Kumkum Bhagya 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab explaining to Abhi and asking him why he is giving importance to Tanu infront of his love. He says you have deep relation with Pragya. Abhi says he has broken Pragya’s heart, trust and love. He says his decision is ethically, logically and practically right. Purab asks how can you take life’s important decision from mind and asks him to listen to his heart. Abhi says matter is about the justice and says he has promised Tanu and can’t back off. He says I will love Pragya all my life. Purab says what a thought and says that you will repent after marrying Tanu completely and madly. I just hate you. I was always proud of you, but I feel ashamed of your decision. He says may be Pragya can forgive you, but I will not and leaves.

Pragya is in room and reminisces

their moments. Abhi thinks why I am punished, for not supporting my love or to support promise. Pragya cries. Abhi also cries reminiscing their moments. Pragya comes to Dadi and says she went to have water. Purab asks Dadi to tell her plan. Dadi says she is ready with the plan and says all our plans were flopped, but today with this plan, marriage will stop right there. Dasi asks her to end the suspense. Dadi takes out Abhi’s marriage album and says this is my plan. She says she will go to Abhi and tell him truth. Purab says so you will tell him about his relation with Pragya. Dadi says she will tell him everything and will also tell that Aaliya and Tanu did her accident because of which, he lost his memory. She says she can’t let Abhi marry Tanu and asks them to come else she will go alone. Purab asks her to think again. Pragya says this is not right and goes to stop Dadi.

Aaliya sees Dadi and asks her to scold the servant. Dadi ignores her and goes. Aaliya thinks what happened to her. Pragya comes. Aaliya stops her, but Pragya also ignores her and goes. Aaliya thinks why they went in a hurry and thinks to find out. Dadi goes to Abhi’s room and calls his name. Pragya also comes there. Abhi says he is in bathroom. Dadi says she wants to talk to him urgently. Pragya thinks to stop Dadi before she lets Abhi know the truth. She tries to stop Dadi and asks her to come with her. Abhi comes out of bathroom and looks for Dadi. Pragya asks Dadi what she was doing and says I can’t support you in this decision and tells that they can’t forget what Doctor said. She says Abhi is doing this as he thinks he is right. She asks her not to inform him and just bless for her married life. Dadi agrees.

Aaliya sees Pragya and asks her to taste sweets thinking it as a medicine. Pragya says it is good. Aaliya asks her to talk to her and says we don’t get time to talk. She says I was shocked when I see you here, but you have given me a good surprise and did a brave work. Did anyone attend her own husband’s marriage and says it is a sign of foolishness. She asks her to imagine and says when Abhi will take pheras with Tanu, you will die with each pheras. She says she is fulfilling Tanu’s dream of marrying Abhi and also fulfilling her dream to ruin her, and is happy. Pragya is upset. Aaliya says it will be fun and I will enjoy each second. She asks her to go to Tanu’s room and see if she is ready,says Abhishek Mehra’s bride Tanushree Mehta. Pragya goes.

Mitali tells her cousin that Tanu is looking beautiful like a bride. Beautician asks her to keep the make up stuff back. Tanu asks her not to touch anything and scolds her. Mitali thinks she will show her what Jethani will be like. She opens the door and sees Pragya. She asks her to go else will get insulted.. Tanu sees Pragya and asks her to come inside. She asks beautician to take a break and says Pragya will do the rest. She asks her to make her wear jewellery and sets her dupatta rightly. She says all media will look at Abhi and me, as we are star couple, and I am star wife.

Abhi tells Pragya that they shall not be together after his marriage due to their love confession, shall not work or meet with each other. Pragya is shocked and teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So boring . Don’t like it again

  2. Pragya deserves everything she gets because she stands up like a dumb fool and says nothing when alia and tanu is taunting her also she holds everyone back from telling abhi the truth

  3. What the f*** is going on!!!!!!!!
    Cut the crap yaar..
    El hafte se Inka ek din nhi Jara…. Writer holidays pe h Kya???

