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The episode starts with Corporator calling Bulbul and telling that he loves her very much, but she rejected him, so he kidnapped her sister, he wants her to come and marry him to rescue her sister. He asks not to inform anyone, else she will be responsible for her sister’s death. Pragya shouts not to listen to him. Corporator asks her to get ready like an angel and come to meet her would be husband and cuts call. Purab has picked call instead and gets tensed thinking if Bulbul will agree to kidnapper’s terms.

Bulbul gets coffee for Abhi and tells she know she cannot prepare coffee like Pragya and asks if Pragya will be found. Abhi says police is doing their level best and asks her to stop crying.

Purab thinks who is this man who wants Bulbul instead of Pragya. Aaliya sees

him and asks if he is alright. He says he does not know. Aaliya says he has ruined his life himself. He says he is worried about Pragya, if she has eaten or not. She says with their worry, Pragya’s stomach won’t fill and says let us go out and in fresh air think what to do. Abi asks her to cool her mind and leave him alone. She holds his hadn and says she is just worried about him. He asks her not to bother him and walks out, leaving Aaliya irked.

Sarla comes with Purb to market and reminisces coming to market with Pragya and getting happy seeing her concern for her family and praises her. Pragya says she likes taking care of her family and especially daadi and asks if she will take care of daadi if she is not there some time. Sarla asks why is she talking weirdly. Pragya says Abhi loves his daadi a lot and if something happens to daadi, he will get broke, so she should take care of daadi in her absense. Sarla hurriedly leaves with Purbi to take care of daadi.

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Purab informs Abhi about kidnapper’s call on Bulbul’s mobile and wanted Bulbul in exchange of Pragya. Bulbul hears his conversation. Aaliya also hears and thinks coroprator is doing good by kidnapping bulbul now. Bulbul asks Purab where did kidnapper call her. He asks ehr to calm down. She says her did is kidnapped and she cannot, she wants to go and rescue her didi. Purab asks her not to be childish. Bulbul says she has grown up, didi has taken care of her and as daadi says, elder sister is like a mother and best friend. Purab says nothing will normalize if she goes there and asks what is the guarantee kidnapper will release Pragya if she goes there.

Bulbul tells she realized that kidnappers wanted to kidnap her and by mistake kidnapped didi. She says that means her didi is in trouble because of her and she should save her. Purab says this is just not the way. Bulbul says because of her, Pragya’s many alliances broke and even now she is away from her husband and fmaily because of her. She cannot afford losing her mom’s trust. Purab asks what about him, if she is ready to lose her love. She says she just is thinking about reaching her didi and save. Purab asks Abhi to explain Bulbul not to risk her life. Abhi says Bulbul is telling right, there is no solution than sending Bulbul there.

Pragya thinks at least Abhi should realize that it is risky sending Bulbul there. Abhi on the other side tells if Bulbul has to save Pragya, she has to sacrifice her life. Purab asks why is he taking Bulbul’s side. Bulbul says Abhi has understood the situation and she has to go there. Purab says we don’t know who the kidnappers are and what they need. Bulbul says she just want to save her didi. Corporator calls again. Bulbul takes phone and agrees to come. Corporator gives her adress and asks her to come by 5 p.m. Aaliya hears her conversation hiding.

Corporator tells Pragya because of her, his Bulbul is coming to him and it is best valentine gift for him. Pragya says Bulbul will hate him more and god will punsh him. Corporator says her scolding is also like a praise for him and asks his goons to get cake for Pragya.

Purab asks Bulbul to understand the situation and don’t agree to kidnapper’s demand. Bulbul says because of her, didi is in trouble and she has to go there. Abhi gives her water.

Aaliya tells Mitali once Bulbul reaches corporator, nobody can come in her and Purab’s way.

Purab scolds Abhi for trying to send Bulbul and making a big mistake, even Pragya would not like sending Bulbul there. Abhi asks him to listen to him. Purab asks how can he do this to his best friend and asks why is he taking a wrong decision and says he will go with Bulbul. Abhi asks him to stop. Bulbul falls unconscious on bed.

Precap: Pragya thinks Abhi will come to save her. Just then, Abhi is seen coming towards her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is this Rubbish ????

  2. exchange offer… diwali ka sell hai kya?

  3. Wat the hell is going on.. Stop dis kidnapping story

  4. Boring episode but the precap look good

  5. This episode has some spice

  6. Valentine over here is the 14th Feb.and today is the 18th Feb.so what valentine is this now.Please educate me on this one.Ta nu is to celebrat e valentine with Abhi therefore where is that episode.Do
    you people think viewers are numbsculls.Come on ,youall are playing with peoples mind.You have this corporator acting as a psycopath.Look show us something that is interesting ,please.

  7. I feel you all, but as usual Pragya is dreaming when Abhi approaches her in the precap. Purab did too much talking today while Abhi did too little. I just love the corporator. He is cute ( a bit mad) and he can sing – I LIKE! Anyway I always prefer the villains. They are more interesting and drama follows them..

    Still, Abhi is the smart one this time, since he laced Bulbul’s water with something to knock her out so he and Purab can get the address and make a plan to save Pragya. He was just too quiet and too willing to do the Bulbul:Pragya exchange. He just lurked around in the background of the scenes as if he was waiting on something. Ahh well, lets see if he shows up like in the precap.

    Love you corporator. It would be so interesting if they bring the corporator and Aaliya together since he seems to be the only one who can handle her. Just a thought. 🙂

  8. Drama yar pura kya ye sab ho raha ha tumko nahi karwani putb or bulbul ki shadi to mt karwao love marig mein itna drama to real lyf mein nhi hota jitna inho ne reel lyf mein bna rakha ha

  9. what is this nonsence

  10. What do these guys think of themselves… Do u all have any idea what you all are showcasing the viewers.. It’s like a hell on earth.. Can’t you guys just stop it… Just close the matter right now… Why do u have to spoil the show. And yes of course that idiot corporater.. How can a person be sooo mad yaar!!! Stop playing with the viewers emotion and minds… If the precap proves to be a dream of Pragya then I would definitely stop watching this show…

  11. i hope prcap turn out 2 b real……… writers please make the show go in the nice track..

  12. Abhi and pragya celebrate valentines day together in the upcoming episode

  13. Exactly. Every good happening in ekta serial is nothing but a dream


    It is pragyas dream

  15. May b ABHI has some plans.

  16. If you dont stop this kidnapping by this week you will lose trp

  17. A real rubbish script writers making the story utter nonsense making all chatacters to act unreal and foolish.Better you stop the drama ad early as possible.

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