Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bulbul asking Pragya to clear her confusion about the guy in Tanu’s life. Aaliya and Tanu are going to meet Nikhil to return the necklace. Ronnie troubles them. Pragya asks him to keep an eye on them and torture them as well. Abhi thinks why did Pragya bring Tanu to room, and thinks she might be doubting on his intention. Abhi seeks Payal’s help and asks how to woo ex…Payal says she got some important documents from her ex. Abhi asks her to fool Ronnie. Payal asks if he want to fool anyone. Abhi says he wants to know for a album and says I will put your name in album credits. Payal gets happy and goes to Ronnie. She offers him to be her friend. Ronnie asks her not to waste time. He thinks this is her trick and thinks see my trick. He says Payal is cute and says he

wants to hug her. Payal asks what you are doing? Ronnie says we do hug to be friends. Pragya comes just then. Abhi thinks villian came. Ronnie says she wanted to be my friend and was hugging me. Pragya scolds her. Payal says Abhi…….Pragya warns her not to do this again. Ronnie asks her to hug him and laughs. Abhi thinks what to do now. Pragya thinks what to do to know about Nikhil? She thinks if he is having affair with Tanu or Aaliya? She thinks she doesn’t have time and thinks Tanu will pressurize him to marry. She gets an idea and thinks to find out through marriage plan.

Abhi comes. Pragya asks what happened? Abhi says he is in romantic mood and that’s why everything seems to be good around him. He says he is feeling like a guitar whose string is pulled. Pragya asks why did he come to her? Abhi flirts with her and smells rose. Pragya says it is fake. Abhi says a rose is a rose, and says if she feels from heart then she will feel smell. He caresses her face with flower. Pragya closes her eyes. She then asks him to go. Saiyyara Re plays…………………..

Pragya asks him to let her go and says she is not a tape recorder. Abhi thinks she should give respect to me as I am trying to woo her. Pragya thinks what will he get by flirting with me. She thinks she will call Nikhil with an excuse. She gets an idea and thinks she has to get his number somehow. She comes back to her room. Abhi thinks she must have realized her mistake. Pragya asks him to give his phone and says someone is calling him since morning and she wanted to know about the caller. Abhi thinks how can anyone woo her. He gives his phone to her. He asks if she is trying to read his messages. Pragya says no. Abhi says you can’t be my fuggi.

Nikhil thinks to be alert with Aaliya and thinks she can throw me out like a fly. He gets Pragya’s call. He asks how are you? Pragya says you talked to Aaliya about work that day. Nikhil says he has good proposal and needs investors. She invites him home at 11 am. Raj talks to someone and says he will not agree even for 50 Lakhs. Mitali comes and asks what you will not sell even for 50 Lakhs. Raj doesn’t want to answer her. Mitali asks if you are doing something wrong. Raj says what if he doing and says he is thinking to earn money.

Abhi thinks Pragya is not giving him any importance. He thinks to take her on date, and wonders how to convince her. Pragya comes to room. Abhi stops her and says I want to go on a date. Pragya says I don’t want to go with you. Abhi says I am not taking you else my life will be ruined. Pragya asks why did you tell me then? Abhi says it is my helplessness as you are sitting on my money. Pragya says you needs money. Abhi says you are single and don’t want to see anyone happy. Pragya says you are getting married soon . Abhi asks when he is getting married and asks her to get him married tomorrow. Pragya asks how much do you need? Abhi calculates and says 5 Lakhs. Pragya says I heard it wrong, you said 5000 naa. Abhi says he said 5 Lakhs rupees and says he is taking 10 girls on a date. Pragya says it is a big amount. Abhi says these girls are the best and asks her to come and see. Pragya says okay and then says she will see from far. Abhi says he is going on a date so will go and change.

