Kumkum Bhagya 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab following Ronnie and thinks he is following Tanu’s boyfriend. Ronnie calls him and asks where are you. Purab reaches him and says I was mistaken. He asks why you have changed your get up. Ronnie tells something. Abhi tells his fans that the evening is ending, and he didn’t know. He says time have come to speak my heart out. Pragya says Tanu will not come and you will take out your anger on me. Abhi says I want to make you meet my love, and requests his fans to give love to his love. He says I will make a confession today and says I want to call that girl with whom I have done a mistake. He asks her to come without taking her name. Pragya comes on stage. Abhi doesn’t see her face and says I am her guilty and will apologize to her infront of you all. He bends down

on his knees without seeing her face and says I did a big mistake, please forgive me….you have to wait because of me, and have bear enough. He says time has come for this. He promises to marry her infront of his fans. Kaisa yeh Ishq Hai plays………….Pragya is stunned and the moment pauses for a while. Abhi finally sees her face and gets shocked. He sees fans happy. He takes her back to stage and asks where is Tanu? Why did you come there? Pragya says I came there to stopped you, but you talked nonstop.

Abhi says I was going to propose Tanu and not you. Pragya says your fans would have laughed at you and that’s why I came, and can’t let my concert fail. Abhi asks her to keep quiet and goes angrily. Pragya thinks I have to go to parking lot and see what is happening? Purab tells Ronnie that Tanu will definitely come there and she can’t risk her image infront of Abhi. Ronnie says he will change her get up. Tanu is tensed and says her dress is ruined. Nikhil asks her not to worry about her dress and says he will be near her, go and meet the blackmailer. Tanu calls the blackmailer and says Pragya have sent me here. Purab says she came alone. Ronnie says we have to do something and make her come out of hide out. Ronnie goes. Purab worries. Pragya is stopped by the media, and they ask her about next concert. Pragya says I need to go now and have important work now. They see Abhi coming and goes to him. Abhi refuses to talk to him. Abhi asks Akash to note down their questions and says he will answer all of them at home later. Ronnie says yes, I am here………………Tanu says so you are here…..Ronnie as a blackmailer says that Pragya sent you here, and says it is good. Ronnie asks her to give money. Blackmailer asks her to find the proofs in one of the cars. Tanu asks if he is mad? Ronnie says that watchman blackmailer told me that you are like Bunty and Bubbly and a real thug. He asks her to call her boyfriend with the money.

Nikhil comes out of the hideout wearing the burqa. Ronnie says where is the money? Tanu asks him to show the face. Ronnie laughs and says your boyfriend have covered his face as well. Tanu says you know him then why you are asking to see his face. She asks who are you? Ronnie says I am Abhishek Mehra. People know me as Abhi. Tanu is shocked. Ronnie asks her to give the money. Purab gets tensed. Tanu asks him to come with them as the money is in the car. Ronnie asks them to go and says he will follow them. Pragya worries and comes there. Purab says Ronnie have smartly made Tanu said everything and I have recorded in my phone. Pragya asks him to show. Purab says my phone battery was less and nothing is recorded. He gets tensed. Pragya asks if they have gone? Purab asks her to call Ronnie and says I will tell him that I haven’t recorded anything. He gets Purab’s call. He tells him that nothing is recorded, and asks him to make Tanu confess again. Ronnie says no and asks him to be there, and says he has understood. Tanu asks him why he have not told his men to bring the proof here. Ronnie laughs, but sees Tanu’s men catching him. Pragya and Purab get shocked.

Nikhil asks Tanu to go and says I will handle him. He asks Ronnie to give proofs else he will be gone. He says lets see his face before getting the proofs. Ronnie says I thought you are a smart player, but you are a fool. He asks his men to come and hold Nikhil. They hold Nikhil while Ronnie tries to lift his veil. Purab and Pragya looks on.

Inspector asks Nikhil to remove his veil. Nikhil removes his veil and shows his face. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally I came to know that hero if the show is Ronnie…. from all these days I foolishly thought that abhi is the hero… purab what a dumb actor… Till now he didn’t succeed in a single issue… He is no more a lead character of the show…. Abhi is a fool… proved again… even if they see nikhil I don’t think so that pragya duffer team can go further… because nikhil is smarter than this stupid team…. He can. Fool them again….

