Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya telling that she will destroy Abhi. Tanu thinks she has gone mad, and she won’t let me marry Abhi. I have to do something. She suggests Aaliya to plan wisely and go out of city for now. She says you have to take every step with calm mind and you shall go. Aaliya says you are right. I will plan how to take revenge? She asks her to inform if Purab and Bulbul plan to marry again. Tanu says she won’t let it happen and asks her to pack her bags. She thinks she will marry Abhi and then make Aaliya understand. Mitali tells Dadi that she will do her work. Akash comes and asks her to turn back. Mitali sees Abhi and Pragya. Abhi asks Dadi to send his food upstairs as he don’t want to eat here. Dadi agrees. Abhi think why did Dadi agreed so easily. Aaliya comes and

goes to her room. Dadi asks Mitali to inform Aaliya about surprise birthday party for Abhi, and asks her to attend it. Mitali thinks Aaliya will burn her with her anger and gets tensed. She comes to her room and sees Aaliya packing stuff. She asks are you leaving the house? And then says are you going somewhere?

Aaliya asks did I ask you to come here? Mitali informs her that they have planned a surprise birthday party for Abhi, and says Dadi wants you to do something to get forgiveness from Abhi. Aaliya asks who is Abhi? Mitali says your brother. Aaliya says I don’t have any brother and asks her to leave. Abhi waits for Robin to bring coffee. Pragya brings coffee for him. Abhi asks who will make coffee for me after you leave from here. Pragya asks why you are getting angry unneccessarily. Abhi apologizes and says he is feeling strange. Pragya asks are you fine? Abhi says he will be fine after he drinks coffee and asks did you move your fingers in coffee. Pragya asks how come these ideas come in your mind. Abhi says if the maker is sweet, then the coffee gets sweet too. Pragya smiles and says then coffee should be bitter as you told that I am bitter. Abhi says his thinking has changed. He drinks coffee and leaves. Pragya drinks the left over coffee and says it doesn’t have sugar. Saiyyara Re Plays as she smiles.

Rachna and Akash come for a walk. Akash gets an important call and he goes to attend the call after making Rachna sit on the bench. Rachna gets pain suddenly. The client asks Akash to strike the deal now itself else he will not give him deal. He says he is not interested in deal as his wife is feeling pain. The lady sitting beside Rachna appreciates Akash’s doing and promotes Sarojini serial.

Pragya watches Abhi’s birthday news on TV and asks Abhi, why you didn’t tell me. Abhi says being my friend you should know. Pragya asks when is my birthday. Abhi says every year and every month. Later she brings candle and a cake piece to celebrate his birthday. Abhi refuses to celebrate, but she insists so he cuts the cake and makes her eat. Pragya sings happy birthday song. They apply cream on each other’s cheek. Tanu enters saying happy birthday and is shocked to see them celebrating birthday together.

Abhi says you are here Tanu, and goes to washroom. Tanu asks Pragya to come with her, and takes her. She tells her that she is pregnant and is pressurized by her parents. She says they wanted to talk to Dadi, but she stopped them. She says you people are enjoying and my problem is there itself. She asks are you planning a game with me. Pragya says you are thinking me wrong. Tanu says she was about to get her child aborted, but you stopped me. She asks if you are waiting for my child to take birth. She says once her parents come, she can’t stop them. Pragya tries to make her explain. Tanu says you are betraying Dadi and hiding the truth. She asks her to do something if she really wants her to get a place in the house. Tanu warns to do something if Pragya didn’t do anything. Pragya thinks she has to do this for Abhi and his family.

Pragya thinks about Tanu’s ultimatum for her and gets restless. She thinks Tanu is right and this truth will come out eventually. She says Dadi’s hope will be shattered and thinks she has to do this for Abhi and to bring Tanu home. She looks at her marriage pic with Abhi.

Pragya asks Dadi, why she is telling everyone that she is pregnant. She informs Dadi that she is not pregnant and has aborted her baby. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Priya $

      For me too yaar. I didn’t c today’s episode
      Whether pragya told infront of everyone r family members alone ah.

      • PRIYA, pragya was telling about her abortion after taking dadi and all family members in side. She was telling in low volume so guest cannot listen and know about her abortion.

  1. oh god all kinds of twists will only occur in these fridays… oh …. the aim of this kkb is to make us mad by thinking only this…. intha serial ah paakama irrukanum nu ninaichalum mudiyala … intha abhigya , rabul kaga thaan intha serialaiyae naan paakuraen… so plz… dont seperate them! waiting for abhi and pragya to confess their love soon…. “I AM WAITING!!!”

