Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Bulbul worrying for Pragya in front of Purab. Purab asks her to calm down and goes out of room. Purab’s phone rings and Bulbul picks it. A person says he has arranged valentine meeting with his girlfiend, but forgot girlfriend’s name. She says Bulbul and cuts call. Purb comes back and she says she knows his valentine’s day plan and goes into flashback where Pragya and her discuss about valentine’s day and boyfriends. She tells Purab that Pragya started to love Abhi, but now she will not unite with Abhi on velentine’s day.

Pragya still tied and in kidnapper’s den reminisces corporator’s words that Abhi loves Tanu and not him and gets sad. She reminisces about dancing with Abhi and then thinks she should not dream.


thinsk what to do with Pragya, he cannot kill her. He looks at Bulbu’s pic on big screen and tells happy valentine’s day and tells if she gets back to him, he will change.

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Abhi in his room fumes over his helplessness. Daasi comes and apologizes for slapping him. He says he knows she is worried about Pragya and as an elder has right to slap him. She says she knows he cannot stay without Pragya. He asks her to go and sleep as he has to search Pragya.

Tanu comes to a hotel and likes it, she asks manager to decorate it well for her valentine day party. She gets her mom’s call who asks why is Abhi not picking her call. Tanu says he is busy in his concerts and says she has spoken to his family about their marriage. Mom gets happy and cuts call. Tanu thinks she has to make her lie as true by seducing Abhi and make him forget Pragya and get mad for her.

Abhi in his sleep dreams about Fuggi. He wakes up and realizes Pragya’s absence, he reminisces she helping him and their usual daily fight and misses her.

Corporator takes Pragya out of his den and tells she is a lucky trump card for him and he will get Bulbul by using her. She says she will not call Bulbul at any cost. He says Bulbul is his and he will get her at any cost as he loves her. She says love is not forced and should be gained like Purab, only eunuchs/namard forces. Corporator gets irked and tells he loves Bulbul since his college days and will prove he is not namard.

Abhi asks commissioner why did not he trace Pragya and kidnappers. Commissioner says kidnapper is having a powerful person’s support and always is a step ahead.

Precap: Corporator calls Bulbul and tells he has kidnapped Pragya. Purab picks call instead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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      Does Tanu really think that Abhi wll attend a Valentine party with her when Pragya has been kidnapped.? He should stop liking her because she is selfish and evil. She does not care about anyone but herself and she is NOT trying o hide it.

  1. Can’t Tanu sees that Abhi does not have any time with her.Abhi was infatuated with Tanu be he loves his wife .Tanu you are dumb ,so go ahead and make Valentine party but it will be with you and you.You are a foolish and selfish homewrecker.Get a life,please.

  2. This writer run out of sences so they have to drag this kidnapped sences over n over again till the come up with some thing new

  3. kubs

    Agree kidnapping thing is extremely boring,but shabir was awesome yesterday as the devastated husband.brilliant brilliant brilliant.for the first time I truly enjoyed his acting.

  4. shivi

    Wats wrong wid kumkum bhagya update only ???updates fr rest of d shows hv already been made then y not kumkum bhagya…..?????

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