Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Abhi that she got her dad’s call and he told that her mum is unwell, and needs her. She says although they are upset with her, but called her as she is their daughter. She says she is confused and says what to do. Abhi asks her to go and says he is with Sarla. Tanu thanks him and says she will come back soon. She comes near stairs. Nikhil asks if she is mad to go. Tanu says she don’t want to live in tension and says she can’t wait until Sarla gets consciousness. She asks Nikhil to kill Sarla and says she will return hearing the good news. Nikhil says Abhi is taking her home and taking all safety measures. Tanu asks Nikhil not to call her until Sarla is alive and asks her to do whatever he wants.

Sarla is shifted to Abhi’s room. Nurse asks Pragya

to get some medicine. Ronnie says he will bring. Janki comes and calls Sarla. She says this can’t happen. She asks Pragya to make her sit and says Sarla can’t go alone leaving her. She asks her to give her money and go. She says I never took money from her as I don’t want to leave her, and Sarla also don’t want me to leave. Pragya says she is fine and not leaving you. Janki asks why Sarla is not talking and asks Pragya to make her understand. She says I don’t want to see her lying on bed unconscious and cries. Pragya consoles her and says nothing has happened to Maa. Janki cries badly. Abhi asks Ronnie not to let any outsider come in this room. Ronnie asks him not to worry. Nikhil calls Abhi and says he came to the accident spot. Abhi tells him about Sarla’s accident and tells everything. Nikhil acts as surprised and wonder if Sarla told him everything. He gets tensed.

Pragya asks Abhi what he is thinking? Abhi says I don’t understand why Sarla was kidnapped as there was no reason to be thought. Pragya says we would get call for ransom, but nothing of that sort. Abhi says if reason is not money, enmity then what it would be? Pragya thinks if Tanu is involved in this and thinks why will Tanu get Maa kidnapped. She thinks Tanu is normal hearing about Maa, and thinks the kidnapper will try to harm her again. She asks Abhi to talk to commissioner and increase the safety. Abhi says he already talked and Sarla will be safe. Nikhil thinks Police didn’t come till now, and thinks Sarla might get consciousness in the morning. He thinks to kill her in the night itself. He sees compounder coming to Mehra house, and stops him. He then kidnaps him and wears his clothes. Security guard lets him inside. Nikhil thinks everyone is sleeping, I will do my work and leave silently. Mitali collides with him and scolds him. Ronnie comes and asks who called you here as Doctor said that only nurse will be here. Nurse comes and says she asked him to bring medicines. She asks him to keep medicines inside and goes to boil water. Ronnie asks why he is looking tensed and why he is wearing mask? Just then Mitali calls Ronnie and asks him to open water bottle.

Nikhil comes to the room and thinks it is enough Sarla aunty. He says you have done wrong by interfering in my way. I don’t have any other way now. If I let you alive then you will ruin my life. He says good bye. He removes her oxygen mask, and says your pain will be over in sometime. There is no place for good people like you, and you can stay in heaven as I did your reservation there. Sarla finds hard to breathe. Nikhil thinks what to do hearing someone coming. He makes her wear oxygen mask again. Ronnie comes inside the room.

He asks Sarla not to worry and says I will give you company and will make you laugh. Nikhil is sitting there and is angry. Ronnie tells jokes and laughs. Nikhil wonders what to do? Tanu gets a dream that Abhi slapped her and kick her out of house. She thinks Sarla should die else her dream will be shattered. She thinks I have to go back and kill Sarla before she gains consciousness. Nikhil thinks to kill Ronnie before killing Sarla. Just then Abhi and Pragya comes there. Abhi says I asked you to stay outside. Ronnie says Police is outside, what I will do there? Abhi looks at Nikhil in compounder dress and asks who is he?

Abhi tells Tanu that Sarla is his mum and gave him love more than his mum, and says he can do anything to save her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Stupid tanu pls end her. Story I can’t bear or tolerate her pls send her out idiot but pls unite abhi and pragya soon

  2. Abhi can do anything to save sarla and tanu and nikhil can go till any extend to kill sarla. Let’s see whose efforts wins as in present time, abhi and pragya’s side peoples r doing stupidity and showing little carelessness but takhil r trying their best to get rid of this problem so let’s see what happens next with aaliya’s come back becoz it will make one team strong, pragya’s or takhil’s.

