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The episode starts with Sarla asking Abhi how can he send her alone and she will not send her until he comes back. Abhi asks her to keep her. Sarla says what does he mean. Abhi says she went to police station without informing and now went to her home alone, if he should think that she eloped, says he will come to meet her but not Pragya. Sarla says he took her breath with his joke. He says she started first and says he cannot come today as he has work and to send Pragya alone this time. Sarla agrees. Tanu says Abhi he would have send Pragya home permanently.

Aaliya says daadi that Abhi’s fan used to pester him a lot and they had to bear her as she was investor’s daughter, so she hurriedly arranged Pragya and Abhi’s marriage. Daadi says she did right by getting them


Raj asks Mitali if she is free tonight. She gets happy and asks if he is taking her to a restaurant for dinner. He says it is hiss friend’s party. She gets angry and starts quarreling with him. She asks he even does not come to her friend’s parties. Raj says there people try to downgrade each other. Mitali says he ruined her life and now trying to ruin her children’s life. She angrily walks down, sees Pragya coming and asks how she manages so many men at once. Pragya asks what does she mean. She asks her to give tips to handle Raj. Pragya gets annoyed and walks from there.

Pragya gets into her room. Abhi sees her coming and asks if she is jealous about Purab and Aaliya’s marriage and had gone to her mother’s house to burn Purab’s letters and memories. He asks if she is feeling bad that Purab had to touch his feet. She says she is feeling bad about him that he is forcefully getting married to Aaliya who does not love her. Abhi says he will be happy if he marries Aaliya and gets out of Pragya’s hangover. Pragya says he is ruining his sister’s life. He says she is ruining his whole family’s life and he will inform everything to Daadi and will have to answer her, says he betrayed Purab. Pragya says she did not betray Purab and does not love him. Abhi says she loves herself and money and cannot love anyone, he will ruin her life and make her repent for her decision.

Tannu congratulates Aaliya for getting back Purab and asks her a party. Aaliya says she will give party after engagement. Tannu asks her to marry soon after engagement as she wants to kick Pragya out of Abhi’s life. Aaliya says she is in a hurry than her and will kick Pragya soon.

Daadi asks Pragya about engagement arrangements. Pragya says she has arranged everything. Mitali hears their conversation and thinks Pragya is taking over the whole house, she should stop her. Aaliya comes there and starts cribbing that her friends does not want to help her in engagement shopping. Daadi says she has a magic wand to help her and asks Pragya to help Aaliya. Aaliya thanks daadi for her suggestion and takes Pragya with her.

Aaliya and Pragya reach a boutique. Aaliya says Pragya that she can shop herself and to just stand there. Boutique’s owner/designer sees Aaliya and says he is sorry about Abhi marrying an ugly girl. He sees Pragya standing there, thinks her as Aaliya’s assistant and asks her to go away from there. His assistant sees that and tells that she is Abhi’s wife. Owner changes his tone and starts praising Pragya and says she is very pretty, gives her a dress and says Abhi will remarry her if he sees her in this dress. Once Pragya goes, he asks Aaliya why did not she inform him that Pragya is Abhi’s wife.

Abhi comes there with Tanu. Designer congratulates him for his marriage and asks if he has come to look how pretty she looks in his designed dress. Abhi gets confused that he is talking about Tanu and says yes. Designer then says Tanu that he feels sorry for her and says Abhi has come with his wife.

Pragya wears designer’s dress and feels shy looking at its revealing look. Light goes off just then. Abhi thinks her as Tanu and hugs her tightly.

Precap: Tanu sees Abhi and Pragya hugging in a changing room and gets annoyed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ooh! Romance!!!

  2. abhi needs a change in attitude and to see pragya for the wonderful person she is. He would definitely fall in love with her!

  3. now that’s what I call an episode

  4. i hope abhi gives pragya a chance and get tanu out of the way he needs to know that he is being misled by aaliya that there is no relationship btw pragya and purab

  5. Still waiting for today’s update

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