Kumkum Bhagya 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bulbul asking who is there? Aaliya comes infront of her and says she will kill her. Pragya wake up and thinks it is a bad dream. She thinks to see what Aaliya is doing. Tanu asks Aaliya why she was getting effected. Aaliya says she still loves Purab, but couldn’t express her love because of family. Tanu says I thought that you have forgotten him. Aaliya says I love him very much even now, and I have subside this matter now, and concentrated on Abhi. She says she lost her temper when she saw them celebrating love anniversary. She says she will do something to this Bulbul, and will see Purab later. Pragya hears her and thinks she has to meet Purab and Bulbul now itself.

Tanu sits for breakfast and sees many dishes. She says I think Pragya is not at home. Just then

Pragya comes home. Abhi asks where did you go early morning. Pragya says there was some important work and calls Purab and Bulbul inside. Purab and Bulbul come inside holding the garlands. Pragya says they are married now. Bulbul says we got married in the temple. Abhi asks who gave them permission to marry. Pragya says she got them married. Abhi asks how can you marry on her sayings, and asks have you gone mad? He asks did she threaten Purab to marry Bulbul as he don’t do anything without informing me. Pragya asks him to ask Purab himself. Dadi takes Pragya inside. Tanu thinks to call Aaliya and inform her.

Abhi asks Purab what is your helplessness to marry in a hurry? He asks if you are with Pragya and taking my side as per her plan. Dadi asks Pragya if she really got Purab and Bulbul married, or are acting. Pragya says they are really married now. Dadi says you might have forced them to marry. Purab says you are doubting me. Abhi says you would have told me before, and says Pragya has taken your advantage to make me feel let down. Purab says I have done this marriage for you, and says she has decided to appoint him as a manager. He says he has also applied for the post, but Pragya said that the manager should be a married man. He says he got stressful and married Bulbul to get the job. He says he told Pragya to come to temple and says he will marry Bulbul. Abhi says she said that she got you both married. Purab says we told her to tell that.

A FB is shown, Pragya meets Purab and Bulbul and tells them that Aaliya still loves Purab. She tells them that she heard Aaliya speaking to Tanu and saw a very bad dream too. Bulbul says we will be alert and will stay away from her. Pragya says we have to do something. Purab says Aaliya is pretending to be nice and we are unable to expose her. Pragya says there is one way and asks them to marry so that Aaliya accepts her defeat. Purab says how can we marry without Sarla, Dadi and Abhi, but Pragya convinces them. Purab and Bulbul gets married. Dadi tells her that Aaliya was quite since many days. Pragya says she heard Aaliya’s conversation with Tanu and says may be Aaliya would take a wrong step and do any mistake. Dadi says you said right and asks Bulbul to be alert. Bulbul says she got the strength to fight for her marriage. Pragya says it is kumkum’s strength. Dadi worries if Abhi will agree. Pragya says Purab will convince him. Abhi comes. Dadi asks why did they betray us. Abhi says I will not forgive my friend and ex saali, says I am very happy with your marriage. It was my responsibility to get you married, and Pragya snatched that right from me. He asks them to take Dadi’s blessings. Dadi blesses them. Pragya smiles. Abhi says they are taking Dadi’s blessing and not yours.

Abhi says I was sure that there is no God, and argues with Pragya. Pragya says I will not waste my money for your wishes. Abhi says so you got them married to save money. SRK and Kajol come there. Pragya says I have fulfilled your responsibility. They argue. Abhi says I will perform, dance and will do their marriage grandly. Pragya says it would have remain a dream only. Abhi says there is no solution now. Dilwale cast ask him to listen to his heart and throw grand reception for his friends. