Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu coming to Abhi and sees the room dark. She calls Abhi and says she thought he would be alone and that’s why she came there. She says I came to know about Pragya and Champak, a week before, but I was not having proofs. She asks if you are upset with me. Abhi says no. Tanu hugs him and tries to trap him in her fake love. Abhi gets irritated with her hug and asks her to go. Tanu says I want to love you and share your pain. Abhi asks her to go. Tanu thinks she will not leave Abhi from tomorrow and will spend time with him. Pragya comes and is about to collide with her. She says sorry. Tanu asks if she was crying in Dadi’s room and asks her to go to Sarla’s room. Pragya says if your truth comes out the nobody will wipe your tears. Tanu says you are trapped in an illegitimate

affair, and says you couldn’t prove my illegitimate affair. She asks her to give to her room and checks her position in Abhi’s eyes. She says Abhi is heart broken now, and only I can support him. Pragya says it is my room and my husband, I can talk to him whenever I want to. Tanu asks her to go, and says today I know that Abhi will go far from you, the more you try to get closer. She says Nikhil told me something and tells about the proverb. She gives her fake good luck and goes.

Mitali thinks she shall inform Pragya about Tanu and Nikhil’s conspiracy. She asks Robin where is Pragya? He says he saw her going to kitchen. Mitali goes to kitchen. Tanu is in the kitchen and thinks why light is off. Mitali thinks Pragya is there and tells that she came to know about the secret, and says it is all Tanu and her boyfriend’s plan to make you fall down in Abhi’s eyes. Tanu hears her. Mitali says I will support you as you are Mehra bahu, and asks her to expose Tanu. She asks Pragya to give her something and says I am in your team. She says Tanu will leave from our house while hiding her face. Tanu throws chilli on her eyes and says I am Tanu. Mitali says how you are here? Tanu says I thought to open your eyes. Mitali says why did you throw chilli on my eyes, and asks her to give water. Tanu refuses and says she will bring her fake lover and then Raj will kick her out. She goes. Mitali cries and asks for water.

Abhi is sad. Pragya enters their room. Hamari adhuri plays…………….Pragya cries. Tanu thinks she will have fun to hear about Pragya and Abhi’s fight. Tai ji thinks she will spy on Tanu and wears the googles. She asks Tanu what you are doing? Tanu says she is walking. Tai ji says if I walk with black specs then I will get good sleep. Tanu thinks how I will hear Abhi and Pragya now. Tai ji thinks she will check on Tanu’s doings and will inform Mitali. Taya ji informs Taiji and asks her to bring water. Tanu asks her to go and thinks it is good she went else my night show would have gone.

Abhi asks Pragya to wear her specs. Pragya is shocked. Abhi says I want to see where I was wrong? You have become shameless just as you took specs off from your face. He says you have done affair and also accepted it shamelessly. He says you have broken my hope. He says hope is an important thing and can snatch life from a person. He says I was hopeful that my fuggi will return and I bear you torture because of hope, thought you will change yourself, but you have snatched my hope from me. Abhi says when a person realizes love then it is true love. When I was about to confess, propose and surprise you, but you have stabbed me at my back after hugging me. You used to say that your kumkum is everything to you, and asks what is in that man that you forgot about your kumkum, marriage etc. Pragya cries and tries to clear the misunderstanding. Abhi says he will punish himself for her mistake. Pragya asks him not to punish himself rather punish her for her mistakes. She hugs him and cries. Abhi looks on…..Kaisa yeh Ishq hai…………………..

Abhi says it is enough now, I had trust you enough. I had feelings for you until you was my fuggi, but now there is nothing in my heart not even hatred, you don’t exist for me. I am ending my relations with you. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Jill

    After reading precap….. I am done….that’s it for me folks!!! Good luck reading and supporting this dumb shit.

  2. Pri

    Dono how long CV going to drag this part…hating this track and worst.. Y all are silent and not opening mouth against tanu..

