Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu getting tensed seeing Abhi and checks if he has gone. She thinks if he came for Dadi or Dasi. She thinks it is good that he didn’t see me else I would have caught. She thinks she would have been exposed because of Nikhil. Abhi comes and pats on her shoulder. Tanu is shocked. She looks at Nikhil. Abhi asks if you came with someone here. He asks why did you lie that appointment is postponed. Tanu says you will not understand. Abhi asks her to explain. Tanu says I am hiding something which I don’t want you to know. She says I didn’t want you to come with me. Abhi asks why? Tanu says I don’t want to tell few things to you, as you are not my husband yet. Abhi says this baby is mine. Tanu says Pragya can’t let us marry, and gets angry. Abhi says lets talk to doctor first.

Nurse asks them to go home and fight. Tanu thinks she shall go home else she will be caught.

Pragya takes Sarla to hospital. Sarla says we were going home. Pragya says we will see orthopedic doctor first. Sarla says I am fine. Pragya says we will meet Doctor first, and I will be relieved once he does your check up. Sarla says okay. Tanu worries if Abhi sees Nikhil. Abhi asks where is the purse? Tanu says I don’t have any purse. Abhi says I will go and bring your purse. Tanu asks what is more important appointment or purse. Abhi asks are you crazy? He says I am not coming inside and asks her to go and get her check up done. Pragya comes to the receptionist and asks for the appointment. She is asked to go to third floor. Abhi comes to that place and thinks where is Tanu’s purse. He sees it on the floor and gets it. He sees Nikhil but before he could see him, a fan stops him and irritates him. He asks him for a selfie and tries to kiss him. Abhi scolds him. He is about to go inside the ward, but Tanu comes and stops him. She starts fighting with him. Abhi asks what is her problem? Tanu says I am your problem, you didn’t like my company. He sees Sarla and Pragya coming there. He goes to Sarla and hugs her happily. He says you are walking….

Sarla says yes, and says you took care of me so well. Tanu gets irked. Abhi hugs her again. He asks Tanu to come there. Sarla asks why did you come here? Abhi says we came to meet her doctor. Tanu thinks to do something and asks Abhi to come. Abhi comes back to Sarla and tells that Pragya has changed and is very much concerned about her. He asks Pragya to take care of Sarla and goes. Pragya tells Sarla that Tanu is lying and must have brought Nikhil here. They look inside the ward and see Nikhil unconsciously lying on bed. Sarla says Tanu his hiding Nikhil from Abhi. She says today is the auspicious day and God wants you to know everything. She says everything will be alright. They hear Nurse calling Tanushree. They ask if she is searching Tanu. Nurse says she is she has addressed herself as his wife. She says Constable is waiting for her to write FIR. Sarla says she went to gynaec room and asks her to send Constable there directly. Pragya says Maa. Sarla says I thought to do something when God is doing everything.

Purab comes home and asks Rachna, if anyone came to meet him. Rachna says we were searching for you. Akash comes and says I had searched in the entire city. Rachna says Sarla is missing. Purab says she was with me. He tells everything. Akash and Rachna are shocked. Rachna says Sarla aunty knows everything. Akash says you would have told us. Purab says yes, and says he need to go to office. Akash asks Rachna to come and they go to meet Dadi. Doctor checks Tanu and says she is fine. She says baby will become rockstar like you. Tanu gets worried and asks Abhi to come. Abhi asks what happened? He says you are behaving strangely. Tanu says she is tired. Nurse comes calling Tanu and says I was searching you since long, says how can you leave your husband aftr admitting him in hospital.

