragging
    This tanu is pregnant from 1 year.

  9. sorry to say as per news tanu will not be expose as soon yes seriously heartbreaking news for abhigya fans we need to bare her n dis CVS are totally nuts.

  10. ikta kaptoor has gone mad….i gues shez rabid nw…can bite anybody….plz bite nikhil n tanu n end d story up…v r bored

  11. hi guys i’m karthika from tamil nadu.i am a die hard fan of kumkum bhagya.i’m following it in both hindi and tamil.i am dissapointed with the current track in hindi.it’s just dragging like a bubble gum.can i join with u all?

    1. Hie karthika .. Yua welcome m too frm chennai 🙂

      1. Hiiii im also frm Chennai
        I ve learnt Hindi mainly cuz of kkb and comedy nights with Kapil bt unfortunately comedy nights with Kapil prog has over and kkb is too dragging so I’ve just started to watch kala teeka .it is far better than kkb

      2. ya me too chennai happy to see u karthika

    2. hi i am from coimbatore

    3. Hey hai… I’m silence reader here… I’m from hyd.. Me to dissappointed by seeing that irritating Tanu.. N dragging drama of cvs

  12. take dna test for tanu’s baby, ruth will come out very soon

  13. Nothing interesting is left in kumkum bhagya neither cast nor the villian n their story. Kumkum bhagya revolve around the same old story – aaliya taking the revenge from abhi n pragya , purab and tanu first doesn’t want to marry abhi but after abhi n pragya marriage tanu had no topic except to marry abhi. There is no clue about the raj whether he become good or bad after the incident. Why director n writer of the kumkum bhagya does not make new story related to abhi n pragya love story with new cast instead of same old boring story of aaliya taking revenge from abhi n tanu dream of marrying abhi n pragya to save from their villian ? N now the sarla suffer from memory loss, disgusting .If the director n writer has no story It is better to end the serial because there is no sense of dragging the story which doesn’t have anything interesting. N it is better for audience to stop watching ,reading n writing comment for such type of stupid serial.

    1. Agree. It needs to end now. It is unnecessarily being protracted to the point that it is now getting boring.

  14. Hi guys I m a big fan of kkb
    But according to current track it is wrosen I m fad up of this when will tanu expose yaeh really ekta kapoor has gone madd I think they don’t have story thats. What they r dragging the episodes
    Yaeh obviously they can see CCTV footage they can fit cam in sarla room how stupidity they all r thinking that we all who r watching fools
    Plz end this track and expose tanu too
    Soo disappointed?????

  15. Yeah actually they boared us in starting it was d best n now its d worstest serial I have ever watched not this only yhm also they (bahus) don’t have brains only its too easy to expose but don’t have brains ?

  16. Can’t able to tolerate such thing… They r making the serial so boring….i don’t know what the writers are doing …so much fed up of these stupid serial……never going to watch

  17. Omg..wht have u done.atupid aliya also came to the frame.now guys it will be an interesting turning point(oops ….i don’t really ment it)stupidity.jst stop it yaar.plzzzz.we want our lovely cutie abhigya back ,at least within an year(guys I don’t think it will happen in dat time period)any way..hoping for best?

  18. I think tanu will tell aaliya to try n kill sarla

  19. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hi Jackie…well said. I would like to kw how are writers for setials choosen n wat are tgey paid Its so easy to write for zee series as u just copy tdays for tmorow only difference is title…lollll
    dumb f***ing idiots n producers….I dnt watch just lk to read n bash lollll

  20. I’m an MBBS student..thou I have a lot to study I spend time fr this serial… But now its too boring.. 1 day kahani is been dragged fr soo many days

  21. Now the serial will not end. Pragya is a loser, there were so many giveaway signs to expose Tanu. But now with Alia, it’s going to get worse. Who would bail Alia? Raj? Back to square one. Another one more year of drama. I was hoping Episode 500 to be the end, looks like it may not happen. I will follow till Episode 500 and may all together stop even reading the updates.

  22. Namrata Rathod

    I jst dnt understand why writter is dragging the episode,unko pragya n abhi ko milwana h ki ni…again one more drama is created n i think ab ye drama 1 sal tk to aaramse chlega?

