Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya, Purab and Disha try to figure out Aaliya’s third partner in crime

Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu asking Aaliya where those papers were gone. Aaliya says Bulbul or Pragya’s ghost have taken it. She tells her that when Munni came and informed us about the raid. I asked you to go out, and then she gave file to Raj and asks him to hide it. Tanu asks where did he hide the file. Aaliya says Raj can answer this. Mitali takes her jewellery back to room and checks it. Tai ji comes and asks what is she doing? Mitali says they haven’t stolen anything, everything seems to be fine. Tai ji looks at her jewellery and says it is mine. Mitali says it is mine, it was brought with my dowry. Tai ji says it was my dowry. Mitali says I remember, you gave me as a blessing. She says you have kept my jewellery. Mitali cries and thinks Tai ji took her jewellery. Purab says how can file

go missing at last moment.

Disha says you saw file on bed and then how can it go missing. Pragya says there is third person who is helping them. Disha says we have to find out who is that third perspn. Robin comes and asks them to have food. Abhi is restless in the hotel room and thinks he seems to be caged without Pragya. He puts the TV.

Pragya comes there and asks why he is unwell. Abhi holds her closer and says when she talks sweetly, he gets sleep. Pragya says if I am bad and sounds upset. Abhi asks her to understand the feelings and not to catch the words. He says I get sleep when you are with me. Pragya says she will go. Abhi asks her to go to mummy once she becomes mummy. She asks him to have icecream whenever she is away from her. She makes him sleep. Inna Sona plays….She calls Sarla and tells that Abhi is fine and she will call her in the morning. She tells that she can’t be away from him. Abhi asks for the kiss. It turns out to be his imagination. He orders icecream.

Disha and Pragya think that Aaliya was confident then and tells that there is surely third person involved. Purab comes out and sees the door. Disha says nobody came until now. Someone is going out wearing burqa. Pragya says surely he must be third partner. Tanu goes then. Purab comes to Disha and Pragya. Pragya tells that someone went to Aaliya’s room wearing burqa. Raj removes the burqa veil and puts the papers on bed. Tanu asks where did you hide the file. Raj says he had hidden the file outside the house. Tanu asks why did you come in burqa. Raj says someone is keeping eye on us and that’s why he has worn burqa. Aaliya says when I get the papers registered on my name, we all will benefit.

Purab informs Abhi on phone that Aaliya has betrayed him again and will get the property registered on her name. Abhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally they are keeping Abhi in the loop of what is going on, Hopefully he can contact someone at the registration office and catch Aliya red handed.

  2. What happening this?I can’t believe in preview that purab says to abhi that aliya registered property on his name.please pragya and others know that Raj is third partner.

  3. Too bad epi and even serial too.these writers are making us fools.beech me ye romance .i just hate this.to increase the ratings of the serial they r making us fools.and even they are coping the story of balika vadhu and iss pyaar ko kya naam doon season khushi takes the signs of arnav in the same way and even kidnapping epi too.worest serial no 1.daridrapu serial.chetta writers.sahanam kaliginaviewers

  4. Worst serial with worst ppl I would have written better story with free of cost.first time I didn’t like this romantic scenes nowadays I hate sriti a lot let all the cast n crew go for long holiday.specially sriti with her joker bf go to Poland Scotland where ever she wants. Aliya n tanu go to hell.don’t return .Abhi u deserve to be on silver screen what ur romancing with this sick lady.she deserves that joker kkk only .see the fate of the viewers aftre
    Waiting so long what punishment they got n these useless ppl got so many awards.specially that sanskari beti for nasked lady lolll.shame on u kkb??


  5. Worst serial with worst ppl .first time I didn’t like the romantic act.after three years loyal viewers got nice punishment.aliya tanu go to hell n don’t return sriti nowadays I hate her like anything send her for long holiday with bf Scotland Poland wherever with ur sanskari beti award shabir u deserve to b on silver screen why ur romancing with sick lady .stupid cast n crew height is mitali .give us a break yarr better all watch Sony

    1. Hai leena.. we are only here to cmt about kkb not ta cast real life. We only have rights to talk about there character in kkb not real life person. And sriti is wonderful actress. She delivered pragya in very good. And she deserved every award she got and even more. Finally pragya is not sriti.. sriti has real and seperate life in that life she can do anything we don’t have rights to talk about sriti life. U can cmt about pragya not sriti. And character pragya is doing wat her director said to her. So u blame the director ok..

  6. Can’t really understand why ppl are hating sriti. If u dislike her, don’t watch. She is a wonderful actress.

  7. But d story is turning from bad to worse…. so frustrating…. it is no longer fun…. sad to say cos both sriti n abhi are really good actress n actor…… but the story has become stale

  8. Hai guys … help me .!!
    In ZRA what song abhigya danced and from which movie

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