Tanu asks what are you saying? Nurse says constable is waiting for you. Abhi says there is some misunderstanding. Nurse says I can’t forget her face and asks him to see her signature in the form. Pragya and Sarla come there. Pragya asks what happened? Abhi says nurse is misunderstanding Tanu. Pragya asks him to clear the misunderstanding. Sarla says we will be relieved and Tanu will not take any confusion. Tanu thinks I am trapped, if Abhi sees the sign and Nikhil. She thinks she wouldn’t have saved him. Sarla thinks Abhi will kick her out of house once he knows her truth. Nurse tells Abhi that Tanu is betraying you. Abhi says he will see the sign and is about to go with nurse, but Tanu acts to get stomach pain. Doctor comes and asks her to come to her cabin. Nurse tells Pragya that she was lying. Pragya says she can do anything to save herself.

Nurse tells Tanu that she will bring form and her husband there, and says this matter will solved today as it is matter of my reputation now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ugghh….y cant they jus end this track soon….really getting fed up of this serial….

    1. When will this TIRED story line END….WHEN, When, when???? Let’s move on to the next line of drama – Already.

  2. There where some pictures of upcoming scenes in insta in which tanu is also there which means tanu escaped again


  3. Pls tanu let abhi and pragya be happy get lost.

  4. Very good epi of tomorrow tanu should be revealed now tis too long n her baby i think its now of 13 to 15 month

    1. Hold on………….did you forget How much time did Rachna take for her delivery. She cant deliver until ekta finds time to book an appointment

      1. Even rachana gave birth sooner than dis devil tanu….y cant ekta juz close this prob n bring out nxt prob…??

    1. I agree with you….Tanu is going to get out of this AGAIN. The writers are making fools out of all of you. This is how they get the ratings to go back up….they trick you into thinking that the Tanu is going to get caught and then they pull the rug out at the last minute.

    2. when u ff…………

  5. tanu……….get lost….u demon

  6. Silent reader

    I takhil get relieved then did serial will end nothing more sarcatic drama will be left with ekta thats y they are continuing with this ********* script..

  7. Abraham Lawer

    Sarla is also coming to join Pragya in her mission of exposingTanu. Cant Sarla say the one who make her get the accident. That can expose Tanu more than this hospital matter. I will wait and see the next episode

  8. Nothing will happen in tomorrow’s episode.. reports will be lost n nikil must have escaped

  9. Hi gowtham anna how was your day is it all good. By the way reji shobana akka gowtham anna I got my results I scored 1140 .this happened because of your blessings and prayers thanks a lot reji shobana akka and gowtham anna. Gowtham anna I think you enjoyed your first day??

    1. Hey,congrats yr….u hav really done a gr8 job…all d best for ur higher studies…

    2. Hearty congratulations shiva Nyack. That’s a great score indeed. Good luck for your future. What’s your next plan

      1. Sorry da, misspelled your name. Because of mobile dictionary. Sorry da. Feeling so happy for you Shivanya. You rocked

      2. It’s k ani thanks a lot for your wishes

    3. Thank you varaha and ani I am going to study engineering varaha thanks a lot for your blessings and prayers

    4. Hi shivanya saw ur comment yesterday but can’t comment …hearty congrats to u …I am very happy that u scored 1140 great yaar ….!! Amazing all the best for ur future …..!

      1. Thank you so much reji and how is your leg??

    5. Congratulations Shivanya
      Happy for you

      1. Thank you shobana akka thanks a lot akka

    6. congrats shivanya..

      1. Thanks brintha akka

  10. In this modern technology world there are many ways to expose takhil. But this kkb characters live in paleolithic age. I think in dz drama they must change their costumes also. If they had changed their costumes, things, place, first of all cell phones anciently, then it would have been perfect fitness to their plans, reactions & failures.They r insulting the modern technology. Because though they have all technology facilities they r not using them.
    According to dz serial
    Mehra house = high court
    Abhi = judge (he always needs proofs)
    Pragya = lawyer (bcoz she has to give proofs to abhi)
    Purab, akash, dadi, rachna, bulbul = police ( they have to collect proofs)
    Takhil, aaliya = culprits
    Is this a family???? Nonsense..

