Kumkum Bhagya 19th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi informing Sarla that Pragya got Bulbul and Purab married. Sarla gets furious. Abhi asks her not to blame them and tells that Pragya did their marriage. Abhi asks Pragya to come inside. Sarla asks what do you want to proof and asks why did you marry her off? Pragya says why she is reacting and says you should be thankful to me. I got them married as they love each other. Sarla says I am her mum and I have that right to do kanyadaan. Sarla says you doesn’t want to spend money and that’s why got them married in a temple. Pragya says she doesn’t care, and have so much work rather than getting people married. Dadi tells Sarla that Pragya’s emotions are dead and that’s why she misbehaves with everyone. Abhi tells that he is going for shopping

for the newly weds. Pragya says she is going. Dadi says I will take taxi and come. Abhi asks Sarla not to worry and says they will return to her. He asks her to be happy and leaves.

Aaliya comes to the decorated room of Purab and Bulbul and thinks she can’t let this happen. She writes her name with Purab and start talking like psycho. Sarla comes to meet Purab and Bulbul. Bulbul says Purab asked her to marry and threatened to marry someone else if she don’t agree. Sarla says do you think that he can marry someone else. Bulbul cooks up a story. Sarla blesses for their happy married life. Aaliya thinks it will be worst night for them rather than wedding night and burns the bed. Dadi, Dadi, Sarla bring Purab and Bulbul towards the room. Dasi feels the smell and tells Dadi. They open the door and see the room in fire. Bulbul panics and gets scared. Purab asks her not to get scared and says the fire might be due to the candles. Bulbul thinks she is inauspicious for him and asks him not to come closer to her.

Purab says it is our life and we have to live happily. Sarla says Purab loves you very much and will take care of you. Dadi asks her not to think bad. Abhi and Pragya come. Abhi says I have brought gifts for her, and says she got married to get many gifts. Bulbul says jiji. Abhi says situation is under control. Pragya smiles. Sarla asks Purab to call her if Bulbul need any medicine. Abhi blames Pragya for keeping the candles unsafely. Pragya says you have done all the decorations. They argue. Purab says we will sleep in hall. Pragya says no. Raj asks Aaliya if she has gone mad, and asks if anyone would have seen her there….then…Aaliya says she won’t let Tanu and Purab have suhaag raat in her house. Raj says everyone will get to know that she lit their room on fire and asks her to decide what she wants to have.

Pragya keeps drawer keys beside Abhi on the bed. Abhi who was pretending to sleep, gets up and opens the locker. Bulbul hears the noise and comes to Abhi’s room. She asks what he is doing? Abhi shows the POA papers and tells that he has taken Pragya’s signatures on the papers when she was drunk. Bulbul is shocked and congratulates him. He says he will give the papers to Tanu. Bulbul says I will keep it safely and asks him to bring tanu here. She comes to Pragya and asks what she has done? Pragya asks what? Bulbul shows the POA papers and shows her sign. Pragya gets shocked and says Abhi has betrayed her. Bulbul says if this papers goes out of room then you will get out of house. Pragya says she has one idea and asks her not to tell to Dadi and Purab. Bulbul asks what?

Abhi asks Purab if he saw Tanu here. Purab says no and tells that he is taking flowers for Bulbul. He says he is planning for honeymoon. Abhi asks him to plan after 2 days and says he will sponsor his honeymoon. Purab says he will arranfe money and asks him to chill. Aaliya hears and gets jealous. Bulbul is on phone. Aaliya thinks to push Bulbul from stairs to stop her from going honeymoon.

