Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi scolding Robin for the bad coffee. Robin apologizes to him. Abhi asks Akash, why did he cancel the recording? Akash says I thought you will not do recording. Abhi says he will do recording. Akash says okay. Dadi comes and asks Abhi, why is he talking to Akash angrily. Abhi says he has no relation with anyone except her. Dadi thinks to tell him about Pragya, then she thinks about Beeji’s request not to tell him anything about Pragya’s kidnapping else she will be in danger. Dadi thinks she is helpless, but God is not helpless, asks him to do something and save them. Pragya recalls Nikhil telling her that Abhi had signed divorced papers. Pragya thinks Abhi might be crying and thinking I didn’t meet him before sending the papers. She worries for him. Goon comes and scolds

Pragya for calling her husband. He says he has hidden the truth from Nikhil. He slips and wine bottle breaks. Pragya thinks it is inauspicious. She thinks how to reach him. Abhi imagines Pragya in the house while a song plays…….

Nikhil tells Tanu that Pragya was shocked to hear that Abhi had signed on the papers. Tanu says what she might be doing? Aaliya says she must be crying and says she is behenji, although she tried to be modern….laughs. She looks at the divorce papers and says she has waited for these papers since long. Tanu says we have suffered a lot. Aaliya says I don’t know why Abhi didn’t divorce her before. Tanu says I have never left me and be with him always. Aaliya says we shall not waste time and calls lawyer Motwani. She asks him not to waste time and complete the divorce formalities, and send the order. Tanu says I want to punish Pragya for her sins, and wants to sprinkle salt on her wounds. Aaliya says even I want to do, but I can’t go. She asks her to go and show live telecast to them.

Pragya thinks to cut rope through the glass piece. She thinks once I escape, I can tell him everything. She pushes her chair to reach the glass piece. Abhi is angry and break the things in the room. Pragya thinks she has to do this for her husband. Abhi picks the broken photo frame…..mujhko barsaat banalo plays……………She cuts the rope with glass piece. She sees goon coming, but he doesn’t see her. Pragya opens her rope and searches Pari. She thinks if I call her then the goons will hear me. Pragya goes to Pari and removes cloth from her mouth.

Pari about to say Maasi. Pragya signs her to be silent. She takes keys or something from goon’s pocket while they were sleeping. She tells Pari that they have managed to come out. They slip and shout, alerting the goon. One of the goon wakes up, checks the place and wakes up other goon. Pragya and Pari see the gate locked and climb and jump to get out. Pari says she is tired. Pragya says we have to win from goons, and have to run. She says you want to go to your mamma naa, and says she will lift her. She takes an auto. Pari asks where we are going? Pragya says she is taking her to her mamma.

Tanu tells Nikhil that she wants to see Pragya’s crying face. Nikhil says you can enjoy seeing her devastated. Just then goon calls Nikhil and informs that they have eloped. Nikhil gets worried and shouts at him. Tanu blames Nikhil for his flop plan and accuses him for hiring cheap goons. She says you would have gone there and sleep. Nikhil scolds her. Tanu says Abhi will not leave you if he came to know about you. Nikhil says he got an idea. He thinks Pragya might have taken Pari to Doctor’s house. Pragya drops Pari at Dr. Sheela’s house. Dr. Sheela thanks her.

Nikhil and Tanu see Pragya coming out of Dr. house and hit her with car. Pragya falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Asmitha

    Pratiksha now I understood they directly came to Sheela’s house but what is the need to go herself better she can inform purab and one more thing in promo they have shown she did phone to abhi but she didn’t and after seeing today epi what I understood is abhi believes tanu blaming pragya and here divorce is also going to ready so sad but today abhi’s part was emotional and pragya looks so cute in pink saree
    I can guess one dialogue from abhi after tanus drama and blaming he will say to pragya that is pragya I felt very bad and sad fr signing papers but now I am feeling that I have done right by this our pragya shatters and tanu feel happy and what I am expecting is may tommarrow segment will also be so sad fr fans

    • Sahithi

      What a normal person will do – take Pari with her to MM and call Sheela to come there. Tell the facts to Abhi before Sheela reaches there. Ask Abhi to bring police along, take them to kidnappers place, even if they escaped, Pari’s school bag n other left overs r evidence of kidnap.

      What Pragya will do – drop Pari at her mom’s place, get hit by Nikhil’s car, get bruised on face, still concerned for his baby, take his baby mother to hospital.

      What a normal person Daadi’s age will do – tell truth to Abhi, kidnap truth even Mogambo drama truth, Nikhil’s truth.

