Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Purab that he is worried about Pragya and feeling guilty. Purab thinks what to tell Pragya and gets worried. He thinks Pragya have returned for Abhi and what she will do knowing the betrayal. Mitali collides with Tanu and says I am not having talent like you. She says I know Abhi scolded you, and says Robin told her. Tanu asks what is your problem. Mitali says Pragya asked me what she has done yesterday night, and says she thought to ask Abhi, but then thought to cook up a fake story. Tanu thinks Pragya don’t remember anything and thinks to tell her yesterday night incident and laugh on her. She comes to Pragya and asks if she has any memory loss. She says you got drunk yesterday. Pragya asks why are you feeling happy as Abhi took care of me and thrown you out

of room. She says there is love between us, and that will never let our relation break. Tanu says whenever you say these lines, I couldn’t stop laughing. She asks her to give her some lecture on kumkum, marriage, mangalsutra etc…and says I feel good whenever you say those lines. Pragya asks if you have gone wrong. Tanu says you will be shocked knowing the truth and says you will not get Abhi in this life. She says it is good that your mum is paralyzed and might stop breathing if she comes to know about the truth. Pragya asks how dare you and is about to slap her.

Tanu holds her hand and says her slap is without any noise. She says your divorce is done with Abhi, and shows the divorce papers copy. Pragya is shocked. Tanu smiles and asks where is your trust, marriage, love, kumkum….She says those things were separated from you by Abhi, and says abhi took out your mangalsutra and wiped your sindoor. She says Abhi took divorce by cheat. She says Abhi acted to care for her and showed love, just to get divorce. She says scores are settled now, and thanks her saying she got her Abhi. Pragya is shattered. Tanu says you have lost. Your husband have snatched trust from you, and asks if she should get a separate bed for her beside Sarla’s bed. She angrily says you have refused to give him divorce when I asked you, and says you couldn’t bend, but now have broken. She says I have won my challenge. Pragya gets teary eyes and says this can’t happen. He can’t do this. Tanu says I am wondering when you will leave the house, and asks her to read papers properly and wears fuggi specs. She says your relation was just on papers and it ended with a signatures, and Abhi have betrayed you. She says I got these papers submitted in court early morning and divorce will happen soon. I will marry him soon. She says this is check and mate. She says happy divorce and good luck. Pragya is shattered.

Purab comes to Dadi’s room. Akash asks what did Abhi tell you. Rachna says I will bring Pragya. Purab asks her not to call Pragya and tells about his conversation with Abhi. They are all shocked. Dadi sits down shockingly and says Abhi shouldn’t have done this, and talks about Pragya’s sacrifices. She says Pragya have bear everyone’s anger and enmity and she got betrayal. She blames Abhi and says I will not let this happen. She says Abhi have ruined my values and says I will question him. Purab says if you ask him, then abhi will understand I told you. Dadi asks what to do now? She says shall I spend my rest of my life seeing Tanu and her illegitimate child. Purab asks Dadi to calm down. Dadi saysif you stop me then something will happen to me.
Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells her that Pragya doesn’t know what happened last night, I felt pity on her and told her everything. She says she got immense happiness.

Aaliya scolds Tanu for ruining the plan, and says you did a big mistake. Tanu asks what wrong did I do? Aaliya says you are a big fool. Aaliya says lawyer didn’t call till now, and haven’t submitted the papers also. She says do you want to prove that you have won and Pragya lost. She says we have some time until Pragya is in confusion. She says Pragya will become wounded tigress now and will attack you. Tanu says Pragya needs a support to stand up and says she is broken and shaken up in shock. She says this pain was needed to give her, and says she was proud of her kumkum which I wiped with my hand. Aaliya asks are you sure she is broken completely. Tanu says she is broken and there is nobody to support her.

Pragya is shattered and cries thinking about their marriage. A fb is shown. Pragya thinks I tried to save my marriage and it ended in one night. She recalls Tanu’s words and cries miserably. Hamari Adhuri plays……..Pragya thinks I have lost you for forever and have lost from Tanu. She says I lost my strength and trust and don’t have anything with me rather than your memories.

Abhi feels apologetic towards Pragya and apologizes for his mistakes. He says lawyer went to court with their divorce papers and can come at any time with their divorce order.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Reece

      How is it that Alylia and Tanu can take someone else’s divorce papers and them??? And “all” Abhi has to do is call the lawyer and STOP him from filing. This show is ridiculous.

    • ranjit mourya

      f**k off this serial is getting worst and worst better pls close this serial it will be better

  1. razia

    Irritating episode .. I won watch today .. I can’t take tanus this act .. So won’t watch today’s episode 🙁

  2. jk

    okay so i am a little confused.
    why is it again that they are not telling abhi that tanu is not carrying his child?
    and if they think he won’t believe them, why aren’t they getting a simple DNA done?

    • Reece

      RIGHT…That is the crazy part. SO his grandmother is going to let him marry a woman that is LYING to him amd carrying another man’s baby!!! What kind of grandmother is she????