  2. Aj

    After 2 months,they are dragging same story…. pragya,abhi are totally dumb.They don’t even trust each other….!Put a end card atleast by this month to pregnancy.

  3. Sea

    so unrealistic atleast give us some intervals between the vamps take over plz cvs….first tanu pregnancy she left for a 2days instead abhiya/viewers got a break to enjoy some light hearted scenes aaliya and her murder attempt now we re back to tanu pregnancy i assume pragya alleged abortion dadi heartbroken abhi confused some cryin and all that other bs for some weeks…..thats why i only read updates these days

  4. susi...

    Just end that pregnancy drama… Its so irritating…
    Writers wht ur doing….pls change the story..line r go to hell….stupid writers…
    U have beautiful nd talented actors nd actress’s..why dont u use them..with good story line…

  5. TINA

    Tanu onnala evaloo mudiyumoo avaloo adu… truth velila vandushuna nee setta…..

    OMG!!! plz releave tanu truth… soon..
    Endha kkb ku vera velaiyee illa namma ellaraiyum 2days mental akanumne frday annaiki periya twist and scenes sa vaippaga…

  6. kowsi

    Im very much angry with tanu….chee…stop the bullshit drama.but im watched in teleflick..abhi propose pragya,alaiya take revenge abhi , tanu gng to reveal her pregnancy truth to dadi,nikkil will join pragya xposes tanu truth….i dnt understand these twists…really today done over drama..she forcing pragya ..

  7. This tanu is so irritating. When she was shouting on pragya I did mute my TV’s volume becoz I can’t tolerate her chappad- chappad. Chithu I told u na she knows dadi will not accept her after knowing about her pregnancy. She is just taking a profit of dumb pragya.

    • Chithu

      Guys.. Abhi has started opening his mind to Pragya slowly.. now he has made her understand that his opinion has changed about her…so i think they ll end this Tanu’s pregnancy track soon…

  8. sruthika

    Too draging and boiring this week may be monday onwards there will be a maha twist….to dragging
    . Good ni8 friends

  9. Kanchi

    Here’s is the latest update from Bollywood Life…

    Abhi and Pragya are fighting against time. With Bulbul and Purab’s wedding cancelled thanks to Aaliya, they now have to deal with Tanu and her parents. Abhi had promised Tanu’s parents that he would get hitched to their daughter soon after Prgya’s sister’s wedding. What will the couple do now that the stress in Mehra household has multiplied manifolds. To add to their troubles, Tanu threatens Pragya that she will reveal her pregnancy truth to Daadi if Abhi fails to live up to his promise in the next 24 hours. What will Pragya do next?

    We saw how Aaliya has turned against Abhi, Tanu is worried that like his sister Abhi will also take her out of his life. Somewhere Tanu realises that Abhi and Pragya may not have consummated their relationship, but are very much in love. To add to her grief she’s also aware that the father of the baby she’s carrying is not Abhi but Nikhil. The upcoming episodes next week will finally clear the confusion around Tanu’s pregnancy. Yes, Daadi and the whole parivaar will find out that Pragya is not pregnant, but they will also soon figure out that Nikhil, not Abhi is the father of Tanu’s baby.

    Hope next week KKB is more interesting with lot of TWISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We all will Ensoiiiiiiiiii the show:)

    Happy Weekend Guys!!

    • Priya $

      Whether this ll happen ah. Not sure la.romba pandranga pa Intha writers if this continues everybody stop watching this so only they bring this abortion drama. Supp after abortion drama also if they didn’t reveal truth surely it ll go to 10. Waiting for tat

  10. I think so let see abhi reactions after it. If he itself said the truth but I have learnt the story written for abhigya especially now dadi slapped pragya and abhi supported pragya and atlast he take her with him andmake her slept and came and said to all that because of stress caused in bulbul mrg miscarriage happened. Hope it happens like that it will be nice. Let see.

  11. Hey friends I read this story from india forum let it be imaginary or gonna happen surely I do know. If it happens like this it will be nice else wont be nice.

  12. shruthi

    Guys lets celebrate… tanu pregnancy episodes successfully reached half century(50 episodes) … today episode is 51 th episode…
    Before century plz end tanu pregnancy

    • Priya $

      Really kidnapping how.many episodes. I think it won’t beat Tanu’s pregnancy drama. Next week surely they ll end this tanu topic ah guys.