  2. No.1 worst of worst serial in the world

  3. Abhi aur pragya ka jaldi milan karvawo
    this day episode are showing me way to leave this series

  4. Don’t get over excited people.. Tr r many chances for draggin’.. Shabhir Ahluwalia is 37 now.. Hope d writer would expose before he dies.. Sethuda poranda..

  5. Tripthi Arora

    hey yaar ! finally reunion time
    but pls don’t end kumkum bhgya as there is a new serial called vishkanya and pls plspls
    donot end this and pls unite abhigya and it is my request. We want abhigya ! we want abhigya ! we want abhigya!

  6. Hi am a Tamilian, new to this forum ?
    Too much of dragging but anyway there is some progress, lets see what happen nxt !
    They are making the characters looking so dumb coz of this crap. The story was starting very well but it was getiing worst day by day. Anyhow am still a big fan of Abhigya nd Kkb ?

  7. hey tripati ek tha raja ek thi rani going to end & replace with vishkanya serial form 22 march

    1. No shriti
      Sarojini is going to end and vishkanya starts from march 28, 6:30pm and 10:30 pm

    2. Sarojini not going to end, change in time. Will air at 6 instead of 6:30

      Vishkanya for now twice 6:30 n 10:30

      1. Oh since it is 6:30 I thought Sarojini is going to end
        Sry guys

    3. Heard Satrangi sasural is ending n Vishkanya is starting. So there may be some shuffling around of show timings.

  8. Nikkil will escape. He is tanu’s friend. He will say that tanu is in trouble with BM. So she has asked his help to catch the BM. That is the reason he came in the burka attire. Police will then let him free. Pragya get confused about this. The whole drama drags further.

    1. It may happen…ha ha ha….

  9. well done Ronnie u did better than Abhi he just wasting time with his madness …Abhi is such a big fool

  10. Abhi is out Ronnie is in
    Ronnie is better than the foolish rock star abhi

  11. Bt my thot is don expect much .. At least they vl take a month to expose her

  12. about the concert…. as always consider abhi, aaliya, tanu and pragya(team)…

    1)abhi…. he rocks the stage wd hus songs… bt at d end failed to propose tanu and ends with pragya…. FAILURE

    2)Tanu wants to be with abhi and couldnt bcoz of BM…. so she didnt be wd abhi as well as she didnt knw about BM…. FAILURE

    3)pragya(team) planned to expose tanu… bt couldn’t do… except they find about nikhil which is d only good happened in d concert… bt accordingly they also failed to expose tanu…. FAILURE

    4)comes to aaliya… i dnt knw why she came to d concert at all…. juz lik tat come… want to take revenge… cutting d wire thats all…. none happened fr her… like a toy… when needed she was used….. so such a……… FAILURE

    so ena than nadanthathu concert la… except finding about nikhil… all failed in their goal… bt atleast pragya knws nikhils truth.. if that also didnt happen, veruthurupen…

    1. Nope we r not done yet. Tanu n Nikhil also may think Ronnie as blackmailer n its not complete failure for them. Ronnie may see Nikhil’s face, escape and come tell the truth to Pragya n Purab. Anyhow as per precap Pragya also saw that it is Nikhil in burqa.

      But after seeing Ronnie face, and Sarla was already picked from that studio, wont Nikhil n Tanu have major doubt on Pragya. Afterall the ppl they found on both the occasions as blackmailer r Pragya’s mom n assistant. Already Nikhil had doubt on Pragya as Tanu told long back that Pragya is her only enemy and she is the one who doesnt want the marriage to happen.

      So Tanu n Nihkil will be more alert or what if they start spying on Pragya, where she is going, what she is doing, whom she is meeting. And as I had this doubt, they should hide Ronnie as Tanu is assuming him to be dead.
      But if that is the case, Pragya has to do this drama in front of Abhi’s family that Ronnie is missing n may try to trap Tanu by using missing Ronnie thing. May be before Abhi could vent his anger she may tell Ronnie is missing n she has to find him. As usual Abhi will blame her that it is all Pragya’s fault n now she risked Ronnie’s life.