    1. Superb description shaz but what u said is cent percent true

    2. very nice description & funny too

  11. Too much thinking going around. Tenu, pragya, abhi, sarla just thinking and maker thinking audience fool. Rubbish…it,s comedy

    1. Do they have that much mind to think. Maker made them mindless characters

  12. This ao called love between abhi and Pragya is utter nonsense. What kind of wife can’t tell her husband the truth and he will not believe. Dadi, Sarla, Purab, Akash and Pragya are all witnesses to the crimes perpetrated and the admission of guilt by Tanu yet stupid games still have to be played????
    The writers of this show have little talent.
    I can only think that even the actors while being paid are fes up with this horrible storyline. Too unrealistic… I’ve been watching from the beginning and can’t believe the circular plots. Can someone please tellme how a man could get hit by a truck head on and live yo argue???? SMH

    1. It will happen in KKB that too especially for negative role. In kkb if a villain gets hit by a truck he can speak and nothing will happen to him but for positive role people if they get hit by car itself they will get paralyzed

  13. Gowtham, HCL epdi irukku. Enjoyed your day bro?

  14. Plz show abhi the form

  15. Interesting.

  16. For a teacher Pragya is not using her brain. Where did she get her degree? The school of Ekita? Is that the producer’s name? This is not about sense and sensibility…brain over heart. This is all senseless and lack of creativity. Bubul has the brains, and if she was still around, Tanu would have already been exposed. In the past Pragya only become successful because of Bulbul’ s smart thinking. Now Sarla looks to be stepping in Bulbul’s shoes because Pragya is making her heart rule her judgement. Too lost in trying to get proof and keeps coming up fruitless. I think she should just sit down and let Sarla have a go at it. Pragya and Dadi need to locked in a room somewhere , they make things more complicated then it aught to, with their band of merry mute followers. They can’t say anything without Pragya and Dadi say so. If they have the love they claim to have for Abhi they should say something despite Pragya tellung them not to rather than have the man walk blindly into this trap, some family. If I were Abhi I will not only kick out Tanu. I would kick out the whole lot of them. Family…fe!

  17. I think tanu again escaped because I have seen some pics in Instagram another pic is our rock star is kissing our pragya ‘s hand y don’t know but tanu is shown in anger by seeing them pratiksha did u seen it

  18. Nothing new ll happen again they ll dragging… After tanu’s delivery they ll reveal the truth… Just dragging.. Approximately some 15 months… Writers ku bore adikatha…

  19. I hate this serial now…. Writers have ruined it’s plot….

  20. New on location video with it’s link-
    Written update-

    Family at the dinning table.
    AbhiGya arguing.
    Abhi comes with tanu and asks pragya about his shares in business. Looks like tanu forced him to ask share from pragya by manipulating him and convincing him through baby. Sarla maa. Abgi says to pragya that he wants his shares. Sarla maa thinks that he us asking for sharing in pander paratha. Sarla Maa offers Abhi to eat panner paratha and says he can eat full. He eats and says its so tasty that he wants to kiss the hand of the person who made it. Tanu gets irked seeing abhi’s mind distract from shares talk to paratha. Maa says him to kiss Pragya hand. Abhi asks why should he kiss her if Maa made paratha.Maa says Pragya made panner so credit goes to her.
    Abhi says he will kiss some other time.
    Dadi says why some other time? You are eating now so kiss now.
    He takes Pragya hand and kisses it.
    Tanu looks on angrily at all this.
    Abhi asking share ( money) from Pragya. Pragya says it’s all hers because she managed everything. Abhi says talent is his so it’s his.
    Pragya says each dialouge and says “hain Na, dadi?”
    Dadi supports her. Abhi says each dialouge and says “hai na, Tanu?”
    Tanu supports him.
    They keep arguing. Abhi asks for 50-50.
    Pragya says 70-30.

    Abhi says let’s see Tomorrow who will get what and leave.

    Sriti’s interview-

    She says Pragya is shy because he kisses her in front of all.
    She says their relation is such that they never talk nice to each other.

