Kumkum Bhagya 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi gets restless sensing Pragya in danger

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The Episode starts with Rhea hitting Pragya by her car. Prachi shouts Maa. Rhea gets down from her car…Pragya is fallen down on the road and sees Rhea standing. Rhea looks at her. Abhi is in the meeting and he takes pragya’s name. The people on the road scold Rhea for hitting her in the car. Rhea says she didn’t do intentionally. Prachi says you hit her intentionally. She asks someone to stop a taxi. Rhea panics and sits in her car. The people asks Rhea to stop and asks her to take Pragya to hospital. Rhea says my car will get dirty. The people scold her. Prachi threatens to break her car. Rhea agrees. The people take Pragya in the car and ask Rhea to drive fast. Abhi thinks Pragya is unwell and something happened to her. Purab asks what happened? Abhi gets worried and goes.

Meera comes

to Dadi and asks what does she want? Dadi says she wants to go. Meera says this house and family needs you. Dadi says I know, but it is God’s rule that whoever comes here, have to go. Meera says if time has come then you wouldn’t have seen Pragya. She says when she returns, then she will ask why did you say that. Dadi says you said and tells that she will tell God that she wants to stay for some more years. Meera asks her about Pragya. Dadi tells about Pragya. She says she used to love everyone and was tulsi of the house. She says Abhi and Pragya’s lives are connected. Now Abhi is just spending his time and requests God to bring her back. Meera wishes to see Pragya.

Prachi takes Pragya to hospital with people’s help in Rhea’s car. A Lady holds Rhea’s hand. Rhea asks her to let her go. Lady asks her to wait. Prachi calls Doctor. The guy helping her tells that it is an accident case. Doctor comes and asks to take Pragya to OT. Prachi says Maa. Doctor asks her to be outside. The guy tells the lady that survival chances is less. Rhea thinks if I have to see this emotional drama all life. The lady leaves Rhea’s hand and goes to pacify Prachi. Rhea thinks she shall leave else they will ask money from her. She is about to leave. Prachi stops her and says my mum is in this condition because of you, you think that I will let you leave. Rhea asks her to leave her hand and says such people like you throw their family member for money. Prachi is shocked and tells that you are the daughter of the best father and tells that it was your mistake, and asks her to atleast ask how is she? Rhea says why shall I ask, you are saying as if she is my mum. Prachi asks why didn’t you see her and asks why did you hit my mum. She asks her to tell.

Rhea says I was driving my car on you. She says you have slapped me and insulted me infront of my friends, and also insulted infront of my father. She says I wanted to kill you and your mum came infront of my car. She says whoever is related to you will be punished. She says your mum was punished for being your mother. Prachi raises her hand on Rhea. Rhea holds her hand. Pragya is still unconscious. Abhi is tensed. Purab comes to him. Abhi tells that Pragya is in some problem, but I don’t know what the problem is. Purab says why you are feeling this which you didn’t get in all these years. Abhi says may be I have feelings for my elder daughter. Purab says you didn’t see her. Abhi says may be Rhea is in problem, I should check on her. He thinks why he don’t want to remember her, but want her to be fine.

Rhea tells Prachi, you always lecture me like an elder sister and asks her to stay away from her else she will not stop her from going to hosiarpur. Prachi says I used to take coaching class of the kids, but the parents used to call me to make their kids a better person. She says you are one such student. Rhea says it is not in your limit to change me and says if you try to change me then same thing happened with you which happened with her, and then she will tell what kind of girl, she gave birth to. Prachi asks her not to take her mum’s name else her father will repent to have a daughter like her.

Precap: Meera tells Abhi about Rhea’s arrest by the Police. Abhi is shocked. Prachi tells Pragya that Rhea wanted to hit her actually.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Her jaws of death, as it turns out, truly are murderous. She’s the apprentice mehra murderer. The JAR (junior Aliya Rhea). The Meera woman manipulates Dadi into speaking about Pragya. She has an unattractive tattoo on her back. Back to the hospital and the JAR’s outfit. She really needs longer dresses. Notice all the deep angles they use when her legs are being filmed. there is clearly a reason for that. Just like her Aunt Aliyah used to be filmed in the early episodes. The camera avoids looking straight at her legs. The plot is a repeat. So Boring. Where are the police? The JAR deserves a beating. The dumb JAR has admitted her guilt. Murder Attempt. We have a scene where the two, over the age of 30, provide another visual of opposites. One set up to be sweet, the other an obvious sourpuss. One who is pretty naturally and the other one with plenty of work done. Ekta Aunty doesn’t waste a chance to really take advantage of the actors, who are just so happy to humiliate themselves for fame and money. Abhi is interspersed through the scenes. We already knew how Pragya would make it back into the Mehra house. Tomorrow is full moon. Right on schedule. So predictable. And Kiara is dead, a simple tease.

    1. Sraeeta Ghosh

      What are your views ? How will Pragya & Prachi make it back to Mehra mansion ?

      1. Hullo Sraeeta, I had heard in a pre-cap or a teaser that Pragya would have an accident caused by someone close. Then I realized that it would be either Abhi or Rhea. More likely Rhea because of the ‘punch’ of having a child kill their mother. This leaves the opportunity for Abhi to come to his daughter’s rescue and of course he will take Pragya and the ‘girls’ home with him. Likely, Pragya will be unconscious or in a coma or something. This way, they will be able to write the twin girls stories around Pragya and Abhi, for the time being and still work hard to have the twin ‘girls’ slowly replace Abhi and Pragya.

  2. Change reha I don’t like her

  3. First of all akituster…I never mentioned that disha was murdered by Alia coz I don’t know..I replied u day before yesterday also.

    Coming to the episode..very pathetic one…no matter how much u cry and repent abhi it is not gonna melt my heart for sure..pragya can but I can’t… Sry. But 1 thing was very gud that people have become sensible in all these years..and I’m soo glad for time being that yes humanity us still present. But the whole accident scene was badly shot…in a super market how can u drive like this..I mean its sooo dangerous..and both of them didn’t notice it..if a car is coming towards u..u get a glimpse of a BLACK CAR..I can understand that Rhea is a psycho she didn’t see but at least I can expect this thing from both of them. Rhea is actually dumb..came out of car😆😆😆stupid..

    Precap- Never thought that such a quick action would be taken..police services also improved.. Again if that corrupt police officer would be their then I can very well imagine what’s the outcome.

  4. What crap strange Abhi is feeling that Pragya is in trouble, how about when he left her alone for 20 years with one child

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