Pragya stops Aaliya and asks her not to eye Purab now as he is married to Bulbul now. She threatens to expose her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Superb precap now only this show gets interesting after 100epi dragging of expose of aaliya and tanu

  2. Anjhana

    Yennu oru twist ye mudikala adhukul variaa stupid ppl
    Nanne indha serial iruku patha so much of drĆ aaaaaaaaaaagggggggffffiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg
    Abhigya scenes nice mathadhu kevalum
    I want something from the positive side
    I want pragya to expose Tanuja as soon as possible
    And I don’t want bulbul to die
    I want Abhigya to be together
    And purbul to be together

  3. See i said na dadi’s decision of taking pragya in sarla maa’s house is total waste. God knows what’s the enjoyment get dadi, in pragya’s insulting. Already, she has stopped pragya from telling the truth from abhi and sarla maa and when she knows that after coming infront of them, pragya have to face humilitation then why the hell she is doing this type of stupidity. If she can’t help her and can’t save her from humilitation then why she is putting her in this type conditions, in which she have to b harsh and rude with her most dear ones and also have to tolerate insult which will give by them. I m still saying pragya wake up, take stand by own self and tell the whole truth to abhi before u get late and lose everything from ur hands. Anyways Thank god pragya got to know about property papers and I hope she found a way to get rid of this problem. But if she found a way then as I heard in today’s on location that abhi was talking about the papers getting then what about which papers he was talking and what papers he got? I think those dialogues of abhi is related of today’s episode becoz abhi was searching for tanu to show her property papers. I think those dialogues for today’s situation. Well if property papers matter will get solved by pragya then it will b a big relief and lesson for pragya to being alert from abhi in future. I was feeling bad for abhi, when he was sharing his joy with purab then I was thinking that poor boy has lost this chance also. But at the same time, felt happy for pragya that she saved from this problem. Now the question is now what will abhi do, when he has dropped mogamvo patao idea and has confessed that they can never love each other. Now what will b his next strategy. But yaar again more dragging. Sometimes I feels that CVS r hanging us like a pendulum. Sometimes they takes us for tanu’s exposure track and next time they shows aaliya’s exposure track then again they shows tanu’s track then again they shows aaliya’s track and between all this abhigya r also in same place of misunderstandings and far from each other’s truth. God knows when they will end this track. Sometimes I feels that have they no other track or story for future that they r unable to move with this track since long.

    • Oho mam why are you taking it so serious its indian drama of ekta kapoor its not real as you telling pragya they just expand this bullshit story to earn money don’t waste your precious mind in it must watch for enjoyment.

  4. sandhya

    Stupid episode… Stupid abhi.. Stupid writers…. Heights of stupidity.. I used to lov dis story lik somthng .. Got v mch fed up of extreme dragging.. So i din watch dis nearly for a mnth.. But still d serial hasnt movd a bit.. I donknw hw d makers keep d trp still at top.. I agree its a gud story but one cud never imagine dis much dragging.. As for abhi no wrds to say.. As nikki 1 had said previously he remains lik chameleon forever changing… And guys i hv a request for u.. Pls pls stop watchng dis serial for som days so dat trp wil com down & writers will change d track & bring in gud moments.. Im sure dey wnt expose taaliya unless trp comes down which lies in our hands. So guys if u wanna see taalia exposed im sure u hv stop watchng fr som days.. And abt dis serial airing saturday though its gud it is also ment to drag still more.. And im fed up guys .. Dats y im writing a big paragraph to share my thoughts.. Gosh i cnt believe abhi can b dis mch stupid. He had many chances of identifying his fuggy in pragya but acted forever dumbbbest & in todays epi i cudnt withstand abhi scolding pragya.. Pls guys pls stop watching dis for a while to see our favourite abhigya reunion

      • razia

        ha ha .. so nice abt yu barun crazy .. u don ve any other works itseems reviewing al the other serials n commenting barun s best .. n in a hurry u commented here sid n dd .. yua really superb man .. continue this job yu’ll defenitely succeed in promoting yua fav one .. blo*dy shit .. thu naye .. f**k you ..

      • Anu Laya

        Oh !! God.who r u barun crazy?? I am also great fan of barun but whats wrong with u??? U keep on bashing other actors as worst in all the serial pages like ikrs,kkb etc.. All actors r talented, their r giving their ful dedication. Dont abuse them with ur words!!!!

