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The Episode starts with Abhi touching Pragya to confirm her presence and hugs her. Allah Wariya plays………….He gets teary eyes and says I am so happy to see you. I can’t believe that you have returned. He says he was saying himself that she will return. Pragya doesn’t react. Tanu tells Aaliya that she told her that Pragya came. He asks you just wrote a letter, and didn’t tell anything before leaving. He asks Dadi to ask Pragya, where did she go? Pragya tries to go. Dadi hugs her. Pragya acts as not interested. Dasi compliments Pragya on her looks. Dadi tells Pragya that Abhi has stopped living like before, and had gone mad without her. She says now he is looking happy and I am also happy. Tanu thinks everyone is meeting her as if bahu of the house have come. Abhi says I am happy so I

will forgive you, no complaints.

Dadi says everything will be fine. Tanu says hi and asks how are you? She says I thought I am imagining you. Everyone is happy meeting you. She thanks her, and tells today is mehendi, then sangeet and marriage. Pragya hears her. Tanu says today you are our special guest. Come, I will apply mehendi on your hands. Pragya asks her to stop nonsense. She says I didn’t come here to get mehendi on my hands on your stupid function. Tanu asks why did you come then. Pragya says I came here to see. Aaliya asks what you want to see? Pragya turns towards her and says you….Tanu, Mitali…..and everyone. She says I want to know how you people are staying without me. She says you all are happy without me. You have made good arrangements in the function and wasted lots of money. Aaliya asks why you are saying this, Bhai will use his money the way he likes. She asks why did you come?

Pragya says I came here because some people are celebrating their life with my money. Aaliya asks have you lost it? She says everything is of Bhai and he can spend it, the way he likes. Pragya stops her and says what did you say? She says it was of Abhi, and not anymore. Aaliya asks have you gone mad? Pragya says she is Pragya Arora, who is the owner of this house. She asks everyone to talk to her wisely, and says if she gets angry she will throw everyone out. Aaliya asks her to be in her limits. She says I will kick her out. Tanu also asks Dadi to stop her. Abhi speaks up and asks Aaliya to stop it. He says he wants to talk to Pragya alone.

He takes Pragya to a side. He says I know why you are doing this? I missed you very much. He says I like you new avatar, and compliments her beauty. He says I want to stare you like this. He says I don’t want to marry Tanu, and you don’t want me to marry her. We will find a solution. Don’t act to be bad infront of everyone. He asks her to come, and tell that she is joking. Pragya says she is noyt interested in his house and marriage. She says I came here for my money which you are wasting like a water. She asks him to talk about her money only. Abhi thinks what happened to her.

Purab is driving the car and tries to cheer up Sarla and Beeji. He asks about Beeji’s favorite song. Beeji tells Baby Dhol…….Sarla says we sing this song on Pragya’s reception and gets emotiona. Beeji cheers her up. Aaliya tells Dadi that Pragya is doing drama to stop Tanu and Abhi’s marriage. She asks Pragya to attend the function silently or leave this house silently. Pragya says you are warning me. She warns her to talk only after thinking. She says speak when you are spoken. She says I shall show papers to you as you take care of his office. Aaliya reads the papers. Pragya asks her to read the clauses carefully as she don’t want to repeat it. Tanu asks what is written in the papers. Aaliya says it is written that this house, property, bank balance and everything belongs to Pragya Arora. Everyone looks on shocked.

Abhi asks what rubbish? How can it be possible. Aaliya says these papers are fake and asks her to end this drama. She asks Abhi to say that he didn’t sign. Abhi looks on. Aaliya asks her to take the papers and leave. Pragya asks why you are getting angry, as you will not get anything? Aaliya gets tensed and tells everything is of Abhi. Pragya says she has all answers. She says this house can’t be hers without Abhi’s signatures and says this is mine as Abhi signed on these papers. Abhi refuses to sign on it. Pragya tells that she took his signatures when she was leaving the house. She says now you might have remember. Abhi looks on surprisingly.

Pragya tells Abhi that his name Rockstar Abhi is under her name now, along with his property and everything. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wooww..pragya gud job..keep it up

  2. Wow..pragya rocks..I think she will soon expose tanu and aaliya..

  3. awesome
    love the new and bold character of pragya
    dont drag the story again by creating confusion’s in abhigya relationship….