    She says “let’s see who will win arguement. One who wins will get more money”



    1. oh dat means still tanu wont b exposed!!!baap re…thus is way too much to be dragged…chewing gum from past 1 yr or more than that

    2. Pratiksha I think the spoilers may come true tanu would have wanted money for nikhil’s bills so she would have manipulated abhi but as always pragya wins the argument with dadi on her side so she will steal the money and blame it on sarla but probably this would be a plan of pragya to expose tanu …………u never know ……..I would like to beleive wat nikhil told that a lot of things would be out at the end of this month…….. rah bhaiyya is back on sets don’t why has he come usually he is useless. ……..

      1. Thats true Billu I also have same feeling why Abhi wants his share is because Tanu wants money for Nikhil’s treatment. So she must have asked for a huge sum which Abhi is again asking from Pragya as his share. But how much Pragya will use this opportunity in her favor, we have to see.

    3. Pratiksha since they dragged the track so much I want tanu to get the worst punishment ………a punishment for lifetime in such a way that she will be embarrassed for her life time

    4. We really must thank you Pratiksha, this serial had really crossed the line, but still you give us your time nd updates segments on location video’s and all..I will not say a word about past 2 episodes, i’am not able to comment about this stuffs, really FED UP ?

  21. Oh .. Thank God I dint watch the episode.. I won too … Fa sure tanu vl b escaped .. Bt this incident vl create any doubt .. Many a times such scenes hpnd bt this dumb abhi neva think of wat is happening around him .. How many he ve seen takhil together .. Atleas he may link al this .. Montage changed .. It is sure thr vl b even more abhigya scenes .. Bt tanus exposure is not soon .. Tat s fa sure .. Bfor n al I’ll b excited to c the segments bt nowadays I ve no expectations .. Lets wait .. No other go. 😉

  22. This new montage means .. Abhi vl care pragya more n he ll b a saviour ? From her danger ? I mean already takhil attempted to kill pragya so they vl try again ..so abhi vl b saving her .. Oh no so there is no trace fa tanus truth out

  23. Guys episodes r nothing. Same Unnecessary dragging continued. Everything is happening rubbish and just for stretching the story as much as possible. It is clearly shown in the episodes. Abhi’s love feeling towards pragya and efforts to make her confess too then again come back to tanu and her baby and their marriage and responsibility, no conclusion, accident sequence also proved nothing except sarla maa’s recovery and then sarla maa’s recovery also gave nothing. New on location video is clearly saying that tanu got escaped again in hospital. And we again came back to square one where tanu again start manipulating abhi, abhi will again start calling pragya as mogambo, pragya will again try to get chance to expose tanu and will show fake attitude to abhi. Sarla maaa will give lectures to pragya on kumkum along with dadi and others will continue with their supports to pragya for tanu’s exposure. In between all this, CVS will put some lavishing scenes of abhigya and some small positive hopes to tanu’s exposure on time to time to stick the audience with their seats. But the reality is this that tanu will never get exposed and abhigya will never unite completely. CVS r indicating only this thing and giving only this result of our patience and tolerance. That’s it guys. And most disgusting and cheap thing is for me abhi is enjoying two ladies in his life. First is his wife and second is according to him his baby’s mother. He is entertaining and handling both on time to time. And both the ladies have no problem from it at all becoz they r busy in completion of their so call aims even elders have no problem who always gives lectures on moral and traditional values. This is most yukk…thing in kkb these days. I have started hating kkb. I will not watch this nonsense anymore until I will not get what I want. Till then I m again starting to following and finding updates only for u guys. That’s it.

    1. now its time i really stop watching this damn serial….till thy expose tanu i wont watch at all…

    2. We should be thankful there are no nagins, dayans in this show. Imagine Tanu n Aaliya getting a dayan or someone cursing Bulbul to be a fly or moth rather than killing her.

      And most Ekta shows are regressive. Thats a fact.

