Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bulbul asking Pragya to clear her confusion about the guy in Tanu’s life. Aaliya and Tanu are going to meet Nikhil to return the necklace. Ronnie troubles them. Pragya asks him to keep an eye on them and torture them as well. Abhi thinks why did Pragya bring Tanu to room, and thinks she might be doubting on his intention. Abhi seeks Payal’s help and asks how to woo ex…Payal says she got some important documents from her ex. Abhi asks her to fool Ronnie. Payal asks if he want to fool anyone. Abhi says he wants to know for a album and says I will put your name in album credits. Payal gets happy and goes to Ronnie. She offers him to be her friend. Ronnie asks her not to waste time. He thinks this is her trick and thinks see my trick. He says Payal is cute and says he

wants to hug her. Payal asks what you are doing? Ronnie says we do hug to be friends. Pragya comes just then. Abhi thinks villian came. Ronnie says she wanted to be my friend and was hugging me. Pragya scolds her. Payal says Abhi…….Pragya warns her not to do this again. Ronnie asks her to hug him and laughs. Abhi thinks what to do now. Pragya thinks what to do to know about Nikhil? She thinks if he is having affair with Tanu or Aaliya? She thinks she doesn’t have time and thinks Tanu will pressurize him to marry. She gets an idea and thinks to find out through marriage plan.

Abhi comes. Pragya asks what happened? Abhi says he is in romantic mood and that’s why everything seems to be good around him. He says he is feeling like a guitar whose string is pulled. Pragya asks why did he come to her? Abhi flirts with her and smells rose. Pragya says it is fake. Abhi says a rose is a rose, and says if she feels from heart then she will feel smell. He caresses her face with flower. Pragya closes her eyes. She then asks him to go. Saiyyara Re plays…………………..

Pragya asks him to let her go and says she is not a tape recorder. Abhi thinks she should give respect to me as I am trying to woo her. Pragya thinks what will he get by flirting with me. She thinks she will call Nikhil with an excuse. She gets an idea and thinks she has to get his number somehow. She comes back to her room. Abhi thinks she must have realized her mistake. Pragya asks him to give his phone and says someone is calling him since morning and she wanted to know about the caller. Abhi thinks how can anyone woo her. He gives his phone to her. He asks if she is trying to read his messages. Pragya says no. Abhi says you can’t be my fuggi.

Nikhil thinks to be alert with Aaliya and thinks she can throw me out like a fly. He gets Pragya’s call. He asks how are you? Pragya says you talked to Aaliya about work that day. Nikhil says he has good proposal and needs investors. She invites him home at 11 am. Raj talks to someone and says he will not agree even for 50 Lakhs. Mitali comes and asks what you will not sell even for 50 Lakhs. Raj doesn’t want to answer her. Mitali asks if you are doing something wrong. Raj says what if he doing and says he is thinking to earn money.

Abhi thinks Pragya is not giving him any importance. He thinks to take her on date, and wonders how to convince her. Pragya comes to room. Abhi stops her and says I want to go on a date. Pragya says I don’t want to go with you. Abhi says I am not taking you else my life will be ruined. Pragya asks why did you tell me then? Abhi says it is my helplessness as you are sitting on my money. Pragya says you needs money. Abhi says you are single and don’t want to see anyone happy. Pragya says you are getting married soon . Abhi asks when he is getting married and asks her to get him married tomorrow. Pragya asks how much do you need? Abhi calculates and says 5 Lakhs. Pragya says I heard it wrong, you said 5000 naa. Abhi says he said 5 Lakhs rupees and says he is taking 10 girls on a date. Pragya says it is a big amount. Abhi says these girls are the best and asks her to come and see. Pragya says okay and then says she will see from far. Abhi says he is going on a date so will go and change.

Abhi tells Pragya that his confidence will gear up once he starts dating girls. Pragya says my money will go, and asks him to come fast else the girls will go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ah guys pls tell me the meaning of fuggi. I. Am tamil but iused to see kkb in hindi. In tamil now only pragya is kidnapped iam waiting for their proposal in tamil

    1. ya priya naanum tamil i am also waiting for pragya proposal but i am sad because tanu’s pregnancy blackmailing is also going to come

  2. So as per new segment, even the scene that fans have been waiting is happening, drunk Pragya after makeover. But interesting thing to watch out is what she will blurt out and what she will still try to hide.

  3. Pata nai kb tanu ka truth reveal ho ga

  4. Nikki if pragya tell whole truth to abhi then it will get more interesting ..

    So what will they show in mahamilap ??

    1. Ayesha pragya will tell whole truth. It’s chances r less but who knows may b she will but cvs will show later after everything sought out. But I think abhi made pragya drunk becoz she eill never drink in consious state becoz she knows very well that her truth could get revealed infront of abhi in drunken siruation. So i think abhi did it purposely to bring out truth from pragya’s mouth. And he should get some hint of her truth in this situation, which leads abhi towards pragya’s truth. If not then this scene will b waste but I felt somewhere that cvs have shooted this sequence purposely. But keeping any high expectations from cvs r also like fooling own self. So let’s wait for the actual episode.

      1. And in mahamilap episode, I think pragya will move with her plan of finding tanu, nikhil and aaliya’s equations and we will get to know her whole and actual plan regarding this matter.

  5. athu nadakatha vishiyam.. don’t expect more. still they are dragging this show without reveals the truth. God mudiyala.

  6. dewali mudinchi one week agudhu innum tanu va expose panamudiyala.. kadupu yethranga my lord.

  7. Friends vote for KKB.. we all waiting to watch pragya and abhi together.. The story line was very very irritating all these days… Whatever may be reason we have to vote for Fuggi and rock star na.. So please vote KKB..

  8. Voting is going on please vote for KKB.. Zee tv twitter account hurry up

    1. ya hema i already voted kkb team because we can’t judge their acting na script and story track line only is not nice but their acting is perfect so for their outstanding acting only i am voting


  9. hajira ruksaar


  10. Enjoyn this really .. Damn hiking expectation .. Don’t spoil it .. Jus go on .. N make abhi knoe atleas a lill abt pragyas dis makeover

  11. Ya reji l too upset with tanu pregnancy but stil they didnt. Expose aliya n tanu

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