  4. Wow!!!!!!awesome epispode i really like it….☺☺☺☺

  5. Rajakiruthika

    How nice show this is

  6. Deepikavijayakumaran

    superb pragya but abi hurt ……..don’t tell to this suitable movement but dadi was going out side sooo sad …..

  7. Gus don’t worry. This is all pragyas plan to trap aaliya so that aaliya won’t be able to spend anymore of abhis money.

  8. okay the property papers are fake for sure because we all know the pragya is saying this to reveal Aliya and tanu’s truth and she didn’t get any sign of abhi on any apers she is just saying that to make people believe her because in today’s episode when she told everyone that she took his sign before leaving abhi was surprised because he doesn’t remember any papers he signed and I believe that pragya got fake property papers and forged his signature herself or made someone forge it also when abhi hugged her it was so obvious on pragya’s face that she wanted to reciprocate her feelings but couldn’t because then her plan wouldn’t work and one last thing when pragya said in the precap that abhi the rockstar name, his property, and everything is in her hands she said that I think to save abhi because if the property and all was still with abhi Aliya and tanu would’ve already taken it with them when they saw pragya and I think tht’s the reason pragya has fake papers in her hands but seem real so tanu and Aliya don’t betray abhi because she wants their revenge to go slow ad pragya wants them to feel the pain Aliya and tanu gave to her and abhi. I still think hat its either dadi who is helping pragya or its Nikhil but he isn’t cming on the show for a while so most likely its dadi because she is rich and that’s how pragya has the car, the sunglasses, and all the modern looks I still believe its only dadi helping her but they aren’t revealing it to us and maybe abhi wll find out later why pragya is doing all this because pragya couldn’t hide the pregnancy from abhi about tanu so how will she hide this he will find out sooner or later but until then enjoy the show guysss.

  9. Ab to abhi pragya ki property he. She won’t let anything happen to him

  10. Really sometimes this serial irritating. Rachna pregnant story more than 1year but her child birth not even a episode.pragya accident is episode also fast but this 2 days in abhi home pragya come intro and talks only.so many unwanted things in serial.

    1. I know how yo feel. I follow the AkaRach track too and how they treated the baby’s arrival was disappointing. They don’t capitalise on this love story. Anyway, what else should we expect, they aren’t the ones being paid the big bucks, it’ls AbhiPrag. 🙁

  11. Where is raj???I think pragya want to show off mitali mistake that way she use for cheating abhi.this makes realize to raj.

  12. Can anyone explain what is going on in this kkb I can’t guess about pragya’s doings who is helping her ? Is raj is really got in bad character ah or he is helping pragya ah? And what about nikhil keeping quiet and whether purvi released from jail ah and why pragya doing like this any change in her character in coming episodes ah? Or they will show as it as like now ah ? And when this pregnancy chapter started but till now not ended but going in another way . Actually what writers are thinking? Writers having an idea of combining pragya and abhi ah? Suspense irukalaam but over suspense irukakudaathu !!!!after many days I came to see episode and changes I like but giving more suspenses but I don’t like character of pragya in today’s episode i she can be rude to those 3 aaliya tanu and mitali but she is same like that to dadi if she knows truth means she can say it openly know? Is she is trying to collect proof ah ? Nothing understanding !!!!!!

  13. wow, such an idiot group of people who only trust the present situation, not the past gudness… just bcoz she was behaving arrogantly to all three ladies does not mean that pragya too has turned evil…. all these elderly people- sarla maa, daadi,dadi. daasi must at least for once think that she cannot change in just a short break….. what about this abhi who took so long time to understand pragya’s greatness but will again suspect her bcoz of her changed attitude……. i had thought bulbul and purab have brains- so cant they for once think why their di is behaving like this???..the lady seems to be in complete preparations to put everything back to normal but till then everyone should have patience…

    1. yes Ahuja..i also thought the same..after all , all those people saw how much extent Pragya can go in the name of sacrifice, now they didn’t even need 5 mins to judge her as bad 🙂 …and Abhi, he has fallen in love with Pragya..after practically experiencing and seeing her character , attitude and love for the people through every situation and even he was thinking that Pragya is money minded initially..but later he came to know that is wrong while MMS thing and even during Tanu’s pregnancy thing..so now atleast Abhi, should not doubt her… he should be in a position to understand her better than anyone ..after all with such a madly love for her 🙂