  23. as per news their will be partial memory loss of sarla aunty and nikhil tanu will not get exposed early

  24. i skipped last 2 days episode.. only written updates.. no positive sign of reunion of abhigya.. totally d track was going like a sailing boat duno where to land.. prathiksha , sahithi,reji y not commented yet..

    1. What is there to comment shavi.. Viewers r being taken for granted with forever dragging n unwanted twists. The reason I started watching this show was it had a reasonable family content n esp Sriti.
      Now this turned into a crime n murder thriller. Everyday there is a murder attempt, chase, lies. After Bulbul is gone, Sriti’s styling has changed n from last few episodes I am very unhappy with choice of her costumes. Without closing Tanu’s track, they started this new drama of Sarla accident. That is not over Aaliya entered again.

      And Abhi tells Purab to keep eye on Aaliya, they r not able to keep eye on Sarla n what is happening in her room. Pragya also told police before to keep eye on who was meeting Aaliya but they didnt know she was getting bailed.

      There was a time when I would watch the episodes again n again but from last one month or so, I am not even watching second time. Just because we r used to watching it from so many months continuing it, thats it.

      1. Yes Sahithi. Most of the fans bored of dragging this show. I’m from tamilnadu. When I like this in tamil I like to see the hindi version too. But I first shocked that still Tanu’s exposure is not done. I don’t know hindi but I watch the show and read the updates and also comments. Really feel bad about the shoe now. The writers happy to drag the show not considering the fans mentality. Even I watch the story still without any logic. I think it better to stop watching and even commenting. But everyone in the show is acting good as per the CVS. I don’t think that the kkb team reads these comments. If they read this please close Tanu’s track and add some logic to the story also reunite them.

      2. ya shavi sahithi is right i too get bored of this track and still i again and again i am watching kkb’s old episodes i mean abhi and fuggi i wll just laugh and will melt in their romance so but y praiksha is not commenting sahithi ?? pratiksha where r u pls share ur comments

    2. Same here sahithi, I m also bored but I want to appreciate shikha’s performance as aaliya. Her attitude and style of personality makes her a smart and gud villain in the show. That’s why she is my favourite villain of this show and I have no problem from her presence in the show as long as they shows her. Just like her, our abhigya ( sriti & shabbir ) r also best and they r the reasons of our tolerance of this illogical dragging and watching the show. That’s it.

    3. First thing why sarla brought to mehra house?..she cud hv been in her house only na ?…pragya wud hv been taken care in her house…just because tanu shud trt to kill her and drag the story they show she is been taken to mehra house…bulbul is been tried to kill in thst house …now alia is come back…after knowing all this ant daughter will take a risk keeping her mom in a dangerous zone…and pragya is still worrying that alia will go to court asking her share ?..my god still she is worried about abhi money not her mom?…now i hav a doubt tanu is greedy of abhi money or pragya?….

      1. Yes that is one more stupid thing n justification. How can Aaliya even claim the property, it’s not ancestral or her parents money. Her brothers hard earned. From when r sisters eligible for brothers property. Now even that didn’t remain Abhi’s. It belongs to Pragya, including out-house. Why would Pragya rent it to Aaliya. And did they bother what society will say when they got Aaliya arrested, why think now? Anyone else in Pragya or Abhi place would have pushed Aaliya out in a min.
        She was not even speaking or behaving properly. She wouldn’t have broken the lock, and then ask rent it to me.

        She attempted murder multiple times n did fraud of property papers. Ppl seem to have forgotten abt Bulbul n how Aaliya was behind that.

    4. Me too watch many times d same episode bcos of abhigya. . Bt for past 2 months watching only once.. past 1 week I just skipped watching d show.. though I have busy schedule I loved to watch this show. . Bt bcos of this dragging I totally lost interest. . Nowadays twists are more bore to see.. same story same drama same actors.. y the writers doing like this is not understandable. . I heard that they are ready with d script for 800 episodes. . Only god knows wat they are doing with this story. . As a normal viewer v are finding so many mistakes in this serial. . Bt y d writers and director who are in same field is not observing those things.. missing badly abhigya’s romance. . I know actors are doing according to the script. . I feel this serial also will end like matsh as I like very much ishveer pair bt worst storyline after somedays.. hope this should not happen with kkb..