Abhi tells Pragya that his confidence will gear up once he starts dating girls. Pragya says my money will go, and asks him to come fast else the girls will go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. nivi

    watever it is, they ll drag ly daily episodes, otherwise ekta kapoor wnt get nice slp
    bt anyway after a long i hv heard saiyyara song 4 tat a big thnx
    nthng wil happen soon in tis serial
    ronnie u hv done a grt job ya really lyk d way u r supportin pragya

  2. I think pragya is going to fix aaliya and nikhil’s marriage for get to know about tanu, aaliya and nikhil’s equations and relations with each other. Gud, she is finally moving with efforts in this way becoz of Bulbul’s warning. And what rubbish abhigya were talking with each other in last. It is totally nonsense to agree for paying for abhi’s date with other girls, when she is showing herself as against of wasting money like this. Idea was gud by abhi but I felt pragya’s part was not well executed in this last scene. Her dialogues should b different which could make some sense and could connect with abhi’s talk. Gud, nikhil is still alert from aaliya. Abhi’s efforts r going gud but needs more improvements. Keep it up abhi like this. Overall episode was fine with track’s moving further.

    • Maggie

      I think it will b better if Pragya n Nikhil get married as Tanu will think if Pragya marries Nikhil then Abhi will b left with no money n she will b Servent wife of Servent husband n Nikhil will b in mehera house 24-7 so she will feel insecure so to break Pragya she will tell truth
      Abhi will b heart broken n ask questions on Pragya kumkum n she but will play along like Abhi did in mms track so Abhi will get angry asked Tanu to marry but she won’t
      This think this is how track will end

      • Maggie if pragya will announce her marriage with nikhil then how it will work to know about tanu, nikhil and aaliya’s equations? I mean if pragya will announce her marriage with nikhil then tanu and aaliya’s way will get clear and pragya will b also trapped in her own plan. Becoz nikhil is as usual dumb and coward, he will not refuse from the marriage proposal becoz of the fear of catching and he will also not tell the truth for sure. Then pragya will b trapped becoz taaliya obviously will not open their mouths. It will b a very gud chance for them to free own self from nikhil. So it will b very risky for pragya. And one thing more maggie it will b very awkward if pragya will herself give proposal of own marriage in front of nikhil and we knows that pragya will never give abhi’s place in her life at any cost. And third thing is this that if pragya will announce own marriage with nikhil then abhi will also get ready for his marriage with tanu in anger, from which thought, pragya is scared. That’s why she wants to find out the truth soon. In yesterday’s episode when she was talking to herself, she says that she have to find a way soon becoz soon tanu will put pressure of marriage on abhi and her and if once marriage will happen then while plan will gets failed. So I don’t think so she will take this much big risk. Ya if she will fix aaliya’s marriage with nikhil then, they both will gets trapped becoz they will b unable to go against this decision becoz abhi and family will support this marriage becoz of abhi’s gud friendship with nihkil and gud image of nikhil. If nikhil will want to refuse from this marriage proposal then he will have to give logic reason, which he couldn’t give and if aaliya will refuse from it then everybody will think that she is still behind purab so in both cinditiobs , she will have to agree for this marriage. Becoz they have nothing in their hands so if aaliya will refuse from it then may b pragya threaten her by saying it that she will throw her out from the house, if she will refuse. Only one way will left to get rid from this problem which is tanu’s truth. Tanu could manipulate nikhil and convince him to not tell the truth but she couldn’t stop aaliya. Aaliya can do anything to save ownself from any problem. So in this whole marriage plan of pragya, trio tanu, nikhil and aaliya will b trapped badly and in this situation they will definetly do mistakes which could take pragya near of truth and pragya will finally find out tanu’s whole truth.

      • Through this way pragya will find out takhil’s truth and other side abhi will also get to know pragya’s truth that she has never changed, by his trapping pragya in his love plan. This is the right way to end this track which could give this track happy ending. But if whatever u r predicting maggie, this will happen then it will b worst and it means CVS wants to drag this track more and we will also torchered from it’s consequences becoz this plan will b totally wrong and will b taken pragya to the worst.

