Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil eloping from there. Pragya, Ronnie and Purab run after him. Nikhil thinks if he runs wearing burqa then he will be caught. He runs and stands beside burqa clad women. Pragya also comes there and thinks it is a red light area. She stops the constables and tells them that the girls standing there are not good. Constable says we can’t lift their burqa veil. Pragya says I have seen with my eyes that someone gave money to a girl and she sat on his bike and went with him. Constables say okay and go there. One of the constable asks the girls to show their ID cards and asks woman constable to lift their veil and show faces. Nikhil tries to run, but constable asks him to stand right there. Lady constable tells that he is a man. Constable asks him to lift his veil else he will

make an announcement on the wireless. Nikhil removes the veil and his face is revealed. Pragya thinks my doubt is right and Nikhil is Tanu’s baby father. Constable asks Nikhil to come with him to the Police station. Pragya thinks Sarla was signing them right and Nikhil is responsible for her condition. Purab and Ronnie come there. Pragya tells Ronnie that he is caught by the Police and tells that he is none other than Nikhil. She says she took Police help. Purab says we shall inform Abhi. Pragya says what we will tell him without the proofs. Purab feels bad as the confession is not recorded. Pragya says atleast we know that he is Nikhil. She says we have to go home as Abhi is angry after the announcement. Ronnie tells them that he will come later and asks them to go.

Dadi talks to Sarla and says why you have fainted. She asks her not to worry. Rachna comes and says I have something for you, and you will get happy seeing it. Dadi sees the video in which Abhi apologizing to Pragya and proposing her for marriage. Sarla also gets happy. Dadi says God wants Pragya and Abhi to be together, and prays for their togetherness. Rachna says it will happen soon. Ronnie thinks we couldn’t do anything even if we know the truth now, and says pragya is suffering more. He says it is enough of the planning and thinks he have to do everything directly. Tanu waits for Nikhil. Ronnie calls her and says I told you not to be smart. He asks her to be there and says I will come there. Tanu tells her that she is backside of concert godown. Ronnie says I will come there and asks her to be there.

Abhi recalls his conversation with Tanu and thinks she is very careless. I won’t forgive her. He picks Pragya’s photo frame and recalls his promise and confession. He thinks why did Pragya come to the stage and heard everything silently. He thinks Tanu and Pragya both are betrayals, thinks he will not forgive them nor see his face. Tanu wonders where are you Nikhil? Please pick my call before that blackmailer reaches here. Ronnie comes there and says I will tell you what is the real game now. He laughs. Tanu gets tensed. Pragya comes home and tells Dadi that she has seen his face. She says that man is none other than Nikhil. Dadi says Tanu is pregnant with his baby. She says Sarla’s condition is because of him, and says he acts as a humble man. He says we won’t leave him. You have proofs naa, we will go to abhi and show him proof. Pragya says I have just seen his face and don’t have proof. Dadi says no problem, and says God is with you. She says Rachna showed us video in which Abhi apologized to you and proposed for marriage. Pragya says it is a misunderstanding and tells that I was on stage in Tanu’s place. Abhi got upset and scolded me. She says I will talk to him. Dadi asks her not to go and let Abhi’s anger cool down. Ronnie and his men take Tanu to a certain place and tie her on to the chair. Tanu threatens him that he will have to suffer. Ronnie goes to make a call.

Ronnie calls Pragya and tells her that he has kidnapped Tanu. He says he will ask Tanu to call her boyfriend, and once he reaches there, I will record their confession. Pragya scolds him and says she is reaching there. Dadi asks what happened? Pragya tells her that Ronnie have kidnapped Tanu. She calls Purab and informs him the same, and asks him to reach there. Tanu asks why did you kidnapped me? Ronnie asks her to call her boyfriend and asks him to come there. Nikhil is freed from the police station by his men. Tanu calls Nikhil and tells that she is kidnapped. She asks him to come there. She tells Ronnie that you have done a mistake by kidnapping me. Abhi will not spare you. Ronnie tells Tanu that he has proof against her and Abhi will not leave her. He tells that Nikhil is your baby’s father. Tanu gets shocked.

Abhi presses Pragya’s neck while she shouts to leave her neck.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Kadavule finally after 220 epi pragya found father of tanu baby and you have noticed tanu belly has somewhat larger becoz of our commenting here lols

  2. shree

    But u will see precap… again another dream I think… Ronnie super yar today at least he kidnap tanu atlast

  3. pri

    not 10 epi yar more than tht…to find thy took 220 epi na.. to pove atleast 30 epi thy will take

  4. pri

    ronnie is more brave and talented.. really he needa good apprecitation an shld get better career

  5. Sahithi

    Good episode again. What Bulbul wanted to do long back, Ronnie did samething..

