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Kumkum Bhagya 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Abhi that he can’t be wrong and can’t do anything wrong. Abhi asks what about Pragya? He says Pragya is not having any blood relation with me. He asks if she will accept me with my wrong doings. Dadi says I know that you loves her from your heart, and she also loves you. She says Pragya can never leave you…I am telling truth. Abhi thinks he has broken their relation with a signature. Robin comes to Dadi and asks her if she has any head ache pain reliever. Dadi says it is a good excuse not to do work. Robin says Pragya needs it. Dadi asks him to stop and gets the medicine. Abhi says I will give her medicine and goes.

Aaliya gives divorce papers to Lawyer. Tanu asks him to get the divorce done in a few days time and asks him not to take longer time.

Aaliya gives him greed of money, and says she needs end result. Lawyer says work will be done and goes. Tanu and Aaliya congratulate each other. Aaliya wishes Tanu for her upcoming marriage. Tanu smiles. Abhi goes to Pragya holding medicine and water tray. Pragya says sorry. Abhi says I should be scolded by you, and my guilt will lower with your scolding. Pragya says it was my mistake and I drank it with my wish. Abhi says I should be punished. Pragya says anger suits you and not guilt. She says if I have done anything wrong? She asks shall I have done something wrong and tells options. Abhi says I don’t have strength to tell you. Mitali comes there and asks Pragya to go to Dadi’s room. Mitali tells her that her behavior was strange yesterday and asks for a prize.

Pragya says my head is paining. Mitali says do you think that I made stories. Pragya thinks what wrong did I do and why Abhi is feeling guilty. Lawyer comes out of Aaliya’s room and his files fall on floor. Dadi asks him what is he doing here? Lawyer refuses to tell anything and goes. Dadi and Rachna get suspicious. They come to Pragya’s room. Pragya says I want to meet you both. Dadi asks did you call any lawyer here. Pragya says no. Rachna tells her that they collide with some lawyer and he refused to give any details. Rachna says Aaliya might be conspiring to get Abhi’s property. Dadi says she saw some stamp papers in Tanu’s hands yesterday. Pragya says they are planning something big against Abhi or me. Tanu makes halwa for Abhi. Abhi says Pragya have made it before. He asks why did you cook it now. Tanu says I have made it. Abhi forgives her and eats halwa. He spits halwa saying it is bitter. Tanu says you are missing Pragya even now, and tells him that she gave divorce papers to lawyer to get divorce done soon. She asks him to get habitual to eat halwa from her hand.

Dadi calls Akash and Purab there. She tells Purab that Tanu was having some papers and said that she have become family member now. Pragya says Tanu might asked lawyer to get divorce papers of us. Purab asks Pragya to get some cold drink. Rachna calls Robin and asks him to bring something. Purab tells Pragya that he tried to enquire about the status of their divorce and it had not happened. Dadi thinks that lawyer went to Delhi and never processed the papers. Purab asks her not to worry. Dadi says we will also have cold drink. Robin comes. Pragya questions him. He says Abhi took you to room. Pragya thinks something is amiss. Purab says only Abhi can tell us now.

Tanu is having icecream. Aaliya says I asked you to give some sweets to Abhi and get marriage date. Tanu says I have done everything whatever you told me to do, but Abhi acted rude with me. Aaliya holds her head and says you are really mental. She asks what is your problem? Tanu says you both couldn’t see my efforts, and scold me. Aaliya gives her icecream. Tanu eats it. Aaliya says those girls are different who cook food and win heart. She says I asked you to buy halwa from a shop, then why did you cook that bitter halwa. Tanu says you people have genes problem and says I will also learn to make halwa. Aaliya asks her to do it after marriage, and says they have to hurry up with the marriage date.

Abhi is talking to someone on phone and scolds someone. Purab comes to him and asks what happened? Abhi says the thing is about trust and says it breaks when you trust something. Purab asks what happened? Abhi says yesterday Pragya and I have went out, and I thought to take her signatures. He says I got Pragya’s signatures on the papers while she was drunk. He says he is angry and feeling guilty. He says what I will do when Pragya comes to know everything. Purab is shocked.