    • Zari

      They r not gettng dna test bcoz when pragya got to know about tanu and aaliya that time aliya in abhis offce was taking with some one on phone that was raj…. Pragya didn’t know that he is raj but she knew that aliya is talking with the 3rd prsn who is helping her….. At that time on a phone call aliya told raj that no one knows about tanus truth that she is not carrying abhis child but someone else…. Aliya also told raj on phone that if someone will get to know about it and will try to take DNA test then aliya and tanu will change the DNA reports…… I think that’s y pragya is not trying to get DNA done bcoz it is already very difficult for pragya to prove that abhi is not the father of tanus child if she will do that and aliya will change the reports and will prove that abhi is tanus baby father then it will bcome very difficult for pragya to prove the truth…….

  3. Brintha

    oh my god… this bullet speed divorce can only happen in kkb… and i am strictly warning the cvsvto stop this sort of foolish screen play… even a prime minister can’t get divorce like this without their absence… once they hv to attend the court and directly they hv to admit themself for divorce… i agree this is a drama…for that cause they can’t show any shit like this… in precap abhi telling lawer will grt divorce at any time… wow… heights of stupidity as if courts is a grocery shop and lawer had gone buy the ground nut… divorce is that eady na… Jokers.. if i get a chance to see the cvs i will make him nit to forget me for life time… use the brain yar.. and pragya crying i was not feeling any sad for it… because in aalia, raj exposure also not had any brilliance… foolish plans with idiots to plot bakwass segments.. and today is heights of stupidity overnight divorce… shows there is no talent to write the script.. i feel pity for ektha to have such world classcidiot as a writer…

    • Sahithi

      That’s so true.. Same illogic things shown yday, Purab knows about what happened with previous papers. But Pragya, Abhi didn’t try to find what happened all these days.

      Without the previous court order how come we saw mehandi function happening when Pragya gave re-entry.
      Even Aaliya or Tanu never tried to find all these days, they both r forever planning to push Pragya out, isn’t it.

      • Sahithi

        At this point we don’t know when Tanu will be exposed and if Bulbul character will ever come back. Even the reporters r asking the cast only about Tanu track in all segments. May be once this is over we will get some clarity.

    • gowtham

      ha ha brin…. nice example… but in kkb everything is lik buying gronut…. prgya lost her phne… next day itself she got new phne wd same old number…. we can say hundreds of examples…. who knows they would say prgya is pregnant and prgays child will find out the truth…. that time also abhi unaware of truth… at that time tanus child ll be a villan…. anythng is possible in kkb only….

      • Brintha

        no gowtham.. actually ektha serials the story knot is very interesting.. they start up with gud… many twist and surprises to get attention of audience… once they get permanent audience who never quit the show.. they will stuck with one segment which will drag for a year… after all the fans taunts and hatred they will realize to end up the stupidity concepts.. to hold the audience again they go with bullet train speed…where logics will vanish.. then again they will show sone hopes to audience with gud episodes wheb u again get involved, suddenly news will come from ektga production tbey will wind up the show… all the fans will be crging.. and sending mails…not to stop the show… ektha banner will negotiate for few moths from ending… finally show will end ektha will jump into other serial.. this is the unwritten rules of ektha banner ..

    • Meers

      I agree… And if Raj wanted to make up sooo bad for what he did then he should have also come clean on what he knows. So dumb

      • Brintha

        yes meer according to me they wud hv exposed tanu and nikhil when nikhil tried to kill ronnie and pushed him from top… they wud hv recorded and used as a strong proof for their crime… just wanted to drag 50 episodes with foolish arguments and bakwassv challenges, they missed the logical event… and wasted ronnie effort… because pragya a lead role has to reveal the truth.. ok but hv they tried to give some interesting segments to pragya?.. no they gave only pages of dialogues…

  4. Tweety

    Its best for pragya to take divorce from abhi. With so much of dragging the serial lost its charm. After divorce pragya can live her life peacefully without doing any sort of these acting to save abhi. Ff s better than this. In all ff abhigya became parents, but in this serial so much dragging of tanu pregnancy. When they ‘ll expose tanu and aliya she came back to mm for another revenge. It’ll take another yr to expose her. I think this serial take another 2-3 yrs to get complete I think so. Pls director end this dragging soon.

