Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kiara gets closer to Abhi, Disha comes to know about Pragya

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The Episode starts with Tanu thinking about Kiara. Disha comes there and says I know how Kiara fell down and blames her for taking revenge on her. Tanu asks what nonsense? Disha says I will not bear it again. Tanu asks how dare you and says do you think you are permanent. Disha says I won’t let you hurt kids. Tanu says you came here as her Maasi. Disha asks her to think her as Maasi and says you know what a Maa can do. Tanu says I am not Aaliya. Disha says you are more cheap than Aaliya and says she will tell truth to Abhi. Tanu stops her and says I shouted at you as you misbehaved with me. She says Kiara must have fallen while playing. Disha says you have sent Sunny and says my son never lies. Tanu says I didn’t do anything. Disha says if I get any proof then your all lies will get less.


tells Sunny that she has won as her pop won. Sunny says I will not play and tells that Abhi is his chucks. Kiara says so you are jealous. She feels pain. Abhi says I will call your mamma. Kiara asks him not to call her Mamma and says I didn’t tell her that I am fine. She says if she comes there, then will scold me and you also. Abhi asks when she will come? Kiara says she can reach here at any time. Traffic police stops Pragya’s car following her. He asks Driver to show licence papers and scolds driver. He asks him to show car insurance papers.

Abhi asks Kiara why is she scaring him, and asks didn’t I take care of you, lift you, brought you here. Kiara says she will check me and will ask for Xray report. She will ask me many questions and will punish me right here, she will ask me not to come here. She says I am very worried for you. Abhi says I will handle her. Kiara says my Dadda can’t handle her. Abhi says I am Abhi and will make her fear go. Kiara says she is a mother and will shake up the world. Abhi says I feel the bed is shaking. Kiara says I will call her. She calls her, but Pragya is outside the car. Kiara asks him to think what to do. Pragya asks traffic police to take challan. Police tells that it is about breaking rules. Pragya says they have emergency, as her daughter fall down from stairs. Police gives challan. They leave.

Kiara tells Abhi that if her mamma came here, then she will not let her meet superman again. Abhi says let her come here and talk. Kiara says I want to meet you again and again, then she will make my no entry here. She says why don’t you understand that I love you. Disha says there is one solution. They come outside. Disha says she will take her to hospital. Kiara says she don’t want to go. abhi asks her not to take her to hospital and says she is scared.

Disha asks them to listen to her first and says I will go and drop her home. Driver says I will drop her. Disha and Kiara leave. Abhi gets a call. Kiara tells Disha that Pragya will not be silent and will scold Abhi. She feels bad. Disha says you like him so much. Kiara says yes, and says I love him. Pragya calls Kiara. Kiara tells that she has reached home and wants to have food. Pragya asks Driver to take U turn and asks Kiara to sit in room. She sees Abhi outside the house and thinks even his house is on this street. She thinks if he met Kiara and says if he meets her then will know that she is his daughter.

Disha tells Kiara that she will drop her to her house. Kiara asks him to go to Superman. Disha says she will go back only after dropping her inside. She comes inside and asks if Kiara if this is her home. She says it is beautiful. Kiara says this is her Dada’s house and says she will make home after growing up. Disha says your room must be beautiful and takes her to room. She takes off her shoes. Kiara tells her about her mother. Just then Disha sees Pragya’s photo frames there.

Pragya thinks he must not have met Kiara else he would have talked to me once. Driver tells her that car stopped suddenly. Pragya asks him to check. Driver checks the car. Pragya comes out of car and asks how much he will take? She sees Abhi repairing her car.

Abhi cleans his hand and face with her Pallu and talks romantically. Pragya says people will call you mad. Abhi says it happens in love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. 2 days with no Aliyah. Whenever she disappears and returns …with yet another new look… there is a new level of criminality. Is that what is building up the suspense, now? No. Not really. Tanu of course remains three years old in her pink princess dress, seeking revenge on children. And the leads in the show? Well, still nothing. The criminals get richer, that’s the Mehra family and Ekta.

  2. Did abhi n his family moved to a new house?? If not how come pragya doesnot remember d address…very funny..

    1. They shifted from Mumbai to Delhi,so they are not in same house whichPragya left.

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