Tanu tells Pragya that Sarla might die hearing the truth. Pragya is about to slap her, but Tanu holds her hand and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys here is a new segment today on sbss on India tv-
    Abhi and pragy are in their room. Whole room was decorated with candles. Abhi and pragya are lighting a candle and lost in each other between this. Pragya burns her hand becoz of it and abhi is applying ointment.
    Pragy looks at him lovingly.

    Suddenly he starts fighting with her and starts throwing pillow. She does it too…

    They have a pillow fight..

    They are in the same outfits.. She is in gray and he is white..They both were enjoying happily.

    Headlines say..

    One side Marraige with Tanu and another side romance with Pragya. They talk about his intentions…
    What will happen to RS Abhi?

    1. actually pratiksha… aftr seeing today and tomorrows episode it ll be clear… bcoz challenge seen is gonna take place tday.. and pragyas reaction is important whn knowing about thr sign… and aftr that i thnk i can make up my mind wd a clear decision…. coz in the segment we can see only part but fr prequel and sequel we have to c the episode.. so aftr seeing next couple of episode i may get clear view on this…. but aftr seeing last few episodes it makes me believe on abhi only…. this is the answer fr yr question… this thing makes me think on abhi…. yeah i accept he cheated prgaya so he felt sad… but there are something more in that expression towards prgya and towards tanu…. but m nt very sure.. lets wait fr next couple of episodes… coz conversation of prgya and tanu is important fr this scenario…. so lets wait

      1. Appa gowtham this is what I am trying to explain u its confusing right now and aft 2 to 3 episodes we will be cleared

    2. Pratiksha, after seeing today segment pic and short video, this is my guess. After seeing the papers, crying n Abhi’s confession, Pragya must have asked him to promise to forget whatever happened, and may be decided to spend the last few hours/day of their life as wife and husband, before the court order comes.

      That is why both seem to be happy in yday segment last part. And as per today’s video, Pragya is decorating the room with candles n they both r in fun mood.

      For a moment I first thought both the leads have gone crazy, when Tanu n Aaliya r executing their plan so fast, these ppl r behaving as if they r not concerned. But after putting together yday and today segment pics, I thought Pragya made some plan n in between having fun.

      May be Pragya told some plan to Purab who is working in background or she herself arranged for something. But imagine Tanu now comes to Abhi’s room in such a setup, I am sure she will die on spot 😀 😀

      One more imaginative, creative thought is Pragya can declare the next day that she is pregnant and she can get some fake paper from any hospital. Anyways till the divorce comes thru they r legally married, so Tanu will go mad if Pragya says anything of that sort. Given the current situation, Abhi will also conveniently take Pragya’s side. In fact that is a good idea for drama, if Pragya tells Tanu’s truth to Abhi n then asks him also to support her in front of Tanu.

      But let us see what the writers will show us.

      1. So funny .. Bt as far as I knoe pragya vl neva become pregnant in kkb .. The CVS wom do it NS .. ;);) bt if it happens the most happiest person vl b me 🙂

      2. As u said ya .. They re decided to have some quality time ..

      3. Wow sahithi nice assumption if Pragya claims that she is pregnant with abhi’s child then definitely Tanu will go mad and if Tanu see abhigya room in such a condition she will die due to heart attack

      4. enaku romba curiosity increase aaguthu… wait pana mudila… shobana…..ena nadaka pogutho…. if they wanna drag further, sahithi sona maari kuda nadakalam…. prgya will come up wd that idea that she s too pregnant… but athoda abhi odiruvan…. he ll thnk enaku theriama elarum pregnant aaguranga nu?? jokes apart.. but curiosity nala ena panrathune therila since its moving towards the end of d track…

      5. Abhi definite ah mental aagiduvan
        Pavam avan struggling between 2 girls

  2. Pratiksha give me the link

  3. Guyzzz i think that abhi comes to know d truth abt fuggy in segment it seems like tat pragya took promise frm abhi then she sits beside n it looks like he excitedly kissed her pragya was also looks happy n according to sbss video as prathiksha said they may arange for candle light in room for their romantic atmosphere i wish my guess should true

