Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Purab reminding Abhi that when Rocky talked bad about Pragya, then he had broken his relation with Rocky. He says when I told you that I will break up with Pragya, you tried to make her modern, hot and cool as you can’t see her cry, alone. Abhi says you are confusing me. Purab says if you really feel the same thing for Tanu. He says just because you love Pragya and not Tanu. He asks him to close his eyes and go back to the moment when he saved Pragya from death. Abhi thinks about telling Pragya that he can’t let her eyes closed and will make her dreams come true into reality. Abhi folds his hands infront of God in the inhouse temple. Purab asks him to hold on to the feelings, and says there is a difference between love and life. He says life leaves us, but love never

leave us. He asks him to aceept Pragya and beautify his life. Abhi looks on.

Pragya comes back home. Sarla asks why she is looking weak? Beeji asks her to let Pragya sit first. She says she might have slept late in night. Sarla says she is looking dull. Beeji asks her to bring juice for her. Sarla goes. Beeji asks Pragya to tell what happened in the party. Pragya says nothing, party ended and I came here. Beeji asks if they haven’t celebrated Valentine’s day. She thinks he has saved me twice on valentine’s day. Beeji asks what is your plan for Valentine day today. She says you shall not leave Abhi with Tanu, go and spend day with him. Pragya says but what about Maa. Beeji says change clothes and go. Pragya says we will have Valentine day together.

Abhi tells Purab that you told me so much, but I am confused still. He says you lied to me as you wants me to realize my feelings for her, but why did she lie to me? Purab tells that she lied as she wants to cover up her love. He says she loves you, but doesn’t want to accept like you. Abhi says if she loves me, then why she haven’t told me anything. Purab says what she would have told you when you had fixed our engagement. He asks him to clear his confusion and confess love to Pragya. He asks him to decide between real love Pragya and plastic doll Tanu….He imagines Tanu saying I love you. He says she is scary, I don’t want her. Purab says she is risky also and asks him to confess love to Pragya and get instant result.

Tanu thinks Abhi kissed Pragya, and thinks she shall land herself in trouble so that Abhi kiss her. Aaliya comes and asks her not to think and do as she says. She asks her to do something so that Abhi starts loving her and asks her to engrossed him towards her on valentine’s day. She asks her to do something extra ordinary. Tanu says she will do something so that Abhi makes her valentine for life. Abhi comes to buy gift for Pragya and buys teddy bear for her. Shop keeper asks him to take chocolates also. Abhi buys them. Shop keeper suggests him to give special gift for his love and shows magnetic ring. You says you and your special friend will wear them and will be connected. Abhi buys it too…and thanks the shop keeper with a hug. He buys flowers on the way.

Dadi and Dasi are happy and pray for Abhi and Pragya. Abhi comes to Pragya’s house and asks Beeji about her. He says he has important work with her. Beeji asks what he is hiding? Abhi says nothing. He comes to Pragya’s room and thinks to keep the gifts in different places to make the ambience romantic. Pragya comes out of washroom and sees Abhi, gets surprised. She asks him to come closer to her. Abhi thinks she has understood his feeling and smiles.

Zee TV Rishte Awards promo is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice keep it up.

  2. shivika sarvik

    fastest updates i have ever seen

  3. Scary tom doll (tanu) scence super….

  4. P.N. Bhargava

    It is taking too long to unite Abhi and PpRAGYA. Why donot you telecast the serial all the days

  5. Abhi is so cute….

  6. Again it started same love realize…did u remember when pragya love proposed him…he will never realized his love…when purab told close your eyes think about your love. ..same scene repeated here…i think again pregnancy or kidnapping drama will go to start…I can’t tolerate…how boring this serial…he like pragya,he like to spend whole time with her,he will touch her and hug her without her permission ..but he think him as her friend…someone needed to realize his love…this story is very boring…I never feel this is new serial…because of this stupid writter and director…so soon i will hate shabbir,sriti also…frankly say this is not true love…this is cultural less serial…. Mr.director of this serial…if u read my comment…u are never deserve viewers appreciation till end…tanu always say pragya as characterless woman…characterless word suits to u Mr.script writer and director…at least learn from other channel,else see lots of people writing forum very well…compare to u…u just learn from them….your story is like a dustbin…we know abi never propose pragya…u will make it all gud scene as dream only…I know that this serial evil will win…..this is not Kumkum bhagya…