      Unfortunately thats how Indian fiction space is, reality space is even more hopeless atleast for me. Thats why on most days I watch TV only for this 30mins.

  24. And guys did u all see the new montage of the show? It has again changed. Abhi and pragya sitting in oppsite corners on a bench from distance of each other. Abhi offers umbrella to pragya for giving her shade. What is the mean of this new montage? I just don’t understand, what cvs r trying to show by this montage? I understands only one thing from thus new montage that abhi and pragya have still some distances but abhi still ready to save pragya from any trouble. This thing they r showing since long so what’s the use if showing this montage now. Their next montage should b the union of abhigya but this new montage is showing clearly that we r still far from their reunion. So along with episodes, this new montage have also disappointed me. Really I m very much disappointed. Don’t know if ekta have no other new thing or story for showing then why she is producing lots of shows. Guys not in kkb, even I saw that in her most of shows, same thing is happening. It seems really ekta have lack of gud writers. Better to rum only few shows so they can well concentrate on it’s story. So we audience couldn’t annoyed and bored.

    1. hai pratiksha can u tell me that this kkb is in which position in trp

      1. Asmitha last week it was on 2nd position I think. But this time’s trp yet to b come.

    2. thanks yaar that’s y they want to drag again stupid fellows

    3. Pratiksha, I somehow felt happy to see the new montage, the old one with Sanam Re theme was more depressing as it had the indication that they r never far, never close. I also expected the new one to have Pragya n Abhi together and close indicating exit of Tanu but instead of that , the writers showed a little different one. Still I felt this is a positive indication that things r gonna change.

      And coming to the episode, mostly Nikhil will have shifted somewhere else by then and Tanu wont be caught. Now that is expected, because how can we think hospital staff will expose Tanu when family members aware of the truth are not opening their mouth. Now they have to show some days with Sarla also helping Pragya in her plans, right. Like yday to give Sarla some thinking space in hospital, Pragya was looking more dumb.

      Also, in on-location video how now Daadi n Sarla r speaking in chorus on samething, I think we will see Tanu feeling lonely n Pragya thinking she has upper hand. Before Tanu plans something bigger again.

    4. Ya prathiksha montage was superb far much better than the previous one. What I think about the montage is though they stay away abhi has concern for pragya.
      I also think as sahithi said we can’t expect anything from a hospital staff to expose tanu. This episode shows only dragging. The worst thing is abhi didn’t ask sarla ma how she recovered?? He is happy for her that’s ok but he should ask her how she recovered? How this has happened suddenly?? No improvement in the show just beating around the bush. The segments also shows nothing just the dragging. I think we have wait till monsoon for tanu’s exposure as shabbir said in an interview. But what if after monsoon also tanu not exposed??

  25. frst of all… shivanya and hency.. very super dears…. awesome…. congrats from the bottom of my heart…. you guys rocked the result…… ??

    and all.. i read all comments yesterday and i am seriously drowned by all your wishes fr me…. many wished fr me…. juz feel proud and happy to have this much of awesome frds in telly….. so kind to all of you… tday also ani shivanya remembers my joining date and asked about it??? i am seriously happy by all your welcomings nhere…. feel happy to be here guys… and yesterday i was reaching home at 9.30 only so only couldn’t comment… as well as i didn see the episode as well i thnk nothing drastically happened….

    and my frst of HCL. is lik living in new world…. i dnt knw how to express but it kinda produce some reaction to make me thnk about it night fully and frst day is normal welcoming and hcl overview and general norms, taxes explanation and account opening like that only happened…. but it s different experience really…. and the wrst part is i am the younger in my batch of candidates…. all of them are from 1990 1991 like that… all HR section was terrific…. and from my building to reach the cafeteria itself it took 15 minutes of walk… ?? thats tgr funniest part…. over all it is a good frst day experience guys…. and thank u all from bottom of my heart… to your love and support… seriously this is the best grp i have ever been with…. and inside HCL phne is not allowed i guess…. bcoz of the project that m involved in…. so oftenly i cant comment.. sry guys… but i read all your comments… abd i do reply whenever i am free thats fr sure…. again thanks fr the love guys??? awesome u all are…..