    • shruthi

      MMS episode 30 and kidnaping episode is just 36… priya$

      And priya iam also not celebrate tanu pregnany… atleast eppavadu oru mudivu poduvaganudan..

      • Priya $

        OMG only 36 c this too much yaar soon it’s going to reach 60. Still not revealed stupidity
        Two days no serial too 🙁

    • shruthi

      Yes priya$ …. now kkb in 331 epi.. i think they can end tanu pregnancy in 365 episode … and celebrate episode wise one year…

    • Kristelle

      you counted!??! But I am not shocked. It is dragging!!!!!!! Nikhil is wondering who would help him unite with Tanu? Common sense should tell him – just tell Pragya and/or Abhi that Tanu is actually pregnant for him…simple. Silly man

  13. roshini

    hate tanu for her aggressive act on pragya
    pragya pavam
    hope abhi will propose pragya soon
    happy ramzan to everyone

  14. Rose

    OMG I hate this Tanu character ..wonder her story will be out so we can see Abhi slap her as well

  15. sukanya

    why should pragya take tanu so seriously??? y is abhi not sure whether that child is of him or not?? this part is very irritating—well, i can guess pragya thinks so but y abhi??? if nikhil is so much attracted too tanu y cant he just forcefully make her accept the truth?? tanu knows it well that dadi will never accept her and that y she is pressurising pragya…… i guess her days are over…. its often in this show that the solution when its least expected and in a much simpler way….. with alia on a break for few days,its nyc…. i just want the pregnancy drama to end soon……y cant the lead pair just enjoy some romantic moments peacefully??— r u listening cvs???

    • Chithu

      yes Sukanya..i also thought the same..the solution for the track which went on for more days is often ended up so fastly in this show ..that is good actually..they are not dragging that 🙂

      • sukanya

        well chithu, i will not say that it is not dragging rather it is a way to eat our heads off……are we such stupids to tolerate everything they show? …..there is nothing so realistic in this show for which one can be proud of….. yes, i watch this show but thats bcoz i like abhi’s way…..none else—even i dont like the way pragya is shown…..she is the main lead that means she sud have a voice which she does not have…y the vamps always have a way out while the main lady just punished?? i really need some nice thing to happen soon!!!

  16. ruhi

    What r you expecting guys
    I think it is only 2 or 3 mnths of tanu’s drama
    This is only the trailer
    Pragya took her tym to realise love for abhi
    Then abhi took the tym
    Now tanu is taking the tym to pragya b pregnant incidently
    Ha ha ha

  17. Ithalam oru seriala…pakrathe waste…kadupaguthu…epo than truth reveal panuvanga….next year reveal panunga…nangalam poitu varom….:(

  18. Donna

    It isn’t Tanu’s fault for speaking to Pragya the way she does, it is Pragys’s fault for allowing herself to be treated that way. Quite frankly, I have more respect for Tanu for fighting for what she wants. Pragya is spinless and what’s more disappointing is that the producers are showcasing Pragya as the good girl and apprently good girls don’t fight for what they want. Good indian girls make coffee for their husband that has put them though so much and says, you are the nicest person i know. it is really sad that our society portrays good women as door mats. Good women should be outspoken and driven. Good should not be equivalent to victim. I am not a fan of Pragya, this women is supposed to be of strong women, she can be a good strong women and the villians can also be strong, isn’t that a much better match ….

  19. SA

    Hey this serial shud get an award for being. ‘ The Most Stupid story ‘ of all times LoL, Pragya needs to learn how to talk properly , she needs award of ‘Dumb Blonde’, The ar again trying to hide Alliyah’ s dirty doings ar these ppl for reAl????????????? Omg tooO much LOL, consider this serial a total LOST!!!!!!!!!! This Mitali’s not even worried tat her husband in jail!!!! Wow, even mother an father, they hav had 3 flop weddings planned an still Bulbul an Purab did not get married , nothin new , expected as this serial so predictable!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Poor Daadi I truly feel for u as u think Pragya is pregnant an this ‘DOTTY’ (Pragya) gonna let u down, how low can she go an totally deserve the slap ur gonna give her!!!!!!!!!! , listen this is not funny anymore , UR show is a truly FLOP of a show and can u believe I’m typing this while ur show is on , NOW imagine why on EARTH wud I b on my phone if U ARE keeping me realy interested. Total loser of a show!!!!!!!!! Why on earth ar they still showing this, repeat after repeat, I realy think Writer gone to sleep, OKAY, I’m also gonna hav a nap, please wake me up if the storyline does change in2 sumthing realy interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not interested in seeing Alliyah goin for her brother’s head!!!!!! Same old , same old again!!!!!!!

