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Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya asking Sarla, you came. Sarla says I was waiting for you. Beeji says you asked her to wait there. Pragya apologizes for forgetting and says I will make food for everyone as a punishment. She is about to lift the food stuff, but then lifts bag with other hand. Sarla asks if you are hurt. Beeji asks what happened? Pragya says nothing and asks her to tell that it is inauspicious to hold anything with left hand. She goes.

Abhi thinks to prepare his signature moves for his concert. He thinks to do moon walk, and is walking, thinks shoes is sticking much and thinks to wear his dancing shoes. Aaliya comes and asks if he is going somewhere. Abhi says he is going on a date. Aaliya asks where? And says you are hiding from me. Abhi says I am going on a date with myself

and asks if you have any problem. Aaliya says no and you are so unpredictable. She asks how was the demo. Abhi says I just recorded demo and says I will sing full song when the payment is done. Aaliya says yes, and says they will understand to deposit money. Abhi asks where is Dadi? He says Dadi is changed and says something is not right. He says I will talk to her, and asks Aaliya to pressurize the clients to send money fast.

Pragya is cooking food. Sarla comes and asks what did you tell to Janki? Pragya says I told that I will make food alone. Sarla says your food will not spoil if she helps you. Janki says I will help you. Sarla says we will help you. Pragya uses her left hand only and asks them to go. She thinks to cook food fast, before they get doubtful about her. She wears plastic bag and cuts the veggie. Abhi comes to Dadi’s room, calls her and searches for her. Dadi says I am here. Abhi says my Dadi looks like you, but she is not like you. Dadi asks why you are joking and says I am your Dadi. Abhi says you have changed. Dadi says I do all the things and make you rest on my lap. Abhi says you have stopped one thing. Dadi wonders what is that thing. Abhi says you are not talking about my marriage, and says it seems you don’t want me to marry. Dasi comes and says you are married naa, how many times will you marry? Abhi asks what do you mean? Dasi says you are married to music. Abhi says Dadi will not accept music as bahu. Dasi says Dadi is worried about getting torture by bahu. Abhi says I prefer to be bachelor rather marrying a torturous wife.

Sarla asks Beeji to stop playing game and says something is wrong with Pragya. She says I am feeling strange, as she is not letting us work. Beeji says she is happy now a days. Sarla says yes, and says I am not understanding something. Beeji asks her to eat medicine and sleep. Sarla says I will sleep if Pragya slept. She asks her to come to Pragya’s room. They peep in her room and see her sleeping. Beeji asks Sarla to eat tablet and sleep, and says I will finish my game. Pragya is awake and looks at Abhi autograph on her hand. Sanam re plays….

Aaliya tells Saira, how can you expect me to agree. Saira says you met with boss, and he agreed on your terms and conditions. She says payment will be done when the song is recorded, but Abhi refused to sing the song. Pragya sees Aaliya and hides. Aaliya feels someone is hiding seeing her. Pragya thinks if Aaliya comes to know that I work here then she will not let him come here. Aaliya checks near the car. Pragya is still hiding behind car. Aaliya sits in her car and goes. Pragya takes a sigh of relief.

Saira asks Pragya, if everyone came for audition. Pragya says yes and says they are in the waiting room. Saira asks her to tell them to get ready in 10 mins. Pragya goes. Abhi comes there and asks Saira, if he is looking angry. Saira says yes. He asks about boss. Saira says boss went out. Abhi says he will wait in the waiting room. Pragya talks to the contestants. Abhi comes there. The contestants get happy. Abhi asks them to prove that they are his big fan and says I will get the selfie clicked. Everyone tell about their experience. Abhi asks them to stop it. Pragya asks him to tell idea to prove that they are his fans. Abhi asks who told this? He sees her face and says smart girl. He says we will play a game and asks them to stand in a line. Pragya refuses to take part in the competition. Contestant says she is too boring. Abhi looks on.

Aaliya thinks if Abhi fought with company owner and thinks to handle the situation. She hears Saira talking to boss. Saira tells her that abhi is angry. Aaliya says things don’t work like this. Saira asks her to talk to Abhi and calm him down. Aaliya says okay and goes. Abhi asks them to remove their accessories and put in the bowl. Contestant asks why? Abhi says because I like it. He asks Pragya to help him. Pragya nods. Abhi thinks it will be fun now. Pragya gets all the accessories from the contestants and gives to Abhi. Abhi asks him to turn their faces. He removes his wrist band from his hand and keeps in the bowl. He tells everyone that he has his favorite accessory in the bowl and asks them to find out. A girl says I will find it easily. Abhi says there is a twist. Pragya looks on. Abhi smiles.

