Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode asks Tanu if she is hiding something from him. She says no. He insists, but she denies. He says he heard her and Pragya’s conversation and asks how can she lie that she is pregnant. She says she is. He says he clearly told she they cannot get intimate before marriage. She says they were when he came home inebriated. He gets irked and says he came as he was alone that day, but remembers he never slept with her. She asks him to believe her. She says he is not Pragya to believe to believe her lies and says he regrets meeting her and asks her to get out of his life.

Pragya reminisces insulting Daadi and cries. Sarla calls her from hospital and asks why did not she reach there yet. Pragya says she got busy. Sarla says Bulbul is getting her dressings changed and tells

about her mischief. Pragya laughs. Daadi comes and hears Pragya laughing on jokes and sadly walks back.

Tanu panics reminiscing Abhi rejecting her and asking to get out of his life. She thinks she cannot take Aaliya’s help.

Pragya goes to sleep and reminisces lying to Abhi and he slapping her. She falls asleep on sofa. Abhi comes home and thinks he should wake her up and ask why did she lie. He thinks since she is walking on a wrong path, he should also use a wrong path to wake her up. He goes out and enters getting worried for daadi and crying. Pragya runs to check daadi, but does not find her in her room. She asks Abhi where is Daadi. He asks her stop being fool and know the truth. She asks what truth. He says Tanu is making her fool and she is not pregnant. She says she is. Abhi says he is involved and knows well. She tells him about hospital incident where doc checks Tanu and says she is 1-1/2 months pregnant. He says it must be a drama. She asks if he loves Tanu. He gets nervous. Pragya says even Akash had made mistake and Rachna got pregnant, now same case with Tanu. He says he knows Tanu is lying and takes her to Tanu’s house to prove it.

Akash and Rachna’s bubbly romantic talks start. Taiji sees that and thinks before Rachna controls Akash completely.

Pragya travels with Abhi and thinks she should stop Abhi from troubling Tanu, else she will think of abortion again and her promise of getting daadi a grandchild will fail. She asks Abhi to calm down. He says he will not until he proves Tanu is not pregnant. Tanu enters her car and starts moving when Abhi comes and stops her. HBe takes her to her house and asks her to tell the truth, but she does not. Pragya asks him to stop tensing Tanu, but he says he knows she is not pregnant.

Precap: Pragya promises Tanu that she will get her right back and will take her to Abhi’s house with due respect.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. I too read spoilers thn in sbb segment thy showed tanu is pregnant,abhi is shocked and now pragya is leaving abhi

    • kowsi

      Yeah priya..these pregnant chapter going more than one month for like MMS chapter and kiddnapping drama…i think tat jungle scenes will be better ..

  2. Yeah tmrw will be abhi drunken romance with pragya it was nice in sbb. Yeah now its abhi turn to prove his innocence

  3. kowsi

    Abhi pls do something..pragya leaving abhi…abhi and dadi r shocked…waiting for tanu truth come infront of everyone…

  4. anu

    Do u all c tis week promo
    Prague brought tanu in bridal Saree to abhi house,abhi aur daadi shocked by seeing her

  5. Naina201

    ohhhhhh so writters have changed the story line !!!! “ABHI and his virtue “” LOOOOL “we cannot get intimate before marriage”” LMFAO
    how many times they showed us Tanu and Abhi spending the night together !!!! Especially at the time of the first actress that played Tanu !!!!
    They really think that we are fools……………………………………………
    I don’t like this, fooling us, to exonerate Abhi from his misdeeds…. to show us an another face of him….
    It’s not realistic…. i’m really disappointed…they could just continue with their storyline and prove that she was not pregnant without entering the fact that they are not getting intimate….
    This is not because Abhi slept with her, that she’ll get pregnant !!!!!!

  6. kowsi

    High voltage wedding, truth revelation drama is going to unfold for Abhi, Pragya and Tanu in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya.

    As per the track, Abhi is not ready to belive that Tanu is pregnant of his baby and try to make Pragya understand that Tanu is lying.

    To prove his innocence, Abhi and Pragya bring Tanu to the hospital where Tanu once again get successful to prove her right.

    Tanu has already given 3 days to Pragya convincing ABhi for marriage otherwise she will abort her child.

    Pragya wants to save Abhi’s child that is why she is now ready to make up her mind to go away from Abhi’s life.

    Pargya has succeeded to create hate in Dadi’s eyes for her.

    Abhi not to leave Pragya and expose Tanu

    In the upcomming episode, Pragya brings Tanu to dressed up in bridal outfits at Abhi’s house.

    Both Abhi and Dadi get shocked to see Tanu and Pragya together.

    Pragya tells that she does not know what is right or wrong but wants to give justice with Tanu’s child.

    However, Abhi who is now love with Pragya is not ready to accept Tanu and he will bring Tanu’s reality out on the wedding day.

  7. uma

    Even though a stupid or illiterate wife will not do this…writers should write the story little bit logically…

  8. Saru

    The best part is that atleast abhi knew why pragya is behaving badly with daadi. Ur rocking guys. As everyone said if there are no twists in the serial how can we njoy this serial for a long time. So have patience and njoy guys. Kumkumbhagya rockzzz.

  9. sp

    vry boring…… nt yet caught the master brains behind dat kidanappng story…
    nd nw dis pregnancy drama…

  10. Maya

    I can’t believe this dumb drama. This will drag for 2 months, like how the kidnapping scene. LOL. It is such a waste of time now.

  11. Why will Pragya destroy her life for Tanu.Is she so foolish or is she a nun.What is wrong with her.I do not want to view this crazy turn with Tanu.I do not like that girl because she is too immoral.

  12. SA

    Dumb, dumber !!!! Pragya u ar toooo busy saving others , start saving ur own marriage, every1 comes before u, pls ur not a SAINT, wake up!!!! This writer is realy irritating the hell out of me????????? He needs ti go bac to wherever he learnt how to write, this is soooooo Booooorrrring, we ar paying to watch this ??????? Stop making criminals important, I know its India but please man Alliya, Tanu, and tat BABI ( who co incidentantly did a crime which put her husban in jail an todate we hav yet to see JUSTICE for her husband ))) I mean how is it possible tat this writer is jumping frm 1 plot to another ????? Madness if u ask me!!!!!! WE need to see some good DRAMA!!!! Not this madness!!!!!!

  13. SA

    Anyway why did they remove the Like and Dislike , ar url so threatneD wit the poor reviews ???? I understand in India , for the rich it takes a long time/no time at all for a criminal to face the Justice system e.g can take 14 years Lol , shame for the poor it takes no time at all. The poor can even give their life for the rich. So sad but so true.

  14. heidi

    Yep you are right i am really disaaapointed in pragya. To tkae tanu side. Unbelievable

  15. rosy

    Aagar itni saari maahila mahan banti chalingi toh duniya toh aur bhi buri banti jayengi…villains wud no longer exist cz heroine wl nw join villains in making hero’s lyf worthwhle..widout evn thnkng wat their hero wants…1 ishani in matsh nd nother pragya in kkb…wow dats so great…writers we hav sum brain given by god to thnk bt hpefully heroines in ur world dnt hav…!!!!!

  16. sukaina

    What happened to the director is he mad? Praghya is a sacrificer, tanu is a selfish from the beginning.plss abhi & praghya should be convinced & start their life faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast…………….

  17. Panda

    Whether abhi reveals the truth in their wedding. Anybody knows the spoilers abt this……

  18. sharmi

    God, please help the stupid wake up and smell the coffee..nothing more to say…will just watch as it’s still a much lighter entertainment than the other dumb show, Qubool Hai..

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