      1. and i think, after everything is settled.. Abhi will tell that he needs(loves) the old Pragya with chasma and the cuteness and innocence overloaded:)

      2. sorry but abhi too deserves some punishment as he also is responsible in some extent…. that is why pragya is not shouting on him but rather dealing him in calm way….but most importantly its pragya saying—“Be ready everyone, this time pragya wont spare anyone… !!” pragya knows everyone so well but maybe others dont know pragya that well…. just waiting to see how pragya’s family will react with her…. at least someone should have faith on her….. and if not, i really pity her and must say, she is the real star!!!…

  14. i just love todays episode awsme mind blowing great…………. pragya looks nice……….. kumkum bhagya roks……………. waiting 4 tomorow episode………….. 🙂

  15. I love the new pragya supber

  16. i like the new pragya..nice episode today….hope they can reunite. dont like the way she talked to abhi tho. thats just gonna make him hate her….makes me remember Kasam Se..something similar had happened. hope the writers come to a conclusion and not drag this scene any longer….i’m all the way from the caribbean and i love this episode. just dont drag it too long. drama is good but dragged out drama gets boring.

  17. Wow pragya u go girl n expose tanu n aaliya in front of abhi don’t worry abhi pragya is just trying to save u

  18. In tamil they are telecasting the MMS Track. Abhis 24 hours are over and pragya couldn’t prove her innocence. Pragya: valkaiyil nermaiyake , nallavangalake irunthu enthe priyosamum illai. Nan ippo thaniyake inge nikkiren. Nan eppovum saththiyathukkun, tharmathukkum kaddeppaddave. Nadakarathu ellam nallava nadakkum ninaichen. ANAL appadi ethuvum nadakkavillai. Nobody is believing me……and now she change her charakter as bold, taff person to beat the evils.

  19. Plz can u end this bad scene it’s getting worse for viewers so plz change the script !!!!!!!

  20. U guys r saying that pragya is faking on property papers but how could she show fake property papers. It could b caught by someone easily. I think if pragya is faking on property papers then zoya is right that she is showing fake property papers but to make believe on her of everybody, she is using consent papers thing. And if she is not faking and property papers rcoriginal then also it doesn’t matter becoz property is on pragya’s name and after everything sought out, pragya will again transfered it on abhi’s name. So it is not the matter but the matter here is how she got that consent papers when it was in sarla maa’s house and when she didn’t meet with them since 20 days. I think somebody helped her from her mother’s house, in it, or if not then 100%she is faking with the property papers and using consent papers thing to get trust of everybody on this. But now it means dadi is also not helping her.

    1. Right nikki but sarla ma don’t know about this this then how she got the papers from house. Tat only my doubt if so somebody helped her for this from her home bulbul r Purab if not the papers are fake. Whether abhi helping her ah financially.

  21. NO COMMENTS…I’m reserving comment until end of week. Need to understand why Pragya would seek to get Abhi’s property before she found out about Alyia and Tanu’s schemes. Signed…WATCHING AND WAITING.

  22. I hope that tanu & aliya will leave the house soon & tanu can’t marry abhi without his money.

  23. I thnk bulbul n purab r behind pragya n helping hr.. nt sure..

  24. Nikki…i think Aakash might be helping her?? i mean he could have got the sign from Abhi with someother office document…becoz on that day, they showed like only Rachana saw Pragya..but later there was no link made with it..and Aakash is the one who took Abhi from masque… and onemore thing Nikki, i am expecting to show like Abhi believing in Pragya… yes..he could give the property to her in anger and say he truly loves her…but that doesn’t matter..he should actually believe that Pragya can’t do all this..and if she is doing this then it should be fake and there should be some reason behind this…because he knows Pragya’s character very well than anyone else in Mehra Mansion… then we can say the true love 🙂 🙂

    and one more thing is per E24 segment, it seems Sarla Maa/Pragya’s Dadi will scold Pragya.. so her own family itself is thinking she has changed..i hope atleast Bulbul will understand her… 🙂

    so with all these unbelief..if they show like Abhi alone is the one who is believing in her … then it ll be too good 🙂 i think Pragya herself would have started this plan, with faith that those people who loves will understand her intention will be correct… so i hope her family and Abhi will not prove it wrong… 🙂