    1. Thanks a lot gowtham anna this all happened because of your blessings and prayers . all the best Anna . Enjoy your office life. Once again romba thanks Anna. Shine in your new joblike sun??

    2. So happy for u gowtham and we and our wishes will always live with u. I know u cannot comment mostly from now but Ur less comment will never lose ur special place among us which u have been made between us already. So without any tension u give ur best to ur work and without hesitation u comment whenever u get time. We will never forget u and always wait for ur comment. Gud luck.?

    3. Feeling so so so so happy bro …..congratulations. …super bro..as pratiksha said u made a special place so if u didn’t comment also this place will stay in our mind…!! And all the best for ur future. ..sure I think marriage alliances will come for u right ?? Ha ha …just joking …be ready for that too….!!

    4. That’s nice to hear gowtham

    5. Thanks gowtham anna,kutty and shobana and everyone. ..thanks for ur prayers.congrats shivanya

      1. Thank you hency and congratulations for your marks what you r going to study hency

      2. I am really happy for your wishes reji shobana akka brintha akka gowtham anna ani varaha hency I am really happy thanks for your prayers and blessings

      3. Thanks shivanya
        …I don’t know what tother do I passed JEE main and I am going to write JEE advance and I also wrote NEET exam waiting for results…I an soòooo confused wat about u dear. …

      4. Me too hency I am also confused I need to apply for anna university councilling my ambition is to become an engineer

  26. really a stupid searial first time I got irritation on abhi how can he will be this much dumb I used to watch this serial fr him & pragya before some days I have got irritation on her now on him he becoming so much stupid day by day I can’t see him like this they can end this show na simply we don’t have any torture anymore

  27. Very stupid. Abhi was planning to ask salary why she handed pragya’s hand in his hand that’s why he kept her in his house. Now he forgot everything. Tanu n pragya are always fighting in fact tanu is more smarter than pragya she always escape and manages to manipulate everything.
    Poor family members if they all tell abhi about tanu why he will not belive when he trust pragya so much n dadI
    If he is still doubtful he can have DNA test yar. So simple.
    Stop this nonsense we r fed up.
    U can watch Pakistani dramas they are much more entertaining n subjective. They don’t keep on dragging. This track is going from more than 1 year. Lots of major incidents happened but they never concluded them n showed useless fights. Come on grow up behave like sensible writers

  28. Why always evils win??? What a moral???? Crap CVs better moral I guess,,,,

  29. day by day serial is getting boring.

  30. And here we go with today’s crap, Nurse go inside and find nikhil is conscience and nikhil will bribe her and then she come finally come out with some other person or she tell sorry to Tanu. Abhi the dumb telling Tanu as his wife and he is rock star and no media cover this where even one small celebrity kiss his mother also that makes story and Abhi the rock star telling Tanu as his wife in front of the nurse where that nurse known as Tanu the great model told her that she is nikil’s wife

  31. This serial has just become a Non stop nonsense…….crew guys just dont have d guts to end it….irritating all….shame!!!

  32. I Seriously Feel Like Killing The Writers Director And Producer! if we are watching the show with interest it doesn’t allow them to hurt upto this extent if they can’t show the exposure better they shouldn’t show such segments. I’m a silent reader thnx to Sathahi pratiksha n many more for their updates i used to be so busy with my exams however I managed to read ur updates and share it to my all medical friends but seems like it’s really wastage of time to expect something from this bullshit show incharges! I’m really shunted and furiated too after this long stretch. God pls save as n pls let this mag be read by the Ekta Kapoor! For showing responsibility towards the viewers! Otherwise she’ll be badly cursed!

  33. next montage should be like ashiqui poster of rainy season abhigya covering their head with his jacket.

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