  3. Pri

    Either abhi shld open his eyes and see the truth…if not pragya shld move on..when no trust thn no love..how did abhi think pragya characterless. When he had affair with a girl even after marriage.. Where as pragya was loyal to him

  4. Pri

    More over he wants to take responsible for tanu baby and also want to propose pragya..Whta BT his character.except him all knows its not his baby but in his view he is also having affair na.so he doesnot have right to say pragya.. When he doenot trust her.y he wants to know Whta in her heart

  5. Pri

    If she has done wrong she would not have come in front of u …abhi dont deserve pragya… . and y dadi was silent y she disnot slap abhi and make him understand. In kkb only tanu na dialogue..others stand silent like statue.or being someone’s puppet

  6. Pri

    CV just giving wrong impact to viewers..abhi is staying with pragya for two yrs yet he don’t trust her..I shld not ask this becoz he is with tanu for many years yet he Dono her reality… When there is no trust how abhi can claim he is in love with pragya…where is purab…

  7. A fan 4rm bhutan

    abhi y dont u kil pragya at least she wil get some peace. Or jus end this show. Always the antagonist is given more preferences….stupid nd irritating story line. Hw do u think guys….

  8. steffyrao

    SERIOUSLY. ….CVs…. allowing Mitali to reveal abt Champak to Tanu instead of Pragya. That too in the dark. Gosh how low can you CVs go….
    This is just to cheat the viewers.

    WHAT A CHEAP TRICK FROM THE CVs !!!! What an embarrassment to your craft….
    This is so below the belly button..CVs
    You CVs seriously need to put your clothes on when working on the set…

    And you think the viewers would be cluless. Come on CVs
    Thank God i m not watching this…..
    Reading it alone is like slow death….

  9. beauty rajput

    this is never ending show and going round round and round, because writer has nothing new in his mind

  10. Anandi

    Oh my god….how can Abhi say that…is his love for Pragya so weak that he doesn’t see the truth even after seeing her crying bitterly…it’s better that pragya stops fighting for Abhi, he doesn’t love pragya as much as pragya loves him…

  11. keerthi

    stop this crap!!this is the disguisting serial i have ever watched.for how many years will u drag this shit.I accept that the fault is not the actors but atleat they should also understand that the fans are watching this seral only for abhigya’s union.U know what now i feel tanu go marry abhi and then deliver a 21 yr old baby.Pragya marry purab.goddd!sry if i haave hurted anyone’s feelings.I never commented here but today i did and that dumb abhi he wll never believe pragya,during that suresh thing and now this champak.

  12. Asmitha

    This is the one and only serial in which from start of the show upto now lead pair is not united it’s been two years again now they r separated with a stupid misunderstanding
    Really fr first time I myself feeling shame on me fr addicting to this stupid crap
    But onething on which hope cvs kept this stupid twist of champak drama because of this trp is going to fall y by knowing also they did this precap is enough to stop seeing this I think so many will not see only few will watch who r addicted to abhigya

  13. silent reader

    still the train is on the track but not moving forward
    so silly stop it yar how much long ur gng to drag it

  14. koki

    Better pragya u just go away from abhi.. then only stupid abhi realise ur love.. hating this track

  15. sonu

    Yak? such a bad story ? nobody who is having 0 mind also they will not write like this yak… still this story is going on?? atleast Chang the timings v could have d some nice serial? and this totally nonsense ???pragya still knows whatever happened till now abhi still loves her alot than tanu..then What nonsense is that making this drama and what she is getting now is 100% pragya’s fault ..if he belives always tanu and loves her means this drama may b required but for whom she is making drama all family is supporting pragya and ha abhi still loves pragya and believes her till now though he think he is the father of tanu’s baby then also he is thinking of proposing pragya then What is needed for belief ? if pragya tell the truth directly about tanu and nikil to abhi ,he is the one will get happy than all since he is avoiding tanu till now and loving pragya alot? how they gave trp rating high for this nonsense drama ……yak?

  16. Sadia


    • Jackie

      That is COMPLETELY different….Tanu and Abhi had a KNOWN relationship AND Abhi was initially – getting drunk and staying at Tanu’s apartment….. BUT who in the world is this guy …out of the blue and totally made up!!! This – so called relationship – has NO background and No Substance.

