Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking about Sarla. Nurse comes back and asks compounder to give medicine, but he is actually Nikhil and that’s why give wrong medicine. Nurse asks him to go home if he is feeling sleepy. Abhi scolds him for doing a mistake. Nikhil’s phone rings. Abhi asks him to out and talk and keep phone on silent whenever he comes inside. Tai ji asks Mitali to give fruits. She asks Dadi about Sarla. Taya ji asks her to keep jagrata or mata ki chowki for peace and safety. Abhi comes. Dadi says we were talking about puja at home. Abhi says we will talk later. Tanu comes home. Dadi scolds her and says you didn’t come in night. What did you think of this house? Abhi says she told me before leaving. He asks how is your mum? Tanu says I went to met Mummy, but she refused

to show me her face and asked me to go. Dasi says she is your mum and why she will say this. Tanu says I am feeling bad as people used to taunt her asking about my marriage with Abhi. She says my mum went into depression, and says she told me clearly to come after my marriage, or don’t see her face even if she dies. She says I am afraid to lose her and will become mother without marriage. Abhi says Sarla aunty. Tanu asks him to understand her helplessness, and says if my mum leave this world without seeing me married. Pragya thinks why she is acting. Guard comes inside and says a compounder came and said he needs to talk to you.

Compounder comes with a bandage on his head. He tells that he haven’t come inside and tells about the attack on him. Abhi asks if you could identify him. Compounder says yes. Abhi asks him to stay there only. Tanu thinks to warn Nikhil. Tanu tells Abhi that everyone is his and she is nothing to him. She goes to her room and thinks to stop Nikhil. Nikhil thinks it will be difficult to kill Sarla in the morning, but I have to take risk. Tanu calls him and asks him to go back. Nikhil says nobody doubted on me yesterday. Tanu says compounder came and told that he saw your face. She says he will identify your face, and your story will end. Nikhil says I would have killed him. He says if Sarla gains consciousness, then your life will be ruined too. He asks her to get compounder out of house. Tanu thinks how to get him out now. Abhi comes and holds Tanu’s hand to take her out. Purab tells Dadi, Pragya and Rachna that that man came to kill Sarla. Dadi says someone don’t want to see her alive and wonders who is he? Purab says how can he try to enter home? Pragya says he can do it again. She says until we get to know about the truth, we have to be alert. Purab says he will be with Maa all the time and asks them to be careful. Dadi asks them to think about Tanu and tells about her crocodile tears. She says we have to do something. Pragya thinks about her words.

Abhi brings Tanu to Sarla’s room and asks who is she? Tanu says she is Pragya’s mum. Abhi says she is my mum too. He says he has accepted her from his heart. When she called me son, I didn’t see that I am a rockstar, but saw her love. He says she is fighting with her death, and I want to be with her. You want me to marry you before she gets conscious. He asks do you have any brain. If you would ask me to marry you if she was my real mum. Tanu says she is asking him to marry her because of her real mum. Abhi says there is a right time to handle any situation. He asks her to call her mum and says I will make her understand my way. Tanu gets tensed and says I will handle mum. Abhi says until Sarla gains consciousness, you won’t talk about your marriage with anyone. He asks Nurse to come. Tanu thinks I won’t let Sarla get consciousness.

Mitali thinks she has to acting to be sad. Taya ji asks Doctor to see reports. Pragya asks when will reports come? Doctor says it will come by evening. Guard comes and says outhouse is open now. I tried to stop him, but he didn’t agree. Mitali thinks who is this person. Everyone rush towards the outhouse, and see Aaliya breaking the outhouse lock.

Pragya tells Aaliya to remember her doings, and says if her truth comes out infront of Abhi again then he will kick her out of outhouse also.

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  1. Nishha

    I want to give punch on that tanu’s face so sick. Shameless women and her boyfriend both are useless and stupid.

  2. sh

    By making aaliya renter in this show they have made the plot the worst one ever
    I think they will reveal tanu’s secret when rachna’s baby’s baby is introduced!