  4. Today’s segment update-
    Pragya lights up candles and decorated whole room with flowers and candles. Abgi comes in the room and gets shocked. He closes the door immediately. He helps pragya in light up candles. They shares and eye- lock and gets lost in each other. Suddenly match stick burns fully and becoz of losing in each other, pragya’s hands burns. Pragya shouts and blames abhi that her hand got burnt becoz of him as he was concentrating other side. Abhi asks where was my concentration. Pragya says u were looking at me. Abhi says u also were looking me. Pragya about to give some excuse but starts stammering as she doesn’t understand what to say. Abhi takes crack cream from the first aid box and applies on pragya’s burn finger. Pragya stares him lovingly and doesn’t see that it is crack cream. But when her pain gets increased, then her concentration breaks from abhi and then she sees that abhi is applying crack cream on her fingers. Pragya shouts on him and says u r applying crack cream on me, it uses for crack foots. Abhi says after burning it will b crack that’s why I applied it for later and now u r calm after applying it. Pragya says I m not calm in fact my pain got increased more. She moves towards bed and throw pillow in anger on couch but it puts on abhi accidently. Abhi says u threw pillow on me? Pragya says yes I threw and I will more throw and she starts throwing pillow on abhi. Abhi too starts throwing pillow on her and then they have pillow fights on the bed. Pillows cotton flies all over on the bed and room. Just then purab and akaash enters in room and sees them in fighting mode with pillow. Abhi and pragya stops. Purab says u guys carry on, work could b done later. Then purab and akaash goes from there. Reporter says that pragya wants to enjoy each and every moment with abhi before going out from the house and before tabhi’s wedding. Sbs reporter says soon one year old tanu’s pregnacy track will get finish as pragya will expose tanu in front of abhi on wedding day and will get back the right of her kumkum.

    1. Sahithi u were right. Now I m getting what’s the mean if these segments. Pragya consoles abhi and says him to enjoy last days of their love and togetherness. But in otherside, pragya, purab, akaash they trio r working on the climax too with this. That’s why pragya is calm, happy and satisfied. Two things got clear from today’s segment that Pragya is doing preprations with purab and akaash side by side,secretly, for tanu’s exposure and with this, to make abhi also calm and happy, she is making abhi’s everyday special with some romantic moments from their love so abhi could relax till then wedding day. Gowtham now it is clear for now that it will b only pragya who will exposed tanu.

      1. pratiksha….i dnt knw… u saying prgya and m saying abhi…. these segments are not telling about the sequels right… lets see…. if i get a thut that prgya is the one who is gonna expose tanu means i will tell you…. but as of now, i am still in a state to be stuck wd abhi… lets see couple of episodes pratiksha.. thn it ll be clear fr both of us and fr all….

    2. Pratiksha onethng is confirm that still now pragya was not aware that she signed the divorce papers……..and when again i rewind and saw that abhi was tensed yesterday and little bit upset ….but now he is cool and happy this means did abhi said the truth to pragya ???nd this scene is after dadi slapped abhi i think so…..and Pratiksha and gowtham i am really confused by this segments and challenges….pls can u guys pls tell me the right track pls???

      1. Reji pragya got aware from the divorce papers as tanu has been shown it to pragya which we have been seen in segment and going to watch in today’s episode. Abhi will tell about divorce papers to dadi then dadi will slap him and angry with him. Pragya will come back in her room. She will get shattered and remember their old memories. She will wear her glasses. Then abhi will enter and confess his guilt after which pragya will console him. That kiss or promise scene will come just after this or later, it is not clear but something definetly happens after consolation which makes them relax , happy and lovey- dovey. And then in same day today’s segment scene will happen where they r enjoying their moments.

    3. Prathiksh i have one dount tat ur telling tat reporter says pragya was decide to spend best moments with qbhi before wedding but how can it could be happen n how abhi convinced for this n also i m confused when in last segment when abhi kissed pragya it looks like that he was eventually n excitedly did tat may be this my assumption but im feeling tat pragya told everything to abhi plzzz clear my doubts plzzzz

      1. Aishwarya abhi never wants break his relationship with pragya. Even when tanu’s truth was not out in front of pragya and she was hell bent to fix tanu with abhi. Abhi was insisting her to b with her forever at least as a friend becoz he can’t forget her or can’t stay away from her. That time pragya didn’t accept his proposal becoz she was thinking that it will b not gud to live in any relationship with ex- husband when he is going to marry with another girl who is going to b mother of his child. But now when pragya knows the truth then she may says to abhi that they could b friends and could enjoy these days of their love life. Pragya can’t tell him tanu’s truth without proof that what is tanu’s reality and what is going on in pragya’s mind to stop this wedding, by which she could give abhi assurance. But she wants to make abhi calm till then becoz abhi is going through so much pain. That’s why to remove his pain, she is doing all this by suggesting this idea of enjoying last these days of their togetherness as lovers and later as a friend. This is what I got from segments.