      • Sahithi

        They are not checking the video from cams they fitted in the studio. Pragya is not even thinking of them.. Even if she fits cams here, I doubt if her brain will work n remind her to check the footage.

        They could have closed this Tanu drama long back looking the video footage, just more twists n twists.

  3. neha

    Ohh god!!! I’m irritated with this twist now…it seems like pragya mission is in trouble, its becoming difficult day by day coz of writers,, they’re going to increase pragya’s troubles by entering alia in the show…. I heard that she’s came out from jail,,and back to mehra mansion to take revenge from abhi and pragya…. Don’t know what actually writers want???? Now, writers delaying abhigya’s reunion… If is it so then I don’t wanna watch this show….poor pragya how much she faces troubles in her life….feeling sad for both abhi and pragya…

  4. Sri

    It’s really annoying… Have the writers gone on vacation that they are just dragging the plot. Will they set things on track or are they waiting for the trps to fall

  5. jj

    stop these nonsense plxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…guys news is that alia is coming back to abhigya lives…n i think they will dragging the story as long as they can………………………plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop this………..plxxx expose tanu……..

  6. pratiksha just now only in IG i saw that mrunal posted a pic with beeji i mean pragya’s dadi so it means she also quitted the show !!…. y all r being terminated from this show ??? like suresh purvi many of them r being vanished can u pls explain me !!!!!………??? and in today’s episode as usual this time also nikhil will be escaped from abhi by saying some reason but still pragya is not seeing the CCTV footage to find out the truth at the last moment only all this happen i think so ..!! and aliya’s comeback will make some changes in the upcoming track and i am happy that shikha will be back to her shooting because the villains r making the shows more interesting !!……. wat do u think about this sahithi pratiksha and guys ???!!!!!!!

    • Achiibachii

      Kay no offense but if it’s a waste of time then just stop. Nobody’s telling you to read it. These people take their time to update the written episodes for us so if you can try to be a little grateful, thanks

      • Jackie

        Suman has a RIGHT to voice his/her Opinion. Stop telling people what do and what not to do. Get a grip on yourself.

  7. devi

    I watch this show only for abhigya. Talented artists waste their energy these type of shows. Pray the god dont they lose their name abhigya.

  8. Sa

    Extremely worst … I have limited myself that only one serial I will watch per date. So I have selected this kum Kum bhagya before one year. Now I feel very sad y I have selected this one.
    I feel the story writer will think the viewer are fools. Now they turned to 100% to 0 % worth.
    I feel like stop seeing this one I don’t to be fooled any more. B

  9. Leila

    I don’t think tanu will go to her mom she is lying she will stay somewhere no one can see her n she will try to go n kill sarla herself

  10. Namrata Rathod

    Dragging dragging n only dragging…its really irritating plzzz we all begginig u plzz vlose the chapter of tanu ?????

  11. ninaricci

    Stupid story. Anyone who knows the truth meets with an accident. First Pragya, then bubul now Sarla. Might as well kill everyone in the show and let the evil celebrate. So easy to disguse despite heightened security!

    Shame on the writers. Seems like a low IQ show.

  12. Sareshma

    Ohhhh pleaseee !!!!!! tanu is sooo dumb and abhi is dumber I’ve just lost faith in the kkb team tanu is so annoying and such a dumb drama queen can’t abhi see that she doesn’t love/care for him or his family and if the baby isn’t abhi ‘s than it won’t look like abhi sooo later he will know the truth than what he’s going to do &$/):$&:&;$;$;&;&)ffff get a life dude !!!

  13. Sareshma

    The innocents get killed so easily here and the evilness always win it’s not nice and fun anymore to watch kkb ??????goddess of stupidity tanu ??????? can’t raj tell abhi what tanu’s goal is ????

  14. Jigyans Mohanty

    Kumkum Bhagya is so irritating to watch these days.enough guys plz do not torchure audience anymore.expose tanu and pls start a new line of thinking.even pragyan’s acting has become repetitive and boring and abhi I have no words for him I have never seen a protagonist in a daily soap serial without brains. He always wants people will come to him and reveal the secrets before him with evidence.What has he done till date to expose the culprits nothing as of now.

    • Sahithi

      Yeah saw those pics , looks like Sarla missing. We may see Aaliya entry also around same time. I have this feeling Aaliya will use Sarla to threaten Abhi to transfer property.