  7. Abhi good job. This series is awesome more of it


    1. I agree 1000& with you. You said it perfectly.

  9. Oh I loved it today wen purab said to abhi that you got pragya on one side who truly loves you and the other side is that plastic doll tanu, it’s so funny that way purab called tanu a plastic doll. I could not stop my self from laughing so much.

  10. So cute abhi .Excited about next episode.Really awesome episode.Thank u ekta ma’m.




  12. Precap is really confused… Right pratiksha its scence dream only….. Pragya con’t do this….

    1. Ya Suganya abhi himself is most confused character, I have ever seen. Becoz of his habit of always being confused and becoz of immature behavior towards many things, his life is messy and becoz abhi and Pragya both lives on others guidance so that’s why their love story is still incomplete and never reaches on it’s right destination. Since tanu was always in between abhigya, seriously I never enjoyed abhigya’s love story, romance or any kind of lovely scenes becoz always a fear walks with us together in our mind that whenever episodes fills with so much love and lovely scenes of abhigya then surely something bad happens after becoz of which abhigya again and again gets separate and distances gets create between them. When abhi flirts with Pragya, goes out of the limit of friendship with her then he never had fear of losing her of breakup of his friendship with her but now when he is going to give right name of his relationship with her, he is getting confused and having fear. What crappie is this. Kkb’s past history says that abhigya’s love story will go easily or smoothly on right track!!! This doesn’t looks possible. But for a change if CVS gives us any gud surprise then it will b gud for abhigya’s fans. Well let’s see.

      1. of course its dream as this being KKB we all know Abhi cannot propose that easily without Tanu or Aliya witches. so wat really is going to happen is Abhi is instead going to give gifts to Tanu due to confusion caused by witches and Pragya will cry as usual and make stupid plans which will fail, then she will be kidnapped and tanu will pretend to be pregnant again!

      2. Savita according to me, it’s gud if abhi doesn’t propose Pragya for now becoz for now he got forced to do it becoz purab have put choices of tanu and Pragya in front of him and forced him to agree that the feelings which he has for Pragya is love. Abhi himself didn’t realized it yet that he is actually in love with Pragya. He just got ready to propose Pragya on purab’s guidance. Becoz purab said it to him that he loves Pragya. That’s why he gets satisfied what purab made him understand regarding his feelings for Pragya and it’s difference between tanu and Pragya. And secondly, he didn’t broke up with tanu officially or personally. Without break up with tanu, it will like he is sailing on two boats at a same time and without throwing tanu out from his life, he can never bring Pragya in his life forever and can’t live a happy love life with her. So before giving the name of love for his relationship with pragya, he has to realize it by himself that yes he loves Pragya very much and before giving an official and legal name to their relationship, abhi has to throw tanu out from his life forever. Otherwise abhigya’s love story will not reach on it’s destination and can’t complete or move to the next level of their life. Abhigya’s these types of sequences r just created by CVS only to satisfied the audience to show that still there is a hope of union of abhigya. That’s it. That’s why I m still not taking any interest in the story of the show becoz it is waste until abhigya’s path will not b clear, specially from tanu. So it is obvious that something will definitely stop abhigya to get unite until tanu is in the picture with strong place in abhi’s life, which she have in present time as a fiance of abhi. So purab should clear out the way of abhigya from tanu before pushing abhigya to accept their love and relationship of each other. Purab well knows abhi so he should know that abhi’s gudness is his weakness too becoz of which tanu always took advantage by doing some melodrama to blackmailing him emotionally. So purab or Pragya or their team should throw tanu out from abhi’s life firstly, permanently. Then they should put their efforts to unite them. But before it, they can never unite abhigya forever.