      What Daadi does – don’t even want to describe.

      What audience do – pull their hair in frustration.

      If there is no scene with Pragya calling Abhi in tomorrow epi, on lines of what is shown in promo, then don’t ever trust any promo of Zee..

      • Pratiksha

        Well sahithi if they will opt easy , logical and clear way then how they will drag the story. This the same thing which they r doing since long, Stretching the story, with nonsense and illogical facts. Through only this trick , cvs got succeed in stretching the story and still they r getting sucessful in it. But how long, let’s see.

      • Sahithi

        I thought its not about being super woman, but heights of foolishness that writers are showing with these characters. It is so painful to see this stupidity.

    • shobana

      I was also expecting that pragya will call abhi. But it didn’t happen don’t know why .
      Getting angry on dadi. She wants abhi and pragya to be united but she never takes a step forward to unite. If she do also it gets failed. On seeing situation of abhi too dadi is not ready to open her mouth. Not only dadi but no one MM is ready to do it.
      And yes i too think that tomorrow segments will be sad

      • Pratiksha

        Shobhna it has become their habbit to show one sad and one gud sequence on time to time back to back. Nothing is surprising in it. Ya if they ever do something different then ut will b shicling for us now as we have becime habbitual of their same tricks, same story and same things. And we have been seen worst to worst things and sequences so niw there will b ni big deal if we will get another worst as i said thay we have become habbitual now.

    • Pratiksha

      Ya asmitha episodes seems just painful for abhigya as well as well for audience too. I missed today’s episode becoz of power cut but hasan’s update is enough for me. Starting episodes of the week is not so important as we have been seen further story in segment so what is important for us, that is more further story after tanu’s hospital drama. And asmitha divorce papers has become again a question as tanu was going to pragya with papers for getting fun. But now before reaching to pragya, pragya escaped and now takhil will face accident. So let’s see where the papers will b gone between all this? Will takhil get time to keep the papers safe after all this? Or before it, exposure will happen? Well anything happens with divorce papers or not but surely it will never happen becoz this is going on from always that how manytimes, abhigya about to gets divorce from each other but ends up by it’s cancellation somehow and this time also will same happen becoz CVS have no other new story and thing to show. Well Let’s see. But ya abhi is very angry and upset with pragya so don’t know how he will react when pragya will come in front of him after tanu’s miscarriage and what pragya will explain in her defence? Abhi’s reactions r clear for us as we knows that how his state of mind at present for pragya, in this case if pragya will try to explain, abhi will never believe on her without any proof, even he will not give her any chance to explain her now as according to him, pragya herself avoided him when he was reasy to listen her, so most chances r for it that abhi will not listen pragya and will b angry with her becoz miaunderstandings created by evils and distance created by their so call supporters on the name of wellwishers. Abhi’s anger towards pragya and increasing closeness towards tanu, could force pragya towards final exposure of tanu if that promo shoot is for real. Anyways let’s see. From my side, this is last chance for CVS to improve their story with gud changes otherwise I m and all set to leave kkb forever from watching.

      • shobana

        Yes prathiksha divorce papers is a question mark as of now. Will abhi believe pragya if she says that she was kidnapped and she has no other way other than to sign divorce papers?? I think if pragya’s family member and MM members stands by her he may believe but CVs won’t let it happen. They will create a high voltage drama with this miscarriage scenes.

        I am happy in one thing that Zee TV has got a new program for Saturday and Sunday 9:00pm . Since we r free from torcher on Saturday hereafter. I was worried when I heard that Zee TV is going to telecast daily soap for 7 days but now after seeing the new promo I feel happy .

      • shobana

        I wonder, what proof will pragya show to abhi to make him believe that she didn’t do anything deliberately???

      • Asmitha

        Pratiksha what I am expecting is may tanu did a copy like last time and she is going to show copy and real one will be with aaliya to do court work really it becoming worse day by day poor sriti shabir how they r doing this stupid crap really if I have a chance to meet them then I will say them to quit the show and do another serial with a new story as we know how much craze they have

      • Sahithi

        I dont think divorce will be actual problem, I feel its more for creating gap and misunderstanding between leads. Aaliya can send for processing but unless both of them say in court that indeed both of them want to get separated, it wont be finalized.

  2. badlaji

    I don’t think that this Tanu’s pregnancy will end soon they will take more than 2years to expose Tanu bullshit

  3. Unknown

    The story is promoting evil over good. Nothing is wrong in putting a twist to the entire story, however, there are many negativity. i believe the writer wants to keep the story going but does not have a clue as to how to go about doing so, This chapter need to close on a positive note and then begin a new chapter. The writer lacks idea.