    Seeing Tanu tied to chair is finally a happy thing for all KB fans, something to cherish. Daadi was so surprised about Nikhil, why her own grand daughter is almost same character. Ruthless to the extent to kill ppl to get them out of her way.

    Anyways, precap is Abhi’s dream, that’s clear. Because Pragya will goto the place Ronnie mentioned, along with Purab.

  6. Divya chandru

    Omg another dream sequence ah… this serial is going on full dream sequence mode… now what pragya dreaming or abhi imagination

  7. Super episode.?? It was like everything will sought out in just a day but it has some time in it. So that’s fine. At least a major improvement took place in the show finally. It is very gud thing. Now next will b takhil attempt to kill Ronnie but he will survive and tell everything to them. Let’s see if takhil saw his face or not but I think they will not see Ronnie’s face as I saw his pic in holi event with taiji. So now it is left to see if Ronnie gets succeed in trapping takhil or not and what will the next move team pragya as tanu is still in holi event so I think exposure is left and they have to do more efforts for it. In Precap abhi is trying to kill pragya and it is definetly abhi’s dream as we knows pragya is out from the house with purab behind Ronnie. But omg! He is so angry with pragya that he wants to kill her!! God?how much bad things CVS will show us between abhigya until tanu’s exposure or until their reunion? But we knows in real abhi could never do this. I hope when his dream will break then he will regret on his dream. Anyways I m glad that I have started watching the show from gud episodes, from where story is moving and progressing.

  8. Cynthia Ramrekha

    This show keeps dragging, its high time the truth is revealed. How long eill this nonsense continue. The show ia gegting very boring.

  9. we hv grt actor sme one named SHABIR AHLUWALIA bt the writers had made him dumb over all through this pragya make over series the one who rules our heart with his smile is always shown depressed nd frustrated

  10. devi

    Somewhat ok.but this much of hatred how abhigya spend holi fn very nicely romantically God knows everything. But one time dadi said whom we love very much we show our anger and frustration on them only.that may be a reason in abhigya’s situation. Hope so all will get fine soon.

  11. dpppzzz

    hi guyzz…I’m silent reader here …
    but today really felt happy …. when bulbul committed suicide there was news dat she will enter again wid different face… what abt it??? any idea abt DAT???

  12. shobana

    Finally after a yr long just today only pragya came to know about nikhil

    I felt dadi is overacting today
    Now have to wait for exposure

    If tanu escapes from Ronnie and reached home means abhi will shout her and will say i wont marry you but if she tells to him that she was kidnapped then again abhi will be believe tanu’s drama

    It will be nice if Ronnie gets some proof against tanu and Nikhil else they will drag for another month

    • Yeah u r ryt shobana.. I also think the same that tanu vl again manipulate Abhi vth her evil drama…
      Again dragging vl takes place for exposure of tanu

      • shobana

        Ya kutty We have waited one year just for pragya to knw abt tanu baby’s dad
        I think it will take another one month or less than that to expose them
        We have been waiting patiently for 1 yr still only one month is there so I think we can tolerate it

    • Rishma

      Abbi doesn’t dream about fuggie like that.
      Unfortunately, I dis like how writers portrays Abhi character. They show how he pressures her to the fullest and that is dumb when you supposedly love the person

  13. vinay

    At last found who is tanu’s baby father….. it shld not take more tan 10 epi to reveal the truth to abhi

  14. gowtham

    i juz couldn’t see the episode… bt after reading the update i feel like i missed it… could have seen tanu kidnapping… and i noticed few things..

    1)dadi agrees about nikhil..thats good… normally she ll idiotically say something….

    2)Ronnie kidnapping and threatens tanu by saying about nikhil..bt kidnapping tanu is going to end with bad note i thnk…. if she cimes and tel abhi that she s being kidnapped thn strylin ll be changed…

    3) finally throwing pragya foto is irritating…. feel lik wanna badly scold abhi…precap also sucks….

    • shobana

      Ya it will create negative impact if abhi comes to know that tanu is kidnapped

      He will think because of this only tanu didn’t come to stage and he will start to listen to tanu’s drama

      Ronnie should get some proof against tanu and Nikhil else it will be hard for pragya and co

      And most importantly tanu and Nikhil should not that the blackmailer is Ronnie if so pragya will be definitely caught and it will further worsen the situation

      • gowtham

        yes that is what i was thinking…. bt i have a doubt… tomorrow holi episode and tanu is there… so tday she ll be free from ronnie??? and ronnie finds no proof?? enaku purila…. ronnie proof fina panuvana?? maatana?? only today episode matum than iruku… tomorrow is holi special right….

