Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi asking Tanu to leave and says he don’t want to hear Pragya’s name from her mouth. Tanu turns and screams. Mitali asks what happened? Tanu says a thorn hurt her. Aaliya signs Tanu. Abhi says nobody want you to come in this house. Dadi and Dasi ask her to leave. Tanu says she wants to see Pragya. They ask her to just leave. Abhi says I will meet Pragya and goes. Aaliya comes out. Tanu says she got worried and asks if Munni agreed. Aaliya says she had to threaten Munni and says she told Abhi that she is not Pragya. She tells that they can tell that Pragya have a partial amnesia. Tanu gets happy. Aaliya says don’t know if she will agree. She says we have to hurt her chutka to convince her.

Munni in room thinks about Aaliya’s threat and tells that she has a clever

mind and wants to trap me. She says she will tell truth to Abhi and then thinks about Chutka and Chutki. A fb is shown, Munni serves food to kids. Kids refuse to have food until she have it. Fb ends. She thinks to be silent for kids because of those two witches. She hears Abhi coming and pretends to be asleep. Abhi says good night fuggi, sweet dreams, lets meet in dreams. He looks at her and goes. Munni thinks he is thinking me as his wife and worries thinking what to do.

Abhi tells Doctor that Pragya haven’t got consciousness till now. Doctor tells that she is fine and will be fine. Abhi says she is talking strangely. Doctor says she got hurt on her head and will be fine. Purab asks her to tell clearly. Dadi calls Abhi and tells that Pragya left and asks where is he? Abhi asks her to calm down and tell clearly. Dadi says Pragya is missing. Abhi says she must be in the house. Dadi says when they reached the room, she was not there. They think she is in washroom, but couldn’t find her. Abhi asks her not to take tension and says he is coming. Mitali calls Tanu and tells her that Pragya left.

Tanu says she must have gone to other room. Mitali says she is not in the house. Tanu thinks what to do now. Mitali says I have a doubt that she is not Pragya, but someone else. She says Pragya’s clothes, mannerism, behavior and everything is different. Tanu makes excuse and ends the call. Abhi comes home. Dadi asks him to bring Pragya back. Abhi asks Robin how did Pragya come out of room and says I asked you to stand outside. Robin says Mitali asked him to make juice, and if he refuses then she will fire him. Mitali says he is lying. Dadi says where did she go? Abhi says I will check in room if she left any message.

Munni comes to the hospital and thinks she will send kids and then will see them. She asks where is Dr. Sheela. Dr. Maya tells her that Chutka is discharged and was taken away by her friend Lakshmi. Munni asks she shall have asked me. Dr. Maya tells that Lakshmi ( Aaliya) called her and you asked her to send Chutka with her. Munni thinks they were Aaliya and Tanu. Dr. Maya informs her that Chutka is having hole in his heart and tells that Lakshmi told that she will get him treated in a big hospital. Munni asks about the expenses for treatment. Dr. says 4-5 lakhs. Munni thinks what to do now. Abhi searches for the clue/note and finds something. He thinks I will think that you don’t want to stay with me and that’s why you left me. She says you would have told me about your problems.

Aaliya threatens Munni. Munni tells that she will cut her neck and asks to tell if she shall be fast or slow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So they started the crap again
    Now with no other waymunni will accept aliya’s demand and will enter the house as pragya to cheat abhi
    So after taliya and nikhil now pragya will also join in that cheating list
    Seriously these directors have changed
    such a beautiful story into a crap just because they want drag
    Really my sincere applause to shabbir and sriti who are acting in this serial and bringing soul to their characters abhigya
    But thses directors are spoiling their talent so till next year we cant expect abhigya romance but instead we can see their hates again and regarding yesterday comment for kkb is going air off on August
    I hope it becomes true because these writers and directors don’t deserve genuine audience they only need audience for their trps and business
    I love abhigya but i started hating kkb

    1. Well said. I too love abhigya but hate kkb & the directors.

    2. When abi gain memory he did not got to know Alia and Tanu did so many murder attempts on pragya and her mother as before he loosing his memory he come to know all this crime. Again Alia and Tanu walking freely without any legal action