      And for all those thinking Ronnie as hero, oh come on, Ronnie was the one who spoiled the plan when Abhi was chasing Vijay n about to catch him. He missed placing cameras in entrance of vanity. He missed things on so many occasions.
      Finally he is given a part to play, because Pragya already did that watchman disguise and next one may be reserved for Purab. So the disguise n action chance this time is for Ronnie. Writers can make anyone smart or dumb just like that.

  13. bt shahithi, till now its not potrayed as takil have major doubt on pragya…. though at some point they have mild doubt its nt fully potrayed as they have come to knw about pragya….

    and adding to your point… without knwing about pragya, takil play cleverly… if they come to knw about pragya their planing will be high on thinking…

    and again i agree one point about ronnie…. he is one of d reasns fr failure of their goal or maybe a main reason…. one who didnt put camera in vanity…. one whi knocks the door of vanity if he was silent nikhil humself came out and that time easily get caught…. so praising ronnie is not a acceptable factor….

    1. exactly if Nikhil’s face and conversation with tanu was captured in the vanity while fixing the cameras, then the matter would have been closed by now, in fact before Abhi could go onto stage. His mistaken announcement could have been actual one. He could have proposed to Pragya intentionally with all regret.

      But as we know this track will be ended only after more twists n drama, so the chance in vanity van is left out.

  14. no guys ronnie will tell trust to pragya & purabwhen takhil try to kill ronnie I say yesterday & I think about precap pragya will have doubt but cvs will not clear pragya doubt this time will happened lile this only & anyways i dont what will happened this my heart thinking

  15. Ronnie is the hero of the episode …….He is better than abhi……

  16. I lost my interest in watching this serial…this serial can taken in good way.coz…Entire acting team is very much fit and gorgeous but no good script.please change the story writer.
    Also,Abhi and pragya they are made for each other. Please change the concept!!!!!!!

  17. you should stop all these fiction stories

  18. tamil guys…. do watch super singer grand finale… today 6.00 pm onwards… in vijay tv….. most awaiting finals…… i am excited to see frst time live….. vote for the best….

  19. There will be a segment today, watched teaser n very excited to wait. Abhi is in small disguise, monkey cap covering his forehead n hair, shades covering eyes, scarf covering nose n mouth. But still we can make out it is Abhi because of his body language 😀 😀

    He has a small pistol I guess in hand, and either threatening Pragya or just teasing her. There is a white bike also in the frame. Tanu was in the background at a distance.

    Either Abhi now plays a drama to threaten Pragya to get divorce or it is just some teasing going on, we will know in segment. Or it could be an entirely new twist.

    1. There r colors in background beside Tanu n think Abhi came on that bike only. He has biker gloves, looking very dashing.

      There is one more guy in monkey cap in background. Dont know what they are upto.

    2. Abhi is forcing/threatning Pragya to dance 😛

      1. I think sahithi
        This may be for holi celebration

      2. Can u give link

  20. Today’s segment-

    This sequence will be part of Maha Episode. All of Mehra family will be dressed in white for holi celebrations.

    Abhi will enter disguised as ‘Mumbai ka Gabbar’ on a bike, with a mask on, his trademark glasses and a gun in hand. He fires some gun shots to scare everyone

    He scares Purab at first and then take Pragya on gunpoint. Abhi demands her to take out money. Then he asks her to dance . Pragya says she won’t. Abhi scares her and she is forced to a little . Abhi points gun at Pragya and it turns out to be water-gun Abhi removes his mask and everyone cheers for him. Pragya gets angry for scaring her and applies color on Abhi

    For all those noticing Tanu in background – no mention of her in the segment

    Offscreen INT, Shabir: Shabir shares that they are going for something different. They’ll be adding some rumor and fun during the holi sequence. He also shares it is part of a maha episode. Shabir says it was a lot of fun and when you have your face covered an actor can do anything .

  21. I don’t know for what the director is extending this episodes in such a way… its really boring everyday tanu was the winner and pragys will be the loser.. please stop this and give happy ending to pragyas efforts.. then only we all watch kumkum bhagya…

  22. Jus saw .. It was soo funny.. N sriti luks gorgeous in white .. Mumbai ka gabbar 😉 tanu asusual jus standing .. So abhi is not in anger wid pragya fa coming on to the stage .. Or this holi special.episode is no where connected to the actual episodes ha?

  23. Today’s episode?

  24. I waiting for abhigya unity pls understand funs feeling writter

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