Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking the Panditji to get mahurat for Bulbul’s marriage. Sarla asks him to get mahurat after 3 weeks. Abhi says she shall get married within a week. He says it is his responsibility as he had promised. Sarla says she will get marry from Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Abhi refuses and asks Purab. He tells they want to postpone the wedding. Bulbul tells that jiju is gifting them this home. Abhi asks Purab to explain to Bulbul, not to mess with him. Bulbul jokes that you will repent. Just then Nikhil comes to Abhi’s house. Purab introduces Nikhil to Abhi and asks did you remember him. He says you have done a show in Delhi. Abhi recollects and greets him. Nikhil says he was in junior level then, and tells that he wants to cast Abhi in an Add film. Abhi says sure, let’s

discuss. Tanu sees Nikhil and gets shocked. She is about to fall down the stairs, but Nikhil holds her and saves her from falling. Everyone look on shocked. Nikhil introduces himself and shake hand with her. Abhi says good catch. Pragya goes to bring water for Tanu.

Sarla comes to Pragya and asks I am feeling as if you are hiding something from me. She asks are you lying? Pragya nods no. Sarla says you gave us immense happiness and asks her to take care of herself. She gives her instructions about do’s and dont’s in pregnancy. Pragya gets sad and emotional. Rachna come there. Sarla recalls Rachna informing her about Pragya’s bad behavior with Dadi. She asks Pragya about her behavior towards Dadi. Pragya lies. Sarla asks what happened? Pragya says she did it intentionally, so that everyone accepts Rachna. She respects Dadi very much. Sarla explains to her about delicateness of relations. Pragya says whatever she is doing is for Dadi’s happiness and asks Sarla to trust her. She hugs her.

Nikhil, Abhi and Purab talk about the add contract. Abhi asks Purab. Purab likes the deal. Dadi announces that the Pandit ji take out mahurat for Purab and Bulbul’s wedding. Nikhil congratulates Purab. Abhi and Purab invite him for all the functions. Nikhil agrees. Aaliya comes home and is surprised. Dasi tells that Bulbul and Purab’s sangeet is there after 2 days and then marriage. Aaliya is shocked and questions Abhi. Abhi says I thought to get them married as soon as possible. Purab tries to romance with Bulbul. Dasi teases him. Aaliya tells Purab, you didn’t tell me about your marriage. Purab says I didn’t know about it. Bulbul holds Purab’s hand. Aaliya says she won’t let it happen, and then says it is a fantastic decision, considering whatever had happened with them. She congratulates them and says she is happy for them. Abhi introduces Nikhil to Aaliya. Aaliya excuses herself and goes from there. She looks at Rachna and Akash, and thinks they might be accepted at home. Mitali takes Aaliya from there and says she needs to tell something.

Abhi tells that Add is good and Purab has also agreed. Nikhil promises that it won’t be disappointing. Abhi tells Purab that your would be wife is getting dangerous. Bulbul teases him. Abhi says you might not be more dangerous than Pragya. Pragya looks on. Sarla tells that they will leave now. Purab tells you might be excited and asks her to wait for some more days. Bulbul asks why you didn’t tell me about Aaliya on delhi trip. Purab says I went there and it was a coincidence that we checked in the same hotel. Bulbul gets doubtful about Aaliya’s intentions.

Mitali tells Aaliya that Pragya brought Tanu home and tells everything in a flashback. Aaliya is shocked. Mitali tells that Pragya had stolen 1 crore money from the house. Aaliya asks did they not scold her. Mitali says Pragya said it is her money. She tells that there is a good news too and tells that Pragya is pregnant. Dadi kept party at home, and called the media, but she got unwell. Aaliya thinks when they did get closer and how she got pregnant.

Pragya sees Abhi smiling and thinks why he is smiling. She goes closer to him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Wow next how will pragya know tanu truth? There are so many functions but no videos for knowing truth about tanu. They are dragging ah? Whn thy will reveal truth? Whn abhigya unite?

    • kowsi

      Ama priya romba func ah vaikuranga..epa truth theriya varum nu therila ….friday episode la poduvangala or atleast precap la achum podunga …apa nxt week ah ….kodumai da samiii

  2. Oh god now another villain as come aliya hope she doesn’t play some cheap tricks to spoil purab and bul bul marriage

  3. kowsi

    Tanu gives head massage to pragya ha ha ha….mitali click tat snap while tanu fumes in anger….semma daadi pls give some more work to tanu…

  4. sibi

    Uff… Again drama starts…
    hopefully it LL take another month to end this drama…
    abhi ?? Rockstar abhi… ??

    • davy

      nothing much celin abi just smiles pretnding as sleepig. pragya feels he s sleeping or real and wonders y s he smiling.. den doubts s he acting.. wen she says her doubt aloud he reacts to tat by noding tat he s not acting.. den she waves her hand infront of his face… he smiles…. den she come closer to his face to know the truth… tat time he opens his eyes.. tat s all d precapp… ( na sonnathu konjam mokkaya iruntha mannikavum)

  5. devga

    Marubadiyum modhalla irundha ( purab bulbul marriage) …… Aiyo mudiyala pa saammii ….. And marubadiyum intha pisasu edhavadhu loosu plan pannuva and adha oru maasaghuku illlupaanga ….. Aiyooooo Rama ena koduma sir idhu…..