      • And which is last thing u r saying it that she was old promo of karvachauth’s time, not for future episode. It was an indication promo of abhi’s anger to pragya becoz of his thinking that she hasn’t keep fast for him. That’s it. Pragya and nikhil’s marriage plan will b totally foolish and so much risky. Plz don’t mind yaar, I m saying this for pragya.

  3. Shweta

    What’s going on in this serial man ? When abhi didn’t propose Pragya he understood her so well that he followed her during those Tanu pregnancy revealing episodes and now when they mutually confirmed that they are in love with each other he is not even trying to be sensible enough to workout what she is upto…….this is going no where

  4. kowsy

    I read in serial gossip soon pragya gonna expise tanu and abhi is shocked to know the truth… Don know when it ll happen….. Tell me one thing is pragya planning for nikil aaluya marriage…

  5. Chiii…..
    At least for god sake expose pragya infront of abhi……please coz this is yuck……abhi dating 10 girls ……all tgis happened because happened because of him pragya is struggling because of infact bulbul is right abhi kho sacche swar ka pahchan hain par sacche insaan ke pahchan nahi hain infact hoti tho abhi ko kab thak sach ja patha laga hotha….

  6. ramz

    everyone in mehras family knoe aaliya is so possessed on purab .. Then yy pragya doubts whether it is aalia or tanu .. Pragya needs to think a lill more ..

  7. Ali

    Guyzz I think pragya will fix Aliya marriage with nikhil … And tanu will get exposed soon …

    And I don’t think abhi will succeed in her plan … And maybe in mahasanghan episode abhi will ask pragya to throw her kumkum and pragya will decide to answer all question raising on her kumkum …… Maybe she will reveal her game plan to abhi …

    Let’s see what will happen in upcoming episodes ..

  8. navi

    I thnk abhi ll confirm tat pragya s still lovin him in tat dating sequence.. she ll feel jealous n do smethn n thn abhi ll realize.. yeah finally pragya s dng smethn gud.. hw cvs allowed it..! evrytym they ll make thm fools oly knw.. n vamps r always clever.. if they dnt end tis exposing drama thn u wnt gt any votes.. bt still I support fr kkb team.. rock on by exposing truth soon.. good luck

  9. maryan

    I think they are dragging this show because it gonna end soon because truth is not dragged this way unless the show is nearing its end.so be alert guys.just my opinion guys

  10. Tuti

    Hihihi…..i don’t know abt you guys…..but i like this episode. Especially when Abhi asked Prags for money…..funny scene.

  11. Abhi

    Non sense episode…ppl should learn how to drag episodes from you guys….no doubt your trps are going down..

  12. Guys mahamilan episode will b telecast on 20th November at 9pm onwards. It will b the mahamilan of three shows- tashan-e-ishq, kumkumbhagya and yeh vada raha. Promo update- Twinkle of tashan-e-ishq, pragya of kumkumbhagya and survi of yeah vada raha runs together towards a diya in a mandir to save it from light off. Pragya says his much problems comes in the way, we will prove trust on kumkum today, survived says we will find out the solution of our problems together today, twinkle says today we will make plans to fight from our problems together. Guys I think in this mahamilan episode like they r saying in promo, they will move with their plan which they found to solve their problems. I think in this episode, pragya will move with her tanu, nikhil and aaliya’s equations finding plan. In this day we will get to know her exact, full plan with other two shows.

  13. Am

    Seems like abigya chapter starts when abhi get to know the truth of tannu …. Abhi gets Toltally off with the relatioships then ronnie and payal starts there plan of abigya seeing both abhi and pragya dispressed in there relations

  14. rr

    new segment: ‘U ME AUR TV’ pragya is drunk and abhi is facing much difficulty to manage her- later pragya wears her specs n both abhi and pragya staring each other with love. this evrythng happens in the road!