      • shobana

        Ya holi special
        Bt is it related to daily episodes ?
        If it is related to daily episode then I think tanu don’t know abt pragya’s involvement
        But What will happen if Nikhil sees Ronnie face
        I think they will drag till 10 -15 episode to prove tanu

  15. gowtham

    and my dear tamil frds aanand aravind aakshin is the winner of super singer…….. tbough he s nt my fav he sang well and he deserves it….

  16. Push....

    ab aur mat khincho yaar…… today’s episode was good. bt plzzz stop this track now…. its getting bore… itne din lagaye ki baby ka father nikhil hai ye sab ko pata chalne ke bad bhi dekhne me khushi nhi huyi…

  17. Durga

    Somehow I feel bad for tanu.. She is Abhi’s first love before Pragya.. Just bcoz she wanted to postpone marriage, abhi settled for an arranged marriage.. but even after marriage he was giving hopes to her..

  18. Musthaq Ahmed

    Its good to see that pragya has seen the face and also Tanu got kidnapped. Now thay have to complete this thrilling silence

  19. Swetha

    Uffffffff……finaly pragya seen nikhil’s face inimelavadu booring ga illama intresting ga edavadu panuga writers plzzzzzz

  20. LJ

    I understand ur point re Tanu and Abhi relationship before Abhi’s marriage… But
    And there ia a BIG But
    She is all evil…. She is willing to kill people to get what she wants…. When she thought Pragya had burned to death in a dire dueing Pragya’a kidnapping track ahe was soooooo ao happy…. Look now how she was insisting to kill Sarla….
    And, she iis lying to Abhi about her pregnancy….
    Why have sympathy for such a heartless character.. She’ll lie, cheat and kill to get her way…. These characteristics make for an evil soul… One not worthy of sympathy in my opinion.

  21. LJ

    If Abhi really tried to kill Pragya then he deserves Tanu and Pragya needs to take her mom and go.

  22. Hay hol how long this evil Tanu canna be pregnant?
    You know she got pregnant not day Valentine’s Day of 2015, As per the show, now they gonna celebrate holly before Tanu’s exposed. So, in my opinion writer must think about it. And expose Tanu before holly.

  23. Nice episode..pragya finala nikhil dhan baby father kandu pudichita.tanu truth sikiram reveal aachina nalla irukum..let see

  24. gowtham

    someone say…… holi special is related with daily episodes or not?? if it is related then i have so many doubts on my head…

      • gowtham

        awesome razia…… atmosphere semaya irunthathu… till last i was there… since my house is nearer…. and njoyed so much…..

  25. Maggie

    I think it’s Pragya dream, as we all know she is dream girl of our show
    She must b thinking if Abhi gets to know Tanu is kidnapped by her then he definitely relate that she didn’t wanted him to propose Tanu so she kidnapped Tanu n dreams about Abhi trying to kill Pragya

  26. Mishika

    Great episode after long! Can’t wait till 9 so pls somebody tell today’s episode! Pratiksha pls

  27. Reji

    Guys super singer title winner is Anand aravindakshan…. and the second place goes to Faridha …. and the third place and judge’s choice goes to Rajaganapathy…. 4th place to Lakshmi ….. 5th place to Siyath… but all of them sang well … sorry for the late comment … actually I didn’t sleep well in the night. … I was fully watching the grand finale and the next day I slept till today morning 10 o clock …. my mom said reji wake up ithukuthaa has sonna …. avalavu neram tv paakakudathu .. lol … I yawned while she speaking……..

    • razia

      Haha .. I slept around 3 reji .. N git up by 8 bt watched super singer only till the performances .. Dint wait fa the results .. M happy faritha got second .. Bt anand aravinakshan git such a huge girl fan followings .. Tas he won .. I cried on siyadhs song from muthu 🙁

      • gowtham

        yes razia… my favs are farita and siyad… happy for farita got second…. but siyad 5th athan knjam sad…. for him alone i put more than 300 votes….. but he is last??

  28. Guys during last few days, upcoming episode is not coming out before the telecast on channel. That’s why nobody can give update or highlights of upcoming episodes in advance. We have to wait for it.

  29. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Kindly finish off the evil tanus chapter n forget the tanu who is a cheater n concentrate to praghya who is loving u so much n doing good to you. Abhi you ate a fool n running after a Cheater who is not interestested in you but tanu is interested I yr money only. Praghya is helping you to get out of evil tany

  30. Fan of ishveer

    hi!naan itha webpajukku puthusu.(i am new to this page)i just thought to start of with tamil.i have a doubt if tanu is expose not accept (i guess so) then abhi will get to know the truth and if he does not accept pragya means then what will happen? again dragging..no.what do u think about it?

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