Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Daadi and her family having breakfast. Aaliya informs about her going out with Tanu and Abhi. Daadi asks Abhi to take Pragya out and asks Aaliya to take Purab. Abhi asks where to take Pragya. She says to take her to a romantic dinner and jokes not to leave her alone like in honeymoon trip. Cousin daadi jokes Tanu to go with her boyfriend. Aaliya thinks her plan always fails because of behanji.

Mitali’s dad calls her and invites her for his birthday party. Mitali agrees and gets tensed that Raj will not agree. She sees Raj and makes a fake call to her dad and says she is coming to his birthday party with Raj. Raj says tomorrow is Aaliya’s sangeet ceremony. She gets a call and Raj realizes that she is bluffing. Mitali says her dad is having heart

blockage and may not see his next birthday. Raj agrees to attend party.

Abhi is driving his car with Pragya. He thinks she did not accept his thank and is too arrogant. He starts mimicking her and acts as inebriated Pragya. Pragya asks him to stop mimicking. He asks her to accept his sorry. She says no. He starts driving rashly then. She asks him to drive slowly and touches his wound. He gets irritated and starts driving slowly.

Aaliya plays music. He asks her to stop it. She does not. She sees him driving car slowly and asks why is he driving slowly and says she is feeling hungry. Abhi jokes she is feeling hungry even after eating her brain.

Daadi show at Aaliya’s jewelry to her cousins. Taiji sees that and says is wasting money. Purab reaches there and Daadi shows him jewelry asks if anything is missing. Purab says he does not need all this and just her blessings.

Tanya gets angry on Aaliya for sending Pragya with Abhi and asks why is she ignoring her. Aaliya says she does not know anything.

Aaliya says Pragya is trying to engage her family here and says her mamaji is handle catering here and says slowly her whole family will start their business and stay here and daadi is supporting them. She says she spoil mamaji’s catering food and insult him in front of daadi. Purab hears that and thinks how to stop her.

Mami sees mamaji hiding money and asks about it. He says he took loan for Aalya’s marriage catering. Maami starts shouting on her. Sarla hears that and asks why did he take it and it is a burden on them. Mamaji says if he succeeds in Aalilya’s catering, he will get big orders and will repay the loan soon. Bulbul hears that and says mama is right. She gets a call from Purab who asks her to meet him. She hesitates at first, but agrees and asks him to meet in a nearby restaurant.

Pragya asks him to drive fast as she is feeling hungry. He says she wants to have 5 star food. She says no. He asks if she is thinking of 7 star and jokes she is fit for her area’s dhaba. Pragya says dhaba food is tastier than his 5 star food. He says he will have dhaba food and if he likes it, he will treat her in 5 star bill, else she will pay it. Pragya says she does not want to accept his challenge as he does not fullfills. He oaths on daadi. They both reach dhaba.

Bulbul meets Purab who informs her about Aaliya’s plan. She informs him about mamaji taking huge loan. Abhi on the otehr side gets irked seeing dhaba’s environment and starts arguing with Pragya. Abhi’s friend sees him there and asks if lady is some producer’s daughter and asks him to introduce her, passes weird comments on her. Abhi hits him and says he is his wife. Pragya thanks him. Abhi says he did it for Sarla and Daadi’s sake. Pragya gets happy hearing that and thanks him again.

Precap: Abhi sees Purab in that restaurant, goes and sits next to him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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