  5. Half episode of tanu’s emotional torcher on pragya by taunting her and making her joke was worst part of today’s episode.? My anger was on cloud nine? on that time. When she was saying to pragya that ur husband snatched ur husband from u by cheating and broke relationship with u, on that time I had so much anger on abhi. I know he is unaware from truth but taking advantage of anyone’s helpless condition is very bad. I know he is feeling guilty too but what’s use of his guilt now. Tanu was taljung rubbish, taunting pragya badly and pragya was forced to listen all those just becoz of abhi. Abhi’s one cheat has dropped pragya in front if that vamp tanu. Gud dadi is going to slap him. He deserves atleast one tight slap to bring him in consciousness from dumbness.? Everybody got slap except that witch tanu, who deserves thousands slaps. God when CVS will show it. Now I can’t wait for seeing tanu’s punishment. But what I m getting from each time’s happiness and her arrogant behavior on her victory that her end is coming near with her each celebration and torcher on pragya. And when what a slap or I can say how many slaps she will get on own end, it will b so much enjoyable. But for now it is very painful to see pragya today and tomorrow also we have to watch both abhigya in pain.? Whatever today happened two things r clear that CVS r too impatience now to end this track like us that’s why tanu showed both her and abhi’s signature’s divorce papers but CVS didn’t showed when abhi signed it. They r going so fast that’s why in this hurry they r just finishing everything someway. For now nobody have any counter plan, not pragya or team, nor abhi have. So what made them comfertable , happy and relaxed later in this such a heart broken and painful condition that they forgot their seperation and everything, it will b interesting to watch. Let’s see what happens.

    • gowtham

      yes pratiksha.. as i told abhis signature part in the paper is unnecessary to show.. i have mentioned yesterday itself… if they show us, it ll make us more and more irrititated… and aftr seeing tdays episode, till now no plan frm eithr side…. let’s wait fr next two episodes…. and tanus part tday i liked actually…. prgya deserves this fr her activities…. and dadis anger was good aftr a long time i liked her seeing…. i want abhi to get slapped on dadis hand…. both abhi and pragya deserves some punishment by anyone…. we cant speak fr them… both done many wrng things…. like prgya didnt tel the truth and abhi cant find about prgyas nature… so consider all of these, b4 the tanus exposure, they should have some punishment… i am waiting fr the wedding day where tanu is gonna get her biggest reward of her lif time…. lets wait….

    • pru

      But one thing I am not getting. When pragya entered as new pragya she said that that property is in her name. But now Alia and tanu says that after abhigya’s divorse pragya will go out of the house. They know the property is in pragya’s name. Then how can they send pragya out?

  6. gowtham

    my dear tamil guys tday IM paathingala….. in that if u seen the last scene, one music played….. can anyone say frm wat movie it is from??? i heard it and its my fav music…. but ena movie nu therila…. tel me

    shobana reji razia fowziya karthika
    Aishwarya anjana…. yarukachum
    theriuma??? i heard it but its in my primary memory.. so nabagam varala…. anyone knw???

    • Aishwarya

      Gowtham its thegidi film vinmeen vidayil semma song ana avunga verum music dan potanga n gowtham fb la na 3 spoilers paten onnu abhi tanuva marriage pannipan becoz to know abt pragya truth another is pragya going to temple in d last min to stop tabhi wedding n another is that abhigya joun hands to expose tanu idula edu true ana enaku en ipdi thonudunu therila segment vedio when abhi promised n kissed pragya its look like he comes to know all d truth becoz if they were become frns then y abhi kissed her so excitedly like kissing his fuggy enaku idedan thonudu but y nu therila plzz enaku yaravadu clear pannunga

    • gowtham ya i saw ..and that music is vinmeen vithayil from thegidi movie…..it’s my fav song too…and in today’s episode when abhi supported pragya tanu gone mad so wat will happen if abhigya join hands together and exposure…..she will be mad more than mad person……..ha ha!!

  7. What the heck!! If pragya is so sad about her divorce with abhi why didn’t u just tell him the truth in the first place and this is stupid!!! Pregnancy drama has been going on forever and I don’t see a bump yet….every time ugh every time good is revealed sooner than bad!!! Just because there’s a lot of negativity in the show doesn’t always bring the trps up it’s also because of what is being shown in the drama!!! If this keeps dragging all the trps will drop and the drama will be not so popular!!! Secondly WHY THE HECK IS PRAGYA NOT SAYING ANYTHING TO ABHI!!! She always keeps her mouth shut in front of him and doesn’t tell him anything!!! SHE THINKS ONCE EVERYONE IS EXPOSED THAN SHE CAN SAVE ABHI FROM THEM AND BOTH CAN LIVE THEIR LIVES HAPPILY!!! NO NO NO NO PRAGYA IF U DONT TELL ABHI SOON HE WILL STOP BELIEVING IN EVERYTHING AND LOVE!! IF U THINK HE WILL FORGIVE U AFTER EVERYONE IS EXPOSED THAN HE WONT SO EASILY BECAUSE FIRST OFF HE WILL BE BETRAYED BY HIS TWO CLOSE PEOPLE ALIYA AND TANU AND SECOND HE WILL STOP TRUSTING U TOO AND HIS LOVE FOR U BECAUSE HE WILL THINK EVERYONE CLOSE TO HIM BETRAYED HIM SO U WILL TOO!!! ABHI IS SENSITIVE!!! AND WHY SHOULD ABHI ONLY SUFFER EVEN PRAGYA SHOULD NA SHES DOING ALL THIS FOR HIM BUT AT THE END WHAT WILL SHE GET?? ABHIS LOVE OR HIS HATRED??? You guys might be thinking why hatred well because pragya isn’t opening her mouth in front of abhi which will slowly drift them apart and she will get nothing at the end!!! AND IT WONT BE ABHIS FAULT IT WILL BE PRAGYAS BECAUSE SHE ISNT TELLING HIM ANYTHING!!! She just wanted to do everything herself and be great but what about abhi? Isn’t he your husband? Isn’t he your love? He is so why don’t you just tell him so you both can expose her and he won’t even be mad later at u!!! But maybe it’s too late for pragya to say the truth to abhi because now he won’t even believe you!!!!

