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The Episode starts with Pragya thinking to leave before Abhi sees her again. Sara comes and asks where is she leaving? Pragya says she got her mummy’s call and have to leave. Sara asks her to keep house work at home, and says Abhi is here. She says if company is closed, then we will not get any job. She says tell me if office or house work is necessary. She says I will send Harry to do her work. She asks her to keep bag and come with her. Pragya tries to make her understand but in vain. Abhi sees Pragya again. Pragya turns her face. Sara asks her to stand there itself. Abhi gears to record the song…..Pragya looks at him. Allah Wariyan plays while he records the song. Everyone claps for his song. A guy asks composer if he is sure about this song. Composer says I am sure 200 percent and asks Pragya

to give honest opinion about the song. Pragya wears headphone and listens to the song. Abhi stands beside her. Pragya says it is good, and have become my favorite. Abhi keeps his hand on her shoulder and winks his eye lashes. Abhi says my fans are crazy for my voice, my song will be hit. Pragya says yes and goes. Abhi asks what happened to her. He says this was demo. I will record full song when money is transferred in my account. He goes.

Aaliya is applying lotion on her hand. Tanu asks what happened? Aaliya tells that her hand was burnt because of stupid receptionist. Tanu says I didn’t know. She says do you know the time when Abhi was mad about me, and says we have to create that scene again. He shall see my beauty and get mad about me. Aaliya says what you will do when he couldn’t remember you. Tanu says when he can trust you again then why not me, and asks her to plan that scene. Aaliya says okay.

Pragya thinks I shall not go infront of Abhi. She looks at Abhi’s poster and thinks he was normal when looked at him. She thinks I don’t have to run away from him, I can see him as a crazy fan. Abhi’s female fans ask for autograph on their hand. Abhi refuses. Fan asks why did you give autograph on her hand then. Abhi says she is my special fan and says I know who are crazy about me and who are not. Pragya gets moved by his words. Abhi says my special fans are near to my heart. He sets her specs right. Pragya stares him…..He gives autograph to others. Pragya imagines forwarding her hand…..Abhi holds her hand. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays……….Abhi gives autograph on her hand again. He feels connected with her. Pragya thinks I am special to him as he knows what is in my heart. Abhi says I will come again, but can’t give autograph. He goes. Pragya looks at her hand and blushes.

Sara is talking on phone and says she is leaving in 15 mins. She comes to Pragya and sees her staring at her hand. She asks didn’t you want to go home. Pragya says no. She says I was cleaning my hand after lunch. Sara asks her to look at time. Pragya sees 7 pm. Sara says you are on wrong track, you thought he has given you heart. He is a rockstar. She asks her to stop dreaming about him, and asks her not to lose work. Pragya says okay. Sanam Re plays………….Beeji looks for her charger and thinks game is near climax. Janki and Sarla comes home. Beeji asks where is my charger. Janki says you must have kept it somewhere and asks her to remember where she was seated 2 hours ago and playing. Beeji remembers and gets her charger. Sarla tells that Pragya called me in afternoon and asks to meet, but she didn’t meet me. Beeji says she might be stuck.

Pragya comes home and keeps on staring on her hand. Saiyyara Re plays…………………….She recalls Abhi saying that she is his special fan and he keeps his heart on their palm. Abhi saying that his special fans are close to his heart. Saiyyara continues to play. Pragya looks at his pic and smiles. She imagines Abhi telling that he gave his heart to her and asks her to keep safely….Allah Wariyan plays………She recalls Abhi saying that he wants to keep party for her, and will make the world know how much he loves her.

Pragya tells Sarla that she will make food for everyone as a punishment. She is about to hold the bag and then holds it with other hand. Sarla asks if she got hurt. Beeji asks why did you change your hand while holding stuff. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lol????i think all d world also lost their memory with abhi…..dey even not reacted seeing pragya or as dey have no idea pragya is wife Of abhi….plz stop fooling d viewers

  2. I don’t no Wat to say anymore

  3. Hahaha…..Yeah shivani, u r right

  4. Iswarya_santhosh

    Hi asmitha i saw ur yesterdays comments. even today i got the same doubt.. We were seeing our rockstar for atleast 2 1/2 years. He is a very decent guy. He didnt placed his arms around anyone of the fan girls…not even tanu guys…. He used to do that with only pragya… Today he did it ya… Thats why im confused about his ml…..
    If abhis ml is not fake means we will see the true love btw the famous rockstar and a girl from middle class family. This story is based on the novel sense and sensibility written by the famous author jane auaten.I read someof her stories. awesome Story it is….. If abhis ml is true means the storyline of kkb(which we r going to watch) will be pretty good…. Orelse im sure they are going to show some crap this time also….

