Kumkum Bhagya 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya coming home and thinks nobody ask her tea/coffee etc. Tanu thinks to tell about Purab and Bulbul’s marriage, and stops Aaliya. Just then Mitali tells Aaliya that there is a good news for her and asks her to see in the room. Aaliya thinks if Tanu does any mistake. She goes towards the room. Purab tells Bulbul that he has convinced Abhi with his acting. Pragya says if Abhi gets angry then she will have to bear his anger. Abhi comes there and says you did rituals and after that……Aaliya comes and says Mitali told about the surprise, and asks what is that surprise? Bulbul shows off her mangalsultra shocking Aaliya. Aaliya says you both got married, and says I was…….She says I wanted to throw a big party for you and says marriage is not a joke.

She asks Purab to tell that they are joking. Purab says we are married. Aaliya says this is not done.

Abhi says Purab is your friend, and haven’t told you before marrying. He says Pragya is behind their marriage. Tanu says you should wish them. Purab says I think we shall go to our house. Abhi says you will not go. Purab asks him to give space. Abhi says I won’t let you go. He calls Bhabhi ji to Bulbul. Bulbul asks him not to pull her leg and says nobody can come between them. Abhi says we will have party here until I am satisfied. Bulbul says where we will sleep then. Abhi asks them to take any room and asks Pragya to decorate the room. Pragya says she got terrace room decorated. Abhi says there is full privacy there. Tanu gets angry and breaks things in her room. Tanu asks what you are doing and tries to stop her.

Bulbul asks gift from Abhi. Abhi says you didn’t inform me before marriage, so have to wait for gift. Bulbul says you just make a call and the gifts will keep flowing. Abhi says he doesn’t have even 100 Rs. and asks them to turn faces as he is going to torture Pragya. Abhi requests Pragya to give him money and says he is even ready to hold her feet or can beg infront of him. Pragya agrees and says she will cut money from his Pocket money. She asks him to check the decoration in the room.Abhi says there should be perfect romantic setting in the room and takes Purab with him. Bulbul thanks Pragya. Pragya gives clothes to Bulbul and says she will buy more. Bulbul gets tensed thinking about Sarla’s reaction. Pragya asks her not to worry and says she will make Sarla understand.

Pragya comes to room and asks from where did he learn this? Abhi says betrayal teaches everything and he has understood the importance of love. Pragya says you have fallen in love twice. Abhi says I couldn’t hear your heart beat as money noise comes from it. He says he has understood value of love and says they couldn’t be together. Hamari Adhuri plays…………He lights the candle…Pragya holds his hand and asks what is he doing as he is about to burn his finger. Abhi says he is burnt from inside. Pragya says this room is for two lovers who are going to start their new life and asks her to go. He picks the flower with thorn and asks her to help someone when she understand the difference between flower and thorn. Hamari Adhuri plays…………..He asks about the drawer keys and says it has fuggi’s stuff which he want to see.

Abhi says I am missing my fuggi and that’s why want to talk to her stuff. Pragya says okay, I will search keys. Dadi comes and says she needs to talk to him. She asks if anyone talked to Sarla about Purab and Bulbul’s marriage. Abhi says I will ask them. Dadi says I asked them, and they didn’t inform her. She says we shall go to Sarla and talk to her politely, so that she don’t get any shock. She says we will take Pragya as well, as if Sarla asks us who got them married, we will tell that Pragya got them married.

Sarla asks about Bulbul. Dadi comes there with Abhi and Pragya. Sarla asks them to sit and asks if everything is fine. She asks if Pragya has done something. Dadi says she did what we couldn’t do. Abhi says we want to do this, but she has done although her way is wrong. Sarla asks what is the matter? Dadi asks her not to get angry and says she did right. Sarla asks them to tell. Dadi says Pragya got Bulbul and Purab married.

