Kumkum Bhagya 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya talking. Pragya asks him to come fast else the girls will go without meeting him. Abhi thinks she doesn’t know that she is going with me. Abhi says a line of girls will wait for me, and says I am like a Bawra who can’t sit on one flower for much time. Pragya asks him to stop talking and come. Tanu thinks what is the new drama, and why Pragya is going after Abhi. Dadi wonders where is Abhi talking Pragya? Abhi tells Pragya that she knows his value, and says he will be going with her, but there is no guarantee that he will come back with her. Pragya says you are so……Abhi says disgusting is the word. Abhi gets Tanu’s call, and Pragya gets Dadi’s call. They attend their calls. Tanu asks Abhi why he is going with Pragya? Abhi says he is going on a

date, and asks her not to doubt on him and let him go. Tanu agrees and asks him to be careful. Abhi agrees. Dadi asks Pragya where you are going? Pragya says I don’t know and says he asked me 5 Lakhs rupees. She says he asked me to come with him. Dadi asks her to be careful. Pragya says if I call you, then you should scold him. Dadi says okay and disconnects the call. Abhi asks Pragya, to whom she was talking to. Pragya asks to whom he was talking to? Abhi says Tanu called and was happy that he is going on a date. Pragya asks what did she say? Abhi says she is very happy and have given him enough freedom. He says it will be enjoyment to forget the path. Tanu is tensed in the house thinking about Abhi and Pragya. She thinks they might get close being drunk, and thinks to call Abhi, then stops herself and message Abhi.

Aaliya comes home and says small people are showing attitude. Tanu asks what happened? You went to lawyer. Aaliya says work is done and shows papers. She says they have to take Abhi’s sign. Tanu says Abhi went on a date with Pragya and says she is jealous. Aaliya asks her to stop acting and says if you would have really loved him then you would not have been pregnant with someone else child. She asks her to stop acting possessive and asks her to relax.

Pragya and Abhi come to the expensive restaurant. Pragya says it is so expensive and we will be bankrupt. Manager says he has booked cabin for them. Pragya says they will take table and asks him not to serve anything without her orders. Abhi says this is his insult. Pragya says you are already married and going to marry again. She books another table near Abhi’s table. Abhi is irked.

Mitali comes to Tai ji and says she needs to talk to her about Raj. She says he is behaving strangely and hiding things from her. She says I have a feeling that he is doing something wrong. Tai ji says I have full trust on my son, and says he can’t do anything. Mitali says he has implemented on my old sayings. Tai ji asks her not to think wrong. Abhi thinks from where to bring the girls, and wonders what will happen. He says he is getting bored and thinks to bore her as well. He talks to her and orders wine. He holds her hand. Pragya looks on. Bulbul tells Purab that she has given a day’s time to her. She says Sarla is important to her and she can’t hide things from her. She says she has taken her decision. Purab says I know what gives you happiness the most. Pragya gets angry at Abhi. Abhi confesses to her that he lied to her, and didn’t come here for girls. Pragya gets tensed. Abhi says he wanted to come on a date with her. Pragya asks have you gone mad? Why did you bring me? Abhi says I……and orders whisky again. Pragya says I will not let him drink much, as it will be difficult to control him.

Abhi thinks to show his magic after drinking one peg. He says wine is strange, and talks about its philosophy. He says I want to tell you that I like you very much. Pragya is touched by his words, but says you should not think like this as you are getting married to Tanu. Abhi says I loved Tanu, then fuggi and now you. He says I enjoy even fighting with you. Pragya says I think you are drunk and dreaming. Abhi says no, I am seeing you. Pragya says your mind is not working and asks him to listen to her. She says I have snatched your property, torturing your family and didn’t let you marry Tanu, snatched your room and name. Abhi says it is your right, you have done the best thing by stopping my marriage with Tanu and says my name is incomplete with you. He asks her to keep him with herself and says he can’t stay without her. He asks her to agree. Pragya says my head is shaking, I will go and wash my face. Abhi asks her to come back. Pragya says I can’t leave you in this condition. He gets message from Tanu and reads that don’t let Pragya drink wine.