  17. Thahira

    The more you guys comment daily, the more CVS will drag the story. Those sick writers are enjoying in our frustration and dragging day by day. People who were pregnant when Tanu pregnancy track started would have given birth to baby by now but this shameless Tanu still carrying a baby without any baby bumps. By her character, writers are humiliating the respects of motherhood. As dadi exposed Tanu in stealing money,she could have exposed Tanu when pragya was blamed. But she still remained quiet. She’s responsible for everything happening right now. And dumb pragya if I were in her place I would have suicided or would have left the MM, when abhi blamed her of her illegitimate affair. But still she’s here trying to prove her kumkum power with her stupid no use team. Friends just for one week boycott the serial. The trp ratings will get low and then only the writers will change the track

  18. Rakz

    Really? When Abhi gets hurt, its the end of the world but when he keeps hurting pragya, thats nothing. He trusts the people he shouldn’t and he doesn’t trust the people that he should. They have made abhi’s character beyond dumb now! As for pragya betraying him in his eyes, what about his betrayal of having a girlfriend while having a wife, now he wants to act like a saint! I personally love abhigya but really, I can’t watch this nonsense anymore

  19. Blossom


    |Registered Member

    Todays epidose ws waste.. oly liked pragya huggng hr hubby… todays episode ws concentrated oly on nakras of mitali, tai ji.. n tanu(idiot). N come on … hw cn mitali talk nonstop in d dark without evn tlng pragya to turn bck.. she din com close. N dint tht dumb mitali mk out d difference in hair ?? Tanu hs curly n pragya hs straight hair.. n while tanu ws comng to blow chilly powder in mitali’s eyes.. mitali din c tht it ws tanu??? Lol.. heights of foolishness… n alws mitali gets to kno d truth n nt abhi.. yyyyyyyyyyy … m wtchng dis shw as a comedy circus.. n nothng else..blo*dy fu**ers cvs team.. a*s hole ekta kapoor.. b*t*h tanu n dog nikhil… go to hell u ppl.. along wit ur shw… n dnt return bck plz

  20. Blossom


    |Registered Member

    N dadi is d worst of all… v all kno dadi cn tl abhi d truth frm d strt… bt alws she gives “jhuta dilasa” to pragya.. b strong n al tht shit.. nothng is gonna hpn.. n i swear if abhi brks relation wit pragya m totaly gonna avoid dis shw. Ek tha raja ek thi rani is d best.. cutest young luv stry.. i luvd it

  21. Ria

    This serial have bcum total faltu!
    T writer had made it a big shit
    I used to luv this serial
    Now I think it as total waste piece of crap
    Aftr reading is precap m done wit it!!!! ?????????

  22. sharmi

    Stopped watching since Tanu has been carrying that baby for over 12 months now…the longer pregnancy in TV history…everything about this show has dragged to the point of total frustration to even waste time watching. Every time I stop watching and read up after a couple of months, it’s always at the same point, no progress. There should be a petition against the stupidity of these writers, I guess it’s a pay cheque for the actors otherwise anyone with less than grade 12 education would not want to act in something like this, it’s an insult to their intelligence…so I would say they are doing it for the money not the joy of acting in this nonsense.

  23. Meera

    How can a hero that too a rock star can b that much budhu.. hare abhi s d hdro.. authof s making hm zero. Avana suyhi all wl cheat and he s that much budhu .. oh god.

  24. Hency

    Oh God. …better end this serial …
    I think they will reveal the so called tanu’s secret that everyone knows except abhi when tanu’s child gets married. Even in that situation also dadi will say we should collect evidence about tanu and expose as if abhi won’t believe dadi words…instead of bulbul dadi should have gone missing. ..atleast bulbul would have opened her mouth

  25. naz

    Kkb has become a labrynith, from the comments, dont know how writers getting out of this serial. Folks, face it……some of you have bp problems by now, by reading comments, its enough trauma for me, so I can only imagine what happens to you all when you read the updates.