  4. Scroll the screen down for this stupid of stupidest serial where the hero has only mud inside his brain and the heroine is idiot supporting an undeserving hero. Down down Aaliya and Tanu. Why all on a sudden so much of importance for Tanus mom who is not at all a woman in her thinking who refuses to keep Tanu in the place of Pragya before she comes out with a lie. In the whole serial women are picturized as treacherous which is not tolerable. Abhi is a dummy idiot. Only attraction is dadi, dasi and Purab. Aaliya is irritatingly frustrating

  5. How long is this going to drag. Just few hours but can drag for a month. Settle with it ASAP.

  6. How come directors are playing this stupid serial. How much can a women take all this shit. Abhi what character it was how confused and complicated he is marrying tanu but he is saying he will love Pragya throughout his life same thing happened for the very first time he married Pragya and was in love or so called relationship with tanu. Stupid precap how come he order her not to come to MM after his marriage is she a slave to him to order whatever he want to do. One time he will say you are my best friend is that the way he speaks or behaves with best friends. How many times he will break her heart. No one is happy with this marriage including him. No one is supporting him where is his ethical brain I knew he has no logical brain. How many attacks on her. How many responsibilities for her. How many enimies for her. How many problems for her. How many loses can she take. Is she a human being or not?

    At the end they will show how a strong Pragya became week Pragya.

  7. pragya with purab is better, COUPLE PP!!!!

    1. no friend….purab and bulbul only made for each other…don’t compared stupid pragya with purab..

    2. yaar Ruhi… bulbul and Purab is the best Jodi ever.. no one can take their place..

  8. I’m from Sri Lanka, I have watched this series from the beginning. It has started showing in Sri Lanka. But when I started to watch the online episodes I got to know that this is really a bullshit. Currently I’m just reading this story once a month. But nothing has changed for the past month. Directors are dragging these series unnecessarily. So I have started telling my family and friends to stop watching the series. Indian directors are spreading viral messages to well behaved societies. Specially from these kind of crappy dramas. Please keep your shitty things inside your societies. Don’t corrupt our societies.

  9. f**k crap afte marg also there is no doubt that you will miss pragya and cal her just as you said to her in the mandap afte hugging Herr such a craest stupid dumbes dumy hro character due to the istype of character. In real life crazy fans of you will also start to hate you in real life how come written or directory or some — can alow it say this dialog that even after mrg I will love you only after reading this line vveeryy. Asshhammedd. I felt like how cheap this abi with his secretary

  10. this is turning in ahorrible story ….zee tv should stop such show with no meaning how can a man marry when he is already married and also he is not trying to find out what happened to him in two yera which has vanished from his mind …..really stupid show hate watching it now

  11. Bhai kitna or latkao ge bicchara bhagwan bhi kisi aurat ki itni pariksha nai leta hoga jitna is director ne becchari pragya ki le rkhi hai or vo b har bar secrifise krti hai devi ji apko kisi ne poojna nai pati apka kisi or se shadi kr lega or aap apni kismat ko roeinge vah mrna hai tu mrne do abhi ko or tum bhi marjao dono savarg me milna

  12. Abhi is such a coward. This spineless man has no presence of mind of own. There are multiple ways to interpret Abhi’s current choices and I myself am split between different positions. But one interpretation I would like to bring up is this – that Abhi is currently displaying craven cowardice.

    On the surface, he is making a brave choice – forgoing his own happiness and committing to a life of quiet duty, accepting a marriage he doesn’t want.

    But actually what he is doing is hiding from the consequences of the true desires of his inner self.

    He does not dare to face the possible guilt of disappointing Tanu’s dying mother.

    He does not dare to bear the consequences of jilting a girl on the eve of a wedding.

    He does not dare to make the difficult choice of standing by his choice – he could choose Pragya in this moment, choose to build a life with his love despite the cost – but he isn’t willing to pay the cost.

    Abhi isn’t brave enough to live out his love.

    Abhi isn’t brave enough to choose to live a genuine life.

    Instead he is using “duty” and “promise” as a shield. He is choosing to enter a marriage on false pretenses, knowing that he never intends to fully commit his heart and love to his new wife as she has every right to expect. He would rather be deceitful for the sake of appearances than allow his actions to honestly reflect his wishes.