  4. Meera

    Why do they stall so much….. I Hate this dragging :'( :'( :'( i just saw the promo now pragya phones abhi and tells him about tanu just then goons come for her she runs and then gets knocked……….. 🙁 🙁 🙁 :'( :'(

  5. amanda

    Hurray the stars of our show tanu and nlkhil are on their way to victory way to go writers. …get rid of all the bad people like abhi, pragya and dadi and company

  6. Kansu

    Worst serial it’s become.where always lie wins not the truth. Pragya lost her sister her identity to tell the truth but still didn’t succeed but tanu and Aliya always win with there lies.Stopped watching this serial it’s got boring.

  7. naren

    Very bad twist. is anyone notice pragya signed in divorce paper as pragya arora not pragya mehra. This means the paper is invalid. We can’t tolerate tanu’s nonsense anymore. end this tanu chapter soon

  8. Praharsh shetty

    But In one promo pragya comes home and show abhi DNA reports that baby is not abhis but Tanu is miss carry in this accident

  9. sohni

    Miscarriage drama, tanu mm mein hi rahegi. Jahan tak memory loss ki baat hai toh woh abhi ki nahin, pragya ki jani chahiye jisse pragya , abhi ko bhool jaye, bhool jaye ki abhi jaisa dumb insan uski life mein kabhi aaya tha. Abhi ke sath toh bholi-bhali , sidhi-sadi aur sachchi tanu jo hai. According to spoiler ” tanu’s miscarriage blame on pragya n abhi believes tanu, pragya , abhi se sare rishtey tod legi. ” Agar aisa hua toh mujhe bahut khushi hogi kyunki abhi ke layak tanu hi hai , pragya jaisi sidhi-sadi n soft hearted ladki uske layak nahin hai. Tanu’s face n voice mere barddasht ke baahar ho gaya hai. Tanu ke scene pe, main channel change kar deti hoon. …..

  10. Amy

    When Pragya gets hit by the car, Purab should see the crowd surrounding her and take her to the hospital, then Purab calls Abhi to the hospital and explains that she got into an accident then when Pragya is conscious again she can tell Abhi the whole story.

  11. Blossom

    I totaly stopd wtchng dis serial. No interest only. I oly read d precap n u guy’s comment…!!!!!

  12. sohni

    Miscarriage drama, that means tanu mm mein hi rahegi. Kyunki sach ab toh saamne aane se raha. … Jahan tak memory loss ki baat hai toh woh abhi ki nahin, pragya ki jani chahiye jisse pragya, abhi ko bhool jaye, bhool jaye ki abhi jaisa dumb insan uski life mein kabhi aaya tha. Abhi ke sath toh bholi-bhali, sidhi-sadi aur sachchi tanu jo hai. According to spoiler ” tanu’s miscarriage blame on pragya n abhi believes tanu, pragya, abhi se sare rishtey tod legi. ” Agar aisa hua toh mujhe bahut khushi hogi kyunki abhi ke layak tanu hi hai, pragya jaisi sidhi-sadi n soft hearted ladki uske layak nahin hai. Tanu’s face n voice mere barddasht ke baahar ho gaya hai. Tanu ke scene pe, main channel change kar deti hoon. …….

  13. nirvana

    What’s next pragiya gets knocked by than u and nikheil and ……….will lose her memory?

  14. Payal

    This show is so boring, everything keeps repeating, no evil deeds have surfaced. Tanu keeps repeating her lectures, Pragya’s group stands around and listens, no comments, as if there are deaf, dumb and blind. We know they are not deaf and blind, but they sure are dump.
    Did I tell you guys that this show is a comedy drama? So LOL

  15. Xavier


    |Registered Member

    Is Abhi going to lose his memory or pragya ??? I read online that Abhi that will get a head injury and he will lose 3 years of memory. He will completely forget Pragya , her family and marriage and will be stuck in the past when Tanu was his girlfriend.

  16. shaifali Avinash Chaurasiya

    I think that this drama show is coming on its end as If as from 6 August new drama show is going to began at 9:00 pm 🕘. Well it’s one of my favorite.

  17. subasini

    Non-sense stupid serial. guys please don’t waste ur time by watching this serial and hitting ur head as wat’s gng to happen next. nothing is gng to happen. the actors in this serial especially pragya, abhi, purab and dadi seems like taken oath to not to use their brain. even a child would handle the situations better than them. stupid. bull shit.