Pragya says how did you know about Abhimanyu. Abhi asks what is your name? Pragya says Nikita. Abhi asks how did you know that your name is Nikita. He says sometimes we know something without any reason.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Not having Tanu is such a RELIEF….It was mental TORTURE of almost 18mths having to watch her manipulate n scheme n triumphing at the end tru abhis memory loss.

    She has yet to be punished for her evil doinngs. IT PAY BACK TIME

  2. who is abhimanyu??

    1. her is arjun’s son frm mahabharatha

    2. Abhi’s new name I guess

    3. Mona146

      it is his full name actually. Dadi told the same name while match making with pragya and her family.

  3. It is good see that Abhi & pragya in their old avetars…
    I think Abhi will fall for pragya..

    And who is Abhimanyu???

  4. Who is neel tha kur

  5. hai sahithi h r u and not commented fr three days and about kkb the episodes r gd but not satisfied they r showing how pragya feeling fr him and we all know it already because she loves him but they r not showing how abhi is feeling when he see’s her and also they r not showing convo bwn abhi purab and pragya purab and pragya dadi and after Friday epi purab is not seen in show almost one week did he quit the show and one gd thing is no tanu abhi scenes it was aswome but it was giving fear also how and when they will give her entry whatever it be what my opinion is they have to keep her entry after abhi starts loving pragya and moreover their looks r gd sriti is looking so pretty and shabir too looking so cool and cute and sriti’s dresses are nice but when abhi is going to feel her

    1. Hey Asmitha, I was not feeling well so was just resting and was not commenting. Also, was watching Olympic matches and was not watching the show from last 1-2 weeks, started watching from last 2 episodes only.

      Also there was so much confusion n silly scenes being shown, so was waiting to see if there will be more clarity after more episodes. Yeah Shabir was looking too good in last 2 episodes so that was the reason to come back to watch.
      Otherwise, Abhi is behaving so different, not the Abhi at start of the show or the Abhi in Mogambo track. Either it is a fake ML or as we thought and Shabir also mentioned in one interview, that Abhi as a character has changed and grown in last 2 years and though he forgot recent things, he as a person has changed which is evident.

      But good things for now are – we dont see Tanu n her screeching, and Nikhil, guess he didnt show up from very long time. Pragya is no longer the cry baby, crying buckets, same with Abhi who would sit in his room and cry n sulk. Rather we get to see both of them in a normal mood.

      Abhi even close to his music and recordings rather than sitting at home n dealing with the 2 ladies. And Pragya’s behavior not being dictated by Daadi, her mom, Bulbul, none, she is reacting n behaving as she wants.

      1. Hey sahithi! Ru okay ? Now better ?

      2. Hey sahithi what happened??? Are you fine now????

        Yup great escape from Tanu and Nikhil screeching. Then from plotting to kill and kidnapping too… Though this track is senseless, its good to watch ??

      3. Hi razia how are you??? How is life going on???

      4. Razia, Asmitha, Shobana, thanks for asking, thats so sweet. First I had a fall at home and injured myself. Before recovering got cold n fever. Recovering slowly 🙂

        Asmitha, there is a new video posted by Purab on his IG, shooting with Arora ladies. So I think we will see him sometime next week, dont worry, it is no where confirmed about his exit.

      5. and sahithi I saw some pics of tanu aaliya and purab may we will see purab with them also and get well soon friend

    2. oh OK sahithi r u feeling gd now

  6. thanks iswarya fr ur description

  7. I hope Abhi forgets Tanu too.

  8. taunie shapiro

    I just love the sight of pragya’s excitement when she’s around her ever silly, arrogant and childish hisband.

    Seeing her smile is all that matters to me.

    By whatever means necessary, aliya and tanu must pay for their evil deeds as well as every tom, dick or harry that helped them out.

  9. Subhashini

    Pratiksha or asmita or anyone guys pls tell me that abhi’s ml is fake or real my doubt is increasing day by day when seeing abhi

  10. abhi is back.yesterday he was acting like young age shahrukh khan.shabir is going to rock this year.I appreciate the CVS ,actors and the whole crew for their hardworking.after two years also they are no one.