    Cvs make abhi saw pragya before he sees tanu this time bcoz if he sees tanu first means he might fall for her and this time also he might feel how beautiful she is.. In season1 stating he was already in luv with tanu so he took more time to recognize his feelings for pragya…. But this time he saw pragya first and had already started to see in to her eyes. If abhis ml might be true means he will fall for her soon and im sure it will happens whatever Taaliya try to make a uproar btw them……
    But still icant believe that abhis ml can be true…. Without taking x-ray, doctors are saying abhi got ml? And till know he didnt ask about his lover tanu? he unnecessarily touching his fan girl adequately without her permission…. He is setting his fan girls specs regularly…… Our well known rockstar wont have this kind of behaviour before…. What happened to him?

    1. Iswarya can u pls give some description about story in that novel how it was I tried but I didn’t get that

      1. Thats a very old novel Asmitha. You may not find resemblance to characters immediately. If you have seen the movie ‘Priyuralu Pilichindi’ then u can relate because this movie also based on same novel. Tamil ppl that is ‘Kandukondain Kandukondain’.

        Tabu is Pragya who is responsible about family and tries to earn for family. But everyone terms her unlucky and whoever come to see her for marriage matches instead like Aish who is her younger sis, who is more attractive and bubbly, that is Bulbul. Mammotty admires Aish who is Suresh here, Suresh is the boring guy. But Aish falls for Abbas who is the rich guy, that is Purab.

        There is one more daughter but here shown as Purvi.

        But in the movie Aish settles with Mammotty at end, so for a long time I saw ppl speculating that Bulbul will marry Suresh.

        They took original plot but changed it later so much in last 2+ yrs, that I think it is no longer about the novel or the basic storyline.

      2. Iswarya_santhosh

        Hi asmitha u can get it in google search itself….. i don’t have that much of patience. I tried my best…. They are telling kkb is based on the story sense and sensibility but they mixed the story of pride and prejudice written by the same author jane austen.i love to read pride and prejudice.. That is also romantic novel but that is about 5 daughters. Elizabeth bennet is the heroine…. U can go through that also… Here is the description of sense and sensibility

        This is the story of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, sisters who respectively represent the “sense” and “sensibility” of the title. With their mother, their sister Margaret, and their stepbrother John, they make up the Dashwood family.

        Henry Dashwood, their father, has just died. Norland Park, his estate, is inherited by John; to his chagrin, Henry has nothing but ten thousand pounds to leave to his wife and daughters. On his deathbed, he urges John to provide for them and John promises that he will do so. He is already wealthy because he has a fortune from his mother and is also married to the wealthy Fanny Ferrars.

        Immediately after Henry’s burial, the insensitive Mrs. Dashwood moves into Norland Park and cleverly persuades John not to make any provision for his stepmother and stepsisters. Mrs. Henry Dashwood, disliking Fanny, wants to leave Norland Park at once, but Elinor prudently restrains her until they can find a house within their means.

        Edward Ferrars, Fanny’s brother, comes to stay and is attracted to Elinor. Mrs. Dashwood and Marianne expect an engagement, but Elinor is not so sure; she knows that Mrs. Ferrars and Fanny will object to Edward’s interest in her. Fanny takes exception to Edward’s fondness for Elinor and is so rude that Mrs. Dashwood at once rents a cottage fortuitously offered to her by her cousin, Sir John Middleton.

        The Dashwoods move to Barton Cottage and are met by Sir John, who does all in his power to make them comfortable. They soon meet his elegant but insipid wife and their four children.

        One day, when Marianne and Margaret are walking on the downs, Marianne sprains her ankle. She is carried home by a stranger, John Willoughby, who is staying at Allenham Court, a country estate which he will inherit after the death of its elderly owner, Mrs. Smith. Marianne and Willoughby fall in love and are inseparable. But after a short time, Willoughby leaves unexpectedly for London without explaining or declaring himself.

        Edward Ferrars soon pays a visit to Barton Cottage. But he is distraught and gloomy, and Elinor is puzzled by his reserve.

        Lady Middleton’s younger sister, Charlotte Palmer, and her husband visit Barton Park. When they leave, Sir John invites the Misses Steele, two young ladies whom he has met in Exeter and has found to be connections of Mrs. Jennings.

        Lucy confides to Elinor that she has been secretly engaged to Edward Ferrars for four years. He was tutored by her uncle and became well acquainted with Lucy and Anne at that time. Elinor is shocked but concludes that Edward had a youthful infatuation for Lucy. Lucy persists in asking for advice and begs Elinor to persuade her brother John to give Edward the Barton living if he decides to take orders.

        Mrs. Jennings invites Elinor and Marianne to stay with her in London. Marianne is eager to go because she hopes to see Willoughby there. He has not been back to visit them, nor has he written to Marianne.

        In London, Marianne waits for a visit from Willoughby. She writes him several times but receives no reply. One day he leaves his card but never calls personally.

