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Kumkum Bhagya 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kumkum Bhagya Part from Mahasangam episode of Tashan e ishq, Jamai Raja and Kumkum Bhagya:

Tanu tells Nikhil that they shall go somewhere and says she will call after going to her car. Pragya thinks she shall not leave this chance to see the man’s face. The taxi driver sees Pragya sitting in the car’s decky. Tanu calls Nikhil asking him to come as no one is here. Nikhil comes and sits in her car.

Mitali thinks what is Tanu doing? She says why Tanu is trying to woo Raj when she is after Abhi. Raj comes and asks if she is talking to herself. Mitali says she is tensed about him. She says Tanu will trapped you. Raj asks what she has done? Mitali says she came here and insisted to talk to you. She tells everything. Raj gets thinking. Mitali asks Raj why did Tanu come to meet

you. Raj says may be Tanu wants my help to free Aaliya from jail. Mitali asks Raj not to help her else Pragya will think he is the person to have helped Aaliya. Raj says I am different Raj now. Mitali goes to make ginger tree. Raj thinks what does she want to talk.

Tanu tells Nikhil about Pragya’s deal and asks if she should accept. Nikhil says it is a weird deal and you will be trapped either way. He says he will think and tell her. Pragya says she couldn’t hear fully. Tanu says I am really scared and Pragya might get to know that you are my baby’s real face.

Pragya is hidden in Tanu’s car’s decky and thinks to see the man’s face anyhow who is father of Tanu’s baby. Tanu asks him to say anything. He says he is thinking something. Pragya thinks to call Purab, but can’t because of the bad signal.

Dasi tells Dadi that the baby is very calm and silent. Dadi says he is just like Akash. Dasi says Abhi’s baby will be born soon and I will take care of him. Dadi says I will. Dasi says you have taken care of Abhi and Akash, so I will take care of Abhi’s baby. She says Abhi’s baby should be just like him and not like that of Tanu. Dadi thinks everyone is dreaming about the baby who doesn’t belong to Abhi. She asks God to help Pragya find real father of Tanu’s baby.

Abhi tells Purab that they shall go somewhere and have party. Purab says that time was different. Abhi asks him to sit and says we will talk. Purab says I know you are not going upstairs as you don’t want to see Pragya. He asks him to face Pragya and find the solution. Abhi says not today. Purab takes him to his room. He says Pragya might be in the changing room and knocks on the door. Abhi says it is good that she is not here. Purab says I will see in the kitchen. Abhi thinks I shall sleep before she comes to room. Purab thinks Pragya should have come back by now and calls her, but the phone is not reachable. He worries thinking Pragya might be in some problem.

Purab comes back to Abhi and asks him to wake up as Pragya is not at home. Abhi says I am really tired, let me sleep. Purab says she is not at home and can be in some serious problem. Abhi says she is herself dangerous. Purab says Pragya went to catch the culprit who have helped Aaliya. Abhi asks how do you know? Purab says Pragya called me when we were in the restaurant. Abhi asks why he is taking her side? Purab says he is taking her side because of Bulbul and says he wants her criminals to be punished. Abhi says he wants to forget Pragya. Purab angrily asks him to try to forget her and says he will go and search her. He says if he will try to save Pragya and will think that he has given happiness to Bulbul. He says Pragya is all alone there, and asks Abhi to enjoy his freedom.

Nikhil and Tanu are in the car. Nikhil says we can sit and talk here for some more time. Tanu nods okay. They get down the car. Nikhil asks if she has forgotten her purse or anything in car. He sees the car’s decky open and closes it. Pragya feels suffocated inside. Abhi is restless in the house and thinks about his fuggi. Hamari Adhuri plays………..

Abhi calls Sid and asks him to give call to Pragya. Sid says I am not Pragya, but Sid khurana. Pragya feels suffocated in the car. Someone hears her voice calling for help and opens the car’s decky. Pragya comes out of car and thanks him. The driver of the taxi in which she travelled to the place rescues her. Pragya leaves her phone with him mistakenly. Tanu and nikhil come to the place. She says why did you bring me here? Nikhil says I am worried about you and our baby. He introduces Tanu to his friend as his wife, and asks his friend Dhruv to give room. Dhruv says rooms are all booked and asks them to talk in the vanity van. Pragya comes inside and sees Tanu going with someone.

Tushaar asks Pragya to get involved in the dance group and dance on stage. Pragya agrees.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dragging again…..these mahasangams really drag the stories rather than taking them fwd. Wait I g to c tanu exposed…..

  2. Now pratiksha I got a news that Kya kool hai hum 3 team came to the sets and tusshar and aftab helps pragya to find nikhil how easily she shared her secrets will she find in catching takhil and any rise in TRP rating

    1. That is a very good news Reji

    2. Reji they already have been showed it in yesterday’s segment. I have given it’s update in last written update means on 16th Jan’s.