  8. Abraham Lawer

    Tooo much for pragya to fight for her heart . Abhi have to be wise. Now Dadi is also worring. Let see what happen in the next episode

  9. Brintha

    new segment with pragya lighting the candles, romantic eye lock, pragya burning her finger, abhi first aid to pragya, then pillow fighting pyrab and akash seeing pillow fighting… seems to be gud epusode ahead

  10. Pri

    Many plot is unclear.when abhi himself didnot sign divorce paper how thy filed
    Sterday thy showed lawyer taking papers with him thn how today tanu showed papers to pragya.
    So many flaws..

    • Wendy

      Tanu states its a copy of Divorce paper… I guess just to bring the Tanu chapter to end.they cutting the scene of Abhi Signature..can’t wait to see the next episode

    • Zari

      U r right they didn’t show abhi sign on divorce pprs in fact they didn’t even say anything like this that abhi has signed divorce pprs…. They r not clarifying anything about divorce pprs so I think may b there will b some twist

  11. Premam

    I’m happy for not watching the show… specially today…. I sincerely want the trp should be low… should fall down… this show deserved it…I don’t understand this stupid abhi… never… y he behave like a fool not today but always… He is a duffer actually.. uff… There is no heroism at all… writers totally forgot that he too have a brain… He can also use it… After listening to drunken pragya can’t he think why she is behaving like mogambo… what this cheating guilty and all… utter nonsense… If pragya is a money minded person then she will give divorce if he just asks her… If she don’t want to give divorce then abhi should find out the reason… Instead of that they r shoeing the crap… like idiots we r watching it… If abhi uses his mind from starting of pragya’s make over then within one month khel katam dhukan bandh… till now I haven’t watched this kind of bullshit serial.. ever and never… With a single storyline for years together…. All the writers just go to he’ll… u r torturing us like anything…..

  12. Pri

    Even divorce will not be got in a day..its highky impossible..and CV is trying to show tht money can buy anytung even law..becoz alia and tanu said will pay more amount if done today..so in reality also in India money buys law.no justice.

    • Meers

      I agree because there is always some kind of corruption and bribing… Even if Tanu takes a DNA most likely outcome the blood will be magically switched and so it goes on… no justice at all!!!! This serial has absolutely no morals and it is counteracting true love. Geesh

    • Zari

      Yaa but I don’t udrstnd how aliya and tanu will pay a large amount of money to lawyer bcoz property and money belongs to pragya only na????

  13. moni

    Hi..am a silent reader. I used to read ur comments and updates regularly.i don know anyone here.bt me too a big fan of kkb,and tamil iru malargal. Am a tamilian too.the music was from thegidi movie and the song is vinmeen vithayil nilavaai mulaithen..

  14. Vins

    And about our own pragya… what to say… she is one more duffer… she thinks she is fighting.. she is struggling alot…. she is bold… she can do anything with her family support… but what actually happens is she always proves herself she is a dumbo… she pretends that she is fighting to get back her husband…. but this is lol and rofl…. dadi is dummy… waste to speak abt her… purab… He has to leave the show… no screen space no importance… nothing…. He should play a lead role in some other shows.. He is wasting his time for this show…

  15. raj

    now I started hating each and every one belongs to this show.don’t want to read the updates.I hate this show.I want to kill all the cast and first I want to kill writer who had no brain.his first floor is total empty idiots

  16. Zari

    What the hell is this when they will end this over stretched nonsense pragnany track?????? ???. Ohhhh God can’t tolerate tanu now……. I heard that dadi will slap abhi but y??? I know abhi took pragyas sign on divorce pprs by cheating but he doesn’t know the truth then how the dare dadi will slap him if they will tell him the truth everything will b fine…..dadi can slap her grandchild but can’t tell him the truth hight of stupidity….. I don’t undrstnd y they r not telling him the truth???? If abhi really will not believe on them but will believe on tanu than its better that he should marry that cheap and disgustng woman
    Any one knows y raj is not telling abhi about Tanus truth???? Bcoz raj knows everything but still not telling… If he is really a positive character now he should tell abhi

  17. sharaya

    Boringgg and bad episode
    But one thing is illogical that in yesterday’s episode only taliyah gave divorce papers to lawyer then how tanu is showing the papers to pragya? I can’t understand what this CVs are thinking