  25. i guess Abhi will think like Pragya is doing all these to make everyone hate her so that they can accept Tanu with full mind…he may accept for marriage, thinking Pragya would reveal her true face by not able to see his marriage with Tanu and will stop the marriage … but Pragya may stand firmly i think… in the end, Tanu may not accept for marriage telling what if Pragya doesn’t return the property after the marriage also..and she doesn’t want Abhi with no money..and that Pragya will tell something and get the truth from Tanu itself infront of everyone…

    1. Chithu I read ur comments and may b u r right. But chithu after reading g so many comments and after watching these 3 episodes, I reached on this conclusion that cvs r going to repeat MMS track again. From day one of this pregnancy track, I m saying always that there is a similarity between this pregnancy track with that MMS track but with some differences also. In MMS track, abhi had used divorce papers to play with taaliya for exposing them and to save pragya and here in this track, pragya is using consent papers to running her plan against taaliya and for exposed them and save abhi from them. In MMS track abhi was forced to behave rude with pragya and with her family members for completion his plan and to find about taaliya’s truth. So no one could doubt her and pragya was tolerating all those becoz she was in love with abhi and she was thinking that abhi had misunderstanding about her so in anger he is doing all this. And here in this track also, pragya is forced to behave rudely with abhi and his family members so no one could doubt on her and she could silently find about taaliya’s truth. I hope and I think here in this track abhi will also think that pragya is doing all this becoz everything happened bad and worst with pragya, by this her life has become spoil so in anger, she is doing all this and like pragya i hope abhi also tolerate pragya’s all rudeness and this change attitude, understood as her anger.In that MMS track abhi got to know half truth that pragya is innocent but he had no idea that who is guilty for all this. Here in this track also, pragya knows half truth of taaliya that tanu is pregnant not with anhi’s child but whom she doesn’t know, pragya knows aaliya wants to ruined abhi’s life and carrier but with whom’s help, she doesn’t know. So that’s why she has came with a plan to expose taaliya by making them fool, like abhi did before. In that MMS track, at last aaliya was exposed but in this track i don’t know if both of them will b exposed or not but tanu will b definetly exposed this time.

      1. And chithu I m sure now that pragya is not taking anyone’s help. She is doing all this alone, like abhi did alone in mms track. After all she is abhi mehra’s wife andhas spend so much time with him so it is obvious that she will have his effects on her.??

      2. Chithu pragya was simple soft and kind hearted that’s why she tolerated abhi’s torcher during MMS track but abhi is different from her. I think in this track, he will show his emotions with passion and dedication whether it would b anger or it would b his love to her. Becoz he is a rockstar so in his everything, there is a passion from always.

      3. Ya nikki but sure they ll dragg this for a month. They won’t stop this sequence easily. But I think they ll make so many unexpected twists which v didn’t expect. Pragya ll stay in Mehra house only but where??? Abhi’s room???

      4. Ya I know priya and off course it will take time becoz pragya is going to expose both the strong evils of the show, which is going to b very difficult for her so she needs time and work hard for this. But between all this abhigya’s relationship should not effect then only we can enjoy this track and it’s dragging.

      5. But do u think nikki whether Abhigya scenes ll b there or not. Everyone in the house ll dislike her and I think dadi too can do tat. So it ll b hard days for us too but gud thing was surely pragya ll give some nice slap to tanu and aliyah. Eagerly waiting for tat. But I want to know how she got the papers. To make tanu pregnancy not an big thing they started this pragya sequence. Soon they ll easily expose tanu. But surely Abhigya marriage ll b there again.

      6. Off course priya abhigya’s scene will b there but with some reputation becoz of pragya’s changed behavior. Now everything belongs to pragya whether it is abhi or everything which is related to abhi. So obviously pragya will b stay in mehra mension becoz it is needed for her investigation against taaliya. And becoz of it we can see abhigya together but with nok-jhok. For their complete romance we have to wait until taaliya’s exposure or if abhi will get to know about the reason of pragya’s change behavior. And priya I told in my above comment that pragya is using consent papers like abhi used divorced papers in MMS track. And it could b possible by two ways if someone is helping her or she is just using consent paper thing to get everybody’s trust on he property papers. Is someone helping her or not , i think in some episodes we could get it’s hint. Till then we have yo wait for it. So for now, just enjoy pragya’s band bajao mode for taaliya and their poor condition.

