Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu returning home. Sonali informs Mrs. Mehta that Tanu returned. Everyone see Tanu. Mrs. Mehta says we were worried for you and asks her to say something. Mitali says how can she speak and says nobody can hear broken heart’s sound, she is in shock. Mrs. Mehta asks her to sit. Mitali asks if she wants turmeric milk and asks if she went to commit suicide, and says there is nothing left other than suicide. She asks if you have changed your idea and says I have 101 ideas to commit suicide and some are painless. Mrs. Mehta asks her to stop it and asks her to forget everything. She says we are with you always. Mitali says this is just for saying, but parents taunt their children much. She says who will bear your expenses now. Tanu asks her to stop it else she will kill her. Aaliya

asks Tanu to come to her room. Dadi and Dasi smiles. Aaliya takes Tanu to her room and asks her to handle herself. She asks why did you react and says we have kidnapped Pragya? She says once we make Abhi realize that she is safe then he will marry you. Tanu says I will marry once I sit in mandap, and says her pheras agni shall be lighted with Pragya’s dead body. Aaliya says everything is in control. Tanu says she is convinced as Pragya will not be alive to stop marriage. She says infact by the time, Abhi reaches her, she will be dead. Mitali hears her and is shocked. Tanu says Abhi have to be mine anyhow. Mitali thinks to eat digestion tablet else she might spit this truth.

Abhi is on road and thinks where is Pragya? Pragya asks goons to give her wine and says shall I beg you. Goon asks her to keep quiet. Other goon says we will not give you wine. They discuss and says we can rest if she sleeps after drinking wine. He asks with which hand you can write. Pragya says right hand. They say your right hand will be tied and you have to drink with your left hand. They serve her drink. Pragya throws the drink and tells that they shall race. Pragya says one more glass. They get drunk.

Aaliya asks what you will get by killing her. Tanu says did you stop Pragya when she worn my clothes to marry Abhi, and says once she dies, my problem will end. Aaliya says who will kill her. Tanu says I asked Nikhil to kill her. Aaliya sees Mitali hearing them and opens the door. She pulls her ears and tells her that she didn’t hear anything. Aaliya says I will tell Tanu to harm you. Mitali says I heard everything, but will not tell anything. Aaliya closes the door. Tanu says only your dead body will go. Aaliya asks her not to tell anyone. Mitali says I have to keep your secret hidden, and asks them not to kill her. Pragya pretends to be drunk and cries. She tells that rockstar Abhi married someone else and asks if this is right. Goon says wrong. Pragya says she is feeling sleepy. All goons sleep. Pragya sees everyone sleeping and thinks they are unconscious, I can now escape from here. She frees her hands and thinks to go.

Pragya ties them and thinks now they will not come behind her. Abhi is searching Pragya on the road. He hears some people calling Pragya and runs inside. Purab thinks to take Police help and file FIR. He comes inside the PS and tells Inspector that he wants to file missing complaint of Pragya Arora. Inspector asks his relation with her and asks him to call Sarla. Purab says she is hurt. Inspector asks him to call Sarla. Purab thinks to make him talk to commissioner. Inspector gets a call and asks Purab about tempo color and Pragya’s clothes color. Purab gives the details. Inspector says they found two dead bodies near pond.

Abhi meets Arjun Kapoor near the pond. Missed the rest of precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. new day same shit

  2. Please cant bare this nonsense
    Y always good has to suffer and bad remains happy
    I am getting hurted day by day
    But still i am watching this for abhigya and hope that they will unite

  3. Wah wah the usual bakwas

  4. Why Arum Kapoor now? Stupid story. Pointless game totally

  5. Roj ji tarah Aaj v keval aur keval bakwaaaaas,ye kya dikha rahe ho Aap log

  6. stupid story.going on and on. stupid people keep watching it.knowing the miscreants in the house,they fail to follow them.abhi acts very innocent. she doesnt doubt tanu and het idiotic boy friend.illiterate dadi cant show the wedding photo of pragya and tanu.not able to digest it .will this serial continue with the spin off till abhi and pragya get older for another three more years. let it retain no 1 position for years to come. good reeling by the makets.hats off

  7. worst series ever watched, sony has better serial then ztv, this is a crazy show same thing over and over, kidnapping saving just finish the show and start womething new

  8. What the hell is this na? For how long would this continue? How can a marriage take forever? It’s getting to a month now or already a month!!! What rubbish is this?! I don’t just get it! Finally, something good was happening but they stopped it and Ahbi was blackmailed by Tanu’s idiotic mother and then Pragya is being kidnapped. Where is it done that a marriage goes on forever? ????????????. This was a nice show but now it’s really f**ked up. It’s a MESS! I’ll advice people to just read the written updates, watching the crap would just make you anxious for nothing. ???????

