Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya entering Mehra’s house. The guests start praising her and tells that she might be Abhi’s producer or model. Pragya takes off her googles and smiles. Abhi writes letter to Pragya in his room. Tanu asks her friend to click her photos, and she poses for the pics. Her friend sees Pragya and says wow what a beauty. She takes her pic. Tanu tells she is a bride, and asks them to go. Pragya asks if she is taking her selfie and poses with her. She says it would have been good if Camera captures inside dirtyness with outside beauty. Tanu is shocked. Pragya says it is me, Pragya. She asks are you scared to be expose. Tanu says you can’t be Pragya. I thought you have died. Pragya says may be I could be a dream, or reality. She says it is all so confusing. She gets a rose

from someone and asks Tanu to hold rose. She asks her to play rose game, and says she might be Pragya or not. She asks her to pluck the rose petals and play the game. Tanu gets busy in game. Pragya leaves from there. Mitali sees her saying Pragya is there or not, and thinks what happened to her. Tanu says Pragya is not there and gets angry.

Abhi writes letter to Pragya and says he loves her. He feels pain and recalls Pragya’s words. He thinks he can’t stay there. Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells her that everything is ruined. Aaliya asks what happened? Tanu tells that Pragya came here. Aaliya says Pragya can’t come even if she would have taken a birth again. Tanu says Pragya came and gave her rose asking her to play game. Aaliya tells her that she is becoming a baby day by day. She asks if she is doing like Abhi and saying Pragya Pragya. Tanu thinks she might have seen Pragya’s ghost.

Aaliya thinks Tanu has spoiled her mood by taking behenji’s name. Pragya gives her tissue paper to wipe her sweat. Aaliya says thanks and is shocked to see her face. Pragya says it is easy to spend someone’s hard earned money. Aaliya says Pragya Bhabhi and then Pragya. She says I felt nice seeing you. Pragya says your face is saying something else. Aaliya says she didn’t expect. She asks how is her office life? Aaliya says she is an independent girl now. Pragya says I know you can’t act to be good for long. Aaliya says Aaliya Mehra never shares her plans. Pragya says confidence, that’s why you fails. She says confidence is good, but not over confidence. She says what are you upto? You are questioning me like an investigating officer. Pragya asks her to think like that and asks her to have fun.

Bulbul asks Sarla to help her wear earring. Sarla helps her and asks if Pragya called. Bulbul tells that Pragya will call them whenever she likes. She tells her that Purab might come at anytime. Beeji comes and says they have to forget their pain for someone’s happiness. Sarla gets emotional and asks how can they forget Pragya’s pain. She says we are going to bless Tanu and Abhi on their marriage. She says she is not great like Pragya and can’t see Tanu with Abhi. Beeji says we have to do this for Pragya. She says Pragya wants this marriage to happen and has sacrificed her marriage. She asks her not to cry and lower her sacrifice. Sarla hugs her and cries. Bulbul informs them that Purab came. Beeji asks Sarla to come.

Abhi gets emotional as he comes out of his room. He reminisces Pragya while the song Manzilein plays………………. He imagines Pragya and sees her everywhere. He gets happy, but his happiness vanishes. He thinks Pragya will not come with his sayings. Mitali checks the food and thinks to eat. Tai ji says you took my plate. Mitali says sorry. She sees Pragya and is shocked. Tai ji asks Mitali, if you are seeing Pragya. Mitali says yes. Pragya asks if she has got a lottery as she is wearing heavy necklace. Mitali tells that Raj is doing well in his business. Pragya asks why he is not showering his love on mum. She asks Tai ji, how is she? Tai ji says she is fine. Pragya says you seems much fine and might be getting house work done by Rachna. Mitali laughs. Pragya goes. Tai ji thinks Pragya has become arrogant. Abhi comes downstairs and hears Pragya’s voice calling someone Suniye. Yeh Allah Wariya plays……….He is stunned to see glamorous Pragya walking towards him.