  26. Sona

    According to the precap abhi has done gud decision first time in life of giving divorce to pragya because he don’t deserve pragya who done everything for saving him from their enemies.she love him so much that she can even bear all his haterness. Abhi don’t deserve the love of pragya because when you love someone u trust him in every manner n don’t allow anyone to say something wrong about urs love one. What kind of love abhi to pragya who doesn’t believe her can’t even listen to her. If he reallylove her fuggy then he doesn’t allow to say anything wrong about fuggy even after saw the photograph n give tight slap to tanu instead of raised his on fuggy . Abhi show fake love to her fuggy he don’t deserve fuggy. He deserve tanu who love his property n him. Today he said to pragya that there is nothing left in heart even the haterd n you don’t exist for me, One day tanu take whole property of abhi n send him to road the abhi realise to whom he should trust n who love him dearly tanu n her fuggy.

  27. shobana

    CVs have filled this episode with lot of useless scenes like mithali telling the truth to tanu instead of pragya. This part is not at all needed as pragya herself knows that what all happened in bday party is only because of tanu. Mithali is really a monkey. Jumping from one place to another. So long she was helping tanu now suddenly decided to help pragya. I think mithali might open her mouth like she did in money thieft track while pragya prove her innocence.
    So now again hatred has increased for abhi towards pragya. How long abhi will hate pragya?? How long will she cry like this ?? When she is going to find abt champak’s truth???
    Just waiting for next segments hoping some positive improvement in the show.
    Purab is missing for days. Whether he will expose tanu for accusing pragya ??

      • shobana

        Hi hency
        Don’t know because I don’t watch in Tamil. Mom will scold if I watch in 2 languages. Don’t know now what is going on in Tamil.

  28. Dollu

    Totally ch ko u ke matra t ko ee ki matra aa panti abhi is the biggest of them. Feel like abusing them all badly. Pragya team should just hire someone to act tanu boyfriend who can say the child is his and make some fake photo. But no maker want to drag more

  29. Prakash

    tanu is pregnant from last 12 month….. hahahaha..looks like she will be pregnant for more 12 months.

  30. Sarojini

    What hell is this story .they are making people foolish and revolving the same story again and again.when there is no story line further then why to drag….same story its better to end the story and give chance to other stories.how hell is to watch months together the pregnancy which will never prolongs months together as if they whar that doesnt happen naturally in the world if they doesnt find a new track better drag tanu and abhi to the hospital and find a truthful dictor and make tanus dna test and bring out the truth if they think abhi doesnt listen and end the show .what the hell what happened to the ought they have taken on behalf of bulbul and when will they bring out of pragya comes and trith about about they done to her and how she came out from death .this is becoming really stupid i dont believe how such good actors,are acting in such a stupid serial.

  31. baishali

    Oh god… Its so irritating, so much dragging. How could abhi ask such questions and blame pragrya? He has no right when in reality he is doing wrong. How much one girl can tolerate his lover’s wrong doings, misunderstanding, blame. Abhi’s character is totally wrong, no girl can love such a person or dream for such person.

  32. Toochi

    I think the writer’s brain is completely empty why not call for help than to be disgracing ursef n keeping Pple on suspence as well as making evil Tanu winning

  33. Sohni

    Tanu ke chori ( 1 crore) ka such bhi samne nahin aana chahiye tha… Agar tanu ka ye such ( pragya-champak) samne aa bhi gaya toh tanu ki ek line ( maine ye sab hamare bachche ke liye kiya…abhi ) abhi use maaf kar dega. Kyunki bachch ka such , samne kabhi nahin aane wala…. Isse achha abhi-tanu ki shadi kara deni chahiye. At least bechari ki delivery toh ho jaye, nahin toh zindagi bhar yehi kahti rahegi ” main abhi ke bachche ki maa banne wali hoon…..” I hate tanu.