  2. A new show kundali bhagya and already existed kkb, Both the show r doing very bad. Nothing is happening interesting in both the shows. Kkb has been lost it’s charm becoz of making Pragya’s character disappear from the show and bringing a new suspect character MUNNI. And kundali bhagya is almost xerox copy of kkb. In kundali bhagya also both the sister’s story started as Pragya and bulbul and in kkb, whether Pragya or MUNNI, Heroine has to b suffer in every personality and we will see same plannings and plottings so then what’s interesting in it? where is Pragya? She is alive or not? Or MUNNI is Pragya or not? How the story of kundali bhagya’s character’s will meet with kkb’s chracters, by just these questions, they r making the audience fool and keeping them engaged becoz of their curiosity to get to know the answers of these questions. Come on guys take a break and just leave the show again for sometimes becoz it will not going to end soon and it will take another year to reach to the climax of this track. So don’t waste ur time, just read updates, u will get understand that from where u should start to follow the show again? U should follow or not? Same thing I will say about kundali bhagya. They r just repeating Pragya’s and bulbul’s story as their two more sisters preeta and srishti’s story, in a bit different way on the name of spin off. I don’t think so that it has anything interesting to watch. Only presence of abhigya can grow any interest for this spin off in audience’s mind. Otherwise it’s story and actors r weak to gain interest. I has been disconnected with kkb already and with kundali bhagya also I m not feeling well. Instead of bringing spin off, if they gives attention to the story of kkb to make it better with it’s each progress then it could be much better than this. According to me, both the show r not doing gud and they should lose their audience but let’s see how much audience will give up.

    1. Hello Pratiksha, I wish viewers listen to your plea, but they won’t… I’ve tried that one year ago and no one listened so this is why we ended up with crap. There are viewers, no matter how bad it gets here, they still think that this is the best thing under the sun. Good things last for a short time and KKB has outlived it’s charm and interesting storyline. This should have ended ages ago but Ekta with her false pride and bloated ego, continued to drag this serial and it’s characters down the drain.. I read yesterday’s comment section and honestly, do you believe that ekta would come on this forum to share news with us or would she use other mediums?? I’ve read your views on and off and I had stopped watching this serial and now and then, I come on to read comments, they are entertaining and speaks volumes. So Pratiksha, if viewers were to listen to you, Ekta will surely get married …i didn’t mean to upset you but I’m just sharing my views with you…

      1. Naz I just shared my personal opinion. What to do or what not, it’s completely up to on u and peoples. Who I m so all will obey me. I m just common audience and can share my views. That’s it. Except extremely obsessed audience of kkb and abhigya, Whoever will b sensible, that person will surely get understand what is right or what is wrong.

        About yesterday’s comment on the name of Ekta, it was totally fake. Ekta Kapoor is not at all active on any other sites except instagram and twitter. Even she interacts with media only on needed time. She has no time to interact with common peoples and audience and whatever decisions she takes regarding her shows, she never opens up like this between the peoples. Makers of the show just tells media about any official decisions but after discussing with channel and producers by their permissions and then only media peoples can tell us regarding it,not they makers, producers or channel by themselves. Kkb is not going to end until it doesn’t lose it’s audience forever or until it won’t effect channel’s popularity. Whatever news wants to know, u can only know by media sources,not by others. I too just shares those information regarding the show which gets available by reliable media sources. That’s it.

    2. Hi sisy
      Your absolutely correct these kkb directors are doing a blunder by introducing spin off of kkb when kkb itself has loosed its charm because of pragya’s gun shot but one thing is sure these will keep dragging because they know audience are waiting to see them unite and consume their marriage so they will keep dragging
      Unless the trps get down they will continue to drag and if they want to raise the trp they will show 2-3 episodes of abhigya romance but now they should first clear our doubts that whether this munni is pragya or not, if she is our pragya they should show whether she is suffering from memory loss or not or if she is not then where is pragya because one thing is sure pragya cant be dead because the serial title is kumkum bhagya that too especially pragya’s kumkum so there is no chance of pragya being dead
      So unless they clear these doubts there is no use in watching kkb so guys try to follow written updates unless they reveal about pragya this is my suggestion
      And prathiksha sisy you take care of your health and don’t stress yourself for this crap because as i already said these directors don’t deserve genuine audience
      So you as you said follow only the written updates
      Take care of your health sisy???

      1. Off course mythili I will do my care. I have been enough sensible and experienced after watching kkb since four years that when I should give attention to it or when not. I just visit here only for u guys. Thanks for ur concern dear. ?