  20. rock

    A perfect romantic episode with Abhigya touch of unlimited sweetness is ruined by pathetic noisy b*t*h Tanu’s aggressive behaviour to poor little Pragya. Though being just an entertainment and noting to be serious…the lead female actor’s dumb & weak character is pissing off many viewers n ABHIGYA FAN….Moment of sweet flair of love n cuddles were mercilessly poisoned by disgusting act of returning witch on our lady Angel… 🙁

  21. ????????????????????????????????????❤️❤️?????????????????????????????????????☔️⚡️☁️☀️????????????????????????????????????????⛪️??????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????⏰⌚️?????

  22. Malar

    I am tired of watching this serial. It’s totally lost its story. Writers pls make all things just simple… That’s what we want…

  23. Did u guys noticed in yesterday’s episode when pragya was seeing her wedding pic. It was so much different than before. It was a pic in mehra mension, abhi’s sehra isxwhite which was black in past, pragya’s jewellery were also different than before and Darla maa’s outfit was also different. It seems like theie wedding pic has recaptured butWhy CVS recaptured their wedding pic when they had already their marriage pic of their marriage time? What’s the use of this?

  24. In precap when pragya was announcing about her abortion. Why everyone was looking her strangely. Even abhi and tanu also. I mean when they should b shocking on this news, instead of it, they were giving expression of confusion. Why tanu and abhi were looking with confusion when they knows very well that it can’t b possible when pragya is not pregnant then how can she abort a baby and tanu should b happy that pragya is doing all this for making her way easy and abhi’s expression should b shock with upsetness. And rest of family members should b show only full big shocking expressions but that were totally different. I couldn’t understand their expression and felt something strange.

    • Priya $

      Surely there ll b some twists nikki. I think so tat next week Tanu’s drama ll b over. Wat do u think???

      • Yaar I can’t say anything surely becoz we r expecting this since long but every time cvs delay it from dragging. I wish this time ur expectations comes true becoz now I just can’t tolerate tanu and her annoying voice anymore.

      • Chithu

        Yes Priya..I hope it will end by next week or few days after that..because earlier Abhi was completely hiding his feelings for Pragya … but now he has started telling it explicitly.. till now Pragya doesn’t know the truth that Abhi was drunk on the day which Tanu was telling and also thati he hasn’t crossed the limit with Tanu after the marriage knowingly… as Bulbul is also in the abortion place now… she ll definitely feel something is wrong and she may tell to Purabh.. and i feel Abhi might be able to tell these things openly to Purabh if he asks Abhi …so I think it is slowly coming to an end… we will see..

  25. After tanu’s drama writer shd separate abhigya by dadi n sarala maa.when abhigya ll really have strong desire of meeting. Then ll climb pipe to meet pragya n many more creativity can be added then only we can that is a passionate love story .the hero shd struggle to get his love.

  26. Priya $

    Guys really aliyah started from Mehra house. R going to start ah if so she too create some prob na in this abortion drama.

    • Nothing new yet priya. There is no update, segments or news about upcoming episodes from last week till now. It seems like media people have banned on kkb’s set for last whole week so nothing could reveal for us. Only few rumours based spoilers r gathering on sites but nothing is sure. I followed SBS,SBB in this whole week, every show’s segments were there except kkb. They didn’t showed even a small thing about kkb. I just don’t get it’s reason.

      • Priya $

        Nikki when u started to c this kkb. Upto now whether u saw like this I mean without any news videos updates rumors like tat. I don’t think so. And one more Monday I think nothing ll happen to pragya in abortion drama. In pre cap also they r showing tat all r confused only. And one more thing c pragya and abhi wearing normal wear. K if it’s surprise party so they r wearing means how tanu too in party wear. It means she know about the party if so she knows about tat dadi going to tell about pragya’s pregnancy na. So much confusions yaar 🙁

      • PRIYA I don’t remember if I saw kkb without updates like this before but I m sure it didn’t happened before, like this time happened, where we haven’t any updates or segments yet. And ya abortion sequence is so confusing like I said before. It is confusing for us from the day one, when this promo aired first time. And this confusion will end only on monday. So we have to wait for it.