Sarla asks Pragya with which right she got them married. Pragya asks what is the big deal? Sarla says it does makes difference and says she is Bulbul’s mum and not her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Shraddha

    What the hell kisi ko uss aliya k room s aawaj sunai nhi di tod fod ki???
    Or Abhi kya pagal h ya andha h k usse na to aaliya, tanu and raj ka sach dikhta h or na hi Pragya ki fikar or pyar…..
    Mujge lga tha k Aliya ka sach sbke samne aa gya tha jb vo cheque wala drama hua tha but promos dekh kr lgta h writers yeh sb bhul gye ya public unko buddhu bannanne me maza aa raha h… kabhi kabhi to I doubt k Tanu is really pregrent becuse she not look alike…

  2. Shraddha

    Kumkum bhagya and Yeh hai Mohobaattein sb s jayda dragg krne lge h… tooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh draggggggginggggg

  3. mahi

    Nice episode plzzz reveal aaliya truth soonnnnnn………
    At last purab & bulbul get married………
    Waiting for good episode

  4. razia

    Dint watch the episode .. Thot thr vl b no abhigya scenes .. BT it is thr itseems … Yaaayyyyy gonna watch nw

  5. razia

    Today Tamil la shoot scene .. Though I knoe wat vl happen next .. I was so curious n it was awesome .. Monday it vl b the xpr scene .. In Hindi they played saans Mein Teri .. Dunno Tamil la ena patu podranungalo .. Waitn

    • ya razia i saw that today shoot scene only i am also waiting for wat and after that it will go in pregnancy track in few episode it has going to be started in tamil but in hindi it didn’t end itself and really guys pragya is a true saviour shield and the best wife of abhi in hindi also now pragya turned a saviour/shield to abhi to protect him enemies tanu aliya raj pragya is the example of a nice women as abhi said in one episode in front of tanu i think it is epi 316 or 317

  6. razia

    Today Tamil la *gun shot scene .. Though I knoe wat vl happen next .. I was so curious n it was awesome .. Monday it vl b the xpr scene .. In Hindi they played saans Mein Teri .. Dunno Tamil la ena patu podranungalo .. Waitn

  7. what is this sarla maa from the beginning itself we discussed about it guys generally a true mom will find what their children are hiding from their face it is the logic and it is the true fact too nikki 1 and other guys please tell me in any episode did get doubt on pragya if she got straightly she can to talk to her face to face eye contact but did not do that in karvachauth also she slapped pragya pragya went inside and cried so much but then too she can’t as you said guys the show is very illlogic and i am very much upset with the precap and sarla maa but i am waiting for bulbul and purab grand reception and did dilwale team came to the sets because i am not watching it written updates only when they are going to come

  8. This abhi na, he changes his colours like chameleon with every second and situation. God knows till when pragya have to tolerate these harsh and heart wretching words. When he was taunting and blaming her during the decoration of purbul’s bed room then i was remembering abhigya’s first night, where abhi had left pragya alone and had gone to tanu’s house. A that time, i was thinking that he will also remember that night and he will feel guilty for that but instead of realizing that he started blaming pragya for her changing. Pragya can also blame him for that but poor baby, she will tolerate everything silently bt she will not say any if those words who could hurt him but this abhi he does nt think even a once to hurt her by using harsh words. But between all this, he was remember about that keys!!! And what an excuse he used that he wants to spend sometimes with his fuggy’s things those r in that locker. How much clever he is. Here i felt that he is again using emotinal blackmailing trick to get the keys. Hope pragya will not give him in emotions. And what’s the need of dadi to take pragya for sarla maa’s house. Now poor baby will tolerate more insult and harsh words from her mother. God what if sarla maa will slap her also.

    • What a joke? Those two peoples who loves pragya a lot and claims that they loves pragya very much than others, but they both r hurting her most. God knows what CVS wants to show? What type of love they both have for pragya who r unable to feel her truth and who r unable to identifying her.

    • Sahithi

      Everyone has a different way of showing emotions especially when there r sad or in pain because of their loved ones. Pragya goes n shares with Daadi or Bulbul or cries. Abhi used to share his feelings to some extent with Daadi n Purab before. Remember he would go n cry in Daadi’s lap or go with Purab for a drink. Somehow he stopped that and comes n cribbs or show that pain as hate to Pragya only, hope this is justified somewhere before this track ends.

      I felt 2 things today, he somewhere was a bit unhappy that Aaliya might be upset with this marriage, how much ever he may be happy with Purab Bulbul marriage and though he may not show his concern for Aaliya, some expressions showed it today.

      Second, he was very disappointed with his own love story being incomplete while decorating that room. And perfect timing of Hamari Adhuri Kahaani song, have been missing that after this new track started. He tried to show all that disappointment on Pragya.

      It was a very painful conversation for Pragya also, but unlike old days, Abhi doesn’t goto Tanu the moment he is upset with Pragya. In fact he doesn’t even acknowledge Tanu being around. Till he doesn’t think of marrying Tanu to avenge Pragya, I will be okay n relieved. When he was with others he was speaking normally n in fun mood, but when he had only Pragya in that room, he was venting his feelings.