  3. Episode was OK. Tanu was as usual irritating. God her melo drama?don’t know when it will stop. Abhi scolding was highlight of the episode. Tanu got her doze. It was needed. So very gud. I want she should get this doze everyday from abhi. Anyways I don’t have any hope from anyone but don’t know why after watching precap, I feels that aaliya have started her plan of coming in gud books of abhi, pragya and everyone to gain their trust and for this, she will expose tanu or help pragya in exposure of tanu. Absolutely she has not changed but only pretending to take revenge from abhigya after gaining their trust. So as usual once she will get their trust back after tanu’s exposure then she will again start her plannings and plottings against them. And I have a feeling that raaj is helping her silently and will give her company against abhigya later. I think he has given aaliya’s bail as aaliya too helped him to bring him back to the house, when he was in jail. So i feels raaj is behind aaliya’s come back so he could destroy abhigya and snatched everything from them with aaliya’s help. Now aaliya will too behave as gud infront if everyone like raaj until she gains everybody’s trust back but after that she will definetly cheat with them becoz she is aaliya, who can never changed and shikha said in her ladt interview too that aaliya will again come back, she will again gain everybody’s trust back and so then she could back stabbed on them. So Let’s see. I think show will b interested from now. I m waiting for tanu’s exposure soon.

    • Sahithi

      One more thing is, the new montage with Sanam Re theme, Never Together Never Apart. Donno what indication are the makers giving with the new montage.

      From the last montage where both of them faced either ways being at loggerhead, now reached next stage it seems but still I am not sure how much is this a positive montage.

  4. xavier

    So much stupidity. You see the fake doctor ( nikhill ) is hiding his face , very nervous and doesnt speak. He isnt in a diseased hospital . So just rip the damn stupid mask off his face and thats it . And that stipid Mitali . Please get rid of her. She always do shit .

    • Sahithi

      Nope I think he is still not thinking much except for why Sarla put Pragya’s hand in his. Till he hears from her on that, he won’t think of marriage with Tanu.

  5. Brintha

    pragya very cleverly hidden frm thses three ppl that she knows about tanu pragnant secret…she can easily find out alia is realy changed and come back or she the same even worsen than old…by supporting tanu she herself will be caught again…if she try to reveal the truth that can be consider as she is changed…let us see..what happens…because pragya knows alia is aware of takhil secret…

  6. New promo is out. Promo update-
    Tanu comes with an injection in sarla maa’s room. She tries to inject it but just then sarla maa gains consiousness. Tanu gets panic sees her in consciousness and tries to close her mouth from her hands so she could not shout. Pragya outside thinks that why she feels that today something will happen wrong. Sarla maa messes with tanu and in this glucose bottle stand falls. Pragya hears voice and thinks that this voice comes from maa’s room. She enters in sarla maa’s room worriedly and shouts maa. Voiceover says will pragya b able in saving her maa this time too?

    • Pratiksha if pragya saves her mother or not I will kill that idiot tanu for once and for all so to get peace of mind…….the dragging is really irritating atleast after makeover we saw some close moments but now its like getting really boring. ……..the serial has lost its charm.. …about aaliya this time as shikha told she will fight from front face to face and not from back or two faced …so I mean villians are increasing crap

    • Sahithi

      As per promo, Sarla will gain conscious when Tanu tries to kill her. She will also try to make noise n hold Tanu to b caught.
      If she gains conscious but not speaking yet, hope she will write on a paper the way Bulbul wrote.

      Mostly she will reveal about Tanu n Nikhil when only Pragya is thr. Then Pragya may check the video footage along with Purab.

      My guess, let us see.

      • Dave

        Yes sahithi… even I was thinking the same… even with sarla ma indications she may see where tanu is hiding but may not disclose it.. let’s see…

  7. xoxo

    I think Tanu will deliver her baby in a decade I guess that too only a lil possibility…. Aliya is back . That’s something okay because i think Shikha is a way better actor than Tanu and a greater villain too.

  8. Priyanka

    Oh great…. Aaliya is back.
    Raj hasn’t helped either to reveal anything…so I don’t think Raj has “changed”
    This show is going to drag even more now.

  9. Naveen

    It total boring when the tanu truth come out it toooo much of dragging just stop the tanu and tell the truth to abhi fast now

  10. shibu

    a kind request to all d viewers of this show. Not to watch this shit n waste time tat too 30 mins . Please tat 30 minutes Cn b utilized for difrnt works. This directors n writers aa making us just fool n wasting our time. I guess wen tanu truth comes out, is d last day of this show!