    • razia

      He jus has the template n editing the names n casts of the serial .. He’s jus oh gosh .. Go buy yuaself a life

  5. Nikki 1

    I am so tired if watching this ever dragging episodes. .writers, please use some sense! and put yourself in the shoe of viewers.

  6. Jaydeep

    I have read somewhere that bulbul will be killed by aaliya’s goons bcoz she got information regarding aaliya’s plan to harm abhi& pragya.. So, in the process of saving them she will be killed & this twist is last minute added bcoz bulbul is leaving the show & she is working now in the notice period ……bcoz she is not liking this track which is dragging. And main lead is having major scenes and they are not having much role to play in it… That’s why she will be killed ………
    Nikki-1 waiting for your reply regarding
    Whether it’s true or not?????

    • Gina

      nikki does NOT know any more than you DO!!! Wait and SEE for yourself. WTH. What’s wrong with you people?

  7. stepphyrao

    Some serious prayers n pooja need to be done for the writers/cvs of KKB.
    A special rosary should be prayed for the script writers to force this track of pregnancy& alias exposure to come to an end. Are the writers so obsessed with Tanu Alia & Raj that they cling on NOT to expose them at all. They seem to relish in evil. And what have they done to Abhi. Have the cvs made him schizophrenic? ?? His dialogues are neither here or there. Please guys for heavens sakes we implore thee to keep it simple logical & entertaining. And enough already pls end one blinking plot at least!!!
    KKB is 6 days a week now!
    Kandravi Kadaveleh & Bullocks man…j jeez…guys move this story man..

  8. Y pragya say don t say to dadi and purab ?oh god kkb team will not expose anyone wen they ll expose in tat time i ll be mad i think so.upcoming episodes have many twist.

  9. naren

    they r still dragging the story there is no hope to see the end the track of alia and tanu. last precap was bit interesting. atleast alia should identify pragya truth then the story will grow up. i really like u alia and hate mohamboo

  10. reji

    why this aliya is crazy and mad and i think pragya should expose her and take her to mental hospital but anyways i love the precap pragya said know i think surely she will expose her and i am waiting for the upcoming episodes and this abhi did he really get the sign from sign from the property papers wat will pragya do now any idea about it

  11. Guys Bulbul’s reception’s look is out. Mrunal has shared that look on her instagram account, in which she is looking like a royal. And other news is this guys that mohit dagga aka killer vijay is going to b seen again in the show. He shared a pic on his instagram account, with abhi. Looks like abhi has seen killer vijay somewhere and he will chase him or may b killer vijay is going to come in abhi’s hand and abhi will try to know about the real culprit behind pragya’s killing attempt. Now let’s see if abhi will catch killer on this time or not or reality will come in front of him by killer vijay or not?

    • reji

      oh is it srimathi and nikki 1 but i think vijay will not easily say the truth i think so surely he will run away from abhi or he will make some excuses wat do you think about and srimathi and nikki 1 any news about purbul’s reception will aliya do some plan

  12. Sahithi

    After Dussehra day, there was not much happening from the opposition side other than Tanu pestering Abhi. Raj became silent other than helping that killer escape. So I think Aaliya will create drama for a while.

    But unlike during Pragya’s marriage it was nice to see the pampering Bulbul is getting from Purab n Abhi.

    So for Bulbul to see those papers all 4 end up in same room, otherwise thr r other rooms like the one used for that killer Vijay or Abhi shifted for a day.

    Though it is risk for Bulbul, I also liked Pragya n Bulbul in same house n sharing that sis bonding.

    One more thing, the scenes being shown in segments is not exactly order of how they r appearing in the show, but based on actors availability,so it is causing confusion about flow. So we have to wait n see when that voice over will come n when that dining table scene will come.

  13. Ayesha

    Nikki 1 thanks for sharing .. But what about property matter ???

    They change the track .

    Waiting for your nikki 1.