  18. Naveen

    It boring day by day tanu chapter going above one half year completed when it will close now divorce and tanu every time emotional blackmail now

  19. Jennifer Hendricks

    What I feel is that pragya will tell Tanu to leave the house and property with Pragya and have a new start with abhi with nothing not a single penny if she really wants Abhi and his love and at that time Tanu will get angry on Pragya saying that what is this you weren’t changed u r the same old Pragya and all that stuff which they talked at mandir herself in front of Abhi as she is just interested in abhis property and nothing else ….. I guess this is the least way for Pragya to save her marriage

  20. Fowziya

    First of all i just wanna tell one thing, all Ekta Kapoor’s concepts are the same, one caractere should b obviously pregnant without getting married.. i mean wat kind of noncense is this, she is bringing the same crap as MATSH!! Lots of unsounded things are shown, if Taliya had submitted the divorce paper to the lawyer, how can Tanu show this paper to Pragya? Ok these two evils are highly quick-witted, maybe they have a xerox of these papers! But even there are tons of things that are ILLOGICAL.. very confusing n absurd, i think all the confusions ll get cleared the day when Tanu ll get exposed..
    N about today’s episode, well Tanu’s speech toward Pragya was really irritating, spurious, disgusting, deficient, wretched, n what to say more ! N I agree one thing it is Pragya’s fault also, till the beginning she didnt open her mouth n didnt reveal the truth to Abhi, n ya we all know shez doing all this for Abhi but as Ayesha said wat will she get at the last ! Now its too late to talk about this lol, Tanu ll b exposed soon its for sure.. after watching these segments am very self-assured this time ?
    N guys one more thing, i guess Aliya is planning something against Tanu it seems, bcoz since her Re entry in MM shez not planning anything against Abhi, coz her nly motive was to ruin him according to his carrier but now shez very excited nd very curious about Abhigya’s divorce, even Tanu is not that much interested ??

    • shobana

      Fowzi its a copy of divorce paper and if I’m not wrong I think in both Kkb and in MATSH the pregnancy track started at same time. But fortunately or unfortunately MATSH program has come to an end. But in kkb still Tanu is like 5 to 6 month pregnant women.
      And alia is suspicious. I have doubt on her from the very beginning lets see what see is upto.

      • Fowziya

        Yaaa Shob u r right.. n atleast in MATSH Ritika’s tummy was ample, n in kkb very irrational , one year going to complete but still her tummy not that much big, we can say that she is just 1-2 months pregnant !! ?

  21. Fowziya

    N Guys since 1 week, Ronnie is missing ? Wer is he ? n about Raj i wont say a word, this CVS is showing us many incompleted tracks, once his truth was revealed he said that he will not let anything bad happen to Abhi.. but still now he is too not opening his mouth ? dis he really changed into a positive rolw or is he still a Antagonist..

  22. saniya

    I have stopped watching this serial. They have got wonderful actors but pathetic writers. I came to know that abhi will get marry with tanu and pragya will leave the house. And abhi and tanu will hug and cry. Abhi will apologize for everything.
    I believe the writers will not change what so ever. U comment anything. Its because they are getting money from the advertisements. They don’t care for viewers. If so they would have changed the story as per audience long back. I happy that bulbul took a proper decision of leaving this foolish serial.

  23. sati

    Cannot believe that cvs could be this STUPID. Non Indians like myself are getting the wrong message about intelligence of Indians. Which grandma will know unsavory stuff about prospective dil and not let grandson know. Incredible.

  24. I am not sure the writers want any western audience as nothing in this show makes any sense to anyone that is educated. I agree, that this is purely for entertainment but it shows the rest of the world how backward Indians are in their writing of a soap opera. There is no reality to any of these scenes. REALLY in which world does a woman stay pregnant 18 months…only in the EAST… add some value to your show that is based in some Reality or else the children of this Zee TV fans from the West will not be able to follow our Indian culture as none of this makes any sense to them and there will go your fan base. It is one thing to drag one idea for 18 months with no victory to the main character, but then again maybe Tanu is the main female character and not Pragya. Writers use your knowledge to write some quality scenes that actually shows a victory or end this show….you have lost all my western friends that was hooked on this show initially including my teenagers who will be your future fans.

  25. Naveed,USA

    Too many foolish are shown in kkb ,how come Abhi will not believe his Dad when he loves and respects her a lot?
    Secondly,Raj knows everything about Tanu”s child when he has not told Abhi yet?
    DNA test could be done in great supervision,how come Alia and Tanu get it changed? A close eye can be kept on them and DNA test can be done from 3 different labs?

  26. Naveed,USA

    Why they have shown Abhi so naive that he can not understand Tanu and Alia”s moves?
    Alia and Tanu eavesdrop of others every time.
    Why nobody in the house can’t hear them?
    And Sarla ji doesn’t write what all happened as she can move her hands and legs now?Show some reality and don’t drag this program further.
    Abhi is so dumb,he has seen Nikhal so many time at his house and still he has not doubted him.Wow!