    4. Tq prathiksha for clearing my doubt

  5. Gosh – this is ridiculous. I am watching this show after two weeks and the secret is still not out. It will be 24 months to Tanu’s pregnancy and they will still drag the show.

  6. ho…my god wats hapenning here… i was unavailable only for 10 days… many things has happened in KKB….

  7. Guys Shikha Singh aka aaliya is going to marry with her fiance on 30th April. I want to congratulates shikha. May she and her would b life partner have a very happy and successful married life with each other. Another news is that Shabbir is going to Canada on 23 rd April for some function programme arranged by channel.

    1. yes pratiksha… i too seen that…. i thut of saying it…. and u mentioned it…. april30th… and it ll be pure punjabi style wedding… all the best fr her future….nice villain….. and not to frget i dnt want to put leena in villain category…

    2. so Pratiksha this means .after tabhi’s wedding sequence only he is moving to canada….right??….so tanu’s exposure is very near …and aliya i mean Shikha i am happy for her …..congrats Shikha ….by the way Pratiksha who is her fiance…??

    3. Gowtham shikha’s wedding will in grand Gujarati style as her fiance is Gujarati. And reji shikha’s fiance’s name is karan shaah and he is a pilot.

      1. sry sry…. i was about to say gujarati…. now oly i noticed i put punjabi???

  8. Yes pratiksha and sahithi ur guess was right. But wat abt this spoiler????

    Abhi-Pragya join hands, expose Tanu.

    The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s daily popular show
    Kumkum bhagya will witness some major twist and turns.
    It seems that Tanu confronts Pragya (Sriti Jha), and reminds
    her of the challenge. Not only this, she also speaks rubbish,
    which irks Pragya and the latter lifts her hand to slap Tanu.
    Tanu stops Pragya and shows her the divorce papers.
    On the other hand Pragya will be seen shocked and start
    lamenting, however there is a twist in the tale.
    The moment Tanu will leave the room Pragya will start
    It is heard that Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) doubts Pragya and
    keeps a close eye on her.
    Later, he gets to know about Pragya’s plan of exposing Tanu
    and Nikhil.
    Abhi will be joining hands with Pragya to expose Tanu.

    1. morning itself i have seen this spoiler… but i dnt knw hw much to believe these type of spoilers…. lets see

  9. Ekta one one kf the worst director dragging dragging dragginh since june 2015 she is draggimg the same chapter. .f**ked up realy restles to know when thx chapter wil end

  10. Guys I am a silent reader of your comments . More than updates I like your comments. I am watching this serial from day 1 . For past 3 months serial was like nothing . Only now i can see the abhi. I hope Pragya expose tanu’s truth . And waiting to see Abhi’s reaction on that part.Tanu should get some tight slaps for all her evil activities. Prathiksha , Shahithi , Sobhana your comments and updates are really good.

    1. Welcome to comment section Ramya
      R u from Tamil Nadu???

      1. Yes Shobana … I am from TN . Chennai . U r tamil ?

      2. Yes iam also Chennai only

  11. What if Purab tella Abhi part of the reason why Tanu is so eager to get him to divorce Pragya and convinces Abhi to call the lawyer and ask him not to file the papers. This happens only after the lawyer returns the papers to Tanu’s because Abhi did not sign. What if Abhi tells the lawyer to let Tanu’s belief he has filed. She goes ahead and plan the wedding believing all is right with the world because she won over Pragya and gets Abhi. While Tanu’s taunts Pragya over a partial divorce papers Abhi starts to look into Tanu’s secrets. Suppose Abhi should go to Tanu’s room looking for her. While there hears a phone ringing and found it to be Pragya’s phone. He will wonder why Tanu’s will have phone and remember when Pragya wanted to show him something on her phone only for it to be missing. What if he found Tanu’s confession on phone, which she so stupidly forgot to erase. He lets Tanu believe all is right between them and that she will get the wedding she so eagerly wants that she forces him to destroy the only true relationship he has with Pragya. What if on the day of the wedding where it is shown that Pragya applies KumKum to her head, that it is not Pragya but Abhi who applies it to Pragya and not to Tanu. This will surprise everyone, will it not?When ask why Abhi reveals everything he found on the phone and that’s when he’ ll slap Tanu’s and run her from his house. Wouldn’t that be a twist?