  14. Ya for sure vijay will not tell the truth so easily. May b he will trapped someone or may b he will again do a deal with abhi also for telling him about the real culprit in exchange of money, like he did with taaliya and raaj to tell them about pragya’s helper’s name. Here I think killer vijay will play double game. He will tell to taaliya and raaj about abhi’s dealing and will say them that if they will give them big amount for telling them about helpers name than abhi then he will tell them that helper’s name and he will not tell about that culprit name. And other side as I said he will do the deal with abhi. He will ask him for a big amount to tell about that culprit name. Like this, he will do the deal with both side. But his much he will remain loyal for which side, it can’t say becoz he is psycho so can’t guess about his actions. But if CVS will want to show finally some conclusion with gud and bad news both then I think killer will tell aaliya’s name to abhi and he will tell to taaliya and raaj about that helpers name also as well as. And I think that person will b purab, whose name that killer will tell from taaliya and raaj. Otherwise as I said this time also we will get surprise. And ayesha I think property will not go back to abhi so easily at least until pragya cannot reach anyone goal. Becoz property out from pragya’s hand means pragya will b totally helpless to do anything for achieve her goal. So I think CVS will keep it remain until this track’s climax and till then they will swing us like a pendulum from one side to other side with their wishful dragging.

    • Sahithi

      If Aaliya name comes out from killer’s name what benefit will that be of? She will justify that she wanted to get rid of Pragya for her brother n family sake. Abhi as usual will slap, shout n if again asks her to get out, Daadi n Pragya may not help, but unless Tanu n Raaj involvement is exposed it won’t be a complete success.

      If Raaj is exposed, he will justify in some way n how will come out that his wife was reason for all that happened. As always, Mithali won’t confess.

      That is one part of it, but main thing that shud come out first is Nikhil n Tanu relation. But I doubt if catching Vijay will help that cause. For Abhi n Pragya to be back being a couple, Tanu shud b pushed out first. Yes Aaliya n Raaj r threats to Bulbul n Abhi’s property, but solving Tanu’s issue will save people from this pain of seeing Abhi n Pragya separated.

      • Sahithi I m saying this that may b killer vijay will take aaliya’s name if CVS will want to show a conclusion becoz reporter was saying in segment that aaliya’s truth will soon come out and then abhi will give him punishment with a tight slap. They said it two times when killer vijay was confronted by pragya in front of everyone and on that time, when aaliya burnt purbul’s bed. That’s why I think this time aaliya’s truth will come out, that’s why killer vijay is going to b seen again in the show. Ya u r right sahithi that nothing much will b happen with aaliya as punishment only with a tight slap or biocot from involvement in family and it’s matters. And sahithi shikha was also saying from reporter that if everybody will get to know about her truth hen also nothing will happen with her, she will stay in the house like always. So ya sahithi problem will not get solved fully becoz many more things r pending to b solve. And about tanu’s matter so I m also saying it from the starting of this track that tanu’s truth should come out first becoz she is a big and main hurdle between abhigya and cause of every difference. And tanu’s matter has been already taken so much time so it should b end now first becoz aaliya and raaj they both r mainly behind of abhi’s money and becoz tanu knows about their plansand truths so they r forced to involve her in their matter and forced to help her against pragya for making her way easy to get abhi. Aaliya’s aim was destroying abhi totally that’s why her wish was to destroy abhi’s life fully. That’s why she was helping tanu to b settled with abhi for making abhi someone else’s baby’s father. Like tanu, she also don’t know that abhi loves only pragya. They both r in this misunderstanding from always that abhi just cares for pragya. That’s it. Proving aaliya as guilty is not so much difficult becoz of her evil intentions and bad image in front of everyone but tanu never get caught so her image is still like a poor girl infront of abhi and everyone. That’s why her truth should reveak first and soon infront of abhi and evryone. Becoz without her truth’s revelation and exit, abhigya’s reunion is impossible. But these CVS they r not finishing anyone’s track completely nor tanu not aaliya’s. As I m saying that they r just swinging us like a pendulum from one side to other side again and again. So let’s see where is their end.