      Just that all this would mean more sorries n guilt from Abhi’s side when the truth comes out.

      And I think Daadi is trying to show to everyone that though the sudden n uninformed decision of Pragya to get these ppl married may be seen by everyone as wrong, the intention was good.

      • I agree sahithi that everybody have different way of expressing their feelings but sahithi everybody have heart too na who feels hurt and bad in hurting other ones or specially dear ones. I know abhi is facing distances between him and pragya and he feels cheated by pragya that’s why he is feeling hurt more but somewhere he is the only one and the root of all these accured situations. Pragya always has relented for his mistakes and in trying to solve his problems and mistakes, she gets suffer most. At the beginning, he has hurted pragya most but now when it is his turn then he is unable to tolerate anything. In this point, he should understand, what he has done with her in past and why and how she is far from him becoz of his own created mistakes. In past also, he accuses and blames pragya for everything and now in present also, he accused pragya and blames her for everything. He have no gutts to accept his mistakes not for even a once. Only when, then pragya proves herself right then for a shame, he asks for forgiveness after accepting his mistakes when he gets prove wrong in front of everyone. like this, there r so many things in his behavior which r wrong and needs to improve. Otherwise, he is absolutely different from pragya in almost ways. And two opposite personalities cannot survive with each other for whole life. It is so much difficult for them. So I think for getting pragya and her love, forever, abhi have to change himself in many ways, firstly. His confusing, igoistic , ignorant and aggressive nature will always remain a he g hurdle between his and pragya’s love. in this track when he uses harsh words for pragya, then at that time i feels he tries to break pragya emotinally. But there r so many other ways to make her emotional weak not only by using harsh words it can possible. But how can i forget that he is rockstar abhi. He likes to do everything in totally different manner. It doesn’t matter for him that how it’s effect will b on others. That’s why i m saying that there r so many things needs to improve in abhi’s behavior. Becoz to live a gud love life, this type of behavior does not exists which abhi have. He gets to know what is love but still needs to understand it’s full meaning and this, that how should fulfilled it’s responsibilities. And about dadi’s step to take pragya to sarla maa’s house, I hope dadi took her with them after so much thinking and with some plannings and if sarla maa loses her temper more than she take care of pragya.

      • Something’s in pragya were also lack. Like her overgudness but becoz of taaliya, she has understood this thing now, which is gud. Intact she has still emotionally weak at some points but the gud thing is this that she tries continuously to control on it and to improve it. This quality abhi also should have. Then he can correct his mistakes and can improve his behavior, by which he can erased the differences between him and pragya.

    • Sahithi

      I think the USP of this show is two completely different people brought together by destiny and fate and how much ever others try to separate or they themselves try to move away, tend to come close again n again. So this conflict and difference of personalities may continue even if we see some change in behavior of the leads; my opinion.

    • Love KKB

      Hello Nikki..

      I am new to this site.. but a die-hard fan of AbhiGya.. No offense but here is my view..

      Ur perspective on Abhi is completely not acceptable..
      First of all he is not changing his colors.. He is showing the reality.. Even though he is acting he is ending up with emotional..

      and when comes to Pregnancy track he is not the root cause.. remember he is the one who told Tanu is lying and when Dadi knows the truth he clearly mentioned whatever Tanu is claiming was happened during his Unconsciousness ..
      Agree Pragya saw him all times with Tanu.. if her love is True why can’t she believe her husband.. Abhi is not at all portrayed as Good, so he is not able to see the good, but Pragya is good right why can’t she saw the goodness in Abhi during the start of Pregnancy track..

      and now also Abhi is tolerating a lot.. I am seeing a drastic and constant change in Abhi character.. once he is cleared that is the end to him.. he won’t go back..
      yeah he is egoistic, aggressive etc.. but remember till now he is not at all taking a step to go back against pragya.. matlab he is nothing now but still he is not showing the old rockstar ego or whatever to Pragya.. he is disappointed and getting hurt by his loved ones every day..

      and Yeah he is confusing till he gets a clarity.. That is what Abhi’s character..

      and haan each and every person whom he believes and love the most is betraying him..
      Dadi, Purab, Pragya and the list goes on including Tanu and Aaliya..
      Abhi have did a lot of good things for the mistakes he done.. he did all unknowingly but when comes to Pragya she is doing all knowingly starting from hiding her sister love to Abhi..
      Abhi is always straightforward.. i can list show many incidents..