  11. Iswarya_santhosh

    Cvs are taking every shots trickingly… From abhis expressions we cant find anything…. Whether his ml is true or not! But he likes pragya very much…. He likes to see chasmish… Bcoz he was in love with his fuggi.. Not mogambo.. Ofcourse in pragyas mogambo getup also he loves her a lot but he wants pragya to be fuggi always…… even from abhi and aaliyas scenes we cant predict anything….
    Cvs are making us fool. They know very well that we love abhigaya so they are trickingly showing abhigayas scenes without aaliya, tanu… And retaining their trp in 1st position. If they started to show that evils in the initial stage of season 2 means their serial will get a big flop.. They know that very well. So they are showing abhigaya scenes and we people r the fools, getting satisfied and feeling happy by seeing that scenes.

    Coming to ml track…
    We cant come to a decision whether it is true or fake… In my point of view abhis ml may be fake… He is a rockstar.. Taaliya used to say, “Abhi is so smart”. Then if he go and search in website also he will get all the details about himself….Somebody says about his engagement ring.. Thats a good question why he didnt ask about it…. We cant predict anything in ekta kapoors serial… Bcoz in her serial, they wont care about logic, they used to show whatever they want….. We have to WAIT AND WATCH… LETS SEE…..

  12. Pratiksha asmitha i read a spoiler it says that abhi is faking his memory loss.. is it true??

  13. IF rumours are to be believed abhi is faking his memory loss to the entire family..it seems that thereis a hidden motive behind abhi faking his partial memory loss which will be revealed soon to the viewers.will pragya be able to forgive abhi for faking his memory loss or not?

  14. Hey guys.. gd news.. as predictd by us.. abhi is pretendng to hv ML .. to save pragya frm taaliya evilness..

  15. Guys is that true that abhi faking ML ,to save pragya from alia,tanu.And soon pragya will find it out by his gestures.pls any body answer pratiksha,sahithi,…..

  16. kumkum bhagya

    hop abhi memory loss just acting

  17. if his ml is fake then what is the need to ask her who is she in promo

  18. Sherlin pradhiksha

    Hey!!!where I can watch this episode?? Pls..can anyone say?

    1. watch it from desiserial or desitashan or kumkum bhagya net

  19. This serial getting boring I wish pragya na abhi together soon such a long episode problem after problem for pragya it looks so fiction not like happening in real bdw I wish they went togther soon

  20. Sherlin pradhiksha

    Tq sahithi n naduni…

  21. The serial is getting bored day by day it will be intresting when abhi gets its memory back……!

  22. guys check ths out.. pratiksha sahithi n othrs.. i read tat abhi s faking memory loss to protect pragya against taaliya’s evil plottngs.. as they wld kill her if they r togaethr.. is ths true?? http://www.latestgossipwu.com/gossip-5097-a

  23. i m 100% sure that abhi memory loss is fake
    and who is aabhimanyu

  24. if Abhi’s memory loss is fake, that is nice! At least Pragya’s efforts are not gone completely lost. This is payback time by Abhi to save Pragya from her enemies.

  25. i m so mch xited 4 tht moment

  26. Serial is getting by killing $ kidnaps ?iii

  27. Hiii guy hii prathiksha shobana sahithi how r u???miss u guyss in this week all d episodes r gud but in each n every moment abhi’s every expressions was increasing my doubt everyday i think he is acting now they are some spoilers saying that abhi faking memory loss is it true or not????plzzz anyone clear my doubt n abhigya acting was awesome n cute love u abhigya

  28. Abhi’s brother new character introduce its true?

  29. ImRagela

    Hi guys !!..And sahithi I hope u r fine . Please take of yourself ok?..AND every telly friends how r u all ??…Ok guys now i got a latest news/SPOILER that Abhi brings Pragya to Mehra house !
    Here is a video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8ArvO9wqJ4

    The video says Abhi brings Pragya to MM as a gift for winning the best fan competition.
    Alia gets shocked and dadi gets happy thinking he got his memory back.
    Soon, they will realise Abhi didnt get back his memory and about the contest.

    I know this is very much true or not !.But have a hope that it is true !!..Pratiksha , Sahithi , Shobama Asmitha Razia and everyone what do u think abt this spoiler !!

    1. Hey Reji, thanks for the concern 🙂

      Feeling better but still resting at home.

  30. The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show high voltage drama where Abhi starts to get inclined towards Pragya.

    Abhi organizes special fan competition for his fans and Pragya wins it, Abhi makes Pragya feel special.

    Pragya is happy to be near Abhi and enjoys this moment although Abhi doesn’t recognize her at all.

    Abhi gives reward to Pragya and asks her to visit Mehra house as a gift to win special fan competition.

    Pragya enters Mehra house

    Pragya is stick and refuses to go, but Abhi is not ready to listen to anything.

    Abhi brings Pragya to Mehra house forcefully, Dadi, Aliya are dumbstruck seeing Pragya.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes. Is this true???