  34. sham

    If he slept with tanu it is not sin. If he believes some proof that also from tanu who before showed some proof against sarala then its proved wrong then all the time feeling sorry and asking for forgiveness. Now again tanu showed some proof against pragya and the dumb abhi believed and telling he love her. In all this spineless abhi is big culperate.

  35. Anupa

    Soooo much dragging I guess they r not ready for tanu to go but at least put her in a positive role and reunite abhigya plz plz plz……?????????

  36. Oma bedasie

    Really Praga is begging this spineless man to love trust her after all she did for him

  37. amanda

    Please people stop wasting your time the writers dont give one shit about what we think too hell with us……

  38. fattyarsh

    Baaddd worssttt … u had to keep good moment during her birthday abhi had to propose her and happy moment for them…. end the shooowww

  39. rose

    Typical indians. No wonder people say indians are like snake. Just like the snake lied to eve.

  40. Fowziya

    New OLV : Abhi is asking Pragya what she liked in Champak and how he’s supposed to compete with such a guy, what does he have that i don’t have, and that he looks like Suresh. Pragya walks off on hearing the comparison and Abhi stops her says he didnt mean it like that. Also looks like another Pragya Tanu convo, Tanu seems responsible in getting Champak back into the house..

  41. Fowziya

    New OLV 18th June2016: Abhi is asking Pragya what she liked in Champak and how he’s supposed to compete with such a guy who’s combination of Charlie Chaplin but Nathu Lal not?. Abhi says he likes Charlie Charplin but Nathu Lal not. Abhi says if this chashma & moustache reminds Pragya of *pauses* Pragya wants him to finish what he was about to say . Abhi hesitantly says Su-su-su-su-Suresh. Pragya walks off on hearing to comparison and Abhi stops her and says he didnt mean that. Abhi asks Pragya why she always likes Professors n teachers and with time people’s taste improves but hers is opposite. Abhi says atleast she should have chosen some actor, model or captain of Indian cricket team with whom he could compete even. Also another Pragya Tanu confrontation, Tanu stops Pragya and says why dont her n Champak get married. Pragya taunts that she (Tanu)will grt married to Nikhil n will have to pay the price for this Champak problem she’s brought in !

  42. Boycotting kkb

    I can understand that inexperienced writers may not know how to fill the void of tanu’s secret is revealed…. But there are Sooo many options. Pretend baby dies and Pragya killed it; kidnapping g and blame Pragya; this forever pregnancy and tired storyline is the worst of any series. Even the suresh plot had some sense as their was background. Abhi wins the award for worst male character ever on zee. strangely enough, better shows have been canceled that kkb.

  43. Pratiksha

    New onlocation video update- Jealous Abhi trying to figure out what Champu has that he doesn’t! –
    Abhi asks Pragya why her taste got worse? He says usually taste gets better with time. He’s basically freaking out/jealous why Pragya likes Champu and is trying to figure out what she liked in Champu that he doesn’t have. He tells her “I mean, you’ll never find someone else with the qualities that I have, but still, WHY HIM?” He additionally makes fun of Champak’s name.
    Abhi says Champu has the moustache thats a mix of Charlie Chaplin and Nathu Lal. He further says “Charlie Chaplin, I like, but Nathu Lal I don’t like! And him (Champu), I definitely dont like.”
    He then says “I know why you like him. Because his glasses and moustache remind you of…” and then he stops. Pragya asks him to continue and he says “No, nothing” and tries to let go of the topic. But Pragya insists that he finish what he was saying, though he’s scared to continue. He finally says “Doesn’t he remind you of Sss…s..sss…Suresh?” Pragya gets mad and walks away from him, Abhi starts running after her and says “I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean it!”
    Abhi stops Pragya at a corner and asks her why she always ends up liking teachers and professors. He tells her to find someone that he can compete with. Pragya’s glaring at him. He advises her to find someone with ten pack abs, or a model, or someone who has 8-10 best actor awards, or the captain of the Indian cricket team so that he would know what quality he’s lacking in. He’s like “But HIM? I don’t even know where to start competing with him (Champu), if I start to even think about it!” She asks Abhi whether he thinks Champu is better than him, to which he scoffs “Not better, butter hai woh jo ek baar chipakta hai toh chootne ka naam nahi leta!!” He says “I understand there must be something good in him for you to like him, though I’ll never admit that he could be better than me” and then curses himself for admitting it out loud. He then says “Why are you talking so much? Why am I asking you? I should go ask him what does he have that I dont?? I’m going to take his interview right now” And walks away.
    Its a light-hearted/comical scene. This is after the Tabhi breakfast scene, I’m guessing.
    P.S. It looks like Champu’s staying in MM Because Abhi keeps pointing at someone off-screen far off at a distance, and it seems to be Champu, guessing by Abhi’s dialogues.
    Offscreen Moments: In the third video, theres a moment where Sriti starts laughing at the way Shabir delivers one of his dialogues.
    Fourth OLV: Pranu Scene
    Pragya is walking down the hallway in somewhat of a hurry, seems disturbed. Tanu blocks her way and asks where was she and whether she went to go meet her boyfriend. Pragya asks her to stop her nonsense and move aside. Tanu asks her why doesn’t she and Champu get married, and Pragya says “Shaadi toh tumhari hogi…woh bhi Nikhil se” And then Pragya has more lines, but its really low volume. Sorry can’t get the rest. But she walks off shortly afterwards, leaving an irritated Tanu behind.