  15. Ya I just saw. Full update of new bts- Abhi gives order to the carpenters to bring locker from the room and break it’s lock. Carpenters does same. They breaks the locker and abhi gets the property papers and distributes the moneys among the carpenters, which was in locker. Carpenters asks them to what to do that locker. Abhi says that send it on my address and write with love mogambo, urs truely rockstar below it. Then he kisses and hugs the papers. It was real papers. Pragya couldn’t change it, I think. Pragya sees abhi from behind of the fountain. When abhi goes from there, she thinks that she have to do something before he uses it in wrong way.

  16. And second breaking news is this that guys mrunal is actually leaving and makers have decided to roped kajol srivastav on her place as bulbul. Kajol srivastav was part if badi devrani serial’s. Now she will play Bulbul’s character in the show. Mrunal will soon quit becoz she is not satisfied with her role and appearance in the show. So she is going to replace with kajol srivastav in upcoming episodes. Kajol srivastav herself confirmed this news. Guys this kajol srivastav does not match anything with mrunal. She is looking like a teenage girl. Let’s see how she will fit in a already exist bulbul’s character which was playing by mrunal yet and how much she will b liked by audience.

    • nivi

      she s not lukin lyk mrunal
      really tough for her to replace bulbul character soon
      tis pragya s really becumin mental, bulbul warned her to save d papers bt she dint na
      stupid writers , wasting everythin
      my gudness
      everythin ll b gone 4m pragya’s hand

  17. srimathi

    Guys new update Abhi breaks the locker with carpentees and took the papers and some cash and distributed some cash to those carpenters happily pragya watching all these from behind the door or something and thinks to do something before he do wrong things and Abhi asking the carpenter to mail the new locker to home to the name of “Lady Mogambo” and ask him to write on that like “To Mogambo with love Rockstar”

  18. And with this there will b a new segment also on 2:26 pm on sbas on India TV, in which they r showing purbul to get ready for reception party. Purab makes wear a necklace in Bulbul’s neck. Rest update will get after telecasting of the segment.

  19. Guys there r some addition in new bts update. It is before carpenter’s breaking of locker. Abhi calls carpenters to take out the locker for breaking it’s lock. Suddenly pragya comes in the room. She hears some noise from changing room. She asks from abhi that what is going on there? Abhi makes excuse and says he is replacing wardrobe for the new one. Pragya tries to go to check but abhi holds her hand and stops her. Pragya says u can’t change that wardrobe beciz I have my important thing in this wardrobe. Abhi says ur important thing is here, in front of u and in this wardrobe there is my important thing which u snatched from me. Pragya asks from whom he ask to replace this wardrobe. Abhi says this us my room and I can change it as I want becoz I don’t like old thing for so much time. Pragya again tries to go there to stop the carpenters but abhi again pulls her by holding his hand. Pragya says u r doing gundagardi and jabardasti with me! Abhu says not now but wait for sometimes I will tell u how’s my zabardsati. Then carpenters comes and informed abhi that work has done. What to do with wardrobe? Abhi says gud, now throw the wardrobe from the window and wait for me outside, I will give u money for this. Carpenters leaves. Pragya shouts on him and says what he is doing? Abhi tries to divert her attention by showing her something and then he pushes her on the bed and runs from the room after locking it. Pragya gets up and tries to open the door but it was lock from outside so doesn’t open. Pragya gets worried and thinks that now what she will do?

    • Some more addition in bts. It is before the reception’s day starting. Abhi gets hurt somehow. He gets little injured on his for head left side. Pragya gives him medicines. Abhi says thanka and oragya also says thanks. Abhi asks for what? Pragya says that u saved me from the insult and taking my side in the showroom, that’s why. Abhi says that I didn’t do this for u but for me. Then pragya says yes u saved me for saving ur rockstar image so people couldn’t say that how is rockstar’s boss? Abhi says that u understood so soon! U has become tube light to bulb! Then he says no need to say thanks if u want to do something for me so u DI a favour for me. Pragya asks for what? Abhi says that give my all the keys of this room so I can give the order of duplicate keys so when u will go out then it will easy for me to find my things, when I will want and we both will not face problem. Pragya says that u no need to worry if I will go out then I will give ur all needed things before leaving. Now sleep bwcoz tomorrow is reception and there will b a lots of works to do. Abhi says I will not do any work. Pragya says at least help me in something. U will give the orders to decorators and caterers and rest of things I will take care. Abhi says no I will not do anything becoz after that u will blame me to take commission from them. Pragya says that these r all excuses for not to do work. She goes and sleeps. Abhi thinks that this is not excuses for not to do works but to keep u busy becoz u will not let me hold ears in right way so I have to hold it from other wway but I will hold it for sure. Now let’s see what I will do tomorrow. Then he gets sleep.

