Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya and Tanu coming inside Mehra house. Tanu asks why did we wait outside and why we are standing here. Aaliya says they have to make sure that everyone slept. She asks her to wait there while she goes and handle Munni. Mitali sees Aaliya going wearing blanket and asks who are you? Aaliya tries to run. Mitali asks her to show her face else she will shout Aaliya covers her face with blanket and tries to go to Abhi’s room. Mitali don’t see her face and shouts thief thief. Abhi, Raj and Dadi and others come there. Mitali tells that she saw thief here. Aaliya thinks it is good that Abhi is here, now I can talk to Munni. Raj says you must have seen yourself in mirror. Nobody believes Mitali and asks her to sleep. Taya ji asks Raj to take her. While everyone is leaving, Mitali

sees Tanu in shawl and informs everyone. Raj switches on lights. They see someone in shawl. Tanu hides her face.

Aaliya comes to Munni’s room and wakes her up. Munni asks if you touch me again then I will not spare you. Aaliya asks why did you come here? She says we went to his concert and now came to his bedroom. She threatens her. Munni says you can’t do anything and says the cloud which shouts, don’t give rain. Aaliya asks her to shut up and asks why you are making issue. Munni tells her that she told Abhi that she is not Pragya and tells that your brother knows that you are not Pragya. She says you are planning against your brother, I will tell your and your partner’s truth to him and then you both will go to jail. Aaliya asks why did you enter our life.

Munni says your crimes got full. Abhi asks who are you? He asks her to show who is she and asks her to come out. Tanu comes while hiding her face. She asks please Aaliya come and save me. Abhi asks if security is not there and hadn’t stopped you. He lifts the shawl. They all see Tanu. Dadi asks why did you come here? Dasi calls her shameless. Mitali asks why did you push me. Dadi asks why did you come here? Mitali says she must have come to steal money. Tanu thinks of an answer as Abhi threatens to send her to jail. She thinks to fool him and says she came to see him from far, and would have found that you are fine. Abhi asks do you think I am a fool and asks her to tell. Tanu says I saw Pragya in concert and says she is alive, I wanted to tell you. She asks him to see the recording. Abhi says I know everything. She is with me now. I won’t let your people reflection fall on her. Abhi asks her to get out.

Aaliya tells Munni that she went to jail before also. Munni says you are not ashamed to say that. Aaliya says you will not meet your chutka and chutki and says I know they are in hospital. She says she has kidnapped Pragya lot of times, and it is easy to kidnap the kids. She asks Munni to leave her hand and think how she will press kids’ neck tightly. Munni sits back shockingly. Aaliya says family is important, but my family have disowned me. She says I know your niece and nephew are staying with you since your sister died. She says when I can kidnap then I can murder nicely too.

Munni is shocked. Aaliya threatens her further and reminds her of her promise to her sister. She asks her to be silent for chutka and chutki, and says she will not waste her time. She gives her phone and asks her to pick call.

Tanu tells that thorn pierced in her foot. Abhi says nobody wants you to come here and asks her to get lost. Aaliya signs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hello fans , its Elia kapoor , after so many hate reviews , this show kumkum bahagy is going of air next month of august 21, 2017, we are so sorry of this , but thanks all fans watching this show and support of this show , we love you

    1. r u true

    2. Use to be a Fan

      It is ABOUT Time….you took this stupid show off. It is PATHETIC.

    3. Funny you don’t know how to spell your own name…. ELIA????

    4. its happy to hear..thank you sooo much.pls end this show.this is more than enough.

  2. Hello fans , its Ekta kapoor , after so many hate reviews , this show kumkum bahagy is going of air next month of august 21, 2017, we are so sorry of this , but thanks all fans watching this show and support of this show , we love you

    1. If you had hired a creative group of writers that can THINK….you would not have to take the show off the air. You should be ashamed Ekta. You took good actors and gave them a crappy story line!!

    2. What rubbish! The show was bakwas and now they are taking it off air. Cant be true! Ekta Kapoor wont take the show off that quick. Got to be fake.

  3. rubbish. you people wasted so much of my time to see AhBIGYA unite. Then POOF ! broken heart. people do not want to see this and your rating should go down. people need to stop looking at this so EKTA KAPOOR can stop playing with the minds of people and their hearts.