  6. Priya $

    Aliyah devil came Nikil too came… Then bulbul marriage. So many confusions probs going to come. Surely within Friday tanu and Nikil scene ll come. Already two weeks ah antha promo vae katuranga so surely next week they ll change I think so…

  7. But tmrw will be arrangements for function hope so tanu will work tmrw. If function starts only nikhil will arrive thn only v can know truth I think so they will drag up to next week.

  8. kavin

    bella how can you write comments like that in my reply keep it in mind bella this is public site so only you escaped keep it in mind if you again write this like comments to my reply i won’t be keeping silent my self be careful bella

  9. kavin

    bella nee yarunu ennaku theriyathu naa yarunu unnaku theriyathu naa ennoda friends kitta tha pesura ellarum unna mathiri irukamataanga so keep it in mind

  10. kavin

    anybody knows bella in this group ah pa if any body knows her pls tell me guys; bella you will pay for this work

  11. Aisha

    Hey first time am commenting well i shall say nice episode and guys dont forget to check on kalash ,…., as in am really obsessed its wonderful REMAINDER DONT FORGET KALASH

  12. Priya $

    Yethavathu twist varum na athu next week than when they ll reveal the truth. Interest koranjitae poguthu

  13. kavin

    when will tanu and nhikil will speak and when will pragya would hear those words this week or next week ?

  14. theivamae !!! sappaaa… intha writers ku nalla theringiduchu namma ellarum intha abhiyum pragyavukum kaga thaan intha serialaiye paakuroamnu athanaala thaan ippadi intha dramava drag panraanga …. nowadays i getting bored watching this serial …… seeekirama intha abhiyum pragyavum sethudunga …. plz….. evalavu naal thaan ippadi drag panuveengalo !!!

  15. ippo thaan inth tanu voda drama va enduku kondu vara mathiri kondu vanthurukaanga athukulla intha aaliya vera vanthuta …. sumavae evanga superah drag panuvaanga ithula ippo rendu perum orey veetula …. ennaku onu mattum nalla theriyuthu itha intha month mudiyura mathiri theriyala….

    • kavin

      divya avango evalavuthaan drag panalum naamo paathu kitatha iruppo why???and aliya ava enna plan panna poraalo purab bulbul marriage nirutha

  16. kavin

    i think so next week only truth will be revealed pragya and tanu will go for health check up to hospital there tanu had a conversation with nhikil

  17. Priya $

    Y they r dragging this much… I don’t like. Promo la varatha kaaturathukae 2 weeks na… Athula pragya Nikil tanu conversation kaetala ena nu vera theriyala Sapppppppaaaaa Samy mudiyala…. Pls yethavathu mudivuku vanga

  18. Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya suspicious About Nikhil & Tanu’s behaviour

    According To Track Of the Show The other man in Tanu’s life is  here! yes, the real father of Tanu’s unborn baby, Nikhil will enter the show these days and shortly there’ll be a new suspense which will unveil on the show. And guess what, Pragya will read the subtle hints that’s coming her way. within the forthcoming episode we’ll see Nikhil Arya enter the Mehra house. Last we tend to saw however Pragya lied to bulbul to save Tanu’s pregnancy secret from spilling out. However, very little will Pragya recognize that her lie will indeed turn out to be the truth. There are signs that Tanu has not been loyal to Abhi which will begin showing. And yes, Pragya also will notice Tanu’s modified behaviour on Nikhil’s arrival. But, will she decide that Nikhil is that the real father of Tanu’s baby and not her husband Abhi.

    What’s worse is that like Tanu, Nikhil too is out there to harm Abhi and his family. In fact, Nikhil will prove to be a bigger threat to Abhi and Pragya than Tanu ever was. Amidst talks of bulbul and Purab’s wedding, here also will be some real tension between Abhi, Pragya and Tanu. Nikhil are shown as a positive character and also the family will begin liking him a lot. However, will he manage to keep his pretense alive for long?

    Will a heart_broken Aaliya join hands with Tanu & her boyfriend Nikhil to ruin Abhi and Pragya‘s life? Or can Aaliya be shattered on losing each her lover and a follower beside her brother’s trust? There’s too much happening on Kumkum Bhagya, thus you come right here for more updates.

  19. Haritha

    Tanu gets irritated and throws the flowers. She bumps into Mitali and starts arguing with her. Mitali does not know the reason for Tanu’s behavior. Tanu has got stuck hiding from Dadi about her pregnancy. Dadi makes her work hard and gives all the petty works at the home. Dadi makes Pragya sit and relax. Pragya smiles seeing Tanu working and enjoys. Abhi makes heroic entry and orders all the ladies of the home to take rest today. He says ladies will not work in the functions and saves Tanu from the work. They all enjoy Bulbul’s mehendi function.

  20. x

    i never expected this from abhi. how can he support tanu in a such a way.just for tanu all the ladies r not gonna work. noo…. he is partial to tanu. is he in real love wid tanu??????
    abhi whats wrong with you??????

  21. SA

    Daaaadi hope tat wedding realy takes place as seeing the happiness on ur face was ‘priceless’ !!!!!! Hav not been watching this serial for awhile as I think its a lost serial. But u knw curiosity gets the betta of me so now an then I slip a peek, absolutely nothing hav changed, love watching for Daadi!!!

  22. leave a reply

    Kavya , susi , divya.. i didnt mean it badly … Just i culdnt get ur language.. so wrote in dat mannr.. plz dont tke itt seriously.. we r indians nd we have d rgt 2 spk in our language.. 🙂

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