      3. I think Abhi will gift Pragya the ring and claim it as friendship ring, he cannot give her as anything else because he’s engaged to Tanu. Purab, bless his heart, is trying to make his friend see the love his wife has for him, but until Abhi, like you said Pratiksha, break his engagement with Tanu and they did her from the house, he cannot move his relationship with Pragyya. Worst Aalyia too will still be at the house. So until that path is cleared all we will continue to see the melodrama of Tanu, and both of the witches trying to kidnap or kill Pragya for a clear shot to Abhi.
        Back to the ring, Abhi will gift it as a friendship ring, because he has fall in love with idea that Pragya feels the same about him as he now made to realize he feels about her. Tanu and Aalyia, more Tanu will realize the ring both will be wearing. Tanu is like a cat, shinny things draws their attention. She will realize that both will be wearing marching rings and come to know that there’s more going on between Abhi and Pragya. The show will once again f all in their same old rut of conspiracy and murder planning. No progress whatsoever. No light on the horizon that Tanu or Aalyia or Nikhil will get caught in or for their evil acts.

      4. I want to share another view that abhi did everything and said every word to Pragya which a lover said to his beloved but still he doesn’t believe or it is hard to believe him that the feelings r love. Does this much immaturity suits an enough mature person abhi. It’s like he is a fool or CVS r making us fool. Abhi himself has been said it in his monologue that he has feelings for Pragya more than a friend, he felt guilty for getting too close or having feelings for someone else’s girlfriend, he himself has been said it that he wants that she belongs to him forever, in cold storage during the convo with Pragya, he said everything which a lover says to his beloved like he wants to b with her forever, he wants to see her before his last breath, he hugged her so many times and so tightly, he kissed her forehead so many times during this whole cold storage sequence. After going through all this, he still needs realization. Isn’t kind of joke or an act of making us fool? Till now abhi has been done lots of things with Pragya out of limits of a friend but he never had fear that what she will think about him or will it not put any bad effect of him on her? But suddenly he is thinking about outcomes of his proposal if he does. Is this not another crap? Anyways whatever, but actually according to me, this is not at all gud idea that he propose Pragya before break up with tanu and before realizing his love for Pragya. It shouldn’t happen for now. Their first preference should b to throw tanu out from abhi’s life forever to make permanent place of Pragya in his life. Becoz as I said it is waste to do efforts to unite abhigya or try to tied them in love and legal relationship before throwing tanu out. And abhi should also realize that he loves Pragya a lot and why Pragya is lovable and most deserving for him and tanu never belongs to him becoz she is too bad for everyone, specially for him.

  13. Hiranmaychellapat

    Today episode is nice . mine abhi is cute . I was watching only for him

  14. Wowwwwwwwwwww what an ep……

  15. Hiranmaychellapat

    Rajesh shut up telling badly about mine abhi . he is nice person in the world . that shit pragya only misusing abhi and she is alive for keeping bad relationship with him

    1. Who the hell are you hiranmaychellapet..don’t interfere in my comment…u like him that is your wish…I never interfere on others comment…so mind your words…u just shut your mouth…k…this is my review about this serial…i don’t like this story…this is common comment line…so don’t talk like this way…I hope u get my point…

      1. Saranya24

        Bhai tis ur choti hope u remember missing u lot bhai hw r u???

    2. Saranya24

      Look hiranmaychellapat dnt interfere in othrs cmnts tis s jst a public place to tell evryone views its thr personal opinion if u like or not pls keep quiet and dnt interfere in othrs cmnts i too like abhi fr tat u shld not cmnt abt othrs personal opinion u r keep on doing tis evrytime pls stop tis and dnt dare to talk abt my rajesh bhai hope u undrstand

      1. Hi choti I am fyn …howz u??? Really missing you alot…

      2. sorry wrongly commented here…

    3. Abi has lost his memory according to this serial, but you remember the old story of this serial, what is the relationship between Abi and pragya.