      7. And yes off course at the end of this track we will see abhigya’s remarriage. This will b best end of this track and best beginning of their married life with their love journey.

      8. Abhigya scenes will definitely be there Priya 🙂 without those CVS definitely know that they ll lose TRP…so we will have for sure 🙂

      9. Ya nikki and chithu if not surely trp ll go down. Waiting for those scenes. And waiting for next look of pragya it’s soo boring 1 week going to over still in same saree

      10. But Priya, per yesterday E24 segment..Pragya was shown as leaving the Mehra Mansion after talking to all and telling them that all the property belongs to her…

  26. yeah chittu may be akash or purab…both r known abhi’s property and bank balance…or else raj or some other person who knows well abhi’s property..

  27. i think tanu will scold abhi how can u so careless to sign the paper without reading ..this the chance to think about tanu’s charac..and also todays episode may be abhi will accept her demand i will work under pragya..bcoz he wants to know y she doing lyk this ??…without thinking abhi will not doing anything..we r all watched so much episodes..last time pragya shouted dadi for rachu and akash marriage..tat time also abhi keep maintain him silence recalling how pragya took care of dadi and love…may be this time also will happen..so we will wait and watch wat will hapnd…

  28. Hey guyzz i thnk purab n bulbul are behind dis bcoz their behavior was normal….. wen sarla maa was saying about pragyas sadness den bulbul was saying dat ” bure din chale Jaenge or ache din aenge ” she was the one who always supported her in any situation and if any thing happen to pragya den bulbul gets more worried n tensed n on yesterday epi she was calm n purab was cracking Joke…. at home sarla ma was crying n she was bzy in her make up….

  29. Loved the episode.. It was fun watching Taaliya… I also think tat property papers r fake.. As there Ws only one time wen abhi signed something for Pragya that was the consent form n more imp nobody read it..so I think pragya is takin advantage of that situation… N wen ppl have bad intentions like taaliya its easy to scare them n fool.. I jus hope abhi supports her by jus keepin quite.. Actually Pragya gave a small hint to Abhi in the end when Abhi said I dint sign n she said u signed b4 I left the house n abhi was lookin at her she says now by ur looks I think u remember that ” aapne aapka sab kuch mere naam kardiya tha..” this I think is a biggg hint to abhi.. I hope he thinks calmly n supports Pragya silently.. Regarding daadi sarla ma n others I hope like last time daadi thinks der must b a bigg reason for Pragya behavior..i jus hope dey don drag.. If abhi daadis sarla ma n all don understand her then she wil have to fight them too so tat taaliya won’t doubt.. Fightin d bad is easy fightin against d gud is difficult..waiting for upcoming episodes..

  30. we want to see let Abai knew that she is indirectly helping tp him from alia and tanu….
    please don’t twist too much… we will get bore to watch…

  31. Nice epi. Well dressed by Pragya in saree, if she would have come in western style, it would be better, but still looks cute, slim and charm

  32. I think raj may be helping pragya to expose aliya plan,without property tanu will not marry abhi,so both will reveal their true identity

  33. I think so after hearing this tanu would leave abhi because he has no properties ah ? Tanu will say the truth ah ?and will leave abhi ah

  34. Does any one know wheather that TANU’S FATHER BOBBY KHANNA is rishi DURVASA in Devo K DEV MAHADEV life OK?????

  35. I really love this show

  36. guys i dont think abhi wud think positive about pragya ,he wud think that all this may be her plan,all this in the sense abhi may feel very badd that pragya was acting her fake love towards him.what if this happens???and he finalises that all this is a drama . that may happen guys.if there love was true too then also abhi may not find becoz this serial is a bit practical compared to others ,as hero and heroine will understand only their own love ,but not the others love,so if abhi thinks that pragya was a dokebaaz,then when she reveals the truth,it wud me more thrilling…but till then we have to see abhi thinking bad about pragya …

    1. well, in that case..it is going to be very difficult for Pragya to manage Harini..because Abhi will also become against her…. but i think the possibility for Abhi thinking negative about Pragya is very less…becoz, there were many earlier situations where Pragya could have snatched the money from Abhi..but everytime she told that money doesn’t really matter for her..and she insisted Abhi also to not give much importance to it…so we will see 🙂

  37. Plz add somes images along with the episode……..plz plz plz…..it’ll be more interesting to read the episode…

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