Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi gets doubtful about Kiara and Pragya’s connection

Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya why did she come here? Pragya says she came for some work. Abhi asks Driver to get tool box from his car. He asks if she came to meet him in the hospital. Pragya is silent. Abhi asks her to let him be in the illusion. Pragya asks if he wants to say anything. Abhi says you have changed, but one thing is same, your innocent smile and asks her to keep smiling. Jab tum hote ho plays….Disha gets emotional seeing Pragya’s pics in Kiara’s room. She touches her photo frame and cries. Kiara asks why are you crying. Abhi repairs Pragya’s car and says it is fine now. He asks for water. Pragya makes him wash his hands with water from her bottle. He washes her hand and asks do you have towel. She says no. He holds her Pallu and wipes his hand with it. Pragya smiles.

He says this is a lesson, you should always take towel with you, or don’t wear saree.

Pragya says if someone sees you then will call you mad. Abhi says mad in love and gets sad. Pragya thanks him twice. He asks why did you say twice? Pragya says for repairing my car and saving my life in bank. Driver brings tool box. Abhi says it is not needed and asks him to drop Pragya to her house. Driver asks her to come. She walks to the car and looks at Abhi. Humnava song plays….

Kiara asks Disha to drink water and says you will feel better. Disha takes glass in her hand. Kiara says I don’t understand why are you crying? Disha asks if she is your mamma. Kiara says yes. Disha hugs her and says she is Pragya’s own blood. She says that’s why everyone feel close to her. Disha sees King’s pic there and recalls Aaliya’s words. Kiara asks her not to cry. Disha says she is very happy today, it is happy tears. She asks when your mum will come? Kiara asks her to go and says I want my mum to meet you when her mood is good. Disha says when she sees me, she will cool down as she is my sister.

Kiara thinks Disha is saying as she is of her age and says she will meet you when she wants. Disha thinks she shall go, Pragya di will meet her when she wants. Kiara asks what is she thinking? Disha thinks to go and tells her that she needs to tell her something.
Tanu comes to talk to Aaliya and tries to tell her about her plan on Kiara. Just then she gets a call and gets busy. Disha thinks if Abhi knows that Kiara is his daughter and thinks he will be very happy. She thinks to inform him. Pragya comes home and calls Kiara. Kiara tells her doll that she is stuck now while trying to help superman. Pragya comes there and scolds her. She tells that she was very worried for her and now she will inform him. Abhi feels similarity between Pragya and Kiara. He thinks to go and meet Kiara’s mum.

Purab asks Abhi why didn’t you make me meet Di. Abhi tells him that Pragya is married to king now. Purab is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this story is veryyyy nice

    1. First impressions can be very misleading.

  2. tuna will kidnap the kid and change blood wk to say the king is the father. yea yea .

  3. I think tanu will try to change kiara blood to prove King is the father n not abhi n Disha should tell him the truth before it too late

  4. Kim Kardashian/Aliyah is back! oh no! But the princess is still wearing the green bob earrings. Some one in the ‘continuity’ crew messed up. A few more dribbles of plot… all of it already announced through the gossip videos weeks ago. And we are being prepared in a painfully slow way for the Aliyah/Tanu leads again. Who will Aliyah and Tanu kidnap, murder or humiliate next? They are safe to do it! The whole Mehra family has not figured out that police exist to stop criminals. Well, obviously not in India. Instead Abhi and Purab continue to insure that Tanu/Aliyah will ALWAYS reign supreme, destroying anyone in their path. Two men who are stupid fools, controlled by a whore and a psychopath, who both have a rather questionable fashion sense and slave rings around Abhi’s and Purab’s necks. Aliyah mentions 5 billion dollars. There’s some information! That tells me that Ekta doesn’t think in millions of dollars of wealth, she’s working/manipulating for billions now. Do you think she might open ‘Pragya’s Women Centre’ for abused women and children? You know, to help millions instead of 100 women in one city? Never. Ekta wants to join the billionaire clubs, keep shopping for Kim Kardashian clothes and partying till she drops into the arms of …. Actresses are thankful.

  5. Wahi dragging story aage berhne ka naam nhi leti hr hafte wait hota hai kiara ki identity reveal hone ka lekin nhi in ko tu apne episodes barhaane se matlab hai trp pechle hafte seventh slot pe aa gae i hope iss hafte 10th pr ho ta ke in ko maaza aaye ayr ab ye naaya promo jis mei abhi the great fool rockstar tanu ko mangulsutra delane shopping mall le kr jaata hai aur wo mangulsutra pragya pe gir jaata hai ab agle hafte ye naatak dekhaae ge bollywoos ke 5 6 gaane daal kr agle hafte bhe story wahein ki eahein re ge pta nhi kab tk ye torture dekhna pare ga

  6. In tbe precap purab asked abhi why he did not tell him about pragya and also why he did not meet him and pragya…. Find this funny… Because when abhi was in the hospital pragya had gone to meet him and when aliya was insulting pragya purab and the entire family was there. Guess the writers have memory loss. They are so busy thinking how to show more evil that they themselves lose track and connection of what they have shown….. Funny.. Guess its high time aliya and tanu are bloddy shown their place…. And some good is shown like abhigya being happy together and Kiara also.. And then if they still want the show to continue can show how Kiara grows up to be a rock star ans her life and OFCOURSE abhigya together..

    1. That scene you mentioned was only Pragyas imagination…she didn’t meet any of the other family members at the hospital.

  7. Adelaide Addo

    I think should hurry and tell abhi the whole true before that witch Alia and her mini witch tanu destroys everything

  8. Hitesh pillai

    The is the story of kumkum bhaghya is again getting better… recently I took a live show tour in Mumbai on sets of the show it was a great experience.

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