Kumkum Bhagya 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi tries to question King again

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The Episode starts with King asking Pragya if she knows Aaliya and Tanu before she met him. He says why do they don’t like you. He asks her to tell. Pragya says actually I want to tell you about this. Just then Suwarni Dadi falls down. King and Pragya go to her and help her get up. Pragya says she will take her to room. Dadi says she fell down, but wants to enjoy the party. Abhi comes and says kids and oldies have no difference, and says my dadi and Kiara are both same. King says like that and says then dadi shall be in the party. Dadi says I want to be in the party and asks Pragya to give hand. Pragya helps her. King thinks to talk to Aaliya later. Servant serves food to Kiara and sunny. Sunny tells Disha that he will talk to his mamma and asks about her father. He calls Disha. Disha collides

with Tanu and her phone falls down. Tanu asks her to ask her husband to earn money, and asks until when they will live on her husband’s money. Disha gets angry. Sunny tells Kiara that his mum is not picking the call.

Tai ji asks Taya ji to control his sugar and asks him not to eat sweets. Taya ji laughs and thinks it is fun to eat hiding. He gets Gulab Jamun and tells waiter that he will call him again. Neha talks to Tarun and says there is so much stress, and says both of our mums don’t like us. He keeps finger on her hand. They sit under the table. Mitali hears them and misunderstand the situation when Tarun asks her not to force him to force her. Mitali comes to King and tells them that Tarun took Neha under the table. She then asks Chachi why Tarun was misbehaving with her daughter, and says she heard them talking and he was scolding her. Pragya tries to defend Tarun. Mitali says I want to show you all. She says may be he might have slapped her till now. King says Tarun can’t do this. Tarun and Neha hug each other. Taya ji hides under the table and eats jamuns. Everyone go there and see Taya ji having sweets secretly. Mitali is shocked and ask where were they? Chachi says they are there. Tarun and Neha are standing afar. Tarun says we got saved. Neha says Dadu saved us. Chachi scolds Mitali. Abhi says we shall not take this lightly. King says that Neha and Tarun were under the table. Abhi says may be she had felt and tells that he wants to end the matter. He asks Tarun and Neha if they were under the table.

Neha and Tarun get tensed. Dadi asks them to dance. Abhi tells King that they shall talk. King says they shall go to bar. Pragya comes to King and asks him to come. Abhi thinks he has to hide his moves from Pragya. King is surprised and tells Pragya that today she held his hand and took him to dance floor. Pragya says sorry. King asks why you didn’t do this before, I felt really bad. They start dancing along with other couples. Abhi thinks she did wrong by hiding the truth, now he will take Kiara with him. Song plays…kab tab mere naam tu…Mitali asks Raj to look how Abhi is looking at Pragya. Taya ji asks Tai ji to cheer up. Tai ji asks him not to do this again. Taya ji says ok.

Abhi claps loudly surprising everyone. He says you are too good, to hide truth from King very cleverly. King asks what? Abhi asks her to tell. Mitali takes Raj to room and says this marriage is happening as Abhi and Pragya still love each other. She says nobody listened to me when I was against the marriage. Raj says Pragya is Abhi’s love and he is my love. He says Pragya and Abhi, both are special to us, we shall not think them wrong. Mitali asks do you support them. Raj says they always love each other, and the love didn’t end between them although they were far from each other since 7 years. He says they did wrong with us, and I won’t let them do wrong with us. Mitali asks really and asks will you break this relation. Raj says marriage rituals will happen, but marriage will not happen. Abhi asks Pragya to say else he will say. Pragya says you have drink much. Abhi says I will tell and tells that Neha and Tarun’s responsibility is ours, so we shall dance, but I had said that my leg was hurt, but she has much pain and she didn’t tell anyone. He sees fear on her face and thinks she will tell due to fear.. Pragya thinks I have fear on my face as I haven’t told anything to King yet. King says you didn’t tell me about your pain. Pragya says we shall go now. Abhi says lets play game of truth or dare. Pragya looks on.