    He knows what feels right but he’s ignoring it in favour of what “seems” right.

    He does not have the courage of his convictions…and yet he gets to use the defense that he is showing the courage of his convictions by choosing to keep a promise that he doesn’t want to keep.
    He does not have courage to accept Pragya and his love for her in front of tanu, her family and everyone.

    Cowardice hiding under a mask of nobility.

    He said to Purab that his decision is ethically, logically and practically right. But actually he knows nothing that what should ethical, logical and practical. He just giving these names to his cowardice. From the day one, he did nothing, which is ethically, logically and practically right. Whether it was before ml or after ml. These types of talk of ethical, logical and practical doesn’t suits him. Whatever purab said yesterday to him that’s was mind blowing and on upto mark and ditto feelings of audience, which we wants to say about abhi. Although Pragya should let dadi tell him the truth but she is ready to take risk on her but not on abhi’s health and Whatever Pragya is doing whether it will b right or not but still she is doing efforts and having gutts to facing any consequences just for his love.

    1. So true Pratiksha, I couldn’t have said it better…my thoughts exactly…what a dumb coward…msh!!!

  13. Abhi is not worthy of being called a man as far as I am concerned. As for Pragya she should move on and let the dumb Abhi get what he deserves. I would even welcome the idea of Pragya marrying Purab or Robin.

    1. [email protected] Robin…that would be a funny change to our sour eyes!!!

  14. Is this really how you indians are? Why is there such stupidity and senselessness in majority of all your serials? Na wa o..if it’s in Nigeria my country,this series would have been over long ago….this tanu and her cohorts will not have a stool to sit on in that house talk more of reigning over another woman’s man and house…blo*dy nonsense. but I can’t fault the writers…it is you guys who watch and complain that I blame…the producers are capitalizing on your guilty pleasure…you guys need to band together and watch better content…if all of you decide to stop watching..since you r over a billion it is safe to assume millions amd millions of you tune in to this nonsense on a daily,thus making them richer. they won’t stop until they capitalize to the maximum level on your inability to watch better television content.

  15. Omolola my sis!u know as e dey be na? See this nonsense abeg….which kind film dis indian pple dey do? …d tin too mumu

    1. I swear…the mumu level no get part two…kai…

  16. Can the writers finish dis bullshit of a serial call kumkum bhagya

  17. I don’t understand one point, this writer and director created story. Without having any clear cut idea they are chasing the bush. If this is what happens to them, then what are their reactions.

  18. I thought its a good one but it turned so bad cant they afford another hero for pragya .i saw there salary , cant they cut and give more .They are polluting bangladesh people.Thank god dont see it ,just read the comments. All the serials have ended with this one,stop to see everyone then it will stop.

  19. I hope Abhi will get his memory back when he sits before agni sakshee..,

  20. this is the highest level of stupidity

  21. Lousiest chewing gum serial. Even school going kid can better direct this serial better than this Foolish director. It is very evident that he simply wanted to draaaaaaaag on the episodes. Silly, ok for the family Abhi,s health is important and being a super star what about his fans who knew that he already got married with Pragnya. Above all press people interviewing as if Abhi is getting married for the first time. Please for heaven’s sake conclude this rubbish.
    Govt should impose a ban on the length of the serials.

  22. Sriti’s acting is become worst.her real life enjoyment is reflecting in the serial.bullshit characters r abhigya.

  23. Pargiya is smart she Will difenately stop the wedding to take place in the last round

  24. Stupid storyline everrr. I dnt understand y they are dragging this drama so long. Dragging it more and more has led to the boredness.
    Stupid characters and their brainless minds.

  25. Worst show ever…people in Trinidad stop watching this long time…

  26. The police in that country has not carried out any justice on any matter in this show. What do they do in India?

  27. Carol from Trini

    Sigh…… so the stress of knowing he is already married is greater than the stress of marrying someone he doesn’t love and being away from the one he does? The story line becomes more and more foolish. It’s really incredible how stupid they’ve made Pragya and how absolutely dumb Abhi is. Are there really women out there who would subject themselves to this nonsense? I’m glad I stopped watching but now it seems I have to stop reading the updates too.

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