  25. the writer is dragging the episode too much,if it goes on like this we lose interest over it as it is getting bored.

  26. What happened to Pragya? The whole storyline surrounding Pragya dressing up as a security guard blackmailing Tanu is lost…she saw her mom taken from there, she remembered 2 episodes ago… She knows Tanu and the mystery baby’s father had goons with them, she, Purab and Ronnie saw them… So why she would allow Tanu anywhere near her mom????
    And these ridiculous disguises can’t fool anyone in real life…. Not Abhi, Pragya nor Ronnie recognized Nikhil… The storyline is beyond ridiculous. As the other viewer states. Kidnap, kill, steal and lie that is all this show has become… One revolving ugly mess….
    And to the viewer who has any pity for Tanu…. Yes she may have loved Abhi but she is a conniving, lying , do anything to get what she wants killer… No pity whatsoever for her character.. Pretty on the outside but a devilish monstrosity of a human on the inside!!!!
    Ekta lacks the creative team to really make this the story it could have been

    1. Adding to that, when Pragya was on phone with Abhi, Nikhil came in burqua n tried to kill Pragya in guard getup. Nikhil indeed saw Pragya there though in disguise whom he tried to stab. He stopped when Ronnie entered. But by then Pragya turned back and saw one person in burqua n some goons.

      So both the parties saw each other even for few moments. Now when they saw Sarla inside again, they picked her. Pragya n Sarla both r no where similar physical appearance wise. Even if they picked her in hurry, Nikhil n Tanu blurted the truth themselves n then r tensed to kill her. Nikhil the dumbest not able to recollect whom he tried to stab n whom they picked. The writers r not giving the evils also their brains other than plotting to murder Sarla.

      Pragya watchman getup, Sarla getting involved n now what we are seeing from last 2-3 epi r the most illogical things ever shown.

  27. better to c the earlier episodes it can release our stress u know y bcause abhighya is so romantic in earlier episodes dono wht to comment tis is the only think i can say.

  28. I started watching serial bcoz of cute love story..but makers made such a villain drammas.
    I don’t want to see this serial bcoz of boring.

  29. the writer wasted 200 episode in bringing the truth of tanu wat is happening to u make an end to this story plz……..

  30. New promo is out for next week which shows pyar ki jeet & shows every serial one by one from 22-27 February

    1. Will u tell me where to watch the new promo?

    2. can you tell us jaydeep from where did you watched that promo….

    3. Jaydeep its probably last years I don’t think ……last year at the same time abhi rescued pragya from kidnappers that was pyaar ki jeet……now the show is bullshit…..the show has lost its charm Jaydeep ……

  31. Tanu is super model..isn’t it ?…she changes the poison bottle without hand glows…if sarla injected with that poisen after get death police will not check na ? The finger prints ?…my god these writers keep their brain at home abf come to office to write the story…let the writer write whatever he wants…what about t director..any bakwass he will do direction..?…..i seriously advice rgis story director and writer plz use ur brains and give attention to fans….we are already in extreme level patients…u ppl are lucky to hv to watch this show with remaining fans….plz give respect for their tolerance….i can’t make a hint also that tanu exposure…she is doing crime activities as daily activities…

  32. Finally I decided not to watch this serial today is my last apisode …. Veryyy very very very …..
    … Boringggg

  33. Most of the fans commenting here are telling that they stopped watching kkb since the current track is dragging and they have even said that they used to read ly updates
    Then how come kkb is still in no 1 position in trp rating????????????

  34. thanq reji,shobana and razia. i’m from dindigul.i love abhigya so much as my father is hindi teacher and by that way i learnt hindi.thanq for joining me.bye guys c u later

  35. Prathiksha highlights of today s episode…. Reading ur high lights itself i ll decide whether to watch the episode or not…

  36. Pratiksha highlight of today episode

  37. hi pls don’t keep on staging bring some interesting twist…and turns,……,,luv u purab bulbulb abigya.😊😊😍😍….

  38. Pavithra Ravikumar

    I hate watching this serial

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