    1. All good with this twist except that Pragya phone had password, how will Abhi see the video without asking Pragya to unlock it.

  12. reji…. right track is not very clear…. me and pratiksha have different opinion in this…. rendu moonu epiosdes paatha than everything ll be clear…. IM u r watching ah… marakama watch this week fully semaya pogum IM…abhi is gonna confess to dadi about tanu…. dnt miss ok

    1. wt I thnk s tat abhi gt to knw abt tanu by dadi or sme othrs means.. dadi slapped abhi knw Apo she mi8 hav told abhi abt the truth.. n abhi s getting ready fr mrge bec he doesn’t want to spoil hr hard work.. so he s js waiting fr pragya to xpose.. or lse abt s tryin to xpose hr by his own plans.. js my assumptions..

    2. Thank you for this update gowtham
      So from today I have to watch IM
      Usually I used to watch tune6 channel from 7-8 in that compering will be funny . Now for abhiga proposal I will be watching zee Tamil

      1. next day 10.30 ku kum retelecast podranga shobana…. and my frd also told about tune6…. what is tune6 channel….??

    3. ya gowtham daily watching it…….abhi proposal kaaga romba eagera irukken…and ni sonnadhu romba currectu…ennathan vera vera language la pathalum …..tamil la pakura mathiri varuma?? …..and ya track is not at all clear we have to wait for some more episodes…….and abhi birthday party la aliya illaiye why???…….

    4. Gowtham, reji and guys I just want to say on this confusion that however tanu expose and whoever will exposed her, I just want the exposure or I can say we wants the exposure in the end of this track and abhigya’s reunion na. So let it b on cvs, let them handle it, what they have planned. We just enjoy the journey of the end of this track with each episode.?

      1. exactly pratiksha ………… metoo want the exposure……and abhigya’s reunion…..let’s enjoy the episodes……

  13. fowziya wat u said is true…. zee tamil la avolo comfortable ah ila paaka… u r right… bt i dnt stop watching it…. though we watched in hindi, nama language la pakra maari varathu… so i would continue watching it… and mainly fr tamil voice over…. apt to the core fr abhigya….. nama language la pakra feel is different…

    1. Yaa Gowtham neengua solradum unmai than ennadhan Hindi lei paathalum namba language lei pakkra andha feel varadhuu ? kandipa Abhigya’s proposal scene varaikum papen.. but idha magum Polimer tv lei telecast panni irundangana kandipa full pathu irupen but unfortunetly illa.. Zee tamil avlo comfortable illa..? aduvum neriya episodes vera cut panitangua..

  14. What if abhi and pragya get lost in romance that they cross all limits..
    Then since pragya doesn’t have any proof against tanu, tanu wins and marriage takes place..
    And pragya leaves the home and the city too to some unknown place to start life afresh..
    Several months later abhi finds out that the child is not his. But he’s already attached to him.
    He goes in search of pragya and finally finds her and comes to know that she’s pregnant with his child.
    Now he gets confused how to divorce tanu because he’ll lose tanu’s child too to whom he’s so attached. But he wants pragya and his unborn child too..
    Later abhi divorces tanu and marries pragya.
    Then the very famous ekta kasoor time leap takes place. Where they show tanu poisoned her son’s ears against pragya and her son. So tanu’s son will try to separate abhi from pragya and their child.
    And pragya is shown trying to save her marriage and trying to expose tanu in front of tanu’s child.
    Abhi will be shown as dumb as always..
    And the story will go on and on and on like how ekta kapoor serials do..

  15. Guys is anyone thinks pragya has a back up plan. but I don’t think so. The writers will give a big twist exposing tanu. I think pragya is not exposing tanu but some others can do like abhi aalia sarla what do u guys thinks

  16. Wanna see abhigya together …….

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