  18. Siva

    Seems Indians are good at evil work rather than gods work.Can the producers please make the viewers happy for a change nd stop Tanu na Aliah,with with their evil winning ways.

  19. Siva

    Seems Indians are good at evil work rather than gods work.Can the producers please make the viewers happy for a change nd stop Tanu nd Aliah,with their evil winning ways.

  20. Sarah

    Stupid stupid stupid stupid I hate this show are people so helpless.

    Are Indian people so cowardly

    ****** grow a spine

  21. Leila

    Y couldn’t she call abhi from dr sheila housen think dadi should tell abhi the truth now

  22. Naz

    So all viewers were waiting on all this time for, was to hear that tanu have a miscarriage? Like……seriously? Who cares!! Don’t even bother to read the long comments, don’t believe that people take so much time to type such long comments, jeeeezzzzz…..yawn

  23. Sanam

    Gosh!! I read updates after several months..and they are still here..doing same crap..urggghhh.. Where good script writers have gone??..

  24. xavier

    Pragya should have stayed at Sheila’s house and call Abhi and the police.. Let them explain it all what happened to the police and Abhi.. and Abhi’s grandmother is so useless too. NO grandmother will NEVER let their favorite grand son suffer. She will kill and face it all for her grandson but gosh… no one is that stupid in real life like Abhi’s grandmother … the creators of this show need to quit all together …don’t take us the viewers as fools

  25. Pratiksha

    Guys how many of u have still hope for exposure after tanu’s miscarriage and having a hope for abhigya’s union after signing the divorce papers by abhigya. Well if u asks from me then i think now only miracle could turn the situation otherwise only darkness is seen everywhere. I had trust when I saw new promo shoot of tanu’s exposure but after watching tanu’s miscarriage segment, I have been lost my all hopes. From now I will believe on it, when I will watch it actually in the show. But if this time CVS will try to turn the situation in again then I will b done with kkb. Becoz it’s enough now, even it has been cross the limit of enough too.

    • Pratiksha

      Guys I have a second thought that what if tanu’s miscarriage could b dream of pragya or tanu or that promo shoot of tanu’s exposure could b dream of tanu or pragya. Then what will b the story then?

    • asmitha

      Pratiksha not only u all r fed up with this crap all r waited to see abhigya union but it surely 100% not happen I think up to end of this month we can get result so let’s see if it will be gd r bad if they will show any crap again so many will quit the show
      And did u saw a new pic of abhigya with a fan after a week they r shooting together but I am not understanding what it be waiting for new segment and the saree she wore is when she promoted saregamapa finals

    • Sahithi

      When was the last time u thot something was sensible on the show. I want this stupidity to end first, everything else will fall in place.

      Pragya’s bday plan, champak entry, Pragya’s behavior with him, Abhi getting angry, then jealousy, video shoot of Champak n Pragya, Champak getting caught, escaping, DNA report, doubt on Nikhil, his bday, this kidnapping, divorce papers, Abhi not aware of Pragya getting kidnapped. All these events, all are silly and stupid.

      May be the show is back at top slot with these sequences which is even worse, as writers and show makers will not even think of changing things.

      • shobana

        Prathiksha, have no guesses whether tanu will be exposed or not. Whether exposure and miscarriage will be a dream or not. To be honest I have lost interest in the show but still I am watching it don’t know the reason . I really don’t know when I will get completely fed up with this drama.

        Sahithi, whatever you have said is true, like video shoot of champak, abhi getting angry on pragya, divorce drama, kidnapping drama are all recycled scenes. I really wonder how CVs able to recycle the scenes and use it in different situations and still maintaining the trp in no.1. God only knows how it happens

  26. SubaSuresh

    very worst serial initially i see this serial eagerly but nowadays(start from pragya kidnapping episode by the corporator) only written updates that too very dragging worst worst serial only abhi pragya romantic scenes are good other than nothing else in this worst serial no other serials will be worst like this now i feel reading updates too is a waste of time

  27. Billu

    Guys we have a segment where it is told abhi ne bhoola pragya ka saath ………….. god can’t believe it

  28. Billu

    Guys its told thst tanu will lose her child and abhi will lose his memory but how it is yet to watch or is it abhi’s drama I don’t know guys anyway the scenes in the segment where shot in MM

    • Sahithi

      Yes saw the segment promo, as per that, Abhi will lose his memory like immediately. Wow, wow.. End of this show for most of us by this weekend then 🙂 🙂

      • asmitha

        I seen it so he got memory loss without any drama no accident no exposure what they r trying to do whatever it may be so ready for stupid illogical crap and pragyas crying tanus smiling aaliya entry
        I think it may be promo shoot

  29. Sahithi

    I think the OLVs are getting uploaded related to segment scenes and I saw one of them. Tanu is back to MM again, has a small bandage on forehead. Abhi is very upset and sad about losing the baby, and looks like Pragya didnt tell truth yet.