        Finally, Elinor and Marianne see Willoughby at a dance with a fashionable heiress, Miss Grey. He speaks curtly to Marianne, who is distracted by his coldness. She writes him for an explanation, and he returns her letters with a cruel note, denying that he had ever been especially interested in her and announcing his engagement to Miss Grey.

        Colonel Brandon, who is also in London, is distressed by Willoughby’s conduct to Marianne and tells Elinor his own story. As a young man, he had loved his cousin Eliza, his father’s ward. But to gain Eliza’s fortune, his father had married her to his eldest son, who had treated her badly. Years later, the colonel discovered that Eliza had left her husband for another man. She had sunk lower and lower, and was now penniless and on her deathbed. The colonel did all he could for her and promised to bring up her daughter, also named Eliza. Eliza, now grown, had been seduced by Willoughby, who had deserted her. The colonel had fought a duel with Willoughby, but neither had been injured.

        John Dashwood and his wife come to London for the season. He meets his sisters and is introduced to the Middletons, whom he finds very congenial. Anne and Lucy Steele are invited to stay with the Middletons and eventually pay a visit to the Dashwoods, John and Fanny. They are treated so kindly that Anne feels it is safe to break the secret of Lucy’s engagement to Edward.

        Fanny Dashwood has hysterics and orders Lucy and Anne out of her house. Edward’s mother disinherits him because he will not break his word to Lucy. He decides to take orders and offers to free Lucy from her engagement, but Lucy will not give him up.

        Charlotte Palmer’s son is born, and she invites Elinor and anne to accompany her mother on a visit to her country house, Cleveland. Marianne falls ill there and seems near death. Colonel Brandon is also staying at Cleveland and offers to fetch Mrs. Dashwood.

        The Palmers leave their house, fearing infection for the baby, and while Elinor awaits her mother’s arrival, she is amazed by a visit from Willoughby. He has heard of Marianne’s illness and has come to get news of her. He tells Elinor how bitterly he repents of his conduct and how wretched his wife has made him; it was she who dictated the cruel note which he sent to Marianne. Elinor is sorry for him.

        Marianne recovers and the family returns to Barton Cottage. Eventually, Elinor tells Marianne about Willoughby’s repentant visit. Marianne is now sorry that the family has suffered on her behalf.

        One day, a servant tells them that Edward Ferrars is married. Elinor tries to put him out of her mind; however, he arrives at Barton Cottage and explains that Lucy did not marry him; instead, she eloped with his brother, Robert.

        Everything ends happily. Edward is reconciled to his mother and marries Elinor. He takes orders and is given the living at Delaford, Colonel Brandon’s estate. Eventually Marianne agrees to marry the colonel, and the two couples live happily, close in distance and in friendship.

      3. Iswarya_santhosh

        Actually in pride and prejudice only hero Mr darcy had no faith in love (abhi resembles him on kkb)and Ms elizabeth fall in love with him but they wont accept it. Once they get clos to eachother they got some problems and they break up. but they r saying kkb story is based on SAS. PAP is one of my favourite subject in my college.

  5. Writers… have you also lost your memory…. Pragya is known in the society as Abhi’s wife and now know one knows her. Its weird… Initially i watched the show regularly now i moved to written episodes and if carries on the same track of Tanu and Aliya cheating around again then viewers and readers like me will stop doing it…. Watch your work……

    1. ya I totally agree with you sahasra.before this track when abhi concert is going on they shown that abhi dedicated his song to his lovable wife pragya. so now they dont know pragya. so i think whether with abhi they all had mem loss. unimaginable serial

  6. Plz writer ji abhigya ko jaldi milau taki yeah show phir se dekh sake hum agar nahi mila sakte toh plz tanu ki sakal mat dekha na dil karta hai mar dalu

  7. I think abhi is acting ,,,seriously I loss my interest ,,,don’t let a love story into useless ,

  8. Plz abigya ko milau then show will be good

  9. its soooo funny… its like the whole worlds lost their memory… there has been no development where he lives n goes for the past two n a half years… stop making us look like idiots. also how many tyms will pragya be tested n how much more does she have to endure for a FINAL HAPPILY EVER AFTER???

  10. It only seems to me?
    aliya will try to win purab, Bulbul will appear (more possibly) in any other face or (having very rare chances that ) she’ll appear with same face?
    Does anyone agree with me?

