Kumkum Bhagya 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu asking Aaliya to call that woman. Aaliya asks her to have patience. Tanu says one day she will become patient. She says we shall inform Raj. Aaliya says no and says we will not inform him. Bulbul tells Pragya that she will leave now and asks her to message. Sarla is going from there after buying vegetables, but didn’t see them together. Dadi asks Pragya not to call or message her as Dasi is always with her. They laugh. Pragya hugs Bulbul twice and says she misses Sarla. Pragya and Dadi leaves. Sarla turns and sees Bulbul waving bye. She scolds her and asks to come. Purab praises Abhi’s song and says it is good. Abhi says he has composed bad song for her, and says it is his choice to sing the song. He sees Payal with Ronnie and threatens to fire from the

job. Payal apologizes to him. He asks where is Pragya? Ronnie says she went out. He says I will do whatever Didi says. Abhi thinks he heard this line somewhere. Purab says he has changed the line. Abhi asks him to go. Aaliya and Tanu come there. Purab says Abhi made scratch music and we are going for party. Tanu insists to hear his music. Abhi asks her to come.

Mitali tells Raj that she is fasting. Raj says this is not possible. Mitali says she is fasting as Rita Maa asked her to keep fast. Raj says Rita Maa is depended on you for money and asks what did you give her. Mitali says 3000 Rs. He leaves. Mitali thinks she will get her fruit and then she will make Aaliya and Tanu believe her. Pragya calls Aaliya again, with a changed voice. Aaliya accepts the deal with a condition, and says my name should not come infront of anyone. Pragya asks her not to take tension. Aaliya asks for advance. Pragya says okay, she will send someone with money. She tells Dadi that Aaliya is trapped. Dadi asks her to be careful and not make any mistake. Pragya goes to arrange the money. Tanu gets happy and says we will get 10 crores rupees. Aaliya asks Tanu to bring money and she will get scratch music. Tanu thinks if Pragya comes there, she will slap her hard. She tells Aaliya that she will get the money and asks her to steal scratch music CD. Aaliya agrees.

Abhi thinks to keep his music at safest place. Aaliya comes and asks him to give CD so that she takes it to office. Abhi says okay and gives music CD in her hand. Pragya comes and says this music will be processed when I hears it. She plays the recording and wears the headphone. Abhi asks how dare you to judge my music, without knowing anything about my music. She says not bad, and asks Aaliya to take care of her property. Abhi says you don’t know anything about Saregama and acting as you knows it. Pragya says it is her property. She thinks she wanted to hear his song. She thinks she won’t separate him with his music and can’t hurt him. Tanu brings the money, and gets happy. She asks Aaliya to fix meeting with that woman and gives her scratch. Aaliya says Pragya gave this CD to her and will ask in the morning. She says we can’t spend the money until this deal is done.

Pragya asks Abhi, don’t you want to sleep? She asks what you were doing? Abhi says I thought I got my fuggi back at one point, and asks what you will do with this money? Pragya says there is so much to do, I will buy big cars, will go on a world tour……..etc. Allah Wariyan plays…………Abhi says you could have done this being with me….Pragya gets emotional as he holds her hand.

Abhi says we were hungry, and you are eating tasty food. Pragya asks him to cook food in the kitchen and eat food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yea…yea….go Hassan go. tq

  2. Bhavna Shrivastav

    Nice episode but pragya ka answer kya h

  3. hmm..they are ending with the precap scene 🙂 i was awaiting for Pragya’s answer …

    1. But I m not expecting any gud from pragya’s reply becoz after watching today’s precap and ganesh mahotsav abhi’s performance, we could clearly watch that they have still differences and in misunderstanding.