      Opposite poles always attract each other Nikki and that is the real destiny of KKB too..
      When Abhi believes money, Pragya believes Love.. Now Abhi believes Love whereas they are showing Pragya believes in Money.. so whatever they shown they are opposite and attracted OR destined to be together.. Now i feel Pragya doesn’t deserve Abhi..there should not be any hide and seek between a husband and wife relationship.. From the Day1 of their marriage Abhi is not hiding in fact he will tell all the truth to Pragya only even though he hates her.. but Pragya is not at all doing that..

      By the way I Love Pragya character a lot at the start but not now..If she is ready to take decision on her own for Bulbul marraige, why can’t she tell the truth to Abhi and get it done.. I know it is all our beloved CV’s but still..the entire drama is waste..

      I also want something to be achieved by Pragya after all this make over.. but all now I want is to see the old Aggressive Abhi.. not this begging/polite Abhi watching everything silently..

      • Guys I respect ur thoughts for abhi and I agree with ur points of views. I too love abhigya as a couple. I m not saying abhi totally wrong and I m not taking pragya’s favour as well. But after reading both of urs opinions, i reached on this conclusion that both abhi and pragya has become the hunt of the situations. Both r emotionally weak from inside but only difference is abhi can cover it and control it by his mind and pragya can handle it through patience but the only bad thing is this between them that they both depends on others mostly, instead of believing ownself. I mean all the time, they feels better to take decisions from others which they thinks their well wishers. In the beginning it was abhi and now it is pragya. Abhi has lost pragya and her love becoz of his extra dependence and blind faith of taaliya and now pragya is far from abhi’s love becoz instead if believing ownself, she is obeying dadi’s decision. They both r enough mature and able to take their decisions by their own but these other persons in their life r not let them move in right way. Both loves each other very much and both believes on each other too but becoz of other’s wrong suggestions, they r going in wring directions. I m saying this from beginning of this track that why dadi feels that they should hide the truth from abhi until they achieve the goals. But i thinks from the beginning of this track, always that pragya should tell the truth to abhi becoz without him, she can’t achieve her goals. And I don’t know if opposite poles attracts each other or not but ya I know this much for sure that those persons who r destined to b together, they will b together no matter how much differences between them or how far they r from them or how much circumstances r opposite and against of them but becoz it’s their destiny that they r made for each other then no one can break their relationships, even with each situations their bondings, their love and their togetherness will b more strong. I know at the end, abhigya will unite but it is very painful to see them like this, in so much pain and helplessness. As a whole I m trying to say that if abhigya will get independent in taking their decisions by their own then it will b more easier for them to believe on each other and live their life with out hurdles and with so much love.

    • Sahithi

      Finally someone else is also echoing same thoughts as mine. Most of the viewers sympathize with Pragya n always bash Abhi but no one ever thinks from his side.

      Pragya is always giving Abhi feeling that she only cares n loves money, so he responding that way is reasonable.

      If she is affected by Abhi’s words n thinks he is misunderstanding her, she shud try to get the truth out quickly. At least she must have foreseen these things to some extent before starting this drama, what is her plan of action, what if things don’t work the way she plans and shud have thought about how Abhi will feel by her sudden change in behavior.

      Either be in her character completely n behave as Abhi’s boss or be his wife. This middle ground is not helping either of them.

      Looks like Abhi will get property papers next week, and was eager to show to Tanu. Tanu n others won’t wait for minute to push Pragya out. But he himself says he keeps coming back to her because she reminds him of Furatju. So will he do something to stop her, or will wait for her truth or for Pragya to become Fuggy again…I want Abhi n Pragya to handle this situation rather than Daadi intervening.

  9. Ayesha

    Let’s see what will happen Nikki 1

    From my point of view Dadi have planned something that’s why they gone to sarla ma house .. Maybe she will tell whole truth to abhi and sarla ma ..
    Maybe I am wrong .. Any guess why aaliya called pragya Bhabhi .. Pragya was shocked ..

