Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi scolding Robin for the bad coffee. Robin apologizes to him. Abhi asks Akash, why did he cancel the recording? Akash says I thought you will not do recording. Abhi says he will do recording. Akash says okay. Dadi comes and asks Abhi, why is he talking to Akash angrily. Abhi says he has no relation with anyone except her. Dadi thinks to tell him about Pragya, then she thinks about Beeji’s request not to tell him anything about Pragya’s kidnapping else she will be in danger. Dadi thinks she is helpless, but God is not helpless, asks him to do something and save them. Pragya recalls Nikhil telling her that Abhi had signed divorced papers. Pragya thinks Abhi might be crying and thinking I didn’t meet him before sending the papers. She worries for him. Goon comes and scolds

Pragya for calling her husband. He says he has hidden the truth from Nikhil. He slips and wine bottle breaks. Pragya thinks it is inauspicious. She thinks how to reach him. Abhi imagines Pragya in the house while a song plays…….

Nikhil tells Tanu that Pragya was shocked to hear that Abhi had signed on the papers. Tanu says what she might be doing? Aaliya says she must be crying and says she is behenji, although she tried to be modern….laughs. She looks at the divorce papers and says she has waited for these papers since long. Tanu says we have suffered a lot. Aaliya says I don’t know why Abhi didn’t divorce her before. Tanu says I have never left me and be with him always. Aaliya says we shall not waste time and calls lawyer Motwani. She asks him not to waste time and complete the divorce formalities, and send the order. Tanu says I want to punish Pragya for her sins, and wants to sprinkle salt on her wounds. Aaliya says even I want to do, but I can’t go. She asks her to go and show live telecast to them.

Pragya thinks to cut rope through the glass piece. She thinks once I escape, I can tell him everything. She pushes her chair to reach the glass piece. Abhi is angry and break the things in the room. Pragya thinks she has to do this for her husband. Abhi picks the broken photo frame…..mujhko barsaat banalo plays……………She cuts the rope with glass piece. She sees goon coming, but he doesn’t see her. Pragya opens her rope and searches Pari. She thinks if I call her then the goons will hear me. Pragya goes to Pari and removes cloth from her mouth.

Pari about to say Maasi. Pragya signs her to be silent. She takes keys or something from goon’s pocket while they were sleeping. She tells Pari that they have managed to come out. They slip and shout, alerting the goon. One of the goon wakes up, checks the place and wakes up other goon. Pragya and Pari see the gate locked and climb and jump to get out. Pari says she is tired. Pragya says we have to win from goons, and have to run. She says you want to go to your mamma naa, and says she will lift her. She takes an auto. Pari asks where we are going? Pragya says she is taking her to her mamma.

Tanu tells Nikhil that she wants to see Pragya’s crying face. Nikhil says you can enjoy seeing her devastated. Just then goon calls Nikhil and informs that they have eloped. Nikhil gets worried and shouts at him. Tanu blames Nikhil for his flop plan and accuses him for hiring cheap goons. She says you would have gone there and sleep. Nikhil scolds her. Tanu says Abhi will not leave you if he came to know about you. Nikhil says he got an idea. He thinks Pragya might have taken Pari to Doctor’s house. Pragya drops Pari at Dr. Sheela’s house. Dr. Sheela thanks her.

Nikhil and Tanu see Pragya coming out of Dr. house and hit her with car. Pragya falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think that pratiksha should start doing the updates, coz the long comments from this viewer, you are sure to not miss a single iota of of kkb. We can be sure to get all conspiracies, solutions and whatever has to happen, from updates, before it is actually written by the writers. It’s so painful to come on this page to see how many comments are posted here. What will it take for you viewers to understand that ekta kapoor smiles and rub her hands in glee to read how angry you all are? It’s like, torturing someone and enjoying it…..that’s a sadistic personality! If this is what sends up trp, then ALL serials should go the way of kkb…..illogical, stupid heroes, whores for lead roles, and the list can go on. Have to cut short coz I’ll be guilty of writing long comments as well. One suggestion, Pragya should just kill tanu, cut her open, take the bastard for a paternity test, Abbi will believe then that the baby isn’t his, then take Pragya to bed, coz they probably didn’t sleep together like how he slept with Tanu, so that pragya can get pregnant ,and believe me, pragya will push that baby out in two months or less. BTW, pragya will never be caught with murder coz writers can’t conduct a simple DNA procedure correctly, so murder is no big deal. KKB….you rockkkkkk……

    1. Naz I was noticing ur comments since few days and I know that about whom u r talking and targeting but i didn’t said anything becoz i thought sometimes it happens that we gets irritate after reading the updates when it doesn’t gud as our expectations but when u r again and again targeting on me then i thought to share my feelings about ur thought. It seems u r much frustrated with my updates and comments more than the show. I don’t know why u have a problem with me. But I just want to say that telly updates is for commenting and updating and it doesn’t included in it’s rules that we can’t comment long. I tries to give each and every possible updates, like hasan gives episode’s update regularly becoz we knows that how much these updates does matters for the each and every member of this group and how eagerly they waits for it becoz they r the fans of the show like us and they have full right to know about it’s each and every updates becoz we fans gives time to watch it and takes interest in it. I don’t think so that anybody have problems with my updates and comments except u. If u have problem in reading my comments and updates so it’s better to avoid it. Why u r getting irritate so much? Show and it’s story is not in my hands. We r also annoyed from the boring and rubbish storyline of the show but we r the fans of sriti and shabbir more than the show, so this is the reason why we r still connected with the show and interested in getting it’s update and discuss about it to see abhigya more and more with each so we could watch the beautiful chemistry of sriti and shabbir as abhigya . So if u r getting irritate with the story then u can leave the show too. It’s completely your choice but I suggests not to target anyone for taking out ur frustration becoz it’s not right to hurt someone with ur words.

      1. Prathiksha don’t listen to comments which are against you or your thoughts about I And many other people believe you hold this kkb fan club together
        I usually browse through the site searching for your comments

  2. Pragya.. Or say uch koti ki bewkoof…neither taking child to her mother’s house, she mst have went to police, police mst hv given security to both the child as well as pragya.. The child have see the nikhil’s face and can be used as an evidence to prove nikhil, tannu, n alya guilty… But no pragya is the lady version of rocky handsome,, she mst be an ex RAW agent.. She will handle everything on her own…. Too frustating.. I m seriously gonna quit watching this show..
    N about zeetv, they told that in previous week, all the misunderstanding will be cleared
    … Ya they kept thier promise, except kumkum bhagya, rather they make it even more complicated..

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