  15. New segment update- Pragya has drunk heavily and walking on the road in drunken state. Abhi was following her to give her support so she could not loose her balance and fall. Pragya looking for dimples in abhi’s cheek. She pokes her fingers in his cheeks. She tries to feel his face which irritates abhi. In next scene, Pragya have her glasses in her hands. She wears it in front of abhi then they both shares an intense eyelock. Abhi takes glasses from her and says it is not her’s. Pragya was about to blurt that she wears it becoz he likes it. In next scene, pragya runs on the road in drunken state, abhi runs behind her to stop her and taken her to the home. Guys it seems abhi makes pragya drunk on their date or may b situations makes pragya drunk becoz of which it all happens. Segments r not giving clear information that if pragya tell any truth to abhi in this state or not? Becoz they showed it by joint of some of scenes, between this or before it or after it what happened, they haven’t showed. So we will have watch episode to get to know about this whole sequence. I just hope if pragya don’t tell anything clearly, at least she and her activity give some solid hint to abhi about her truth.

      • Sahithi

        There is chance for that. As always, like in any track, sub-track, everyone else makes their plans. But Abhi gives a heroic entry at the end and steals the show. So he may be the one who ends this track also 🙂

      • nivi

        nikki according to me no moree expectation
        may be aftr she starts to blurts she may fall unconscious
        CVS can do anythin to raise our BP ya

    • priya e

      Nikki…. I think pragya will act as drunken (as abhi did during the pregnancy track)… And show she is not having any feelings towards abhi even in that drunken state… to avoid his flirting…

  16. Priya

    The episode was nice but it ws dragging. But soon ekta kapoor is going get slap becoz of not uniting abhigya ……..

  17. Priya

    I think that what maggie told is going to be the scene.iam today happy to hear saiyara after long back…..

  18. Priya

    Ah guys pls tell me the meaning of fuggi. I. Am tamil but iused to see kkb in hindi. In tamil now only pragya is kidnapped iam waiting for their proposal in tamil

    • reji

      ya priya naanum tamil i am also waiting for pragya proposal but i am sad because tanu’s pregnancy blackmailing is also going to come

  19. Sahithi

    So as per new segment, even the scene that fans have been waiting is happening, drunk Pragya after makeover. But interesting thing to watch out is what she will blurt out and what she will still try to hide.

  20. Ayesha

    Nikki if pragya tell whole truth to abhi then it will get more interesting ..

    So what will they show in mahamilap ??

    • Ayesha pragya will tell whole truth. It’s chances r less but who knows may b she will but cvs will show later after everything sought out. But I think abhi made pragya drunk becoz she eill never drink in consious state becoz she knows very well that her truth could get revealed infront of abhi in drunken siruation. So i think abhi did it purposely to bring out truth from pragya’s mouth. And he should get some hint of her truth in this situation, which leads abhi towards pragya’s truth. If not then this scene will b waste but I felt somewhere that cvs have shooted this sequence purposely. But keeping any high expectations from cvs r also like fooling own self. So let’s wait for the actual episode.

      • And in mahamilap episode, I think pragya will move with her plan of finding tanu, nikhil and aaliya’s equations and we will get to know her whole and actual plan regarding this matter.

  21. nandy

    athu nadakatha vishiyam.. don’t expect more. still they are dragging this show without reveals the truth. God mudiyala.

  22. hema

    Friends vote for KKB.. we all waiting to watch pragya and abhi together.. The story line was very very irritating all these days… Whatever may be reason we have to vote for Fuggi and rock star na.. So please vote KKB..

    • ya hema i already voted kkb team because we can’t judge their acting na script and story track line only is not nice but their acting is perfect so for their outstanding acting only i am voting


  23. ramz

    Enjoyn this really .. Damn hiking expectation .. Don’t spoil it .. Jus go on .. N make abhi knoe atleas a lill abt pragyas dis makeover

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