  11. Si

    Just a waste of time. Don’t drag this drama too long. A good drama is not too draging and 1 year+ on the air is already – don’t make it like your other long boring dramas. Please change with times – its 2016now. Story line should be solid not too long winded and end with a. Bang!! High time KKB to be off the air?

  12. devi

    Full of tanu episode. Actually the viewers wont want this further we want abhigya only,but the reason is its a drama how it will go more than 500 Without evil doings and winnings,to drsg the show they spoiling our abhigya and the show itself.it will get flop going in this way,i regret about abhigya(tisha).

  13. Amu

    I understand that all us fans want Abhigya to unite, but that will be the end of the show. If Tanu’s secret is revealed – that is the end of the show. So all of us who like Abhi’s and Pragya’s onscreen chemistry and want to continue to watch that, we will have to tolerate the dragging story line and irritating characters like Takhil.

  14. devi

    I am having one q why they gave so importance to the idiotic and evil character tanu. I hate abhi tanu scenes for long now a days. Its disgusting.

  15. Amu

    Hi friends! Did anybody watch the Zee Rishtey awards that took place last Sunday? KKB didn’t win any award other than BEST STORY!!!! can you believe that !?! I was ROFL… Here we are, all fans of KKB crying that the writers are awful – have no brains- no logic- no creativity and the show won for best story…ha ha. Besides that, Abhi and Pragya gave a powerful performance, it was really heart-touching.

    • Brintha

      Sorry to say…last 159 episodes are not up to the mark to get any award…only one person…i wish to get the award…that is writers…bakwass director if the show…

  16. heidi

    OMG After such a long time the storyline is stil Worthless Tanu and Nikil turning into murderers!!!!! What a joke .

  17. Rathna

    Stop dragging the show else the show will loose its viewers…. Already ppl are showing least interest in watching the show

  18. Kalika

    Tanu will lose the child. She will then pretend to be pregnant to keep trapping Abhi. Bulbul still has to make her re entry. Raj is back to being old Raj. I doubt Aaliya will be around long as Shika will be getting married soon. I swear the booth, dayaan and naagin tracks are better than this never ending pregnancy track. Maybe Abhigya will have to die and be reborn to finally unite. Ekta should just retire this story is crap

  19. Ekta

    I hate this serial now..kbse tanu ka truth kisi ko pta hi ni chal rha….plz stop this drama and make the show interesting

  20. Ammu

    Worst… it’s really boring now… Kabhi b Kuch acha Nahi hotha h iss serial Mai… please… Ab Toh Yeh tanu ka drama khatam karo

  21. simar

    yaar tanu ka kisa khatam kari uske baat koi hoi kisa shuru kar dena but plzzzzz stop this now long time now to watchung this its too boring

  22. I also think raj got alliya out of jail and together they will plot again against abhigya. And that tanu needs big slap for blackmailing abigya but it’s good this time he didn’t take her side and gave her answer back. I think it’s time for abhi to find out but knowing the cv they are just dragging the serial.

    • They haven’t show whom or what pragya saw, they just saw pragya screaming maa in shock and fear, when she entered in room. And I think she will not see tanu as tanu might b hide very soonly when she hears pragya’s footsteps voice and then pragya will see only sarla maa in bad situation. That’s why she screams. Nothing will happen to sarla maa but I think becoz of this attack, she could go in that stage where she will b unable to tell the truth. Well let’s see.

  23. Ishani

    I think allia will expose thanu & nikhil to get back everyone’s trust.
    After she will start her plans against Abhigya.

  24. jay

    Lagta h ab sach m he boring serial dekhna chod Dena hoga. .kitna time lagega yr its tooo much now. .. I love this serial only bocoz of avi & pragya
    … Now finally I desided not to watch this serial …… Boring … Tunuu u r so much irritating …. .. Almost 1year ho gaya h is kahani ka .yr ab tk t baccha v ho jata h …. Stop this nonsense and irritating story
    …. Gd bye kumkum bhagya

  25. Megha

    I don’t know whether tanu will get expose or not but I think tanu got escape from this also before pragya enters the room.