    Nikki 1 waiting for reply

  10. Maggie

    I really want Abhi to get his property back
    So aaliya n Tanu will b behind him again n betray him so that time he will come to know what Pragya was doing to save him
    But that will be too late by then.
    Pragya will b lost in depression n so badly hurt emotionally that even Abhi so called love will not bring her back in life

    At serious note really want Abhi to gets those papers n mission fuggie starts as he was saying in pervious episode that once he gets property back he will bring fuggie out of lady mugambo
    Tanu track can wait for another century
    Who is in hurry not even Abhi
    He always thinks about property how to get fuggie but never seen thinking about Tanu as mother or child or what will happen after he gets all money his fuggie

    • Maggie

      I meant Abhi never thinks what will he do with Tanu if he get his money n fuggie
      How he is going to get rid of Tanu

    • Sahithi

      Looking at promos the fight between Pragya n Aaliya will be on for some episodes. And after all that he said today, if Abhi can’t get his hands on the property papers, he closed himself the route of flirting with Pragya. I am eager to know what would be his options then.

      • Sahithi I think his next weapon will b hurting and breaking pragya emotionally for making her weak, like he was doing in yesterday’s episode.

  11. razia

    Even though v convince ourselves .. BT the truth s abhi cheats pragya .. N he’s dng emotional blackmailing .. I don lyk this .. Dunno wat justification vk abhi or the CVS vl give at the end of the track ..

  12. Wish Pandey

    gabar-are o sambha katapa ne bahubali ko kyun mara?
    sambha-kyun ki katapa kumkum bhagya dekh ke pagal ho gaya tha.

  13. josphine muthoni

    please clarify…is this marriage serious or they are trapping aliya and expose her…i still dont connect

  14. josphine muthoni

    Tanu is burning with jealousy for fact that pragyia has connection to purab n bubul shaad yet she has kept hers pending

  15. Nikki 1 plz clear my doubt ,y dadi took pragya to sarla maa house dadi knows sarla ll scold pragya surely den y dadi dng tat?dadi planned anything in her mind r she have any reason ? Am confused in tat.

  16. Guys new on location video update- Abhi demands to arrange purbul’s reception in a grand manner but pragya refuses. Full update- Everybody on dinning table, for having lunch or breakfast. Abhi says that I want to say something before start eating. Tauji asks what? Abhi says he wants to arrange a grand reception for purbul and wants to invite whole city in it. Pragya tries to interrupt but abhi stops her and says It will b like a rock concert of mine, which peoples don’t forget ever. And whoever will come between his decision amd tries to go against it, that will b his biggest enemy.Pragya asks who will give money for it? Abhi cracks jokes on her and says financed of movie is asking who will give finance for movie? Abhi says you will give. It’s ur sister’s marriage and u made them married silently and hidely so now u have to pay repent for it. Pragya says she will not give money and this reception will not happen. Abhi says u have to give. Pragya says if I will not give then what u will do? Abhi says I will do hunger strike and with me all family members will do hunger strike. Everybody gets agree with abhi after some hesitation. Pragya says that now this whole family will do protest against me! Then fine, I will see until when all of u will remain hungry. Abhi says that I can remain hungry for my whole life to fulfilling my dadu’s promise. He gets up and says excuse me and leaves. Everybody looks on and worried that what will happen now?

    • Sahithi

      If Shikha’s latest IG picture is from the reception only, then it means some more drama before reception happens. And if viewers have to get some Abhigya scenes then Abhi has to do that hunger strike right 🙂

      But that also means he didn’t get the locker keys/property papers yet, which is good.

      • Ya sahithi during this sequence shoot, abhi have’nt property papers with him but sahithi I think abhi will get that papers later becoz I saw in this in location video that shabbir was giving his voice for recording for upcoming scene then after it he was left from shooting becoz of some other work and everybody was saying him bye. I think for next scene, he cannot available becoz of some work so he has recorded his voice for this scene and in this scene, cvs will use his duplicate artist. Shabbir was saying in this recording this that ” ye tanu bhi na waise to mere peeche padi rehti hai ki papers per sign kab loge, papers pe sign lete kyo nhi, time kyo waste kr rahe ho, arey jab papers mere pass as gaye hain to mil hi nhi rahi hai.” May b I did some mistake in listening but when I heard it again and again, I reached on this conclusion that abhi will get the property papers in upcoming episodes now let’s see what will pragya do now and what will b the abhi’s next step after getting the property papers.?

    • Sahithi

      Nikki do u have link to this video? I watched the one Maggie posted n that didn’t have this voice over part

      • Youtube.com/watch?v=59tkLZ
        Sahithi this is the link where u will get that part. Watch it and listen it carefully and then share ur opinion on that. I will wait for ur opinion. But from my side, it was totally clear from his dialogues that he will get that property papers in upcoming episodes.

    • Sahithi

      Yes looks like Abhi got the property papers n searching for Tanu to show them.