      1. yes Nikki..there is nothing going to be changed becoz of her reply 🙂 but just want to see how she is managing to reply and what is Abhi’s reaction… 🙂 it is a very critical question..becoz Abhi gave valid reason that if she wants money, she could have simply stayed with him..this much drama is not needed 🙂 so need to see what answer she is having and Abhi’s reaction for it… and i simply hope, she will not tell Tanu as a reason for this Qs ,as it will hurt Abhi much 🙂

        but onething am not understanding Nikki..what is this Abhi thinking..i mean if he wants to live with Pragya..what will Tanu do..becoz per him, still it is his baby 🙂 but he is not simply thinking about it… and also, am thinking of Tanu’s parents..how can the parents be like this..with their daughter in such a bad situation, they didn’t come and ask why the Mehndi stopped and what about marriage 🙂 i think CVS can show it in a bit more logical way 🙂

      2. Chithu what reply and what reaction we could e pect in this situation from them, when we knows very well that what r the replies of pragya’s and how r the responses from abhi, we get, during these days. Whatever reply pragya will give, abhi will b confused but still will remain in misunderstanding. And as u say there is no reply as best as tanu’s matter excuse, which could pragya give him as a valid reason that from which relationship and right, she stays with him when he himself snatched all her rights by becoming tanu’s baby’s father. So chithu this is best excuse for pragya to give abhi as her reply. No matter how much it will hurt abhi but it is a valid reason and unknowingly abhi is guilty and responsible for this situation himself somewhere so he have to and he should have guts to face it. And chithu ya you r right that what he is thinking that he stays with tanu and pragya both in sane time! Chithu did u remember many times he said to pragya that you stay with me becoz I want to live my whole life with u, we will think another solution of Tanu’s matter. So chithu, he never wants to marry with tanu after falling in love with pragya. I don’t know what solution he thinks of tanu’s matter but I think somewhere he was thinking that he could do two things, fist is he will adopt tanu’s baby with pragya or he will arrange tanu’s marriage with some other person. It is another thing that he is unaware that tanu could never leave him becoz she did all this for trapping him becoz she loves what abhi is and wants to live with abhi’s stardum, wealth and fame. So chithu abhi had never any strong solution for this but if he thinks then he could go with these two which I think. And chithu u r right that CVS r showing illogicality by not showing tanu’s parents and nikhil too but for this I have only one answer for dragging, dragging and dragging, like always. That’s it. From the day one have they ever showed full logical track which they will show now? So don’t expect any logic from them and just keep watching simply whatever they will show. Let’s see how they will bring nikhil and tanu’s parents back with what valid reason.

    2. I think she will say I want someone who is only mine n I don’t believe in sharing so I’m interested only in money
      If she had to b with abhi then she would have to share with Tanu as she is mother of his unborn child

  4. super i am waiting tomorrows episode becoz todays ending is abhi asks wat will you do with
    this money , he holds her hand and pragya didn’t answer so only i can’t understand wat they r going to telecast about kumkum bhagya zee tv on 20th september 3 and half hours ……… tomorrow i think abhi will cook in the kitchen for tasty food so i am earely waiting………..

  5. Boooringggg… Same thing repeating… Nothing new… No new twist …. Sooo muchh irritating krse ehti

    1. …and they are going to continue to drag it out as long as they can trick people into watching the same old silly story every day. There will certainly nothing new this week. A lot of people have dropped off from commenting. People are tired of the same thing day after day,

      1. Sure jilly.. every1 is fed up of this stry
        Nd chinthu u point out some valid cases.. hw can tanu’s parents didnt come to revolt against the decision

  6. Nice episode. I hope jaldi aliya&tanu ka sachai samne ajayenke. Air pragya&abhi ek ho jayenke

  7. I think that abhi knows about pragya that why he is not taking any action In Ganesh special this secret will be revealed

  8. When pragya and dadi was talking he heard everything then also he suddenly change the topic

  9. Abhi is planning something

    1. I think so too because he can’t possibly be that stupid. He stood there for a while and listened before Pragya saw him. He had to hear what she said.