Pragya tells Abhi that she is not interested in his marriage and home, and came for her money which he is spending like a water. Abhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • santya

      NOt only for both of them…even for mitali’s mom in law and mitali should think what pragya told about raj!
      CAnt wait for nikhil to join in now.

    • Flo

      How is Pragya with attitude going to STOP the wedding between Tanu and Abhi???? If she lets them marry knowing the baby is another man’s than she is as stupid as she was in the past.

      • santya

        It wont happens for sure. Dont worry. Sure she’ll stop d wedding in a smart way.cant wait to c right. Haha

  1. Really awesome epss frndzz bt i dnt lyk dis getup fr pragya v vant our old pragya with this boldness
    And why c s behaving rudely to abhi dis s not fair frndzz wat ll abhi do for taliya mistakes…poor abhii

    • chithu

      i think she is behaving to Abhi like that since everyone has to believe that she has changed…but not sure what is going to be the impact of that… Abhi has already took lot of time to understand Pragya and it is too late when Abhi started realizing his love for her..and it is again tooo late when he proposed her.. 🙂 so in all this time, he should have understood Pragya very well and he should have no confusion or doubts on her behavior .. but even if they are showing like Abhi starts hating her.. then no point in showing such a slow and steady love life and also such a passionate love especially from Abhi in these few days 🙂

  2. Twinkle

    Nice move pragya….;)
    But isnt she goin to stop the marriage??
    I cnt even expect to see tabhiz marriage,i know no one wants that to happen..
    Pragya stop the marriage by anymeans..save ur kumkum

  3. Priya $

    Super episode.. 🙂 but don’t know how this abhi going to react. Sumtimes don’t know writer may make his character so dumb. Already his character like tat only nowadays. Like old pragya character they may change his character too. Don’t know Wats going to happen. One more thing Purab also the na he may too help her.

  4. Keerthana Jeyashankar

    wow ! At last pragya has now turned to be a model with more attitude and confidence .what a come back!!!

  5. Kavin

    I like this episode but there is no love between abhi and pragya will they unite abhi and pragya or not and what will pragya do about tanu’ s truth .did she know the whole truth of aaliya joined hands with raj and what about tanu’s truth did she know ? And y she is behaving like this to abhi .so confusions

  6. sneha

    Now pragya will behave rudely with abhi n abhi will start hating her n then when she exposes tanu n aliya he won’t believe her….gr8.

  7. Innu

    Super episod and happy to see praghya again . Praghya don’t forget your good values. Praghya don’t behave so rude to abhi. and he is love lot… Now abhi so good

  8. tasnim

    can’t undrstand fully bt its gd that d stry line chnge in2 a new dimention loking frwrd to see what,ll happen nxt,.,hope 4 d best :-!

  9. sana

    But I don’t like pragya new look.especially her eyes fill with wrickles.plz old pragya looks nice.change

  10. navi

    gr8 episode aftr long gap.. I thnk pragya s gng to trap the vamps by takin al the properties in hit name so tat they ll nt cheat abhi again.. tats y she s behaving lik tat to abhi.. since its abhi’s money oly those vamps r trying to cheat him n tanu s marrying him.. once if they cme to knw tat its pragya’s they al ll b shocked n its tym fr fuggi to tak revenge n bring the truth out.. 😛 let’s c.. bt feeling pity on abhi.. evry1 s gvin him pain n nw even fuggi 🙁

    • ushi

      finaly someone posted a sensible comment.. others are just watching the show like dumb have no clue about the story plot… :0

  11. navi

    gr8 episode aftr long gap.. I thnk pragya s gng to trap the vamps by takin al the properties in her name so tat they ll nt cheat abhi again.. tats y she s behaving lik tat to abhi.. since its abhi’s money oly those vamps r trying to cheat him n tanu s marrying him.. once if they cme to knw tat its pragya’s they al ll b shocked n its tym fr fuggi to tak revenge n bring the truth out.. 😛 let’s c.. bt feeling pity on abhi.. evry1 s gvin him pain n nw even fuggi 🙁