  27. Rehan

    Keep ur f’ing brains at ur cupboard and watch the show.. guys dats what writers have taught us.. to watch some shitty crap withourt brains..yeah u heard me right.. The makers r making a fool out of us and just dragging d show lyk if it was a rope on earth it would be reaching Neptune right now.. its more than too much. Either we guys should protest.. stop watching this shit n let the trp suck or continue watching this bullshit to waste our time..
    Fcuk off writers..

  28. navi

    Tamil guys the happening in kkb s smethn relating to rajini dialogue knw.? 😉 “kettavagaluku aandavan neraya kudupan aana kai vitruvan, nallavangla aandavan neraya sodhipan aana Kai vida mattan” same thng s happening here.. they r showing tanu’s victory al these days.. bt finally pragya s gonna win anyways.. bt I’m so eager bec pragya lost in al hr challenges n ideas.. bt hw s she gonna bring the truth out..!! oru vela nikhil ll say.? or abhi s silently working on tis.? bt the illogical part s tat properties n al s in pragya’s name thn y tanu saying tat she s waiting fr pragya to leave..

    logically abhi n his whole family including dadi have to leave the house since abhi divorced pragya which means he has no longer relationship wit pragya n her properties.. so tanu oly should leave the house knw! n last tym wen she ws drunk abhi gt signatures in property papers tat tym pragya dnt sign in crct place bt nw hw did she? next thng s tat they r showing tat oly few months s over in serial bec of pregnancy.. probably 5-6months.. bt 5-6 months la they r celebrating al the festivals again which s mre illogical..

    wat say guys.!?

    • gowtham

      in IM, abhi tells dadi that prgya is not pregnant…. and agrees it was his fault… so dadi forgives them…. in kkb, tanu told prgya that abhi cheated her to gey signature…. prgya is shocked… these are the main things happened…

  29. Srisha

    Guys in new segment pragya decorating the room with candles she get hurt abhi is treating her wound they have eyelock they are fighting with pillow how this possible they should be in sad now as tabhi marriage is going to happen but they are tension free and enjoying pls any one clear my doubt

  30. New promo is out.
    It’s not a dated promo but they says its this week.

    They show the promo along with Tashan e ishq and yeh vada raha show…

    kkb promo:-

    Tabhi exchange garlands.
    Abhi about to fill Tanu maang
    Pragya holding Kumkum and telling this Kumkum his her Bhagya and no strength in the world can snatch it from her.

  31. shobana

    I have a doubt
    Yesterday prathiksha sahithi gowtham and all were discussing abt Pragya’s smile aft Tanu scold her right?
    But in yesterday episode Pragya didn’t smile at all she was crying only.
    Or am I wrong whether Pragya’s smile sequence come in some other segment??
    And gowtham what u said is true till now Pragya don’t have any backup plan it seems.
    Finally in this episode dadi changed her attitude which is good to see
    As gowtham said both Pragya and abhi needs punishment because in the beginning abhi was clear that he was not responsible for the baby but it was Pragya who made him to believe that it is his baby.

    Yesterday sahithi was right abhi and Pragya has decided to spend some quality of time together but abhi should get doubt on it right. Before restaurant scene he was considering her as Mogambo but now he is considering her as fuggy. So definitely he should have some doubts on Pragya abt change in her behaviour. But the CVs are not showing abhi like abhi is having doubt on Pragya. Abhi has to use his brain.
    And one thing is cleared in yesterdays episode that abhi has signed in divorce papers and they are going to be divorced in express speed which is illogical as Brinda said.

    • shobana

      Guys do u remember that Tanu said to alia that now Pragya is like a wounded tiger she cant stand up without a support.
      I think this support is abhi. After that candle light scene Pragya will feel positive and start to fight against Tanu. To give her strength only the writers have given that scene I think so.

      And everyone is telling that the writers don’t have brain and etc etc…. I really feel that they are talented because they’ve taken us with a single story line through out a year and that too with high TRP. They must be really talented to make us watch each and every episode even with whatever illogical storyline they create we are watching

      • gowtham

        point shobana…. with tbis single straight story line, writers make us to watch and also it holds the high trp for very long time…. its their talent.. we can’t say anythng about their talent…. bcoz in the end we oly make the trp high.. so if someone say, its dragging, irritating, no brain like that, its bcoz of us…. since we watch continuously watever maybe the stryline, it makes cvs to continue in that wat to gain trps…. so its not their fault…. its us who makes things lik this…