  10. All I do is read the written update now, I have stopped watching this show as the storyline is dragging on. this has become boring……………….with tanu and aliya and their crookedness

    1. Me too…Bored beyond words. If this keeps up KKB will drop in ratings.

  11. i think pragya plan will work this time & she should do something so that aliya goes 2 jail 2 c what tanu would do

  12. Oh god what a typical question he have asked.. :-‘} That scene when his eyes turned searching for fuggi for a second, then his heart shattered after felt the reality… awesome act yar. Guys when he loves and feels for her this much, why can’t pragya simply say the truth?? He will blindly trust her and support her. This secret drama is suitable to expose the truth to old abhi who believes always his evil sister and his girl friend hurting his wife. But he has totally fallen in love with his wife now. And he is ready to believe her in any situation. In this case, what’s the need of drama?? She can say the truth confidently. It’s just simple I think. But this is also nice. Because we need some spicy fights also.. Let’s see what will happen after pragyas kidnap??

    1. i completely agree with u Deepika 🙂

    2. Dats what.. wats d point of stretching d story so much.. shw it drctly nd end d serial asap

  13. Can someone tell me plz can you watch the special episode on mobile or not

  14. Let abhi show his love Fa pragya … Fa more than a year pragya was loving abhi one side .. Now I’m happy that he shows how much he loves her … This hi actually a visual treat … I’m enjoying this …

  15. Bhavna Shrivastav

    I think pragya change the topic otherwise behave like pragya not fuggi. She can manage the answer.

  16. I hope Aaliyah don’t recongize Her voice n fall into her trap

  17. Abhi love pragya crazyly y nt he knew the truth help her…ohhh i don know y need hude 2 abhi..

  18. In sterday’s episode , Pragys’s reaction was very clear that she misses Abhi..he was also watching her face closely.. even then if he doesn’t understand, then it is bit difficult 🙂

    1. Ya chithu even many times she has given this type of expressions which clearly says that she is same old pragya and her sudden change expression and matter shows she is pretending as heartless but I just don’t understand why abhi remains always confused when he has been seen pragya like this before when she was pretending as bad infont of dadi and family to bring tanu as abhi’s wife. So he should not confused this time. I think this is also CVS one of trick to dragging the track and stuck their audience with their seats.

      1. And chithu we feels that pragya should tell the truth to abhi but we knows also this that pragya is forced to not to tell the truth bevoz of dadi’s promise. And I think at a point dadi is right that they couldn’t trust on abhi’s decisions becoz dadi knows that abhi have not any control upon his anger so he could take sudden wrong decisions in his aggression which could harm him and his relationship with pragya. As we know that abhi will not waste a second to punish and throw taaliya from his life and house without thinking. So if he will throw them out without proof then they could harm his reputation, carrier and life after going outside and abhigya’s reunion will also become difficult. So I think that’s why dadi is stopping pragya to tell the truth to abhi.

    2. And chithu that Allah waariyan song gives feel that we r back to square one where, now abhi is searching for pragya’s love, like pragya was trying before in starting days, between all their sometimes cute and sometimes serious fight.

    3. nikki your predictions are really great…u should really become a writer yaar 🙂

      1. Ya nikil sana is right in future u have great opporunity to become a writter…
        U have any idea for that…

  19. I COMPLETELY agree with u all guys but in my point of view this problem beginning in the first is raj tanu and aliya first aliya was angry with abhi but how can she suddenly forget all
    those things this all for moneyso with some other comments they r saying y to hide this openly she can say to abhi but ………..
    in the pragya’s kidnap definetely pragya will say the truth to abhi i think so…,,,,,.

  20. Guys..new update
    As per the current track pragya is trapping tanu and aaliya saving abhi’s music career
    Pragya knows that music is abhi’s life and she cannot let him go away from music
    Furthermore there will be a music concert where abhi recalls pragya’s betrayal and sings the song kya huwa tere wada
    In return of pragya indirectly expresses her love entering the concert while the song teri galiyan plays in background.
    Soon,pragya will get kidnapped and abhi will go behind then and bring pragya back home.
    Abhi and pragya once again gets closer during this kidnapping drama.
    Apart from this there will be a grand ganpati celebration at abhis house where dadi prays to got to unite abhi and pragya.
    Abhi gets some proof about pragys changing behavior but it is yet to reveal that if he believes her or not.

    1. Nice update..where do u get this?

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  22. he isn’t came yet…

    1. Who?..

  23. Congratz kum kum bhagya yol really deserve it

  24. And whr is rachna n akash??

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