  3. Plz don’t drag again. Plz expose Tannu fast.

  4. Hope Ekta uses her brother Tushar in bringing out Tanu’s secret. This will improve both Tushar’s image and also KB’s trp. Two mangoes in one stone 😉

  5. I just hope pragya dont get caught n she sees nikhil face

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    Again dragging….. serial me ek naam ka ek hi person exits krta hai fir bhi hr serial me logo k liye awaj pechana kitna difficult dikhate hai…

  7. Nice episode.

  8. I read on zeetv official, they are going wd d same plot.Ds tym nikhil n tanu cm to knw dat pragya knows d truth so nikhil decides to kill pragya…God knows how many times would they try to kill and kidnap pragya…

    1. That’s a shocking news pre will abhi come to rescue pragya and will he find that nikhil is the father of tanu’s baby

    2. Is tat true omg ..

  9. drag drag drag

  10. So abhi will confirm nikhil is the one who is trying to kill pragya and will ask the motive probably atleast that time pragya might tell the truth to abhi

  11. I think they are unable to come up wd some other story line, all dey want is just to drag drag n drag…..here is wat i read. Bhagya!
    Monday, January 18, 2016 – 16:15 by Shamir Reuben
    On the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, the tide finally turned in Pragya’s favor as she managed to make some progress in answering some critical questions. With Alia behind bars, Pragya is now bracing herself to execute the next part of her plan. But with Tanu getting a whiff of the danger that lies ahead, she consults with Nikhil to keep Pragya’s plan in check. But what will the duo decide?

    On the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Nikhil devises a shocking plan that will leave audiences stunned. Knowing that his relationships with Tanu and other delicate matters rely on keeping Pragya quiet, Nikhil decides that there is one and only one way of ensuring Pragya’s silence. Nikhil will now set out to carry out a devastating sin – killing Pragya in cold blood. Will he succeed in putting Pragya out of the equation, one and for all? To watch this intense and intriguing episode, don’t forget to tune in to Kumkum Bhagya!…

    Let’s c hw far they draggggg…the serial loses it charm wen dragged so mch .

  12. Keep draging story kumkum bhagya very good keep going and viewers stop watching this all shit dragging of story stop watching this serial bulshit story dragging no edges of dragging boaringgggg

  13. I saw in the instagram acc that pragya go in search of takhil to a club where the film promo happens n tushar n aftab help her in this…..they search for nikhil with shawl over head n it turns out to be abhi. Later they expose takhil n nearing truth. I also read that abhi gets very angry n throws tanu out. He also assumes nikhil as the 3rd person helping n therefore raj is saved for the time being….

  14. Don’t worry guys this spoiler is a trendy spoiler means a spoiler who talks about possibilities about the track. This news is not confirmed. And I don’t think so that nikhil have this much gutt to kill pragya becoz he is so coward and useless and just a fool puppet of tanu. Tanu also cannot try to kill pragya becoz she knows very well that pragya is searching for that person who wants to kill pragya and now everybody knows about it. After aaliya, tanu knows that pragya’s doubt on her so she cannot take this risk when it is known by everybody that culprit is still hide and free.

    1. Pratiksha i hv seen a picture in kkb fb in tat pragya wore mangalsutra nd kumkum in saree bt not d same as today she wore
      v din c tat pics b4 tat in kkb episodes also
      bt 4 wat they hv shown lyk tat?????
      jus to create expectation ly ah?????

      1. Can you please post the link

      2. Nivi it was an old edit photo, not real one from her any other old show. I think it’s from saubhagyavati bhav show.

    2. But there is a possibility as it is posted in zeetv official website sooooo there is a chance. ……probably …..and nivi I hope those pictures are not of dream sequence pragya looked fab in saree…..

  15. boring again 🙁

  16. logic missed. When pragya saw msgs in tanus mobile she didn’t see the contact name.

    1. Thats true, she wouldnt even bother to note the number, even if we assume Tanu didnt save a proper contact name for Nikhil in her mobile.
      Our leading ladies as dumb as it can get.

  17. Please don’t expose Tanu. She is the reason I watch this wretched soap. Leena is the cutest thing to have happened to Indian TV. Drag Ekkkta, Drag.

  18. any new segment or news?

  19. Guys I just saw some clipping of today’s episode on istagram. It was all just we saw in segment. Tushar and aftab helps pragya to find out takhil. Abhi comes in mid and pragya couldn’t find takhil. Means she has again failed in catching nikhil and see his face becoz of abhi’s interruptions.

