Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Abhi that she got her dad’s call and he told that her mum is unwell, and needs her. She says although they are upset with her, but called her as she is their daughter. She says she is confused and says what to do. Abhi asks her to go and says he is with Sarla. Tanu thanks him and says she will come back soon. She comes near stairs. Nikhil asks if she is mad to go. Tanu says she don’t want to live in tension and says she can’t wait until Sarla gets consciousness. She asks Nikhil to kill Sarla and says she will return hearing the good news. Nikhil says Abhi is taking her home and taking all safety measures. Tanu asks Nikhil not to call her until Sarla is alive and asks her to do whatever he wants.

Sarla is shifted to Abhi’s room. Nurse asks Pragya

to get some medicine. Ronnie says he will bring. Janki comes and calls Sarla. She says this can’t happen. She asks Pragya to make her sit and says Sarla can’t go alone leaving her. She asks her to give her money and go. She says I never took money from her as I don’t want to leave her, and Sarla also don’t want me to leave. Pragya says she is fine and not leaving you. Janki asks why Sarla is not talking and asks Pragya to make her understand. She says I don’t want to see her lying on bed unconscious and cries. Pragya consoles her and says nothing has happened to Maa. Janki cries badly. Abhi asks Ronnie not to let any outsider come in this room. Ronnie asks him not to worry. Nikhil calls Abhi and says he came to the accident spot. Abhi tells him about Sarla’s accident and tells everything. Nikhil acts as surprised and wonder if Sarla told him everything. He gets tensed.

Pragya asks Abhi what he is thinking? Abhi says I don’t understand why Sarla was kidnapped as there was no reason to be thought. Pragya says we would get call for ransom, but nothing of that sort. Abhi says if reason is not money, enmity then what it would be? Pragya thinks if Tanu is involved in this and thinks why will Tanu get Maa kidnapped. She thinks Tanu is normal hearing about Maa, and thinks the kidnapper will try to harm her again. She asks Abhi to talk to commissioner and increase the safety. Abhi says he already talked and Sarla will be safe. Nikhil thinks Police didn’t come till now, and thinks Sarla might get consciousness in the morning. He thinks to kill her in the night itself. He sees compounder coming to Mehra house, and stops him. He then kidnaps him and wears his clothes. Security guard lets him inside. Nikhil thinks everyone is sleeping, I will do my work and leave silently. Mitali collides with him and scolds him. Ronnie comes and asks who called you here as Doctor said that only nurse will be here. Nurse comes and says she asked him to bring medicines. She asks him to keep medicines inside and goes to boil water. Ronnie asks why he is looking tensed and why he is wearing mask? Just then Mitali calls Ronnie and asks him to open water bottle.

Nikhil comes to the room and thinks it is enough Sarla aunty. He says you have done wrong by interfering in my way. I don’t have any other way now. If I let you alive then you will ruin my life. He says good bye. He removes her oxygen mask, and says your pain will be over in sometime. There is no place for good people like you, and you can stay in heaven as I did your reservation there. Sarla finds hard to breathe. Nikhil thinks what to do hearing someone coming. He makes her wear oxygen mask again. Ronnie comes inside the room.

He asks Sarla not to worry and says I will give you company and will make you laugh. Nikhil is sitting there and is angry. Ronnie tells jokes and laughs. Nikhil wonders what to do? Tanu gets a dream that Abhi slapped her and kick her out of house. She thinks Sarla should die else her dream will be shattered. She thinks I have to go back and kill Sarla before she gains consciousness. Nikhil thinks to kill Ronnie before killing Sarla. Just then Abhi and Pragya comes there. Abhi says I asked you to stay outside. Ronnie says Police is outside, what I will do there? Abhi looks at Nikhil in compounder dress and asks who is he?

Abhi tells Tanu that Sarla is his mum and gave him love more than his mum, and says he can do anything to save her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys one thing is clear that outside shoot was for outhouse and it is a part of mehra house. But wonders who gave aaliya’s bail and brought her back? No takhil, No team pragya then who? Raaj!!!!! Strong posibiltiy becoz he was so silent and behaving suspiciously by not telling anything about tanu. I had suspicion on him from the day one of his exposure so he is most possible person behind aaliya’s come back. If this is true then it means we will again have our three villains back in the show!!!? with another one which is nikhil.

    1. Ohhhnooo if 3 r back some thing big ll happen.. Is thr any chances pratiksha whether aliyah ll help pragya for tanu’s truth exposure.. To gain family support she may do it na.. Wat do u think??

    2. I still want to believe it’s not Raaj n he has changed for good, thinking he was indirect reason for Bulbul’s death. On first day when Pragya went to meet Aaliya, she told police to inform her on who all meets Aaliya. Let us see if writers still remember that.
      From spoilers looks like Mithali is distracted/lost today. Can she b reason behind bail? Or Nikhil after knowing he can’t enter MM easily.
      Thr r still some vanished characters like corporater, Purvi, Bulbul with new face. Is someone playing a drama along with Aaliya.
      Shikha mentioned her te-entry is well justified, may b precap with give some clue.

    3. If that’s turned out to be true then there’s no need of watching kkb bcoz even after there exposure they comeback and creating problems and team pragya are not able to solve previous problems only then how are they gonna solve the new ones ?????? So CVS making the show unbearably frustrating … If this happens then I’m not gonna watch it again….hoping for the best….fingers crossed

    4. Pratiksha

      I feel it should be tanu who bailed her as tanu was not in home the whole night and she desired to do something before sarla gets conscious

  2. Arey ab to baksh do viewers ko yrr sala tanu ka such tum samne nahi la paye ar aliya ar bula li tumne wapis sala pagal samjha hai kya mathe pe bewkoof likha dikhta hai humare kuchh bhi dikhaoge maan jayenge meri pragya to ek kaam kar bhag ja yaha se sab pagal hai sala poora khandaan pagal hai koi flop plan bana raha hai koii bewkoof bana baitha hai kisi ko bas apni chinta hai bhai tu apna dimag pagal na kar inko bachane me kyuki ye bandaron ki prajati k hai ye dimag nahi lagaenge ha lekin agar tu inke chakkar me padegj na to tune zaroor pagal khane chale jana hai ab…. to behtar hai apni jaan bacha ar bhag ja yaha se maran de in paglon ko aise hi ye na sudharne wale.

  3. I can’t even keep pace with what the story is abut anymore. There is so much scheming going on that the story line is like a puzzle with many missing pieces which will never be found to fit the end result.

  4. please join abhi and bragya

  5. Kanchi gave birth but tanu didn’t crap……I suppose she became pregnant before kanchi did I sware this female tanu she is a manipulative b****…..

  6. OMG aaliya is back.thank you Jaydeep for highlight

  7. jaydeep & pratiksha form where u r seeing kkb highlight & todays episode aslo boring

  8. Thank you pratiksha for highlight of today episode

  9. Shabbir is again blessed with a boy baby. Hearty congratulations to abhi

  10. Congrats…shabbir… And kanchi…

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