Abhi asks Pragya truth or dare. Pragya says truth. Abhi asks do you love your husband? Pragya smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. We are greeted with a fast re-cap of the various conflicts and by the end of 3 mins oh yes, we’ve had our first dose of the unwanted Tuna fish. Has someone done the work to make her earrings dangle? Did someone shorten them so that they didn’t lay flat on her shoulder? Is this what I have, instead of a story? Sure looks like it. After all these years we learn that Tau Ji has a blood sugar problem and is prone to sneaking gulab jaman on the sly. And the opportunistic Mithali looks for a way to further her abuse and fortunately fails. The woman’s desperate b*tchiness is no longer amusing. Same old, same old. Everybody is having their identity repeated yet again. At 15 minutes we once again get to hear about Abhi’s pain and anger. Who cares? As usual the mini-mind forgets about himself, his whore, his psychopath sister and the little piranha Mithali. Petty criminals always forget their previous actions. But here it is the couple dance, always a moment for a ‘scene’ a turning point in the script. Baby Abhi begins his tirade. His cheerleader the tuna fish becomes excited, her arrogant smirk becomes hopeful. “ooooh, abhi’s going to hurt someone!!!”, says the moment of light on her plastic face. Yup, just like any attention-seeker (oh, Ekta, this must be how you run your relationships as well!) he only begins when he has the attention of the whole party. We skip over to Raj and Mithali. Raj assures the audience (me and you) that he is onside with Mithali. Mithali has a smile and we all know that’s the closest this woman will ever get to having an orgasm. Abhi has it in his head to think that he is smart. Tuna looks like she agrees with him but she remains asking questions. Abhi and Tuna deserve each other, forever. They are both incredibly dumb and ugly. Abhi and his dangerous ego and Tuna and her dangerous greedy ego. No Robin here anymore to take out the garbage. The pressure is on Pragya. Well of course, nothing like making a martyr of Pragya, yet again. Pragya and her family, simple playthings for the criminal Mehra family. Gotta’ set up Pragya for more dishonour. And a game meant for teenagers is played at a Sangeet by the main couples. And that’s it. That’s that, for today’s episode. These writers are wonderful at writing ‘fillers’, using music to evoke emotion. Sure as hell is not coming from the script. Another day another dollar or in Ekta’s case… millions. For this. propoganda.

  2. King was better in London… He is now stuck in this mess…
    Mishal Raheja…your brilliant performance is never gonna get appreciated in this mad gang of people …..

  3. Today’s episode is like when you sit on the toilet bowl and you know it’s coming but you know that you are constipated and it’s all a waste of time..hoping the next day you’ll try again till it all comes out…hopefully you’d wish that you actually have diarrheoa as a blessing just to let it out and feel much better… That’s where Pragya was precisely as she was about to tell King that she was the illtreated wife of Abhi and the abused victim of the piranhas in clothing..and then dadi fell…we’ll wait for tomorrow now, hoping that Pragya has enough stamina to let loose…the truth!!

    1. Ha! Ha! Good one Naz!!

      1. p.s. Naz, that clip that you saw of Ekta in a saree is a 2nd one. The original clip that I saw, was when she was closing the door at the end of the night (?) she told the reporters that everything was finished and welcomed/encouraged them to enjoy some food. In that clip she had sucked in her gut so profoundly that her tummy looked like it was 3 or 4 giant ropes twisted, instead of her gut. Sucking it in, did help the edges look a little less hefty, but the vision of the twisted up middle was truly horrendous. I am sure they removed the clip as soon as someone recognized how incredibly monstrous she looked. Gotta’ hide the truth of the ‘boss’ who writes the paycheques! I truly hope an employee rebellion comes along for this ‘producer’ of regressive horsesh*t

  4. Leisa s morris

    Hmmmm isnt it amazing dat everytime pragya has to tell d truth one thibg or another manages to stop her yet abhi,tanu mitali, alitah and d likes get to have a full tirade where they lash into pragya and others undisturbed until all is out. U telling me since cachi told king bout abhi slping in her room not once pragya get a chance to tell king d truth. Not only did he stop her but e ery other time someone or d other does smh…smhlike really?

    1. Pragya is meant to be the perfect ‘dreamed for’ victim. She is the wet dream of every abuser who wants full compliance from a victim. This is supposed to teach impressionable young people how to behave on a subliminal level. Especially those 13 year old brides who are now 20 years old and wondering about their lot in life with no education. It is these women who need to be reminded that being victimized is a noble act of sanskari love, by the regressive producer. 7 lifetimes and all that misinterpreted jazz. And somehow they are doing right, being honoured by the level of abuse they take. What do you say to the dead victims of abuse? Women who are like the characters of Tuna, Alia and Mithali (they really do exist) get to be reminded that they are on side of right, because they have the best jewellry and have learned the essential art of controlling their husbands.

  5. As mentioned earlier one more addition to the villains the great and once forgotten Raj bhaiiya who is back now.. Fail to understand why the Mehra mansion is full of such people or leeches as you call it. They live off Abhi’s money and don’t do any work except planning and plotting against Pragya and also how to take the entire wealth from Abhi and still Abhi is not aware of the issue that he is actually nurturing in his home and now with Pragya not being there these people are having a ball since Abhi is an idiot having no sense and voice of his own as he is being controlled by them. Pragya please stand up and get these blo*dy leeches and creeps behind the bars and as mentioned upteem times kick Abhi out of your life . Please tell king the entire truth from the time of your
    Marriage and till date . King please help Pragya and get kiara custody and get everyone punished for what they did to Pragya and kiara. Want to see everyone behind the bars including the Dadis as they did not stop Abhi when he kicked Pragya out , all are blo*dy selfish . Want to see everyone in jail and Abhi alone crying and a defeated man to pay for what all he has done to Pragya blo*dy INSENSITIVE AND UNGRATEFUL CREATURE.. guess this is how they should end KKB as there is no meaning left in KUMKUM BHAGYA IF THE KUMKUM IS OF ABHI .. Pragya should understand that her Bhagya is with king who for the past 7 years looked after Pragya and kiara and gave her everything including respect and trust and not once did he misbehave .

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