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The Episode starts with Pragya telling nurse that Tanu can do anything to protect her lie. Sarla says Tanu is a big liar..and says Nikhil is Tanu’s baby father and Abhi is actually Pragya’s husband. She asks Nurse to support them. Nurse says I am with you and says I have proofs against her. She says I have her signs, constable as witness, and also doctor will tell that she is feigning again. Sarla thanks her. Doctor checks Tanu. Tanu screams in pain. Abhi asks how is she? Doctor says it happens in pregnancy and asks him to take care of Tanu. Abhi thinks I want to know if that is truth or not. He asks Tanu what is going on? He says you said that appointment is cancelled, and asks you came with whom? Tanu says I am pregnant with your child and want to marry you, and you are doubting me. Abhi says

I am just trying to clear my confusion. Tanu says if you doubt on me,then I will leave from here and go far from you. Abhi asks her to come. Pragya asks what happened?

Abhi says Doctor asks her to be careful. Pragya says anything can happen in 7-8 months. Nurse says can we go downstairs now. Tanu says I can’t walk. Nurse says we have lift also. Tanu says I need rest. Nurse asks her to sit and says your husband can come here if you can’t go. She says I will bring form and your unconscious husband here.

Mitali thinks to eat icecream to beat the heat. Raj comes and says Akash came to office searching Sarla, and asks if you got to know anything about her. Mitali says I will not tell you, it is my wish. Raj asks her to say clearly. Mitali says you went to hostel to meet kids? Raj says yes. Mitali says you would have taken me also and I am missing them. Raj says I don’t want to go with you. Mitali says those are my kids also, and argues with him. Raj says he don’t want to talk to her. She says she will get mad, and asks him to take divorce from her. She says you are keeping my kids far away from me. Raj says that’s why I don’t come home. Mitali says you gets a chance to keep far from me. Mitali asks if there is a girl in your life. Raj asks her to keep quiet and raises hand in anger. Dasi stops him from slapping her. Mitali cries. Dasi thinks to talk to Dadi about them.

Nurse takes file from reception and says she will show Tanu’s sign to Abhi. She says Tanu can’t act once her husband comes infront of her, and then Pragya will be saved. Nikhil hears her and opens eyes. Pragya thinks Tanu will be exposed now. Tanu thinks she can’t run away from there and wonders what to do. Sarla says even God wants to bring the truth out and asks Abhi not to worry. Abhi says I don’t understand what you are saying. Sarla says you will understand soon. Pragya says lift is here. Sarla tells Tanu that she will laugh on her today.

Tanu thinks she is trapped and wonders what to tell to Abhi. She thinks I can’t see my defeat. Ward boys brings some other patient on the wheel chair. Man says she is not my wife looking at Tanu. She shows the signatures. Abhi says there is some Tany’s sign on the papers. Tanu tells Abhi that she was saying truth and scolds nurse. She says I will file complaint against you. Nurse says I am not lying. Tanu asks Abhi to take her home. Sarla says there is some misunderstanding and we shall check downstairs. Tanu asks what nonsense, when my husband is with me, why I will address someone else as my husband. Abhi scolds nurse. Pragya wonders where is Nikhil? Tanu thinks it is a miracle, where did Nikhil vanish?

Sarla takes nurse to side and asks why did you change Tanu’s husband and file. Nurse lies to her and says that man was on the stretcher and I thought he is her husband. Pragya says it is waste to talk to her. Nikhil thinks Pragya might be thinking where did I go? He thinks if Sarla can pray to her god and get the things work, then I can use my devil mind. A fb is shown, Nurse tells Nikhil that Tanu is telling that Abhi is her husband after getting you admitted in hospital. She asks him to tell the truth, and says Pragya and Sarla are there. Nikhil asks her to wait for one min. He threatens to kill her and suffocates her neck. Nurse gets shocked. Nikhil asks her to change the file, and offers to give 10 Lakhs rupees. Nurse agrees.