  16. And u hiranmaychellapat dont u dare to talk bad about sriti

  17. same thngs happend again nd again itsa garbage love story

  18. Correct savitavidiya …. Conform taaliya interfare in abhigya velantine day scence…. But win for abhigya only…. Single episode will have done scence …. That director dragged for 3 and 4 days….. Now days taaliya plan always flop….

  19. ??????
    Finally Abhi understands where his heart is ??
    Purab helped him clear the confusion. Really love Vinjay Rana as Purab.

    very cute episode
    taking it day by day…

  20. When Abhi go to propose,tanu new pregnant happens I think, before same thing happens.instead of naming kumkum bagya of this serial name its ” recycling garbage story”

  21. Circle Of Stupidity

    teacher on your country got 25.000-30.000 Rs to make you have intelligence then you has been watch this serial which the actor,actress and the top food chain (stupid producer,writer or crew) got waaaaaaw salary to create stupidity and spreading out to your mind..always..

  22. Hiranmaychellapat

    Abhigya you first learn English OK just go to primary school they will teach you .

  23. Hiranmaychellapat

    Rajesh damit why you interfering in talking bad about mine abhi . you do this again I will also keep on commenting you badly OK damit

    1. U 1st should learn how to talk with others and good manner…k I already told clearly commented u..u don’t have any rights to interfere on others comment..mind your words…u are his fan…likewise I am not his fan..once again I tell you talk in your limit…and don’t interfere on my comment…I know how to bash others…but this is not place to fight with others…hiranmaychellapat I will talk whatever my wish….if u don’t like my comment it’s not my problem…so just shut up mouth….do your work….mistake is yours…it’s not my mistake…so u should mend your mistakes… saranya PoV is correct…she have a rights to talk anything about me and my comments…she is my sister…so don’t again speak anything about me and my sister saranya…

  24. Hiranmaychellapat

    Saranya 24 you just keep quite that is good to you idiot

  25. I totally agree with u pratiksha vry hppy to see ur comments aftr sooo mny days:):):):):)

    1. Ya Nikita it’s been long time that I commented here. I was not well since long so was just concentrating on my health. I was suffering with cervical pain in my whole head from back to front, neck and left side arm. So doctor advised me not to use phone or net mostly, not to work on computer for sometimes and not to watch television mostly. Becoz it can put bad effects on my nerves related to cervical pain. That’s why I can use my phone or these things only for two times in a day. Becoz doctor told me that it will take time of few months to recover completely so till then I have to take these precautions seriously and follow it carefully. So whenever I will get time, I will try to comment but sometimes I won’t, then please forgive me. It’s my helplessness. But ya I will keep u guys updated as much as possible.

      1. Take care urself pratiksha….
        I like ur update and comments….

      2. get well soon!

  26. Zee tv celebrating its silver jubliee. Hope Abi and Pragya will also celebrate their 25th Valentine’s day. And also going to be written in Guinness book of records for having run for 25 years without story.

  27. Even if you check the update after one year this story would be in same place.. Worst serial.. You are teaching people that bad and evil will always win

  28. so Hiranmaychellapat wat is ur problem,why does it delight u most to criticize,I don’t know the s*x (male/female)u belong to but plzzz u should portray some maturity irrespective of ur s*x. first u should know hw to address a fellow human,and one thing the basic concept of human start from the home and not necessary school, if u are addressing someone to restart her learning skills then wat quality do possess here to lead as exemplary life for one to follow if you claim to be highly educated, or u are jux trying to gain publicity by ur nasty posts,if so then its better for u to start with the right way and stop sticking around as if u are a villain

  29. and again if u ve a problem here,go to the makers and tell them to put some logic in their writing skills I think that is the only way u can help audience

  30. Hi choti how are you…I am fine..yeah really missing you alot…don’t talk to that idiot…he doesn’t know manners..I will handle him…so don’t worry…I really missing your ff…

    1. Saranya24

      Hi bhai ya i knw he s so mannerless leave him u dnt take stress i too miss u a lot bhai but wat to do i cant pst ffs nw aftr my ff i posted many os dnt knw if u read tat surely wil post one if i get time tat too specially fr my bhai bday?love u bhai?bhai one request can u pls become registered member in tis site coz ten i can talk to u wen needed through private msg atleast i dnt knw hw to contact u iam not in fb too so pls can u do tis fr ur choti i need to talk to u wen i feel specially on ur bday pls?