Abhi tells Pragya that he has started feeling for her and isn’t playing any game. He asks her to look in his eyes. Pragya is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh my god, what is going on……..we all are loosing interest .pls unite pragya and abhi

  2. Friends please do voting for KKB in Zee Twitter.. I do not know why they are not promoting KKB in their official site.. check once no any post of KKB but all other nominations they are posting.. Please vote for KKB……

  3. I think Pragya will tell him half truth maybe about Tanu but not reveal aaliya as she has to find out about raj
    N after adhi knowing all will act as if he don’t know as Pragya was drunk when she told him
    So Pragya will decide to marry Nikhil to show Abhi she is not his fuggie n moving on in life at same time Abhi will decide to marry Tanu but she won’t marry him as he not having money n thinks it’s better to marry Nikhil n will tell everything
    Aaliya is not interested in Tanu n baby but if Nikhil come to mehera house then it will b problems for both aaliya n Tanu so she will support Tanu

    1. Maggie hope it will not happen. Becoz it makes rrack unworthy and irritating. And Now if pragya will fix own marriage with nikhil then also abhi will think that she is doing this only for saving and escaping from him. So he will not let this marriage happen at any cost specially then, when he will get hint that pragya is still same like before from inside and have feelings for him. Not even dadi will allow pragya to take this step. And like I said before that I don’t think so that pragya could get anything by fixing own marriage with nikhil, in fact she will b trapped. So it’s should not happen.

      1. Cvs should let abhi know only pragya’s truth not whole or half truth. They should let abhi know whole truth by himself and his style, then only track will go in right way.And it is enough for abhi if he will get to know pragya’s truth because rest he will understood and find by ownself.

    2. nooooooo
      if track moves on this way pragya shld act closer to nikhil
      cant c that things nd al
      maggie is ur guess r real news?

    3. ya maggie like nikki and nivi saying is right if pragya take this decision means dadi and purbul will not allow that and too tanu and aliya will do some illogic works for money and did you guys noticed that pragya didn’t get divorce in property papers only she got sign

    4. No nivi
      It’s just a thought
      I did bribe my husband for further storyline or just clue he didn’t tell me n said enjoy the show

  4. Ya maggie wt u said might happen. I too guess in the same way. Is it ur guessing or anybody told u….

    1. Who knows its dadi or bulbul Purab idea
      N not Pragya’s as she not using her mind anyways she could have told Abhi at first place but it was dadi ideas not to tell n complicating things

  5. And guys pls vote for abhigya nd kkb…,

  6. Oh God .. Enna nadakum nae therila .. So much f guesses BT ntng happens .. Duno wats next

  7. interesting episode but expose tanu fast…..,then it goes top of
    zee tv

  8. interesting episode but expose tanu fast…..,then it goes top of
    zee tv serials

  9. I don’t agree with you Maggie …. Let’s see today episdoe .. And in upcoming episode we will see abhi reaction towards pragya ..

    Whatever he is doing tanu asked him to do and in yesterday episode abhi was talking about love and wants to stay with her … So I was thinking whatever he is doing he just wanted to find pragya truth ..

    Let’s hope for best . waiting for next segment

  10. man !! What’s gonna happen ??? It’s enough !!!! Comeon !! Let tanu n aliya be exposed !!!!! I hate seeing tanu with abhi !!! Btw, tanu loves abhi or nikhil ?? Or loves both :p ??

    1. None. She only loves name, fame, wealth and an expensive lifestyle. In fact she doesnt seem to have any feelings for her unborn child also.

      Aaliya actually understands her better than Abhi or Nikhil. Aaliya always speaks exact facts about Tanu, like in yesterday episode or about taking necklace from Nikhil.

  11. what stupid? Pta nai kb abhi or pragya sath hon ga

  12. I don’t agree with you nikki and Maggie .. Let’s see what will happen in today and tomm episode …

    Please wait for next segment … I think so they will drag the show and I don’t have any expectation .. And if pragya reveal her game plan to abhi then it would get more interesting ..

  13. Surely pragya won’t arrange her own marriage if it happens surely it ll become big hurtle for her. Abhi ll came to know abt pragya’s truth but not fully. Just he ll get some clues. I think so… Getting irritated yaar Tanu’s drama wants to end soon.. Eagerly expecting new promo…

  14. Guys I don’t think he is doing because he wa

    1. He wants to know the truth he is just acting to get his property back I really hope pragya won’t sign property in this inebriated state

  15. guys how many of you getting irritated for – TAALIYA – I AM GETTING IRRITATED

    and how many of you getting refreshed for- ABHIGYA I AM GETTING REFRESHED

    guys don’t yourself spoil your mood how many we can ask also the team is not going to expose TAALIYA
    and how many times we can ask also they are not going to reunite ABHIGYA


  16. i am waiting for today’s episode

  17. Pragya will arrange Aliaya Nikil’s marriage to bring out the truth

  18. So nice….. I luv it

  19. guys,dnt worried abt them…all truths are coming soon in few days….

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