Nikhil thinks when he can use his evil mind, then what is the need of God. Nurse comes to Nikhil. Nikhil asks if work is done. Nurse says I have done your work and says Pragya and Sarla were shocked. Nurse asks about money. Nikhil says I will give you money before leaving. Nurse blackmails him saying if he fails to pay her money then she will tell the truth to Pragya and Abhi. Abhi tells Tanu that he will bring his phone and goes. Pragya tells Tanu that she can’t hide her truth from Abhi next time and says destiny can leave you. Tanu says I have won, and the reason is not seen. Sarla says your baby will question you, about your sins.

Dadi, Dasi,Tai ji and Mitali talk about Sarla. Sarla comes home with Pragya. Everyone is happy seeing her. Tanu is still at hospital and thinks she will see Pragya and Sarla at home. She thinks where is Nikhil and thinks to ask the entire story.

Pragya massages Abhi’s head and asks if he is liking it. Abhi says he is feeling good and says if my neck is in your hand, then you would have pulled my soul out. Pragya asks him to go to Tanu then. Tanu fights with Abhi and says Pragya will make our baby ask money from her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When Tanu is finally exposed I might think it is Pragya’s dream or my own hallucination. We audience reached that stage finally.
    So now Tanu is pronounced 7 months pregnant so 12 months in reality is 6 months in the show. Let the count down start for exposing Tanu, another 4 months or 6 months 🙂

    Or after baby birth. After seeing pregnant Tanu for an year, how many are excited to see her baby…

    1. Absolutely dear… V vl go to metal asylum???

  2. Really fedup yar. . Wen tanu ‘ll be exposed.. omg.. K let’s wait and watch

  3. Do DNA checkup. Really f****k.

  4. Please end the story, we are waiting for the climax.

  5. And the CVS had convinced us wid pragya n team searchn fa proofs .. How nikhil easily trapped tat nurse n changed the whole situation in his favour .. Oh god .. Al dese days I was frustrated wid pragya going behind proof .. Bt it’s true .. Widout proof she can’t do anything .. If she jus tels abhi tanu vl easily manipulate abhi n nikhil vk do al possible helps tplo prove tanu innocent .. Atleas CVS shown this now .. Oh no .. fa the first tym I felt nikhil as a villain .. How disgusting he is :@

    1. Takhil vl easily change the dna reports .. If they do test .. Also I’m wondering how vl b tanu exposed atlast .. CVS really have to workk hard on it .. To satisfy us

      1. I to wondering dear… Wt the CVS r upto in tanu’s exposure???
        He they vl gng to reveal the truth???
        Don’t know.. I don’t have patience to bare this crap

      2. How* they r gng to reveal the truth?

  6. Nen kuda abhi kosame chustunna asmitha e serial .telugu lo baguntundi ika nundi nen writtenupdates chadivunanu vallu forest ki velleka inka baguntundi .but hindi lo ento antha dull ga undhi hoping for d best…….abhi should come 2 knw abt tanu’s pregnancy truth

    1. Yeah telugulo track bagundi..
      Where r u from hema?

    2. avuna nice then na valla ma mother e serial chuddadam start chesendi thanku kuda abhi pragya ante istam kani ippudu ma mother iddarini thittadam start chesendi

    Nikhil Arya to be replaced

    Kumkum Bhagya Actor to get replaced!

    Zee TV’s popular show Kumkum Bhagya has been consistently keeping the viewers glued to the show with its dramatic twists and turns. Shocking news coming from the sets of the show is that one of the actors is about to get replaced from the show.
    According to our source, “Nikkhil Arya, who is playing the character of Tanu’s boyfriend on the show might get replaced. The production house is currently auditioning for the role.”
    Nikkhil’s contract is about to get renewed and there are some issues concerning with the contract. Nikkhil wants to continue being a part of the show but the production house has already started looking for other options,” the same source added.
    We spoke to the actor who told us, “It’s nothing like that. I am very much part of the show.”