    Pragya in Abhi’s room, alone, she is having a monologue looking at her reflection in mirror and saying she has to send Tanu out of MM. We are now hearing this for the 100th time.

    • Sahithi

      In next scene, Tanu in MM in her room, Abhi comes there to pacify her, Tanu starts her emotional blackmailing, blames Abhi killed her baby, he loved Pragya and gave Pragya freedom to do all she wants. Thats why she stopped their marriage, blamed her baby belonged to someone else, now even killed that baby. And so Abhi is responsible for her baby death.

      Pragya enters room and tries to tell Abhi that Tanu is saying all lies. Abhi sitting on bed sad and may be crying.

      • Pratiksha

        Ya sahithi I too saw that on location videos- Pragya is back to the house, abhi is very upset. Abhi is not ready to listen any truth it anything from pragya. Pragya in her room, decides to tell abhi the whole truth of tanu at any cost but then she sees her inner reflection in front of her. Her reflection stops her to telling the truth to abhi as she could lost abhi forever instead of getting him back. Pragya decides to not to tell anything to abhi and leave the house forever. She starts packing her bag. Other side, tanu is continue with her game. She tries to make abhi feel guilty for losing baby. She blames abhi that she lists her baby becoz of him as he supported pragya always and never accepted her baby becoz he was madly in love with her. She says that pragya killed her baby becoz he didn’t support her and always supported pragya. She says that pragya always wished to kill me baby so she can live with him forever. Beciz he never said from pragya that he don’t love pragya and only loves her. So he is responsible for her baby’s death. Abhi gets shattered and sits on bed. Pragya comes in tanu’s room and scold tanu fir blamimg abhi and her to losing her baby. Pragya says to abhi that we r not responsible for the lose of het baby, infact she herself is responsible for it. Pragya says that she was silent becoz she thought that she is in shock of losing her baby but now she will not keep silent anymore.

      • asmitha

        He will loss his memory in this week without any accident after immediately tanus miscarriage its really disgusting r it will be upcoming twist

  30. Billu

    Guys from the segment I made my assumption abhi didn’t blame pragya for tge loss of his so called baby tanu blames her abhi doesn’t buy it so he tells pragya he doesn’t want to listen any truth pragyaprafya decides to give the property to abhi and leave the house so abhi will get a thought I think abhi will decide to do a drama of memory liss probably he will fall down from steps or so that he cgets a memory loss probably only abhi doesn’t have anyway to stop pragya so he decides to do this probably a drama to find the truth ….he will act as he remembers only tanu as it will make her look like she has won but eventually lead hi to the truth …..in this way aalita can also give a comeback

    • Sahithi

      Thats a cool idea, but he can find out truth in a day if he keeps a keen eye on Tanu n Nikhil, when they are meeting and what they are discussing. Similarly Pragya n Daadi.

      Anyways Aaliya will come back to MM only to plot again n get thrown out. Isnt it boring for the actors to be redoing same sequences again n again.

      • shobana

        Yup that’ nice idea but will abhi think like that??? Sometimes his fuse brain is working sometime his fuse brain is not working. Lets wait and see

  31. Billu

    Probably after this we can see pragya’s memory loss drama where pragya will not know abhi or her marriage where she will remember obly her childhood or her tennage or somewhere colege sweetheart anyway arjith is planning to quit the shiw so they have to increase the screen space for the leads so this is the only way in this way tanu can also be in track by revenge plan on abji alobg with aaliya…now nikhil can’t blackmail tanu as now the baby is not alive so he can backstab her now

  32. shobana

    Prathiksha, in ur update I have a doubt y pragya packed her bag?? Is she going out of MM???