    1. Even with this I read on industry a forum site, someone is telling that taxi driver follows tanu’s car and gives pragya’s phone to tanu. I m not sure about this but if this will really happened then pragya will face double defeat, first she missed nikhil and now becoz of pragya’s phone tanu will get to know that pragya was following her or may b with this, she will get sure that pragya knows about her pregnancy’s truth so after it tanu will get more alert and will pressurize abhi for soon marriage. But I was thinking that abhi reached on that place to save pragya becoz of her phone. I was thinking that when abhi calls pragya again then taxi driver tells him about oragya’s whereabouts and when he will reach then taxi driver will handover pragya’s phone to him but now I think if this will happen then I think after meeting with taxi driver abhi will rush to search pragya so between all this, taxi driver will not find opportunity to give pragya’s phone to him and then he will see tanu then he will give it to tanu. O god! I hope this will not true otherwise track will become worst again.

      1. hope this should not be true.. i too think that abhi will spot pragya by callingher mobile so that the driver say him d location where pragya was…. dragging will make trp to down sure.. today’s episode will give best ans whether they are going to end or drag… lets see

    2. I hope Purab comes along with Abhi and helps Pragya this time also. As he was the one who was very keen on going in search of Pragya. In on-location pics I saw Purab was also around, thought he was not there in segment videos. So I am thinking he will be part of these sequences after Pragya runs out chasing Tanu.

  20. Highlight’s of today’s episode’s-
    Episode starts with mitali thinking about who is helping aaliya about which pragya was talking. She guesses about tanu or akaash could that person. Purab informs dadi about pragya’s move. Dadi scolds him to not to infirm her about pragya’s going alone. Purab says abhi was with him that’s why he couldn’t inform her. Purab tells about abhi’s tensions. Rachna says how jiju will forget pragya di when he loves her. Purab says that the worst thing happened. Dadi gets tensed. Tanu and nikhil comes in hotel. Someone recognizes tanu so nikhil covers his face from shawl to hide owmself. Pragya bumps on tushar and aftab. She tells about her story and problem. They assures her to help her. They instructs pragya to go and come after changing her dress and join our dance group to catch takhil. Pragya goes and comes after wearing a white gown and in a totally different look. She tries to search takhil. Abhi reaches there and hides ownself from shawl so his fans couldn’t recognize him. Pragya understands him tanu’s baby daddy and removes his shawl to watch his face but it turns out to b abhi. They both gets shocked to see each other. Abhi asks pragya what she doing here. Pragya sees takhil leaving and tries to run behind them but abhi stops her by holding her hands. Pragya tries to free ownself but abhi doesn’t ready to leave her until she doesn’t give him the reason of her presence here. Tushar and aftab comes and thinks abhi as same person for whom pragya was searching. They comes and about to hit abhi but then they recognizes him rock star abhi, their friend. Abhi asks from the about pragya but pragya gives indication to them not to tell anything from him. They tries to ignores it and takes abhi with them for promoting their film. Abhi takes pragya also with them. Takhil sees abhi and tries to run from there. Pragya sees them from behind and runs to catch them. But abhi again comes in mid and stops pragya. Becoz of which takhil escapes. Pragya blames abhi for escaping of culprits. They have their fights in car. They comes back home where purab, rachna and dadi were waiting for them. They asks them about the incidence. Pragya tells them that becoz of abhi she missed the culprits.

    1. But y Abhi always doing like this…most of d time Pragya’s plan are getting flopped becis if his interference

  21. After getting highlights, it is clear that takhil does not know still that pragya was following them and no news about taxi driver will give pragya’s phone to tanu. It means it will b only possibility becoz in today’s whole episode, it didn’t happened and precap we can see only after watching today’s episode. So I think that person has shared only his/ her possibility on it’s comment. Thank god. I got a sign of some relief becoz it is very necessary that takhil should not know that pragya knows about tanu’s pregnancy’s truth and trying to catch them otherwise pragya will never get to know about nikhil by her own.

    1. Yes guys I was right. That person has admitted just now that he/she was talking about his/ her possibility. It didn’t happened in the show. Tank god otherwise this person’s comment had given me shock. So guys one thing is gud that takhil still dies not know that pragya knows about tanu’s pregnancy’s truth and she was following them. It is only hope and relief of today’s episode’s. Becoz as o said it is very necessary that they do not know that what is pragya up to otherwise pragya will get unable to expose tanu.

      1. Yes, Atleast she would have noted d number..so she can find who is tat person…
        y they are not using this kind if simple logic ways….So Sad:(

  22. Thank you pratiksha for the highlight.

  23. Now pratiksha now clearly we can say that again becoz of abhi they have missed takhil but while doing this task will abhi have any on pragya and what is her next move do you have any guesses??? Sahithi or razia but coming to the 7days challenge it is still going know what this abhi is thinking pragya is doing this all for abhi but he is trying to forget her as purab and rachna said the worst thing that happened

  24. Don’t worry guys that 7day can be 7 weeks or 7 months

  25. reji That 7 days can be 7 weeks or months and even years……after aaliya’s exposure along with dadi our expectations have also increased. ….

    1. ya billu it may be

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