    • Pratiksha

      After watching last video of tanu and pragya’s conversation what I understood that pragya on upstairs, start walking in hurry, tension and anger for downstairs. It seems champu again came in Mehra house so pragya is going to teach h lesson. Tanu blocks pragya’s way. And asks her that why she is going downstairs in hurry? She asks is she going to meet her boyfriend? Pragya says that stop talking rubbish and leave my way. Tanu says that if this much desperation she have to meet with him then why she don’t get married with him. Pragya says that marriage will b done of us with nikhil. So just think of unselfish not for mine. U brought this champak for me here then now u also have to pay for this. Pragya says that she is going to do his situation bad as like u can’t imagine. From now onwards not to come in my way otherwise this time u will fall from the stairs actually. Pragya leaves after leaving tanu irked.

      • Pratiksha

        Sorry guys there is a mistake in a line which I m correcting. Correct line is- Pragya says to tanu marriage will b happen of urs with nikhil. So just think for ur self, not for mine.

      • Sahithi

        Yes looks like Champu again came to MM, because Abhi was pointing at him and doing all this convo.

        It was so funny now from being angry n upset, Abhi is jealous. He shud be happy with his beautiful model GF. Why still trying to analyze whom Pragya chose ?

      • shobana

        Is pragya is upto something???
        Is she has any plan to overcome this fake boyfriend drama???
        Or as usual only dialogue and no action???

      • Pratiksha

        Don’t know shobhna. I suggest not to bother for this crap. I m just completing my duty to share updates on time to time. So we could know that where this crap will end and story will finally take it’s right way. That’s it.

      • Pratiksha

        Don’t know shobhna. I suggest not to bother for this crap. Just wait and watch that where this crap will end or what will b next crap or finally they will take the story on right path. Bothering ownself is like punishing ownself for waste. I m just completing my duty to share updates on time to time. So we could know that where this crap will end and story will finally take it’s right way. That’s it.

  44. Sudha

    The serial initially started on a very good note when evil was getting exposed. But now Tanu will ever remain pregnant and though Tanu and Nikhil are supposed to be stupid and evil they always win. The supposedly intelligent people dadi pragya purav etc. Can never plan anything intelligent without being noticed. Really very strange and stupid. No words to mention the dump abhi character who believes anything and everything. Atleast can the director of the serail start behaving a little mature and stop the torture…….

  45. Musthaq

    Dragging, Dragging, Dragging, Dragging, & always crying….
    Nothing is changed.

    Cliamx – Abhi Will marry Tanu, Pragya will leave the mehra family as she is already Gandhi. Tanu will enjoy her life with someone’s child…..

    After few years again a new love story will start between Abhi & Pragya AND this will become a never ending story.