    1. Or
      BULlbul wil remain just a loving memory in PURab’s heart??

  11. Once again ekta Kapoor proved that she is dumb headless creature. Why is ruining this serial god knows

  12. Okay so that means even the world doesnt remember that pragya was abhi’s wife… lame plot

  13. Digusting serial.
    They are just fooling us and making big money.

  14. ya guys agree with you… all of them got memory loss… very irritating… but can’t hate abhi even now… his cute expressions was very attractive… watchng nly for ABHI THE ROCKSTAR

  15. Episodes has shot very smartly. It can successfully keep the show number-1 for long. No one can guess that what they will b show in this story further and this time what is it’s purpose? It will b so soon to say anything about the story and about the ongoing episodes. That’s why I m following only updates silently instead of guessing or saying about anything for now? Even I m watching the repeat episode, but not watching it at night. First I reads update then i watch it on next day. Everybody is curious and exited about this new story and cvs got succeeded in it by making such smart episodes and sequences. Present story is giving happiness to everyone but I think we should control on this happiness as we knows about cvs tricks very well. But this present story and it’s start is not as much as impressive as it should b. It is still bit confusing, we cannot criticize it and cannot admire it completely. We can only wait and we have to if we still have faith on story and interest for kkb. That’s it.

    1. yes pratiksha u r right episodes r gd but not giving satisfaction and abhi’s intentions r not getting did he feeling fr her r not r may he again fell fr her and the way he was seeing her it giving so many doubts

  16. All of us need to stop complaining…. the storyline is unrealistic and at times silly…. we ALL know this….listen, even the car accident was unrealistic…as a driver I know that if you take your foot off the gas petal and keep it off the car will automatically slow down… did u all see how long he drove that car? If he took his foot off the gas it would have slowed enough for him to jump out if he had to.
    we All know Ekta’s stories have horrid evil scenes… but if we’re writing comments it’s coz we like the characters ( although they probably all want to quit KKB at this point)
    let’s keep hoping the plot continues to improve as it has these last 2 episodes

  17. New onlocation videos- Abhi again comes in recording studio. Pragya handles the candidates who comes to give audition for abhi’s video album’s shoot. Candidates gets mad after seeing abhi. They all asks from abhi for autigraph and selfie and claims as his biggest fans. They all makes lots of noises by querreling with each other to who is abhi’s biggest fan. Abhi gets frustrated but then thinks an idea to handle all these peoples. Abhi asks from all to prove that they r abhi’s biggest fan and who will b win, that fan can take selfie with him. Abhi plays a game with them. Abhi asks from pragya also to take part of this game as she is also his fan but pragya refuses. A girl candidate calls pragya as boring, all laugh. She says to abhi to leave her. Abhi asks everybody’s accessories to keep them on a plate. He asks pragya to collect it from all. Then abhi mixes all the accessories and asks the candidates to search his accessory and who will b fund his accessory, that will b his biggest fan. Everybody gets ready and strats game one by one. Link for the videos- https://youtu.be/biEZ_MD_zPI







  18. Leema Selvakumar

    Memory loss, memory loss ,? watching this kkb, We readers will also have memory loss. Oh my God, no one remembers Pragya too irritating. Abigya’s chemistry is dragging viewers except this nothing is there in kkb. Like Dadi ,her grandson also planning tricks it seems. Whatever it may be Pragya’s innocent love in her eyes,and Abi’s naughty looks attract us.

  19. Nowadays I’m reading only the precap scenes and no improvement at all. But I’m very happy that comments are becoming less and less day by day. But pragya doesn’t look like old fuggy at all. But old pragya was very beautiful but not this one. No offense friends

    1. Sriti’s performances are really good. she looks nice as always.

  20. last week also kkb is at first position

    1. Woow. Haters go to hell. KKB rocks ..

  21. New segment update- update same as today’s on location video. Abhi plays a game of finding his accessory with his fans to find his biggest fan. Reporter says but at last it will b only pragya who will find his accessory, which will surprise abhi. Links for the segments videos- SBAS: http://youtu.be/MtWLFwlBF1M

    SBS: http://youtu.be/wj-aAXQfPbw

    SBB: http://youtu.be/wVLft_yTU-w
    Profile Search PM Buddy

    1. Jabra fan 😀 woooee

  22. disgusting …

  23. Frnds .. i have a dout after watching accessories game location… abhi and pragya already married now abhi loss his memory right…

    Guys abhi have put engegment ring in his hand crt… he always kept that ring with his.. that means after ml abhi seen that ring and ask question about that ring na…

  24. pragya is become sairat Marathi movies archi.kkb rocks.

  25. Story is going on ,but nothing interesting,they are just patching up the storyline .if it continues definitely everybody will loose interest…. What u guys say pratiksha,asmitha,sahithi,shobna …

    1. Yes, i agree with you. There’s nothing interesting nowadays. When i was watching, i said to myself that im just wasting my time watching the show

  26. This cvs are very clever in showing only abi and pragya scene , meetings and keep lots of twists at last disappointing us… only evil will move head in life ..why didn’t dadi talk to pragya of knowing what she is doing .. so selfish now turned out , then what happened to purab is he still in show or he is quitted the show as mentioned earlier , if so.. they have not yet showed purab , there is not even call from purab in knowing how is pragya and what she is doing .. what rubbish…

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