    • Shobhna pragya smiled but before her conversation with tanu. She smiled when she gives flowers to robin to put it in the bass of dadi’s room. Then she smiles and when she about to turn after robin’s leaving, tanu comes with divorce papers copy to show it pragya to inform her for which she stops pragya. Shobhna that smile part was for that robin scene, not for tanu. I had this doubt already after when I saw that segment but yesterday it got cleared. And shobhna why pragya needs punishment becoz she didn’t tell the truth to abhi! She had the reason of it that abhi will not believe on her without proof as taaliya changed every proof and tanu is in master if manipulation which could easily manipulate abhi by making him emotional fool so without proof, pragya gets prove wrong and even she loses every chance to expose her. I know in present time, even after so much efforts she is in this situation when she have no way to get rid from this problem but her destiny is with her still now which leads her to the way if exposure of tanu and back in abhi’s life as his wife. She has been already suffered a lot and gotten so much punishment of her wrong decision to give abhi to tanu. And in this also, it was not her complete mistake as she saw abhi with tanu very close many times. It’s other thing that abhi didn’t cross his limit. But pragya believed on which she saw. Even after harassing pragya physically and emotionally in mms track, he had gobe to tanu and spent his whole night in her home on her bed with her, which excuse tanu used to make abhi believe that he was drunk and all that happen in that drunk situation. Pragya also saw abhi in drunk situation. And both abhi and pragya didn’t saw tanu with another man as spending time like she spends with abhi. So she was forced to believe on that. But after realization if her mistake, she came back to make everything fine like before by improving her mistake and in this, process she has been lost so much in her mission like dadi said so it was not less from a punishment for her. So she has been abide her punishment. Even abhi has been also abide his punishment by going through so much pain of guilt, and separation from pragya. So now it’s time to bring happiness in their life. Becoz they both r regretting with whole heartedly and when they both r not wrong so it’s time to their destiny which has made by god to play it’s role by reuniting. them. It’s time to CVS to show once again the concept of their show by proving it.

      • shobana

        Prathiksha thank you for clearing my doubt and ur point is also vaild Pragya has gone through more troubles and I dint think in this way.
        I too saw that promo.
        In that promo they showed only in abhi Pragya and Tanu which means is Pragya going to expose Tanu?? That too in this week itself. Only 4 episodes left in this week within that will Pragya be
        able to gather proof?
        Without exposing Tanu, marriage cant be stopped right??
        Or this promo is telling something else other than exposure??

      • sheetha

        Promo is about marriage.. But there is no hint about tanu’s exposure.. So i think they will stop the marriage with some plan..

      • gowtham

        pratiksha coming to your point….. abhi is not the person who is hiding something to prgaya right… aftr he finds his true love is prgya, he was loyal to her… watever the situation he told every truth.. that much believe he has in her…. he knws watever he says prgaya ll believe and ready to listen.. lik in the same way prgya also should be like that know… she is loving him that much… so she must be frank and shuld have the confidence of saying the truth directly… now the situation delivers us, that prgya is not ready to put hope on abhi…. there is no way if prgaya tells the truth abhi would surely believe… so she must have told right… for this reason oly i am saying that this punishment is require fr her…. if she says one wrd to abhi all Could have gone good…. and same way abhi also has needed this punishment fr his own reasons… and this ll be the future track…. whn abhi comes to knw that prgya hides tge truth along wd dadi… he ll not take it easily…. it ll be the future episodes of kkb.. chances are there pratiksha wat u say?? ..

      • Gowtham I didn’t say that abhi hid anything from pragya. I m saying that he did a biggest mistake in his life to let enter a girl tanu in his life this much that she took his every possible benefit. Even after his marriage with oragya, he allowed tanu for keeping affair with him. He realized his mistake only after he realized the mean of true love but before that he insulted so much if oragya and her love, for which he is punished by god. And pragya’s mistake is this that she took so much time in exposing tanu but as we knows end results will b gud and will b in her favour as she never left her gudness by using shortcut to expose tanu but tanu used every evil trick to get abhi by short cut and as we knows it too that the short cut of anything’s doesn’t gud ever. So definetly at last tanu have to b defeated. Pragya didn’t tell the truth to abhi becoz firstly he believes on her but he is short tempered and we knows how much he becomes aggressive in a his anger so he immediately goes to tanu to confronts her and then she makes some story and shows some emotional fake dram in front of abhi and as taaliya was saying that they had finished all the proofs which says that tanu’s child doesn’t belong to abhi so like this, oragya gets prove wrong and she doesn’t had any option for exposing tamu’s truth so she was forced to hide it to abhi until she gets strong proof against tanu. But between all this, she had to fight with aaliya and raaj bhaiya too to save abhi from them so she became late in all this which result she is tolerating. Gowtham, i m saying that both abhi and pragya could b wrong in taking decisions but their intentions was gud. They already has been got so much punishments for their wrong decisions but it’s time to get gud result of their gud intentions and time to punishment for evils, that wicked vamp tanu. And about the future track so I haven’t any idea about it as shikha is going to marry so don’t know after tanu which villain CVS will bring in the show to bring twist. But as sahithi said that we r wrong that abhi will b angry with dadi and pragya for hiding truth from him as he loves dadi and pragya both so much and now when he is seeing that when pragya is forgetting his every wrong thing, his cheating and could forgive him becoz she too loves him a lot for which she did all this and tolerated so much, then he will not b angry becoz the happiness of getting pragya back in his life will b bigger than his complains. This glimpse we have been seen in that scene when abhi scold tanu and confesses his love for pragya.