  3. This writers make me sick they are trying to keep us engaged in the show cause they know we are waiting for the day pragya and abhi will get together and live as hubby and wife thats y they are taking advantage of our love for the show and separating them all the time cause nothing much happens in kkb and when abhigya finally get together that will be the end of the show and they dont want that n i think munni is not pragya i think pragya is somewhere with some mystery behind it now i understand why mrunal and arjit taneeja left the show to find something useful coz i too cant tolerate this nonsense anymore!!!!

  4. Kkb and kundali bhagya have both become booooooring!!! I’m out, quit watching these programmes. It was good in the beginning Kkb, but now both programmes have gone down the drain.

    1. Both shows are garbage that comes iota of shit. Where one show stinks with foul smell and they bring out more of trash.

  5. I think pragya sisters will help her n she should tell abhi the truth about aaliya

  6. There are so many complaints posted on the National Consumer Complaint Forum regarding ZZTV – Kumkum Bhagya https://www.complaintboard.in/complaints-reviews/zee-tv-l153147/page/2
    I hope ZeeTV is considering the complaints and listening to the public advice to end the KKB series.

  7. asking myself why did I take time to read updates? there is NOTHING left… HORRIBLE writing and lack of creativity ruined the show… it’s been 3 years and th show has showed nothing but pure disgusting torment. with the new show, I believe KKB will NEVER get better… so this was the last time I will read update and last time to comment… Farewell to the characters whose acting I enjoyed… I hope the cast find better directors and scriptwriters to work for in the very near future… I will miss them but not KKB
    so long everyone … may your journeys through this life only bring you goodness

  8. I think kkb is trying to show us that evil will always prevail over good first taliya manage to kill bulbul then pragya who are the good pple in the serial and nothing bad happens to them they escape all they do in this serial is teaching us the ways to kill and kidnap…i think these character traits are portraid by the writers they are evil maniacs and trying to spread the evil flu to the viewers

  9. If Munni is Pragya then she should have some kind of scar where she was shot. I didn’t see the episode but i think she was shot if i’m not mistaken, so a bullet would leave a mark from where it entered and where it was taken out. If Munni has the scar then she is Pragya.
    If Abhi wants he could easily figure this one out instead of all the guessing lol.

    1. This serial is showing their hero and heroine as bafoons who don’t think in logic
      So they won’t get diubts about this

  10. Instead of introducing Munni an innocent character a violent character taking revenge on Aaliya and Tanu but a very loving pair supporting Abhi could have been a better choice. In the later course the character should be Pragya coming back

  11. My only hope is for KB to flop… Big time!!!

    1. That is in our hands only unless we viewres stop watching the show or comment the show
      Till then they will keep dragging by repeating the same crap

      1. Exactly, Mythili…..we need to do what we say we’d do. A year ago I begged viewers on this forum to refrain for only one week on commenting but no one listened, I think horses will fly before we see that happening. I’m sure you are frustrated like me and others but ekta just forges along because for strange reason beyond our understanding, this crappy serial is high on ratings… This mystifies me…. Well, I’m so frustrated I stopped watching completely and was only reading comments, I tell you…they are more interesting and entertaining than KKB…

  12. They should make a twist where munni is not pragya but bring bavk bulbul and pragya making the story line that bulbul was found amd put in a coma and pragya gains conciousness in tge same hospital and sees bulbul next to her then when she goes to bulbul her tear falls on her arm and bulbul regains conciousness. Pragya tells bulbul the whole story from her death and both decides to makr a spectacular entry. They meet their sisters when they go to their mom home and goes on yo take revenge against aliya and tanu.

    1. Your way of story is also nice
      But these directors don’t like to see happiness of pragya na
      So they won’t do like that
      They will only make taaliya happy as they are only needed for them

  13. @pratiksa can you confirm whether the kkb is going air off or not.

    1. No naren it’s not going to off air, not any soon.

      1. Where are you pratisha. I know lot of information from your and your friends comments.

  14. they will keep it on.if trps gets down.i think for this they are ready to show 2-3 rocking episodes.

  15. they know vewiers weak point is abhigya.they have that key.when it needs they use it.

  16. I Am glad that written episode are not getting updated immediately, this what it means viewers as well as followers. Good sign this gonna collapse in rating pretty soon.

  17. Director mam ke kundali Bhagya me koe dam nhi h aur kumkum Bhagya bahut Dino Baad bilkul Sahi ja rha tha PR fir SE vhi chij shuru SE dikhane Jane lgi pragya ka struggle wo v chauthi baar mam ab ye serial band hone ka time ho gaya shayd koe nhi dekhne Wala….

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