    1. Means.. Pratiksha He is gng to act r not as nikhil???

      1. Kutty according to this article, kkb’s production house is looking for some other actor to play nikhil’s role becoz of some issues with his new contract. If matter gets solved then he can continue with this role otherwise producers will cast some other actor for nikhil’s role in the show.

  8. This week kkb is on 3rd place in trp ratings.

    1. i’m so sad pratiksha..kkb is in 3rd position…i think first will be naagin and second yeh hai mohabbatein…am i ryt?funny interview of sriti and shabbir….

      1. Karthika this week naagin is on 1st position, yeh hai mohabbatein is on 2nd position and kkb is on 3rd position. A huge fall down happened in trp ratings of kkb from last week. Although it is on 3rd position but it’s ratings has fallen from last week’s trp. Hope it will more fall so CVS get forced to stop this crap which they r showing since long.

      2. Pratiksha, from this week onwards, BARC is releasing ratings for Hindi shows as rural and urban 2 different ratings. KKB on 3rd place in Urban ratings. It is in 5th place in rural ratings. The shows on each list rural, urban are different as YHM is not in top 5 in rural list though it is at 2nd place in urban. Similarly Naagin is also on 4th place in rural though first in urban.

        So the no. of impressions in thousands(the numbers) that we are seeing are again divided into rural n urban – 2 buckets, so we may get feeling that there is huge fall in ratings.
        There is fall in rating from last week for KKB but not much, it is very less decrease when u add rural n urban rating.

  9. Today’s segments update with it’s video links-
    Update is same as today’s on location video which I posted in morning. Only shriti/shabbir’s interview is included in it.

    Abhi is playing guitar in his room. Pragya brings fresh fruits for him. Discussion about sharing the fruit plate leads to them talking about the profit sharing ratio. Pragya initially proposes 70-30. Abhi says if she is boss he is also husband and has certain rights. Pragya says as she is ‘ardhangini’ so whatever belongs to them both is 50-50. They agree for 50-50 money-sharing but Pragya puts a condition that Abhi will tell her where the money is being used. Abhi agrees.

    Abhi Pragya are fighting for fruits and in all this they end up falling off the ottoman and onto each other. This leads to their ‘fruity’ eye-lock romance

    As usual, Dadi is the kabab mein haddi and interrupts AbhiGya. Abhi Pragya tell her about their profit sharing deal.

    Offscreen INT, Shabir Sriti: Shabir says they were playing characters of Adam and Eve Shabir jokes about them eating cherry and that leading to blossom When asked about Dadi interrupting Sriti says Dadi is a a catalyst which increases love…Shabir adds, ‘increases love by ahem ahem’ When asked about eating, Shabir says, ‘bhook toh bhook hoti hai’ Sriti says, ‘chahiye toh chahiye’ Shabir jokes about slipping on the cherry seed and falling.