  20. Sahithi

    There is one more on-location video of the scene that happens before this scene, the day before reception. Abhi is still not able to get his property papers and looks like he has a small bandage on forehead. He tries to increase TV sound and irritate Pragya but then thinks he has to behave well till he gets the POA papers.
    Pragya comes and gives him medicine for injury and for sleeping well. He thanks her and she also thanks, I couldnt understand for what she was thinking, voice was not clear here.

    So Abhi says if she wants to do him some favor then hand over keys of all cupboards so that he can make duplicate keys for them. They have debate on why he needs the keys and Abhi justifies it is getting difficult for him to get his things when she is out on work.

    Pragya retorts that she will keep all his belongings out of the cupboards. She also asks him to check about reception arrangements but Abhi excuses himself, as he wants Pragya to be busy with all work for reception, so that he can get the POA papers when she is busy.

    I think next day while Pragya is busy he will take out the locker and opens it with help of carpenters. Guess all these scenes will come this week.

    • Ya sahithi firstly that reception conversation on dinning table then this abhi’s injury and asking for lockers keys part, then abhi’s calls to carpenters in his room part and then locker breaking and abhi getting papers part. We have lots of bts in a day. I think this is much for two- three days. Now it is left to see what will pragya do now? And sahithi what about that pic’s part which we saw on instagram abhi with killer vijay? When it will b shown bwcoz pic has posted before these bts so what do u think when it should come?

      • And sahithi one more thing. In this part of bts in which abhi has injured, I have a doubt regarding it yaar. If this is before reception’s part then why there were no injury on abhi’s head during that locker’s breaking part?

  21. Ayesha

    Okay .. Nikki 1 tell onething in last episode we saw pragya gets to know about POA papers that she signed in drunk state .. Pragya shares some idea with bulbul and asked her not to tell dadi and purab ..

    What will she do ?? Will she change the papers from original to fake or will keep it back in locker ..

    So according to BTS which we saw today which papers abhi seeing is it original or fake papers ??

    So what do you think .. Pragya chapter is over and she will go out from mehra massion and what about her mission to expose tanu and aaliya ??

    What CVS wants to show us .. From my point of view they are making fool …

    • Reji

      Ya ayesha I am also having this doubt nikki 1 waiting for your reply and I think with all these new segment update I am sure that there is some masti is going to come Wat do you think about it nikki 1 and guys

    • Ayesha abhi has got original property papers, on which he has taken signature of pragya in drunken situation. What will pragya do now? Let’s see but in today’s segment, reporter was saying that this is a small twist but becoz whole drama comes around pragya so she will stay here. But ayesha they didn’t tell about what pragya will do next to get rid of this problem so we have to wait for this.

    • Madhu

      yentamma no lolli..adagatam aapi ikkada raasindi chaduvuko.. Edwina cheppalanukunte cheppu..nasa pettaku..

  22. farida

    With so many twists and turns I think even the writers have lost their way. Going back to the beginning of nothing .

  23. Ayesha

    Okay .. But what do u think .. Will abhi play any game to find pragya truth or pragya game to expose tanu and aaliya in front of abhi fail ??

    What will dadi do ??
    But what about the last promo where we saw pragya and aaliya face to face ..

  24. Ayesha

    Where aaliya threaten to kill pragya before she will reach abhi ??

    Any idea what will happen in upcoming episode ?? Will abhi marry tanu ??

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