      Now to think about possibilities, to be positive about this track to end as it started, suppose while searching for Tanu Abhi hears her speaking to Nikhil or sees her with Nikhil, then he will not hand over the papers but will try to question Tanu or find himself.

      Or if there is going to be more masala, Tanu sees property papers n then routine drama may start.

      Am not able to guess how the script will go, the track may not be ending n Tanu not exposed yet, but every week there r new twists n turns.

      • Sahithi I also felt same like u that may b abhi will get to know something like that becoz of which he will hide that property papers matter or may b after getting it he will stop pragya from leaving somehow or through using the same legal way, which pragya used for keeping abhi in her control, according to his wish and plan of changing her into fuggy. Or may b somethingelse big or drastic will happen becoz of which abhi forgot to tell about it and this property papers telling matter will b pending for sometimes. These r three posibilties which I felt could b but if for a change and for a surprise CVS will show something different from these three possibilities then it will b other thing.

  17. Guys just think if dadi say whole truth to sarla ma and abi den serial ll be fun,romance of abi and pragya.abi also join with team bt for others abi ll act and they ll expose alaiya tanu and raj thz ll happen means we enjoy the serial very much.it ll not bore and always kkb s the numb 1 serial no doubt at all.Let c how pragya truth ll come out am waiting for tat day and abi reaction.am become mad of thz serial tats y am thinking stupidly omg.

  18. Guys I think in upcoming episodes Property papers will finally reach in abhi’s hand. As I said that I heard in this on location video that after getting property papers, abhi will go to show it to tanu but tanu will not b available there. But guys now the big thing is abhi will finally get that papers.?Now it will left to see that how he will get that papers and what will happen next after getting property papers by abhi. Becoz it will b a big defeat and lose for pragya if really everything will go back in abhi’s hands.

  19. Nida

    Nikki 1 maybe if he will get the property papers .. Nothing will happen because dadi knows pragya truth … Let’s see what will happen ..

    But from today aaliya and pragya war will start .. We have to wait for next segment to come ..

    Its a simple question ..
    What’s the need of dadi to take pragya for sarla maa’s house ??

    Nikki 1 waiting for your reply ..

    • Nida I have no idea about why dadi has taken pragya with them to sarla maa’s house becoz it does not make any sense or needs to take pragya to sarla maa’s house. Many peoples r thinking that may b dadi wants to reveal the truth but I m sure she will not. May b she has taken pragya to sarla maa’s house to showing her gud side and that step of purbul’s wedding in front of sarla maa. So sarla maa could bring some positivity towards pragya. But then also I think this is stupidity of dadi. May b sarla maa get little positive towards pragya but before that she will do lots of insult of her. Well let’s see what will happen? But for me, i think this scene is not so much important to think.

      • Sahithi

        May be Daadi wanted to show Pragya did good thing or she wanted the shouting drama to end there itself. Else after hearing the news Pragya’s mom will come n insult her in MM in front of Tanu n Aaliya n there is less chance for cover up if one of Pragya Bulbul or Purab blurt out something.

  20. plz pehle jaisa kum kum bhagya kar do
    abhi ko vho sign kare le paper mil jaaye
    vho court mei jaake khud ki property apne naam karde
    tab mazaa aaayengi
    pragya shayad truth bol de
    aise kum kum bhagya dekhne mazaa aayenga
    plz aisa karna

  21. Yes I agree with shraddha toooo much frustrating & dragging serial now its tym to reveal aliya tanu & raj secret awwwwhhhh fadup off this 2 serial KB &yhm

  22. Nida

    Okay nikki 1. .. Are you sure that abhi will find property papers ?? What will dadi do ??

    For that we will have to wait for upcoming episodes and segment ..

    Plz reply waiting for your reply ..

  23. srimathi

    Guys I’m completely fed up of these drama atleast for past 2weeks we enjoyed AbhiGya scenes but recently our pitty enjoyment has been snatched up with rabul’s wedding and the promo was very powerful but I think the episode ll not that much powerful!! And currently nothing in my mind after seeing the new segment just Abhi and pragya continuing their silly fights!! really missing such cute cute romance of AbhiGya!!

  24. Nida

    Nikki 1 the link you shared with sahithi
    Is not working .. Please give me the link ..

    The link Maggie shared with us . that one is also not working ..

    • razia

      Beat pati patni award …. I mean best jodi .. Not only in zee rishtey awards .
      . they got the best jodi award in ITA too Indian television awards .. Such a prestigious award they got also sriti jha won best lead actress female in ITA

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