  33. Pratiksha

    New segment update- Tanu blames abhi and pragya for losing her baby, pragya tries to tell the truth to abhi, abhi doesn’t get ready to listen anything, pragya decides to leave the house and abhi forever for his well. Full update- Abhi takes tanu to the house from the hospital. He comes to leave tanu in her room. He tries to console tanu but tanu start her game again and start blaming abhi for losing her baby. Abhi says that he too have pain for losing the baby. Tanu shouts on abhi and says that he don’t have any care for baby becoz he never accepted it as his baby. She says that she lists her baby becoz of his love and madness for pragya. She says that he gave chance to pragya to killing her baby as he always supported her. She says that pragya tried to prove her baby illegitimate and tried to kill her baby two times before too becoz she always wished to live with him and she said nothing becoz she was fighting for her and her baby alone as he was supporting pragya. She says that pragya killed her baby as he never said to pragya that he doesn’t love her but only love tanu. She says that’s why pragya is not responsible, in fact he is responsible for killing and losing her baby. Abhi gets shattered and gets sit brokenly on the bed and start crying. Pragya listens all this. She sees abhi in this condition and tanu as blaming him. Pragya enters in the room and stop tanu. She says to avhi that we r not responsible for losing her baby, in fact she is responsible for it. She says to tanu that she was silent as she thought that she would b in shock becoz of losing her baby. But not now, she will not keep silent anymore. Pragya tries to tell the truth to abhi but tanu again sgows her cleverness and stips pragya and gets start whole truth about kidnapping and accident by ownself and then says that u were wishing to tell all this na so tell anything as her biggest truth was her baby which is not anymore with her. She start crying and flows crocodile tears to gain sympathy from abhi so if pragya will try to tell him the truth he won’t believe on her. Pragya and tanu argues with each other over the matter. Abhi gets fedup and tired and says them to stop fighting and talking about that baby who doesn’t exist now. Pragya tries to explain to abhi that tanu is doing cheat with him and he don’t have any need to feel guilty about the baby which was not… She was about to tell but abhi stops her in mid and says that he don’t want to know any ir anybidy’s truth and don’t eant to talk about the baby anymore. He says that he don’t want nobody in his lif anymore. Abhi start crying and gets emotional. Pragya again tries to tell the truth to abhi but tanu again stops her and says that abhi and we have been lost so much becoz of her so she should go from here and from this house. Tanu try to push pragya out from the room but pragya says that she will not go until her husband will not say to her to go. Tanu says to pragya that abhi also wants it then she holds pragya and grabs her out from the room. Abhi lefts as shattered and crying with down head. Pragya comes back to her room. She start thinking and decides to tell the truth to abhi anyhow. She sees her inner reflection in front of her, who stops her from telling the truth to abhi. Her inner reflection says to pragya that why she always give excuses to hetself whenever she gets fail. Pragya says that she will tell whole truth to abhi then tanu will b out and she will b with him forever. Her inner reflection says to her that how she will tell when abhi is not ready to listen and he is in anger. Pragya says but she will tell truth to abhi and he have to listen her. She says that she will try to tell the truth until he doesn’t listen her. Her inner reflection says to her that what’s the need of telling that truth becoz of which she could lose him forever, is it much important than abhi? Pragya throws pillow on her reflection and says that she will not let this happen. Pragya start crying a lot and gets sit brokenly on the bed. Pragya says that now she will not give him any pain and trouble and if he will get happy and fine after her leaving then she have to go from here and leave him and this house forever fir his well. Pragya panickingly starts packing her suitcase. She sees their pics and start reminding it’s memories. Pragya founds property papers from her cupboard and says that through these papers, she came in this house so now she will leave from here after leaving it. Reporters asks from Leena about the sequence. Lerna says that ya she is trying to put all blame on abhi and pragya for losing the baby so she could make abhi feel gulty and could throw pragya out from the house. She says that now her fear has become less about the baby’s truth revelation as she knows can’t do it as she was trying to reveal it since long but always getting fail and now baby is no more. She says that miscarriage is happens so it would b also in her favour. Reporter asks about the sequence from sriti and shabbir. They gives all the relpies in funny way and says that they r enjoying it. Teporter asks from sriti and shabbir about abhi’s memory loss and pragya’s exit from the house. Shabbir denies from the memory loss and ariti says that she also won’t leave the house as she never left house whenever she was about to leave. She says that u saw me as packing my suitcase and coming downstairs with my suitcase but then what will happen u will know later. She makes fun and says that after a long the she got such a big house so how she will leave it. Shabbir and sriti jokes and laughs. All the news channels told about abhi’s memory loss that he will lose his memory and he will go back in his life befire three years back. He will forget pragya, even he will not rember that he ever meet with pragya.