    1. I don’t know whether this is true or not… anyone please tell me whether this is true or not…

  31. Narendran

    Nice episode. Guys I have one doubt? Hope u all will have same doubt? Abhi.. Went back before 3yrs?? Right due to memory loss? But he would have remembered time Na? And date Na? Then he would have checked it? Or he can see changed avatar of dadi or aaliya? Or house? Or nee trend song.. Or fans will say that he sang Hamari aadhuri kahani song?? When pragya covered with shall to save abhi?? Na???????That scenes.. Next Why tanu is quiet? Aaliya is quiet? Purab? Then also OK!! This dadi???????????????Makes me cry always.. Actually there is no such thing that.. If u tell something so that he will go to coma??????????????Backwas story line.. Although abhigya old avatar was good.. Writers again failed to impress the kkb fans.. All knew that abhi loves pragya more in fuggi avatar!! So only.. Still this show is running.. Otherwise.. Thus show trp will be zero! Soon! If they bring again tanu and abhi romance.. In this show..

    1. ImRagela

      Ya ryt narendran !!..even i got this doubt . If Abhi is gone back before these years means atleast he should have remember the date na ??..But i think Abhi will not see his calendar !!.Or may be becoz of memory loss these minute things cannot be remembered ..And Fans can also tell ..but i think u remember when tanu and Abhi’s marriage going to happen and abhi and pragya r divorced na ??That time itself the fans also forgot pragya i think !!!..But logically

  32. Sometimes I feel like this ml is a plan of abhi and pragya.

  33. Everyone asking doubt..but no one answer..because kkb writers confusing us…they only know answer

    1. Narendran

      ?????Yes lol.. I also have many questions..

  34. earlier I used to watch all the interviews and videos of abhigya\tisha.since I heard about the affairs of sriti jha from last two days I m not feeling like watching kkb.bcoz criticizing a woman through social media is not good .bocz we always admire the characters n try to follow them.the worst thing sriti doesn’t speak the truth.though it is personal.I didn’t. like the articles about her.mohit rains has twitted about Sindhi so well.this is called respect for woman.if kunal has guts he should speak only truth so that Indians will be respected and women’s of India will be honored they may from any sector.this message is specially for kkb team.

    1. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hi leena. I cant get u. U r talking about which rumour? Is that about dating of srithi and kunal or something else?

  35. I would also like to tell that Olympics r going on watch it n discuss about it.really we should be proud of saniya nehwal p.v Sindhi,lata mangeshkar,Indira Gandhi they too worked among men they too have friends but never criticized .I m really hurt the way sriti is criticized I m also a teacher I too work with many men .we r not spoken in that way.I was inspired by pragya as well sriti.I even hema malini is respected after so many years.I wish sriti should know for her good deeds.

  36. New segment today – sneak peak shows Pragya sprained her ankle so Abhi as usual couldnt see her pain, lifted her up. This seems to be in some market location, on-road. He brought her in his arms to Arora house and Pragya looks tensed sensing her family reaction..

  37. Hi guys. I m back after enjoying my weekend. I was busy in it but now i m back. New segment update-HIGHLIGHTS:

    Pragya sprains her ankle. Abhi lifts her in his arms. Pragya wants him to out her down but Abhi insists that she’s his biggest fan & she should be knowing, whatever task he takes in his hands he fulfills it & now she is in his arms, he can’t drop her . Abhi asks Pragya where she lives. Pragya is not willing to tell. Abhi threatens a passerby Pragya blackmails him too.

    Abhi finds out about Arora house & takes Pragya there. Pragya holds the wall at the entrance & tells him to put her down Abhi doesn’t listen, takes her inside & only then drops her on the sofa . Abhi is shown saying ‘Hello Ladies’ (most likely to Sarla, Rockstar Dadi & Jhanki) , introducing himself as ‘Abhi The Rockstar’ & walking towards them but the ladies are not shown.

    No Offscreen Interview.

    SBAS http://youtu.be/E-go8YR8gAE

    SBB http://youtu.be/Zmef6S7AqxE

    1. pratiksha,sahithi or anyone is the new spoilers true which says abhi is faking memory loss to save pragya from Aliya and tanu???I am really confused….what do u guys think?

    2. Fake or real ML, its fun to watch Abhi going to the Arora ladies and introducing himself, after dropping Pragya on the sofa. Irony right, all these ppl are running away from him and he is giving them free darshan.

      Can we please have Sarla bring the doctors now to show them what sort of miracle and specimen is Abhi 😉

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