      • Priya $

        Oh kk thx nikki. If u get any updates pls inform us too. Normally when they ll show the new promo nikki

  27. Aki

    Hi all,
    Shall i join you all…iam a great fan of Abhi..N i read all ur comments daily here…guess there are more Abhi fans from TamilNadu lke me

  28. Priya $

    Here’s the most recent update on zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya…
    Abhi and Pragya are fighting against time. With bulbul and Purab’s wedding off because of Aaliya, they currently need to cope with Tanu and her folks. Abhi had secure Tanu’s folks that he would get hitched to their girl before long when Prgya’s sister’s wedding. what is going to the couple do currently that the stress in Mehra family has increased manifolds. to feature to their troubles, Tanu threatens Pragya that she’s going to reveal her pregnancy truth to Daadi if Abhi fails to measure up to his promise within the next twenty four hours. what is going to Pragya do next?

    We saw however Aaliya has turned against Abhi, Tanu is troubled that like his sister Abhi will take her out of his life. Somewhere Tanu realises that Abhi and Pragya might not have consummated their relationship, however are a great deal in love. to feature to her grief she’s additionally aware that the daddy of the baby she’s carrying isn’t Abhi however Nikhil. The forthcoming episodes next week can finally clear the confusion around Tanu’s pregnancy. Yes, Daadi and also the whole parivaar will decide that Pragya isn’t pregnant, however they’re going to also before long discern that Nikhil, not Abhi is that the father of Tanu’s baby.

    And yes we’ve got a note to the makers. Tanu has been pregnant forever currently, however appears like the lady has no signs of trying her part. currently we have seen however TV shows make gestation and pregnant lady, however guess coz Tanu could be a model they set to sort of underplay it somewhat too much, hai na? For more updates on Kumkum

  29. Lalita

    First of all I like ? the serial very much.But writers plzz stop ✋ this pregnancy stuff. Want to see abhigya scences .

  30. Hey guys where r u all. No updates means, no comments, no chatting. Come on yaar forget updates let’s make our own updates. Guys I have an idea. If u guys s have time then let’s start with urs production of upcoming sequences in this upcoming week. Let’s see who will catch up CVS mind and whose prediction will b right? If anyone’s prediction will b right, that will b declare as kkb’s fan number 1 and whenever I will find any latest or dhamakedaar, chatpati updates, I will tshare firstly with that winner.

  31. I suggested this so I start from myself. I think in upcoming episodes pragya’s abortion plan will once again fail. Then tanu will take a stand on this in hurry and anger then she will fall in her own plan. Nikhil will create problems for tanu and in this process,Pragya will get to know finally tanu’s truth and story will move further on this way.

  32. Aki

    Hi nikki,
    Even i too think the same.. Abortion dram will fail as Abhi might help her in tat…so tanu get angry n join hands with aliya to marry Abhi..n since nikhil wants tanu he ll plan against her n eventually end up revealing the truth to Pragya..

  33. Priya $

    I too think the same pragya abortion drama ll fail. Dadi won’t allow pragya go out. Then tanu gets angry on pragya. With Nikil’s help Pragya ll find truth abt tanu. I think so yaar. O:)

  34. shruthi

    I too think pragya aborotion get fail.. and also abhi helps pragya.. so only tanu needs aliya help so she stop aliya to get away from home… in this week pragya get atleast a clue about tanu truth…. and aliya helps tanu try sperate pragya and abhi.. but i think her plan should be flop for her each plan abhigya get close more…. its my assumtion

  35. i think when pragya says that she aborted her baby everybody will be schocked that time i think nikhil will come there and say that pragya is not all pregnant and reveal this tanu’s truth with the proof of that dna test ….. this is only my assumption friends …. rhomba mokaiya irruntha enna manichidunga pa 😉 …. because both this abhi and pragya are not upto any detective works of finding about this tanu’s pregnancy till now …. they are just feeling sad always when they think of this tanu….

    • no no no divya…. truth tat too TANU`S wnt gt revealed sooo easily… the thng to be noticed here tat dis shw is by EKTA KAPOOR na… sooo… u cn understand r8…

    • Divya, child is right. This is ekta kapoor’s serial and nothing will b reveal in her shows so easily and directly. Ur thinking is gud but not suitable for ekta’s show. Keep it up with another try.?