  4. Hello @ekta you made a good decision. We are really happy to hear this. I hope it will be true. waiting for a last epi. We really fed up of all this kidnapping, memory loss and pregnancy . Thanks for your valuable feedback

  5. You got a lot of hate because of your stupid twist. Aaliya and the Tanu drama you made. It made us hate it. Its the same over and over again. This was one of my favorite shows. And you guys just messed it up. You could had been better with your story line. You could have give them kids and make a funny line of it. No you guys stuck with aaliya and tanu drama

  6. Really ekta ..?? But why ?

  7. Pranav

    I dont think u r ekta kapoor cuz it didnt say in news it was goin off air

  8. Seriously Kumkumbhagya Is Going Of Air Plz Tell Me Is It Confirm

  9. Only crappp, BS show

  10. Thank God

  11. Oh very bad news its a best serial I ever watch.

  12. Dunt get angry ekta if u wer not able to mind viewers n do this borin story n now u can control it dub show it cutx uve spoilt the movie with ur one way scene …not knwin tomorrow i knw munni wil tkr a drastic step n mind aliyas team .. Hehehe .. Silly writer .. Nxt tym think of yhe people frst not the money

  13. Again dun end the movie badly by creatin any x machine cutx i see munni bein the x machine .. End it nicely cutx sam country are madly in lovr with this movie dey are ever reafy to see the final at kast ..

  14. Sorry to hear it’s going off the air. Enjoyed the show, hoping the lead characters will be incorporated in new series. All the best to Ekta Kapoor for continued success.

  15. Hello Ekta, thank you so much for the wise decision to end this meaningless Aaliya oriented show. It is really a shame to make the anxious viewers who spent their precious time to watch your show and write critical comments. Even today Aaliya is main???? Please avoid her so that the episode can be watched in peace. Anyways once again thank you for the decision though late.

  16. Cant spell your own name and further cant spell the name of the show correctly…HMMMMMM
    Any idiot can see this is fake,and why would Etka be writing on this site. Seriously learn to spell and write before you pretend to be someone else……which i think its against the law LMFAO.
    As for this show, its just become retarded, and stupid. looks like Etka is trying so hard to emulate the western soap opera’s without much success.
    In which world do two people lose there memory, one after the other, and which world do people NOT go to jail after so many ridiculous kidnaps and murder attempts.
    I think Etka should leave producing shows to people who know what they are doing, she should just settle down, have kids, and be a stay home Mom!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Sad this show is going to end, gonna miss ABHIGYA’s chemistry. Such amazing lead actors

  18. If this is ending, would love Shabir and Sriti to work with each other again.

  19. Really why are you guys taking this show off air, just like that I would like to see a good end to it at least. I am sorry to hear that because bad reviews but I understand

  20. guys someone playing prank with us.dont believe in all this.and ekta kapoor dont have that much time to come to tell us this way.if its real than we get it firstly from Sbs.

  21. If it is true then i am very happy
    Because you spoiled a beautiful story into an utter crap
    So you took a good decision by telling about air off
    So my hearty congratulations for you and also try to stop kundali bhagya also because without abhigya i mean without both abhi and pragya that atory will be crap so try to stop that also because you are going to spoil kdb also like kkb so please try to air off both the serials

    1. agree with u yaar mythili

      1. Thank you sisy

  22. Hmmm. I can’t stand tanu. Soo stupid and a much of a demon.

  23. please end this and start a different story madam.Its so boring now,don’t drag stories this much . People watch stories for get rid of their stress.so please reduce lot and lots of problems always.

  24. rebecca agyekumwaa

    I support u guys. so dis means sin always have dominion on good.
    Alia and Tanu not arrested Pragya and Abhi neva had their peace not to talk of having children.
    Wow! what a story

  25. Ekta kappor
    July 18, 2017 at 12:03 am – Reply
    Hello fans , its Elia kapoor , after so many hate reviews , this show kumkum bahagy is going of air next month of august 21, 2017, we are so sorry of this , but thanks all fans watching this show and support of this show , we love you

    This is not true, don’t believe it. He or she doesn’t know but truly a frustrated KKB fan, that is for sure. Ha Ha Ha funny. Anyway I am very happy from one week are so my mind is free from this stupid episode. The ?fan wish may come true.

  26. So glad this show is going off air. Can’t say that there is any hope that Munni will turn out to be Pragya as people behind the scene are just plain idiots.

    At this point, now sure why the audience even care if Munni is Pragya or not as for the last year or more with all the drama of kidnapping, memory loss, scheming by Tanu, Aliya and Nikil, it has started to get so annoying, I am actually glad they brought some life back into to the show by introducing the same actress as Munni. As she is hilarious and we still get to see the main actress in action. Don’t really care if she turns out to be Pragya or Munni at this point. She is a good actress and probably happy to get to play this funny character before the show ends. At least the audience wouldn’t be left with boring character of Pragya that they writers had made her to be.

  27. plzz Ekta Mam Don’t off air this show it is the only show I watch plzz don’t off air and guys true fans never get bored by their favourite characters…..true fans always finds new and amazing things about their favourite characters ….plz ekta mam think twice to off air this show……

  28. sayyed saniya

    plz don’t off air…. Ekta mam

  29. Finally this stupid show will come to an end,am so happy

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