    • Prabhi

      Yes even I think so.. When Pragya asks all his property he would agree to do so and seeing this tanu will go out by telling truth as she will think he no longer has any money left… Maybe and Not sure about aliya

  12. Priya $

    Guys I know u r feeling for abhi but for every move their ll b some reason behind it. Surely for making comfort tanu and aliyah pragya doing this. Then only she can prove that they want abhi’s money only. Once property changed to pragya hands surely aliyah can’t do anything and tanu ll leave abhi’s life automatically. But the bad thing is abhi ll get hurt. Tabhi marriage arrangements ll happen but marriage won’t happen.

  13. TINA

    I like the episode… after long time alla variyan sng really amazing……. plz unite abhi and pragya fast

  14. Wow I like the attitude of pragya’s towards taaliya, mitali bhabhi and tai JI. The way she was giving back to the evils, that was superb.?? But she is including abhi also in it, this is not gud. It seems like it could convert abhi’s love in hatred. I hope abhi will deal it with his love not hatred. I think pragya’s rudeness is needed for abhi too becoz if abhi will get to know about taaliya then it could b difficult for pragya to expose both the evils with full proof. So pragya wants to keep far from her planning. That’s why she is behaving rudely with abhi also. And guys pragya have given aaliya an indirect hint that she has came to find out her truth till then she could b happy. But poor aaliya, she couldn’t guess anything in her overconfident. And guys one more thing if pragya have also doubt on raaj becoz the way she was telling to mitali bhabhi that her eating were looking nice. If she got any lottery? I felt here that she is doubting on raaj also.

    • chithu

      Nikki..am pretty sure that they will not show Abhi’s hate to Pragya again… i mean even if they show, in the end they ll show like Abhi acting.. he may tell in the end like, the first day Pragya came back only he understood Pragya is about to something and wants him to hate her …so he started acting like hating her so that he can virtually help her..like that..

      otherwise there is no point such a passionate love they have slowly and steadily developed 🙂

  15. ramya

    I think .. By demanding abhi’s money abhi wil give everything to pragya … Seeing that tanu may confess that she don needs abhi who doesn ve money … After this abhi wil come to know about tanu … I think pragya wants this to happen … Dunno … Jus a guess

  16. Shelly

    A very very required move. Kabhi kabhi lead female ko bhi aise pesh aana chahiye unke saath jo bure hain. Loved d way pragya talked to all of them. But since its a plan to expose them so Abhi has to suffr to let her plan go as she wants. Not feeling bad for Abhi coz its pragya n woh aisi nhi h yeh use bhi pta h. Jaise Tanu ki pregnancy ko lekr pragya k change of nature ka pta kiya iss baar bhi krle bs.

  17. naren

    nice epi after a long time heard allah warriyan so nice I just miss old chasmish and fuggi. the way she behaving with abhi was so rude. already he is very sad now fuggi also behaving like this what can he do

  18. Niharika

    really a nice makeover…. impressive!!! but one thing is confusing, why should she behave like that with abhi— so rude…. i only hope that misunderstandings should not happen now… before coming to any conclusion, first abhi should analyze the whole thing and should not suspect pragya… and here, pragya here says she is not interested with marriage does that mean she will not stop it?? or maybe she is claiming for the property bcoz she knows well that tanu is marrying abhi only for money?? i liked pragya-alia scenes today……. after a long time, same yaaria song— good!!… cant wait to see how pragya’s family will react when they see her in this avatar….

  19. Shelly

    Not much hopes its Ekta’s serial… Can’t help it. Still love is not smthing dat vanishes in jst one line so i trst Abhi in dis case. He won’t believe it easily. Ek mahine baad aayi h kuch toh socha hoga.

  20. Leila

    Nice but y is pragya doing this to abhi I think is to let him no dat the money is missing from his account n to stop the wedding also aaliya is behind everything

  21. Dont

    I dont get it… she looks exactly the same minus the glasses. They could have done something different with her… added some highlights to the hair or something. But love the attitude.