    HA HA HA HA HA. Please finish the serial

  46. shaz

    Guys u r worrying a lot. U r giving what they expect. But y??? U r screeching like tanu. Whatever u told the kkb team will not consider about ur opinion. If they r the persons, who consider about their fans, they don’t want to drag this serial by tanu’s pregnancy yet. But they did. Always evils win. So there is no any importance to ur comments. Then y r u commenting? U r increasing the number of comments. U r all worrying, at the same time they r all enjoying a lot. They r trying to make us mentally weak. It is just a serial. Not a part of ur life. And also it is not important more than ur health and life. U r wasting ur valuable time & moments by watching dz serial, commenting, reading updates, etc. Don’t react like fools & buffoons. In reality abhi is not torturing pragya, the kkb team is torturing the fans day by day. If they don’t care about u, then y r u worrying about them?? Think about the persons, who r living around u. Do u have any important purpose to watch dz serial more than ur health??? Y don’t u think that they r playing with ur emotions?? Oh plz quite dz serial friends before getting mad.. U r well educated guys, so think… U have born to live ur life peacefully not with mental pressure…

  47. Devika

    PLS end this drama. Cheating viewers..viewers can predict whats next…so horrible.. how long u will drag this..zee tv se yeh ummeed nahi di

  48. priti

    if there is no story then stop this nonsense its really boring and please dont drag the story

  49. maham

    jb tk sb is dramy ko daikhna n comnt krna nai chorain gain us wkt tk writer ko smjh nai ay gi k kitni bakwas story hai is serial ki i hate this drama pragya n dadi k mun main tu zuban hi nai hai na jb bi kuch bolny ka time ata hai sb chup ho jaty hain n tanu apna kam kr jati hai jst hate it alot…..plz plz end this drama plz

  50. maham

    kya agr dadi purab akash rachna sb mil kr abhi ko tanu ki reality btain gain tu abhi yaken nai kry ga kya???agr proof chahiy tu DNA test nai ho skta???kyun is serial ko itna drag kia ja rha hai tanu ki jeet bs tanu ki jeet what the hell is this…..is serial se tu yahi result niklta hai k jhoot n evil ki hmaisha jeet hoti hai pragya ne itny sacrifices kiy apni sister tk kho di n end mai ye result mil raha hai usy???uffffffffffff yakkkkkk this story

  51. ss

    stop watching and reading updates …. atleast then either the end this serial or will chnage the track 🙁 :(… this serial not worth to watch and read updates.. never seen worst serial like this

  52. Payal

    I cannot believe you refuse to print my thoughts/opinion. All I’m saying id stop the emotional torture, there are a lot of young women watching this sow world wide.

  53. ss

    Abhi knows how tanu talked ill about sarla in last track. Still he is trusting her. photos alone not enough to prove pragya having affair… he didnt think that once… I dont understand 2 people (tanu & nikil) can get fake proof easily but Pragya and their team cannot !!!! Pragya team is full of dumbos and Abhi The Dumbo star

    • sonu

      Hi why the proof is needed yar.. abhi always think of pragya till now he is thinking and loving only pragya and I don’t no? the whole pragya’s team tell the truth of tanu means abhi will definetly agree since he still thinking of proposing pragya thought he thought that he will b marrieng tanu and he don’t even have concern about tanu and loves tanu..and also he still feel bad and jelous when he got no pragya loves someone that only suggest abhi still loves pragya lot… abhi should give divorce to pragya at that time atleast she and her team will tell the truth of tanu.. I think her team and dadi want tanu become daughter in law since she is not telling the truth to abhi but abhi belives dadi a lot if she tell the truth means he will surely believe ???

  54. ss

    I suggest , Pragya should throw Mehras out of the mansion even dadi… No one has rights in the property. Atleast then Tanu can show her true colors or atleast nikil stop helping tanu bcos there is no use in helping when there is no property

  55. Mary

    Hey guys
    I didn’t even read the episode but I read all ur comments n user stood tht u all every disturbed by this serial
    Here is a better option … Instead of torturing urself with kkb … U can watch a beautiful serial co Kuch rang pyar ek aise bhi aired on Sony TV

    • sonu

      Oh yea how is it nice [email protected] oly?? Tq? not like this dragging wasre serial n.a.??