  9. Anyhow kidnap sequence will run till next month.nothing improve in kumkum bagya story

  10. Stupid writer adding more characters to the story who is this Arjun Khapoor because instead of adding characters they should be trying to get an exciting and nice conclusion for this serial it is already irritating I only watch with the hope of Abhigya’ s reunion

    1. hey chill Arjun Kapoor is Bollywood actor … He and Shraddha Kapoor came to this show to make abhi realise his love for pragya and also to promote their movie halfgirlfriend…
      and please I know u all are frustrated with the current track even me but we fans should support them and their efforts whatever happens… so keep calm and watch kkb 😛

  11. Like seriously!!how long will this go on..if they cant unite abhigya then kill them both.

  12. Arjun kapoor is guest !
    He is not one of those additional character in KKB !
    He is here for the promotion of his new movie ‘HALF GIRLFRIEND’

  13. Heee u mercy who ask of your advice ha, if you feel like not to watch the twist of fate. OR kumkum bhagya so don’t watch it OK sriti and shabbir are wonderful people and that’s goes of the rest of yo just STOP your silly and nasty comments this is just a drama none of it cannot happened in real life I have being reading up your comments eixh not funny at all you claim that u used to love this now u hate it if you are fan of sriti shabbir and the rest of the cast be fan and stop calling ekta karpoor with so nasty word if you don’t like the show SO PLZ DON’T WATCH IT don’t mean to be rudely but just say I am a big fan of twist of fate kkb so pls if you don’t have anything nasty to say so keep within your self understand

    1. you are one hundred percent correct Mky !

    2. Yes u r 101 percent correct

    3. Chaaya

      Please noted your own comments because, dear, you negated the meaning by saying, “if you don’t have anything nasty to say . . . .” Huh!?!?

      Don’t take even the commentators seriously because everyone has something to comment on here, good or bad. Just the same way you are so objective and dtpetached with this werewolf display a higher mind with the commentators.

      1. Chaaya

        Objective and detached

      2. Chaaya

        Not werewolf, I meant if you had the wherwithal you would be less harsh to others. Some people are educated as well, so display some mindfulness who speak their minds. People who like everything obediently would probably appreciate dictatorship. This is not spectatorship with dictatorship.

        I think personally allnyour serials are obsessed with marriage, kidnapping, deceit and violence against women. That is a social commentary on the mindset of your so-called minstream entertainment!!!

    4. Hey, this is a medium for people to speak their minds. I never said Sriti and Shabbir are not wonderful people, ofcorse they are. This is a movie and a lot of viewers are agitated by how it’s being prolonged and that’s why we’re commenting. If you like whatever is going on, state it and mind your own business. Everyone here has the right to say what’s on their mind, you can’t just go about telling someone what to do! #freedom of speech#

  14. Wa the hell is going on in kumkum bhagya I really hope this time they kill pragya n end the damm show

  15. probably Arjun Kapoor is there to give him [Abhi] some tips on how to stop getting screwed over and over again and knock some sense into him just kidding he is there to promote his film HALF GIRLFRIEND yet another day has gone by what did i say earlier it will take the numskull another three weeks etc etc gawd man enough of this shit just imagine Tanu wants someone else’s husband and her mother is alright with that what kind of mother is she her upbringing stinks yeah yeah i know its a serial but even us humans are getting carried away with this shitty crap can you imagine what my poor doggie is going tru he got up from next to me put his tail up in the air with a dirty grin on his face like when he is trying to tell me i am stupid get up and cook his food aww ekta enough now na man

  16. I think arjun kapoor came for promotion of half girlfriend

  17. Seriously this is irritating and a crap. They screwed this up a lot. Doesn’t anyone get it that kkb has come from No. 1 position to the last one (which ever is the leas position). Just wondering, How can one repeat a sequence this frequently??? Even if you haven’t watched this from the very beginning also, you can still tell EXACTLY what’s going to happen. No twist, no nothing.. just a sequence of scenes repeating in different environment. Nothing much. Just so you know, we write these comments in a hope that atleast then it will knock some sencse into them & they will not screw up more. I’m not still watching this serial (who will do that), but I read written episode once in a while and still I connect the dots. We (the one’s who WERE biggest fans of Abhigya) write all these crap because we want to see them together after all what has happened. At very beginning, it was just a request but now we lost our control. Serials are mainly for their fans which kkb is losing day by day. We want kkb to come up to No.1 position again, that’s reason we are requesting for this to end and stop this getting any worse.

  18. Gomathi Dhanapandian

    Nothing new. Nobody will watch this stupid serial if you make the nasty twist soooo long.

  19. VINAL

    Mitali bhabhi part was funny 101 nuske tanu ke kam aane wali hai

  20. arjum kapoor fall in love with pragya get married to her and end this annoying serial….don’t know why estar kapult is doing this to dis serial eh?

  21. bakwas story ,bakwas director, bakwas thinking, bakwas show,

  22. I like this stupid love story because of abhi and praghya. I am watching daily 3 times with love. I feel abhi is like my son.i I impressed his qute love with praghya.

  23. All I need is to read your comments and I will know whats goin on
    I will never read that crapcrap
    Unless your comments changes

  24. Chaaya

    Never ending Merry-go-round​! Insulting to anyone’s intelligence , even children stories have a clearance definite storyline.

  25. around and around . just read the red lines don’t watch that s..T anymore

  26. Yes Chaaya, you are right. Everybody can express their opinion here. All are feeling same here, it’s such a wonderful serial and now it’s going in a different direction. Pain is very common factor in everyone’s life, either we take it as a life or a TV serial. We are sitting in front of Small screen to add some fun in life. If we never ending problems there too, then we will become restless. The feelings of the viewers are coming out in the manner of comments only. Please don’t take it so personal.

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