  26. Pinki

    1 year se uper kon pregnent hota hai yaar, last 1 yr se Tanu preg hai. Pata nahi aur kitne din Tak Tanu ko preg dikhayene ?????

  27. Ash

    Guys more than tannu u guys r doing over acting and dont get angry with tannu and scold her its not her fault what director’s told her she is doing that and its just a serial and not reality after making such idiotic comments u guys look cheap and uneducated atleast use your brain’s

  28. jaydeep

    New segment – tanu gives injection of poison to doctor to inject on Darla & gets happy when doctor gives that injection to sarla but she doesn’t know that before she gives injection mithali has changed the poisoning injection with the real one so for now sarla is safe

  29. srimathi

    Guys just now saw the SBS segment in which they were celebrating session by cutting cake for shabir’s new baby boy..Apart from this they shown that Sarla again moved to unconscious state coz as we seen in promo..doctor was checking Sarla n Pragya cries n blames Ronnie coz of his careless some one tried to harm sarla n asks him to leave her alone Ronnie to cries n left the room Abhi sadly watching Pragya tanu wanders around the room with a smiling face…Moreover Leena stated that she tried to kill Sarla should wait n watch the show whts gonna happen..the segment ends…

    guys according to me..Tanu failed in her attempt but Sarla goes to unconscious coz of suffocation as we see n promo..so the happening aftr the promo is cleared..
    And the reporters praised shabir’s dedication that his wife had given birth to baby boy but shabir is on full dedication working here..Trying to support Pragya n on another side tanu is giving him trouble..

  30. New segment update-
    Firstly they congratulated shabbir for becoming father of another baby boy once again and shabbir cut the cake brought by them. Shabbir said thanks to them and everyone and told that kaanchi and baby both r fine and their bonding have started from now too.
    Then comes to segment about show. They showed abhi, pragya taking care of sarla maa and doctor is treating sarla with help of a nurse. Pragya has shown crying seeing sarla maa’s situation. Abhi is standing near door and looking pragya and sarla maa worriedly. He looks upset and disturbed from sarla and pragya’s condition. Reporter says tanu has given a poisoned injection to sarla maa and feeling happy as her plan got succeed. Reporter says that sarla maa is saved luckily becoz mitali has changed the injection on time. Tanu have no idea about it and waiting for the news of sarla maa’s death happily.

  31. today segment as srimathi that is TRUE when tanu change injection bottle as poison but thank god bfore doctor mitali change injection bottle

  32. Reji

    Pratiksha srimathi and jaydeep now it is clear that now tanu is trying to kill sarla maa but will again sarla will be escaped or she will be caught by tanu and the other thing is aliya will she also accompany tanu in killing sarla

  33. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Family confronts aaliya for come back. Aaliya tells that a friend of her gave her bail. She says she will live in outhouse and will struggle for becoming powerful.
    Family let’s her stay in order to avoid people’s questioning about family’s daughter.
    Pragya taunts aaliya.
    Tanu and nikhil decides to replace sarla maa’s medicines with poison.
    Tanu comes in sarla maa’s room and changes sarla maa’s medicine after leaving of nurse for some work.
    Tanu and mitali have some arguments outside sarla maa’s room.
    Ronnie scolds them for doing arguments near of restricted area.
    Tanu gets information about aaliya’s come back. She goes to meet her.
    Abhi gets tensed and angry from aaliya’s come back.
    Purab, dadi and pragya make him understand that he should not react about aaliya as she could ask for her rights and then it will create more problems for him. Episode ends.

    • One more thing guys aaliya talked very rudely with abhi, dadi and with all family members. She called abhi by his name as abhishek prem mehra and dadi as abhishek prem mehra’s dadi. She showed only one change inside herself as she will do struggle for becoming powerful and will stay in outhouse like she was living in chawl in her childhood days.

      • so pratiksha it is clear that aliya came back to Mehra Mansion for revenge but now that house belongs to pragya so she can send aliya out of the house easily then why aliya is telling that she will fought for her rights ?? and takhil r trying to kill sarla maa will aliya also accompany them in killing sarla??????

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