      • shobana

        Till now there is no dragging but the chemistry between the leads are not like our abhigya. I personally feel that abhigya is the best than than those leads. Sorry if this hurts any krpkab fans. This is just my view.

        And timing is 9:30

  56. sonu

    Oh u all tell that it’s abhi’s fault don’t u ppl think it’s purely fault of pragya and her team? by saving tanu without telling the truth of tanu directly infront of tanu..since aliya cheated abhi but he is about five get to the police but pragya also made fake story of cheating abhi and become boss in the house but abhi don’t take any action on pragya 2.pragya told infront of him that she still loves only his money that time also he don’t take any action or nothing he has done 3.tanu made to fake concern about her baby on abhi but he still thinking of proposing pragya this only shows still abhi loves pragya, if he doesn’t believe pragya means at the first time only before aliya abhi could file the case against Pragya by cheating abhi and taking his property..but he believes her lot ? but this pragya only always telling lies to abhi and thinking that she is one loving abhi and helping tanu indirectly??

  57. Moon

    OMG!!! This is really ridiculous
    wt the hell is happening here in this show……….if u don’t hv the ryt story thn stop draging it………
    Bttr end the show;>;>;>

  58. fuggy

    kitne baar abhi pragya se nafrat karega and wo nafrat kitne baar pyar mein badal jayega kya hai dunia ki har jagah har story mein devlepment aara par iss kkb mein koi devlepment nahi hai dimak kharab hora plz soon expose tanu pregnency drama

  59. fuggy

    kitne baar abhi pragya se nafrat karega and wo nafrat kitne baar pyar mein badal jayega and kkb serial starting se lekhe ending thak ye hi drama kya and wahi purane storys pragya ka mms trak tanu ka pregnency trak and writters ke dimak mein iss ke alava kuch naya nahi aara kya hai ye bakwas

  60. razia

    Nowadays it’s boring to even read the comments .. Al r frustrated .. IRS irritating to read the comments since it spoila my mood .. Y can’t kkb CVS do something gud? Atleast bfor it was better since abhi liked her bt now it’s worse .. Again hatred .. Gosh ..

  61. nisha

    Its too irritating. I am watching kkb after 1 week because of the school reopen but still they didn’t end this noncense tanu crap ?????iam tired of seeing this non stopped serial????

  62. maitreyi

    In the serial , the director always making the hero spineless. He gets fool in the hands of villain not for once, twice or thrice ..always. It this is a serial. He always believe nonsensical wrong motives of vilains and for heroine she has to struggle always to prove her point. The villain plots, then hero believes and he hates heroine for months together and when the heroine brings the facts with proof hero believes after all the proof coming before his eyes his belief or love on the heroine stays only for 2 days then within days villain plots then again the hero believes it and again for heroine and co it takes several months to prove the fact. What a serial yaar…….. Its very non-sensical to continue to fool the hero ever.

  63. Chitti

    Nothing to comment about this shit… Bully crap… How the hell still they continue to take shots of sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thing… Before 6 months wen i saw this,drama was in same position.. Till now there is no improvement… Alll knew the reality and truth but none tell to abhi about it… Also he luv and gave babie to another gal but luvs pragya.. Even both r living together.. But he gonna marry tanu.. Bulbul is gone.. But none will make further steps to find abt the truth in her death.. Tat abhi luves pragya but if sum1 says that she hav affair with sum1 else ,he blindly beleives tat lie.. Wat d helll going in here…. Uffffffffff…… I never seen such a stupid drama…. Same boring story.. Unacceptable scenes everyday … I dont knw how d ppl r agreeing stil this shit… Wtever happens even after 800 episode if we watch, the same thing may b going on in this drama… Awesum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drama can be lengthy but should be watchable first… Extremely boring and stupidddddddd

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.