    • Sahithi

      That’s a good guess Prathiksha, I read zee TV website that Sarla will b paralyzed n won’t b able to speak. When Nikhil or Tanu r near she wud b scared n behave wierdly. May b that’s why they came on some outing.

      But they can do these outings after kicking out Tanu also na.

  15. rrr

    ha ha ha…epada abhiyum pragyuvum senthanga avangala pirikrathuku….500 episodes ah pirinju matum thaan irukanga…ithula aaliya vanthu seprate pana porangalam…yaarumilatha tea kadaiku yaarukuda tea aathuringa??????saami mudiyala 3 yrs ah ithae joke thaan…better pls seprate themn make new pair to both…lost interest in abhi n pragya love story…we want thei long last sepration only…

  16. minna

    Please guys I have finally understood why tanu won’t get caught cause the story will end this story is only abt Pragua crying so tanu track will carry on Sarla will remain unconscious meanwhile aalia will b back so story writer will think of some more pblms for Pragua
    The only good thing is tanu is finally looking pregnant after a year

  17. Brintha

    I agree in a daily soap we shud not expect logics..but plz writers you hv to justify what ur writing…keep it in your mind that your writing rhe story who has brain…and not for fools…any cpmpoundee or nurse will come in uniform frm the gate ?…they will come in ordinary dress and they will change in hospitals only…yesterday i didn’t watch it .i thought of quit…but after reading janaki performance in written episode..i watched in online…she did a gr8 job…and ronnie too…

  18. Sahithi

    Pragya forgot about her blackmailing thing and Tanu n Nikhil are also not thinking why the calls stopped. Wont they have this doubt about who the blackmailer was. In last episode looks like Tanu left MM and may be she went back to her apartment. The security guy from there was supposed to be making these calls, she also doesn’t think about that. She was also in hurry to end Sarla’s life herself. Instead of looking after her mom, Pragya is seen wandering around. When Nikhil entered she was not thr, same in precap, Abhi n Tanu fighting, she is not seen.

    Only after someone kills Sarla or again abducts her, ppl will start worrying. Thats so unrealistic. They did same mistake with Bulbul, she left when no one was around, now again everyone walks into that room where Sarla is lying, as they wish.

    This concept of trying to kill someone n the way it is shown as so easy/ the only option for all evils, is the worst thing on this show.

    • Megha

      You are correct Sahithi. I agree with you. I don’t know why the writers are not concentrate on these. They wantedly dragging the show by avoiding all the important things which they already done the mistakes like you said.

  19. Brintha

    This my understand that any of ektha serial hero heroine will be fihhting for 400 episodes….another 400 episodes they will understand each other…then they reunion for only 10 episodes..because after that they won’t hv story…so suddenly announcement frm balaji telefilms tbey are winding up the story…because of the last reunion 10 episodes fans will be litrely begging to continue the show for some more time….thn also she cant move the story further..after 50 episodes…she will wind up the story….keeping this in mind if we should watch her serials to avoid blood pressure..

    • jaydeep

      Pratiksha kanchi has given birth to a boy today….new entry to the ahluwalia family & younger brother for the first son azai

    • Sahithi

      But that’s because of Naagin being 1st as usual which is not daily serial. 2nd for cric match, so still among daily shows its no. 1

  20. Guys shabbir has become father once again. His wife kaanchi has delivered a baby boy? so their first baby azai got his little brother. I must say congrats to shabbir and kaanchi with lots of gud wishes.?

  21. jaydeep

    Episodes starts with Ronnie telling Abhi that hez a compounder and leaves. Nikhil thinks why Abhi and Pragya are not leaving and how he will finish his work. Abhi has FB of Sarla maa giving Pragya’s hand in his and thinks y she did like that.
    *Nurse comes in and tells she has to give medicine to the patient and asks Nikhil.. He takes a wrong medicine and the nurse scolds him followed by Abhi. Nikhil gets a call and Abhi asks him to go out and talk and keep the ph on silent wen he comes back in..

    *Tayaji,Tayiji, Daadi, Rachana, Mthali are at breakfast table.. the think of doing some puja to get peace in the house.. Abhigya come downstairs to them. Abhi says we’ll decide abt it later as doctor will be comming now.

    *Daadi see’s Tanu going upstairs and starts scolding her for not coming home all night. Abhi tells Daadi that Tanu informed him.