    • Sravs

      Waste of waiting for tanu truth and upcoming new twist
      i really didn’t like the new twist

    • asmitha

      So pragya is not going to leave house who will stop her and what will be reason behind it will sheela help her r may dadi will open her mouth r purab will do anything to stop her if they both r going to separate then bulbuls sacrifice will be waste I think abhi will not do anything to stop her
      Is it needed to show abhi’s memory loss if he completely forget pragya totally then how they will show abhigya relationship now I am getting doubt that who is main lead in kkb tanu r pragya now again tanus drama and tanu abhi togetherness will start which will be most annoying what u r feelings guys

  34. Pratiksha

    Guys above I gave detailed update of segments and on location video’s combined but here is the highlights of today’s all segments with it’s links for ur convenient to understand the whole sequence and update- I HIGHLIGHTS:

    Tanu is crying and blaming Abhi for the loss of her baby. She claims had Abhi not been madly in love with Pragya & told her that he loves her (Tanu) she wouldn’t have taken the liberty to kill her child

    Pragya comes to Tanu’s room & tells her to stop it. Pragya tells Abhi that neither of them is responsible for the baby’s loss but Tanu. Tanu gets more hysterical, starts shouting & tells Pragya to say that she killed her own baby, how she kidnapped her & how she was planning Pragya’s accident but ended up being the victim to her own plan [Basically, Tanu is confessing it all in front of Abhi but makes it seem as if Pragya LIEING]

    Pragya is emphasizing & telling Abhi not to trust Tanu & she is cheating him again & the baby was never his. Tanu and Pragya are arguing & Abhi tells them to not make the loss of his child a point of their fighting.

    Tanu tells Pragya to go away & leave the house and their lives as she is the cause of all the troubles. Pragya says she won’t go anywhere unless her husband tells her to. Tanu says Abhi wants her to just go away. Pragya asks Abhi and Abhi says he wants no one by his side anymore & wants to be alone. Tanu pushes Pragya out of the room while Pragya pleads to Abhi about Tanu lieing to him.

    Pragya takes Abhi’s words as a signal of him wanting her to leave. Pragya goes to her room & packs her bags. Pragya is shown talking to her conscience.

    Offscreen INT, Shabir Sriti: Shabir says you guys are not asking about the fallen baby but material stuff? He further explains how he’s getting scolded but the ‘daant ne wali’ has changed He says him crying doesn’t mean he is tensed and makes a happy-crying face to express it

    Reporter asks Shabir how two girls are proving costly – Sriti responds saying, ‘He’s going gym, halke hogaye hai’ Shabir adds, ‘Iss liye halke mein matt le abhi'[ =))]

    Sriti shares that it’s very important to convey the truth to Abhi but she doesn’t know how that will happen as she’s been trying to do it for the past one year & she’s sure it will eventually happen.

    TiSha asked about Pragya leaving house – Sriti says, ‘Aise bolega toh chali thodi jaongi?’ . Shabir adds, ‘You know what’s the per square foot rate here?’ Sriti says, ‘Itna bada ghar mushkil se haath mein aaya, aise thodi chali jaongi?’

    Reporter asks TiSha about leaving the house & Abhi having a memory loss – Shabir says you’ve heard wrong Sriti adds that she’s packed the bags & come down with the trolley but she never leaves, does she?

    SBAS: http://youtu.be/N3vBCJrHAIU
    SBS: http://youtu.be/tBsNwil–CY
    SBB: http://youtu.be/vrA1ssY4JKk
    BTDD: http://youtu.be/dp8lUFUXi90

  35. Pratiksha

    Guys after getting the updates now I got souch confused that what to believe or what to not? Today’s segment was asusually fir boiling our bloods more but the news which r coming from behind, these r imcreasing ony confusions. News peoples r saying that abhi will lose his half memory and will forget about pragya but shabbir is denying from this news. And guys if exposure os not going to happen then what was the mean of that promo shoot about tanu’s exposure infront of abhi by sheela and pragya? If exposure will not hapoen and this matter will also left as unsolved then what was the use of this record breaking pregnancy track and lot of drama since a long time? I only understands this much that ya pragya will expose tanu with the help of sheela but tanu will again try to prove pragya wrong by her emotinal drama and now she haven’t baby with her anymore, by which tanu and her baby’s truth could reveal. So after this, abhi might pretend as memory loss to find out tanu’s and her baby’s truth. So like this, reporters news will also get proved right that abhi will lose her memory and shabbir’s denial fr tbis news will also get proved. I think he is not saying anything clearly but his mean is abhi will not lose his memory actually, but will pretend it. I only got this much but actually Still questions r unsolved and suspense but onething is sure that abhigya’s union is still far.