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/9kqSI0tZkoc


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/PN565V_GETk


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ZrWJGGpNgVk

  10. This show is becoming worse…hate the writer for letting negativity triumph over good…

  11. Firstly i thought that cvs r strtching the track just becoz they r waiting fir shikha’s come back from the vacations but now it seems that they r thinking beyond it. Means their purpose is something else for stretching tanu’s track. Now everything is giving indication that CVS r not in mood to end tanu’s track so soon. They r ready to stretch it more. That’s why firstly they stretched the track even after sarla’s recovery and then they changed montage, which clearly shows some distance between abhigya still and now instead of giving end of nikhil and tanu’s game, they r looking for new actor for playing nikhil’s character for further story. All these things r saying that we r still far from the end of tanu’s track and this crap. So guys u can miss the show till then and can concentrate on some other works and shows and I think it’s better too instead of wasting time. Kutty u r right. Even I m not interested anymore in any segment or scenes about abhigya’s romance. Becoz it’s too have been crossed it’s essence becoz of same boring reputated eye- locks and romance. CVS knows that how much we loves and want to see abhigya and their romantic scenes. That’s why they r using it for glued us. So their trp remain maintain and they can stretch the track as much as possible. Kutty like u, I m too fed up and annoyed with this storyline. That’s why I gives updates to all of u guys in advance so u can decide that u should watch the show further or not? And becoz we all r waiting for the climax of the track and for which we tolerated a lot in it’s waiting by giving our precioua time to it and even we most peoples have faced scoldings by our parents and elders and family for watching this crap so I think we have a right to know about it’s progression. So we can decide what should we do? That’s why I m only looking for latest updates till then. For getting to know about the episode update, we have hasan’s update and if we wants to see abhigya’s scenes so we can watch it later when it will post online, where we can watch only abhigya’s scene and rest we can skip. This is much better option I think guys for now. I have decided to choose this option. U guys can decide ur own, as ur wish.?

    1. Haha u knw pratiksha.. I use to watch it on ozee..?
      I hv also decided to watch only abhigya’s scenes..? hi5 dear✋✋✋
      I use to skip some dragging parts..?
      Seriously the writers of this show irritating us with this never ending pragya’s track… Disgusting???
      So chill.. Don’t expect Abhigya’s reunion guys..
      It takes much time for Abhi to the tanu’s truth..
      I think CVS of this show refers an alien for Tanu as her baby???lolzz?

      1. Never ending pragnency* track..

      2. hai kutty I am from Telugu from where u r I know one girl her name is also kutty when I was in inter 2nd year in srichaitanya college

      3. Hai asmitha.. I’m from Hyderabad..
        Roju comment Chey dear???

    2. Me too same feeling. They are just using Abhigya’s scenes to make a viewers stick to the show. As the TRP falls down the CVS are not changing the track, they just need TRP alone. I’m not watching even Abhigya’s romance also. I’m just going to read updates until Tanu’s exposure. I don’t know whether I’m going to watch after that also. Also, Sarla ma going to be sent out of MM according to telly express spoiler. If this happened, what is the meaning in saving Abhi. Really so much fed up…

  12. Im frm nellore kutty

    1. ???
      Wt u r dng? Hema n asmitha…

      1. kutty I completed my inter & what about u

      2. I completed B.pharmacy

  13. This going day by day worst serial i stopped watching this instead of this Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (@sony 9:30) wow!! very nice and exciting serial.

  14. guys really i am really laughing only…. like shobana said…. instead of asking nurse to bring the patient.. why didnt abhi himself go and check the patient… ???? tanu tries to take prgaya place.. but sarla aftr recovery also keep quiet…. wat is going on in kkb…wat cvs have in their minf i dnt get anything…. do our kkb really loosing the charm ot wat???? awkward….. if this continues, i dnt knw hw many will stick to this show…. even in tamil mogambo getup appears…. its slowly reaching the saturation i guess…. concert ghost drama marriage then two weeks dragging now sarlas recovery… last one mnth not at all appreciable…. wake up kkb…. or it ll be too late…

    1. Gowtham our kkb has lost its charm

  15. Hi guys . My name is swathi .I am tamilan . I am watching kkb frm the 1st epi it was nice in the first but now it is too dragging in tamil iim have reached the bold look of pragya . Hello to everyone . Please add me also

    1. Hai Swathi…???

    2. Hi swathi still there are lot more draggings to come

  16. i think dis serial should be stop qki tanu ka to secret kbi open hoga hi niiii hamesha villain hi jeet rha h

  17. Let’s boycott it and post against #Endtanutrack like we did before . Still they don’t change the storyline we’ll not watch it for a wrek let the TRP fall! Enough of this crap?

  18. Fiction writers please find a book for your fantasy fictions. We are not able to get though the right written updates. It took me 2 pages to get the update and yet it is not even today’s

  19. Hi kutty

    1. Hai dear.. Wt r u dng?

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