    *Abhi asks Tanu y did she return so early and how her mother is. Tanu tells him that her mother dosent want to see her and start saying that she might fallen sick coz shez worried about Abhi’s and her shaadi.. Tanu asks Abhi what shall i do.. w8 till we get married or w8 till something happens to my mom. Tells him that her mother said that if Tanu wants to see her then she can only do that after she gets married or asks her nt to see her face after she dies.

    *Tanu says she z scared she’ll loose her mom.. Abhi says Sarla aunty .. and Tanu cuts him off saying dont give excuses. Tanu emotionally blackmails Abhi. Pragya thinks what new drama is she starting and is her mother really sick.

    *Watchman comes and tells there is a man outside saying hez the compounder. Abhi asks him to bring the guy inside. the compounder comes in and tells him everything.. Tanu gets tensed.. Abhi asks the guy weather he can identify the person and he says yes.. Abhi asks him to stay here and inform him if he see’s that guy.

    *Tanu thinks what has Nikhil done. He must be comming here and i have to stop him.. Abhi comes to Tanu and tries to talk to him. She says dont say anything and leaves.

    *Tau calls Nikhil and warns him and asks him not to come to MM.. Nikhil tells Tanu to get rid of the compounder and he’ll take care of everything else..

    *Abhi comes to Tanu and drags her from her room..

    *Purab, Pragya, Daadi and Rachu discussion… How can some1 come with such a high security. Purab says we cant trust police and we have to keep a look out for Sarla maa.. Rachu tells may be he has kidnapped aunty to kill her.. Daadi tells some1 dosent want Sarla to live. Purab sasy matter is something else.. Pragya says that guy will again attempt to kill maa.. We wot knw the truth until Maa gets hosh. and until maa gets hosh we have this khatara.

    *Purab says he’ll be beside Maa the whole time and no one will try to do anything when m there.. Daadi says also think abt Tanu’s matter.. See how shez acting.. We have to do something..

    *Abhi drags Tanu to sarla’s room.. Precap scene.. Ur seeing her as Pragyas Mom.. if u really love me then u’ll see her as my Mom too.. Abhi says are u mad.. U want me to marry you before Maa gets hosh.. If shez my real mother then also will u say the same?? Tanu says shez nt ur real mother and ur soo worried.. there my real mother is worried and sick thats y m talking about our marriage..

    *Abhi says ur mother is not listining to u right.. Call her now and he’ll talk to her. Abhi shouts at Tanu to call her mom.. Tanu gets tensed and says .. sorry Abhi its me who dosent knw hw to handle the situation.. I’ll talk to mom.. U take care of Sarla aunty.. Abhi warns her not to talk about shaadi with any1 in the house until Sarla aunty gets Hosh..

    *Abhi leaves.. Tanu thinks i wont let her get hosh.. if she wakes up then my wedding with Abhi will never happen..

    *Everyone in MM hall with the doctor whoz checking Sarla’s reports.. Doc says reports are normal.. just 1/2 reports left with the mri.. Pragay asks when will those reports come and Doc says by eveng.. Abhi asks wen she’ll wake up.. Doc we need to see the other reports for that..

    *Watchman comes running in and says the outhouse.. Daadi says it closed for many years.. Watchman says its not now. I tried to stop her but she isnt listening to him.. You all come and see for yourself..

    *All come running out and see a hooded figure breaking lock… and ALIYA is BAK.. every1 is shocked..