  22. Loshini

    Dadi n raj n rithi was helped her to came back as bold …thn fuggi askd aaliya tat watz ur nxt plan so who z telng abt al aaliya plans to pragya …v shld thnk … So raj z hlpng to pragya i thnk so ….

  23. pravethi

    First abhi to rude pragya and he now realized, but nw new avatar of pragya to rude Abhi….its not an end ha…. then abhi and pragya hw to live in lovely life……Today epi is so superb but the preview on 2mrw is not nice……..All r truble to Abhi nly…..

  24. Sanj..

    I feel pragya wants abhi to gv all his property to her so that aaliya and raj’s wrong intentions are not fulfilled…n so she’ll be rude to abhi n get all d property n money on her name..

  25. Sanaya

    Loved today’s episode. Pragya came back with a bang and I can’t wait to see how her plan unfolds. I just hope Abhi’s love doesn’t turn to hatred…. It was pleasant to hear Allah Waariyan again.

  26. Donna

    She looks even worst than before, her eyes are wrinkly and her hair is too long, how is that young and fresh.. her earrings are old fashioned, its like watching a makeover from the 80’s lol..bad hair and makeup artist..not impressed.. put layers in her hair and put her in a red sari and sari can be a little more s*xy, she looks old

  27. Actually u guys the property papers will turn out to be fake but Aliya will think it’s real because pragya is still pragya only her outside character has changed not the inner and she will make fake property papers to reveal aliyas truth because we all know that pragya is never gonna turn bad from the inside but from outside she can she did the same thing when she wanted to make abhi marry tanu she was being rude to everyone from outside but inside she felt bad even though she got a makeover and all she still hasn’t changed a bit from the old avatar she’s just pretending and it seems that she has really changed which isn’t the truth

  28. amesaah

    Ma’ u re trying 2 repeat wot was Don in kasamse(promise) when Jigiasa ma’ was trying 2 steal Mr jivali’s properties? Hummmm! Pls start respecting married institute we re all, its product or love.help save d feature generation from separation bcos u enjoy. Bani got ma re u repeating how Bani madam save’s Mr Jivalia’s property? Kasamse! Hummmmm! seperated d 1st time 4 six yr, return gave birth 2 another twice,which one was missing & never been mentioned & separate for another sixteenth 2 seventh years. Archana waited 4 manav sir 4 eighteen years, ankita waited 4 five yrs etc D4 he long would abhigya wait? Pls ma’ save us 4rm repeating & stop coping American’s & their I’ll cultured we want pure Indian culture not seperation &

  29. Suriname

    Why are they changing the direction of the kum kum bhagya?
    Why can’t Abhi and pragya live happy life. I don’t even feel like watching it anymore.

  30. Why good people always have to suffer? I’m tired watching this show pragya needs to be happy with her husband knowing how much the love each other. Tanu go look for you man that knock you up .

  31. farida uttan

    Please turn story into positive one – let Pragya?abhi love story continue from where it started recently

  32. Kanchi

    Shabirrrrr Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here you GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I heard many fans of Shabir saying he is very Humble, Down to Earth and so Kind to his fans….Very first time I saw the REALLLLLLLLLLLL Video of him…..

    Last week when he went to Newyork for ZEE TV… India Forum fans had a chance to meet him…. and here is the experience of one of his fan along with videos….

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable Shabir accepted their GIFT – SUN GLASSES and he too gifted them back the SHIRT he wear on that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lucky Fans!!!!!!!!!!!! They are tooo Crazzyyyyy and Shabir enjoyed a lottttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  33. parthy

    Pragya should have come in western style to surprise all including abhi. Why pragya did not meet Dadi and Dasi ? Question arises here. May be in today’s episode, she may meet them.