  31. Its OK dear I want u to get well soon den comment no prblm but ur health s more important fr me than our comments sooooooo plzzz take care and get wellll soooonn dear bubye

  32. Hiiiii guys how r u all prathikaha sis how r u?? I dont to talk abt kkb i came her with so much of glad as now i m watching ZRA n abhigya performence was mindblowing they ve just stolen all fans n peoples heart including other serial artists their concept was same its abt abhi ml i hope their performence should come true in epi n abhi should get back his memory i love u abhigya aka tisha u guys r superb n just mindblowing n especially they both also hosted d show for few minutes it was so lovely hope u guys had also enjoys ZRA n my board exams r gng to starts on march2nd so i wont comment for few days n u guys plzzz pray for me get good marks

    1. Best of luck Aishwarya….

    2. I m better Aishu. Just trying to recover from my illness. I wish u all the best for ur exams.? Just give ur best, may God give u high success in ur studies, exams and carrier.

  33. Friends, check Kumkum Bhagya’s latest spoiler on http://consumerap.com/abhis-romantic-marriage-proposal-surprises-pragya/ have a nice day.

  34. Guys pls tell me hw to become a registered member of this site……



    Purab was crossing the road with a collage frame of abhigya’s photos. He was going to gift it to abhi. His attention was on it and he was busy in watching it happily while crossing the road. A truck comes and hits him hard. Purab rise high becoz of hard hit and falls at other side of the road and his head gets injured badly. Heavy bleeding gets start from his forehead and he was slowly getting unconscious but in his half conscious state, he was caring and thinking only about collage frame of abhigya’s photos. Nikhil was shown in the truck during hitting purab. He comes out near purab and makes fun of his helpless condition and that collage frame of abhigya’s photos.

    He talks about the sequence that how he was going to gift a collage frame of abhigya’s photos to abhi but a truck hits him hard and he gets injured badly. He tells that becoz of his accident, Tabhi’s wedding and it’s functions will get postponed and like this somewhere they will get trap in their own plotting and it will get harmful for them too. He tells that when nikhil comes near him after the accident then he couldn’t identified him that who he was, becoz the image was getting blurred in front of his eyes as he was getting unconscious slowly becoz of accident and heavy injury of forehead. He says that he couldn’t saw the face of that man who was he, who is responsible for his accident but according to him only tanu and Aliya can do this but becoz Aliya loves him too so he don’t think so that Aliya can try to kill him at least. But becoz she got too much nasty so she might b responsible too. But let’s see who will b the responsible for this and taaliya r involved in it or not.

    SBS news people told about upcoming high point that Tabhi’s wedding function will b continue with Haldi Function and abhi will get some flashes of past during it and other side purab will get injured badly in an accident becoz of which he will go into coma and becoz of which Tabhi’s wedding will get postponed more.

  36. Guys I have a gud news from my side and it’s my personal. I couldn’t stop myself to share becoz u all r my friends so I m sharing it. Guys God is going to first joy of this new year after so many problems and very soon I m going to become “Maasi” and also second time. ? My di has been admitted in the hospital for the delivery and most probably tomorrow we will have our new Angle in our life.?? I will b busy in taking care of the mumma means my di and baby so guys I will b unable to comment or post any update for two-three days at least. So bye guys. See u soon with bundle of joys. Guys plz pray that everything gets well and conveniently.

    1. congrats pratiksha have a happy moment. god bless

    2. congrats to u n your family sweetheart (Pratiksha) to welcome a new angel to tis world

  37. everything would get well by his grace so u could return early and plzzzz u should congratulate ur di for me

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