  22. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Abhi asks ronnie who is he? Ronnie says he is a compounder.
    Pragya sits beside sarla maa and holds her hands. She sees abhi. Nikhil gets annoyed why abhigya r still in sarla maa’s room in late night.
    Abhi remembers that scene when srala gives pragya’s hand in his hand before getting unconscious.
    Nurse comes and says to (nikhil) compounder to give medicine to sarla. He gives wrong medicine. Nurse yells at him. Abhi gets suspicious. Just then nikhil’s phone rings. Abhi says him to take it outside.
    Everybody on dinning table for breakfast, waiting for abhi pragya. Abhi pragya comes downstairs.
    Tanu enters in the house. Dadi scolds her for going out for whole night. Abhi tells dadi that she told him that she is going to see her mom as her mom is not well.
    Tanu says to abhi that her mom us distressed becoz of their wedding delay and scolded her by saying it that do not come in front of them without marriage. She says that her mom is not taking sarla Aunty’s health excuses too.
    Just then watchman enters and says to abhi that a man wants to meet u and saying himself as compounder. Abhi tells him to bring him.
    Real compounder comes and tells everything to abhi that how a man took his place after getting him injured. Abhi says him to stay here to identifying that person.
    Tanu thinks to stop nikhil from coming and goes from there after saying it to abhi that he doesn’t have any care for her and she is not his family but pragya’s.
    Tanu comes in her room and calls nikhil. She tells him that real compounder told everything to abhi and now staying here for identifying him so do not come here.
    Purab, pragya, rachna, dadi talks about whole incidences and decides to take care if sarla more and keeping eye on everyone.
    Abhi comes to tanu in anger and drags her outside. He brings her in sarla maa’s room and then precap scene happens. Tanu says that she is not ur real mother but my real mother is worried for me there so what if I will loose her? Abhi says call ur mom and I will talk with her. Tanu gets tensed and says it’s her mistake that she couldn’t handle her so she will talk with her mom. Abhi says not to talk about marriage until sarla aunty gets conscious.
    Tanu thinks to not let sarla maa comes gets in conscious becoz after it her marriage could not happen with abhi.
    Everybody in downstairs. Watchman comes and tells them about outhouse. Dadi says outhouse is closed since long. Watchman says I stopped her but she didn’t listen.
    Every runs to outside and sees outhouse lock gets break. They sees aaliya and gets shocked.

  23. Guys one thing is clear that outside shoot was for outhouse and it is a part of mehra house. But wonders who gave aaliya’s bail and brought her back? No takhil, No team pragya then who? Raaj!!!!! Strong posibiltiy becoz he was so silent and behaving suspiciously by not telling anything about tanu. I had suspicion on him from the day one of his exposure so he is most possible person behind aaliya’s come back. If this is true then it means we will again have our three villains back in the show!!!? with another one which is nikhil.

    • Priya $

      Ohhhnooo if 3 r back some thing big ll happen.. Is thr any chances pratiksha whether aliyah ll help pragya for tanu’s truth exposure.. To gain family support she may do it na.. Wat do u think??

    • Sahithi

      I still want to believe it’s not Raaj n he has changed for good, thinking he was indirect reason for Bulbul’s death. On first day when Pragya went to meet Aaliya, she told police to inform her on who all meets Aaliya. Let us see if writers still remember that.
      From spoilers looks like Mithali is distracted/lost today. Can she b reason behind bail? Or Nikhil after knowing he can’t enter MM easily.
      Thr r still some vanished characters like corporater, Purvi, Bulbul with new face. Is someone playing a drama along with Aaliya.
      Shikha mentioned her te-entry is well justified, may b precap with give some clue.

    • jaydeep

      If that’s turned out to be true then there’s no need of watching kkb bcoz even after there exposure they comeback and creating problems and team pragya are not able to solve previous problems only then how are they gonna solve the new ones ?????? So CVS making the show unbearably frustrating … If this happens then I’m not gonna watch it again….hoping for the best….fingers crossed

    • Ani


      I feel it should be tanu who bailed her as tanu was not in home the whole night and she desired to do something before sarla gets conscious

  24. Surbhi

    Arey ab to baksh do viewers ko yrr sala tanu ka such tum samne nahi la paye ar aliya ar bula li tumne wapis sala pagal samjha hai kya mathe pe bewkoof likha dikhta hai humare kuchh bhi dikhaoge maan jayenge meri pragya to ek kaam kar bhag ja yaha se sab pagal hai sala poora khandaan pagal hai koi flop plan bana raha hai koii bewkoof bana baitha hai kisi ko bas apni chinta hai bhai tu apna dimag pagal na kar inko bachane me kyuki ye bandaron ki prajati k hai ye dimag nahi lagaenge ha lekin agar tu inke chakkar me padegj na to tune zaroor pagal khane chale jana hai ab…. to behtar hai apni jaan bacha ar bhag ja yaha se maran de in paglon ko aise hi ye na sudharne wale.

  25. farida

    I can’t even keep pace with what the story is abut anymore. There is so much scheming going on that the story line is like a puzzle with many missing pieces which will never be found to fit the end result.

  26. Kanchi gave birth but tanu didn’t crap……I suppose she became pregnant before kanchi did I sware this female tanu she is a manipulative b****…..

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