  36. TINA

    I think abortion is dream of pragya . She can think like that then she goes to excecute the plan( dream ) before that she have a clue about tanu pregnancy or abhi will stop pragya (for his assumtion of pragya do some thing)

    • Tina urs prediction’s possibility is 20% becoz after seeing the precap, it’s not look like dream. But anyways if ur prediction will b right, then gud for us.

      • Priya $

        Rit only nikki but every episode they won’t show it as dream na. In that logic only I said

  37. Priya $

    Guys v r thinking tat abortion drama won’t affect pragya. But supp it became an big issue means dadi kick her out means. Omg anything ll happen in Ekta’s story.

    • PRIYA may b u r right but only 10% chance for this becoz I told u before na that in a worst to worst condition, pragya had never gone from abhi’s life and house. Her place being more strong in abhi’s life every time. Well let’s see today. What will happen exactly?

      • Priya $

        May b u r rit nikki but one thing when compared to others abortion ll b an big deal. So I think dadi won’t forgive her I think so my assumption

      • Ya PRIYA I told u before when I saw this abortion promo that abortion thing is very unforgivable. So it is impossible for dadi to forgive pragya so easily for breaking her wish or dream of getting her greargrand child. That’s why pragya is doing this. We just can wait till the episode’s telecast, before it, we r all clueless.

    • No Priya it will not a maha episode. Peoples r called it as Maha episode becoz everybody hv feeling that this episode will b an exit of pragya from abhi’s house after being insulted by dadi and family.

      • Chithu

        What is tat Maha episode?
        Also, Nikki… I think if Pragya is going out irrespective of Abhi requesting her to stay and Abhi missing her more means it ll be good to see for 1 or 2 episodes … Or it ll be good to see if Abhi is stopping Dadi from slapping or Throwing Pragya out…it ll be First time in the show tat Abhi is against Dadi tat too for Pragya it ll mean….

      • Chithu I was thinking the same like u. I mean if pragya will b out from abhi’s house after today’s incidence then it will b more gud. At least we will see abhi’s tadap and guilt for pragya and may b becoz of this tadap and guilt.After this I m sure he will blurt out on tanu becoz he will easily understand that tanu forced pragya to do this on last night then he will take some strong step on tanu’s matter and tabout him and tanu. Butway, my mind says if truth will b reveal in front of pragya before anyone, then pragya will not go in today’s episode also. Something will definetly make her stop from leaving. Well let’see what will happen becoz in both situations, we will b in profit.

  38. sheetha

    Aaliya and Tanu will now be seen clashing with each other due to their difference in opinion regarding Abhi.. so sure tanu wil not ask any help from aliya

  39. Ok guys I have read all ur predictions and assumptions. If anybody from the group, wants to share own prediction, then most welcome. All of u have a time before telecast of today’s episode. So take ur time and then predict with patience and full concentration. Whose prediction will b right? It will get to know after watching today’s episode.

  40. Kumkum Bhagya: This week Pragya will give shock to
    Dadi when she will tell Dadi that she is not pregnant.
    Later Pragya tells that she has aborted her baby. Also
    Pragya plans to reveal Tanu’s truth but she couldn’t.
    Also this week Pragya will get a small clue of Tanu’s lie.

    • If we do believe on this spoiler so it means pragya will not go out from abhi’s house even after abortion plan! I know the spoiler not tell anything directly but it is saying that pragya will find a clue against tanu lie and will try to reveal it. And I think pragya can do it by living in abhi’s house to keep her eyes on tanu every time. So after read this spoiler, I guess, pragya will not leave.

  41. Kumkum Bhagya:

    Aaliya decides to take revenge from Abhi as she blames him for stopping her marriage with Purab at the last minute and giving her pain of separation from Purab. She seeks Tanu’s help, but Tanu refuses to help her. Aaliya thinks of taking Nikhil’s help and make Abhi rue for stopping her marriage. Meanwhile, Tanu threatens Abhi to marry him and says she can’t stop her parents anymore from talking to Dadi. Pragya decides to keep an end to Abhi’s dilemma and solve his problem. She informs Dadi that she has aborted the baby shocking everyone. Dadi gets in shock and couldn’t believe what Pragya has done. Pragya lies to make her impression bad in Dadi’s eyes so that Dadi accepts Tanu and her baby wholeheartedly. Pragya shows remorse for her act.

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