  34. Now as we all has been seen pragya’s rude behavior to abhi so now first thing which will come in our mind is what will b abhi’s reaction for this? How he will deal with it? I read so much comments on many sites. They all r expecting positive response from abhi to pragya. They all r saying that abhi has been already done the mistake of understood her many times in the past when he had not realized his love but now he is in truely, deeply and madly love with pragya and from which he is fully confirmed and confident. So this time, he will not believe on her fake side and will not misunderstood her becoz now he knows pragya very well. So instead of showing hatred or anger , he will deal it with patience and understanding. Becoz cvs r already so much late to show abhigya’s love story with lots of romance and without hurdles. I also agree with this but I think, when pragya will move with her plan further then firstly he will show his anger with passion but later when he will b alone and will think about all the things and incidents of both new and old pragya again, then I think he could start doubt on pragya’s behavior and then he will decide to find out about pragya’s changed behavior. Many of u r saying that tanu will b walkout herself by telling the truth becoz abhi has nothing. But I think if she will walk out from the house by herself then she will not tell anybody that the child is nikhil’s not abhi becoz it will make her situation more drastic. So she could give excuse that abhi has nothing now so how he will take care of her and her baby? By this excise she will b easily move out from abhi’s life but this truth will remain unreveal that abhi is not the father of her baby and pragya also couldn’t find out her whole truth if tanu will leave abhi’s house. And it will b waste for her to come back in mehra house with new getup and planning. So I think for cancellation of tabhi’s marriage, cvs will use abhi’s anger. Becoz abhi is doing this marriage to pragya and for her promise but when he will see that now pragya haven’t any care of this marriage and for him and the promises and love which was between them so why he do care of her promise so I think abhi will refuse to do this marriage and tanu too will not force him becoz she knows that abhi has nothing now but she will stay in abhi’s house to wait for situations turning. I think aaliya will b assured and convinced her not to back off and to stay in the house till then everything will b in their favour. Then cvs can show pragya, continue with her planning, in mehra mension against taaliya. Pragya can easily tells about taaliya’s truth to abhi but she is not telling becoz she knows if she will reveal it to abhi then abhi will b throw taaliya from the house but tanu’s baby’s father and aaliya’s supporter will b unrevealed which could b harm abhi later, again. That’s why she is hiding it from abhi and behaving rudely to him, to save him from the trap of evils. And at last I wants to share one thing that I didn’t like Darla maa’s visit in abhi’s house for tabhi’s wedding along with family. I mean it is very shameful for a family to attend their x-son-in-law’s wedding when becoz of his mistakes, their’s daughter’s marriage has breaked. I mean I know it was pragya’s wish of tabhi’s marriage but it is not necessary to attend it also. What a crap.

  35. Guys I just saw a new promo where pragya is declaring that she is the owner of mehra mension and from now onwards, the rockstar abhi mehra also belongs to me only. She was telling it in tabhi’s mehndi function.

    • Guys now abhi is all pragya’s with his all properties and house.? I just want to say well done pragya. Gud job. Keep it up. Keep continue with evils band bajao mode.?

    • Chithu

      Ohhh..mehndi function is going on in current episodes Nikki.. Not sure what the CVS are up to… If she declares, will Abhi accept it..becoz she is not asking for Abhi but the rock star Abhi 🙂 … And how about Tanu and Aaliya…

  36. Chithu

    I read on twitter that Pragya will drink in front of everyone ..and Sarla and Dadi will be very much upset to see this….but Dadi will tel if Pragya is behaving like this then there should be some reason behind this… They finished like, v need to wait and watch Abhi’s reaction on it…

  37. Idnt like. Dis borring. Drama. Anymore. Y can’t they nt bring back. Ur pyar hoga yaa. Raja nd avani. Ijust love them. Ithink all good. Things come to end. Rooney. Love. Avani.

  38. LJ

    Guessing it was too easy to just tell abhi what she knows!
    Yarr its an Ekta serial
    Looks like Pragya is serious indon’t know…. There was definitely an easier way to make her point but pragya always chooses the more complicated twisted path!

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