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, these days segments and OLVs are also misleading, so better to wait for actual episode. There was indeed a promo shot with Sheela and where Tanu was going into background dark signifying moving out of ABhi’s life. Chances for that to be showed next week or may be writers changed plot later. We will again have to wait if that promo will ever air or not.

      When DNA sequence was being shot, there were spoilers that Tanu will have miscarriage then, either out of shock or to divert Abhi’s attention. May be due to Leena’s accident, that was changed to 2 weeks later by bringing Aaliya, kidnap, and then miscarriage is shown. Similarly they must have thot something last week with Sheela and changed later, not sure.

      I have decided to watch actual episode without any expectations or guesses, not believing promos or segments or OLVs.

      • Pratiksha

        Exactly sahithi we should wait for episodes but I have no more patience in me to tolerate annoying and irritating stuffs between all this so I have decided to read hasan’s update to know about what is happening in the episodes and what will exactly happen next, so I could live with peace.

      • Pratiksha

        Don’t know asmitha, may b when pragya will about to leave then Sheela will come at the same moment and will reveal tanu’s truth in front of abhi and whole family. If this will happen then I we should get that promo in this week which was shooted some days before. Or may b abhi or dadi will stop pragya. Can’t say anything surely until the new promo’s telecast so like sahithi said, we should wait for that and actual episodes.

  36. Naz

    I think that pratiksha should start doing the updates, coz the long comments from this viewer, you are sure to not miss a single iota of of kkb. We can be sure to get all conspiracies, solutions and whatever has to happen, from updates, before it is actually written by the writers. It’s so painful to come on this page to see how many comments are posted here. What will it take for you viewers to understand that ekta kapoor smiles and rub her hands in glee to read how angry you all are? It’s like, torturing someone and enjoying it…..that’s a sadistic personality! If this is what sends up trp, then ALL serials should go the way of kkb…..illogical, stupid heroes, whores for lead roles, and the list can go on. Have to cut short coz I’ll be guilty of writing long comments as well. One suggestion, Pragya should just kill tanu, cut her open, take the bastard for a paternity test, Abbi will believe then that the baby isn’t his, then take Pragya to bed, coz they probably didn’t sleep together like how he slept with Tanu, so that pragya can get pregnant ,and believe me, pragya will push that baby out in two months or less. BTW, pragya will never be caught with murder coz writers can’t conduct a simple DNA procedure correctly, so murder is no big deal. KKB….you rockkkkkk……

    • Pratiksha

      Naz I was noticing ur comments since few days and I know that about whom u r talking and targeting but i didn’t said anything becoz i thought sometimes it happens that we gets irritate after reading the updates when it doesn’t gud as our expectations but when u r again and again targeting on me then i thought to share my feelings about ur thought. It seems u r much frustrated with my updates and comments more than the show. I don’t know why u have a problem with me. But I just want to say that telly updates is for commenting and updating and it doesn’t included in it’s rules that we can’t comment long. I tries to give each and every possible updates, like hasan gives episode’s update regularly becoz we knows that how much these updates does matters for the each and every member of this group and how eagerly they waits for it becoz they r the fans of the show like us and they have full right to know about it’s each and every updates becoz we fans gives time to watch it and takes interest in it. I don’t think so that anybody have problems with my updates and comments except u. If u have problem in reading my comments and updates so it’s better to avoid it. Why u r getting irritate so much? Show and it’s story is not in my hands. We r also annoyed from the boring and rubbish storyline of the show but we r the fans of sriti and shabbir more than the show, so this is the reason why we r still connected with the show and interested in getting it’s update and discuss about it to see abhigya more and more with each so we could watch the beautiful chemistry of sriti and shabbir as abhigya . So if u r getting irritate with the story then u can leave the show too. It’s completely your choice but I suggests not to target anyone for taking out ur frustration becoz it’s not right to hurt someone with ur words.

      • Rahul

        Prathiksha don’t listen to comments which are against you or your thoughts about I And many other people believe you hold this kkb fan club together
        I usually browse through the site searching for your comments

  37. manish joshi

    Pragya.. Or say uch koti ki bewkoof…neither taking child to her mother’s house, she mst have went to police, police mst hv given security to both the child as well as pragya.. The child have see the nikhil’s face and can be used as an evidence to prove nikhil, tannu, n alya guilty… But no pragya is the lady version of rocky handsome,, she mst be an ex RAW agent.. She will handle everything on her own…. Too frustating.. I m seriously gonna quit watching this show..
    N about zeetv, they told that in previous week, all the misunderstanding will be cleared
    … Ya they kept thier promise, except kumkum bhagya, rather they make it even more complicated..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.