      • Sahithi

        Whatever be the argument, fact is along with making Abhi character dumb in this track, they killed his essence by showing that he got Pragya sign on the divorce papers without her knowledge. How much ever guilt they may show later, for me this incident brought down Abhi’s character. He gave into Tanu’s pressure n manipulation, finally.

        Anyways they have to proceed this track further in some way, but ….

        The writers decided to give chance to Pragya and only to her the final chance, to save her kumkum so only she will save it. As I always said I didnt want it to come till marriage, but think these writers r struck some decades back, where stopping marriage at last phera will only get ratings. Congrats and proceed same way.

        Except for the current setup n costumes, the characters r looking like they r out of some 70s 80s movie, and day by day it is increasing. Lady professor doesnt know about her marital status neither does her rockstar hubby. Aaliya only has one motto n target in life, sit at home, n put all evil plans. She keeps getting money to hire killers, manipulate lawyers, get bail for self, but no one ever advises her neither she bothers to rather use that money n be something in life. Get a Life.

        Tanu also has only one goal in life, marry Abhi n continue her lifestyle with his money, so use an unborn child to blackmail every person she comes across. Yes a super model cant get married unless she gets pregnant n carries that child forever.

        I hated other shows for their kitchen politics n saasu maa trappings but this one is also going the same way day by day.

      • razia

        Truly said pratiksha.. U said wateva I had in.my mind .. Both abhis n pragyas moves may b wrong bt their is gud n pragya being straight she doesn opt silly tricks to trap tanu asntanu does .. Tat is y tanu is not being trapped yet .. They both suffered alot .. Yes pragya did a mistake bt believing tanu in pregnancy matter at the start bt the truth is pragya knew well tanu is abhis gf n they wer alwz been close even if pragya is around them she saw abhi in tanus bed in many occasions .. Obviously every girl vl believe tanu only .. So pragya has done ntng wrong in her case .. The only wrong decision she took is believing dadi n executing her plans ..

  32. gowtham

    thank u guys…. now i remember… thegidi I have seen that… but forgotten… and Aishwarya i too have seen that spoilers in fb… after seeing that only i am unable to believe any of those…. lets wait until proper promos coming

  33. shobana

    Gowtham tune 6 is a channel similar to sun music, isai aruvi
    In this channel they will telecast Hindi Tamil Telugu Malayalam and kanadam songs

    • gowtham

      oh athan tune 6 ah…. is it available in dth? ? or is it local cable opertor channel?? coz i dnt see it in my channel list of tata sky… .

      • shobana

        Gowtham its not available in Tata sky don’t knows abt other dth since in my home Tata sky dth only .
        I used to watch in cable connection.
        In my home both Tata sky and cable connection is there

  34. Sahithi

    Somehow the writers r finally in a hurry to close this track, even abruptly, by showing all illogical things one after another.
    Nothing more to say. They r making Abhi n Pragya characters too dumb, thats it. The previous tracks also had some stupidity but this time it is crossing all limits.

  35. razia

    So the promo means sumtng to us .. Only tabhis marriage vl b stopped by Pragya itseems she’ll not b exposed?

    • Sahithi

      Need not be Tanu exposure, we will get clarity in next few episodes, but if divorce related court order is not shown before marriage, then the writers can show us that Pragya stopped the divorce only for now, with Purab, Akash help. So she will stop marriage saying divorce is not valid.

      Pragya may then plan for something to get the truth out of Tanu’s mouth. That option is also possible. If writers want to drag, stopping marriage may not be final thing in this track.

      If Tanu gets ready for marriage without assuring Nikhil on money things, he can help Pragya in last minute for sake of money.

      Let us see.

  36. gowtham

    pratiksha as u said yesterday… all we want os abhigyas reunion…. anyone can expose tanu… but finally we want our abhigya together… so i am happy for anyway it happens… so lets wait fr couple of weeks fr good things to happen??

  37. Priya$

    Hiiiiiii guys.. I think u ppl remember me.. V can’t believe this promo guys cvs can cheat us.. Already so many times they did like this.. Hope abhigya reunion ll happen..

  38. Judhi

    But in earlier episode Prayga admits that she and Abhi is divorced, just tht Abhi does not know it. So had the writer forgotten this piece of the story ……….. Really ??????

  39. sana

    Y this kolaveri??ethana time divorce agum abhi with pragya.??pragya enavo first time divorce agarA Mari crying. Mudiyala kevalama concept.now lawyer inform they already divorce means,pragya can tell her truth.

  40. ammu

    Very fast divorce……..y……. Abhi will believe in dadi na so dey can ask dadi to reveal the truth about tanu’s baby to abhi…..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.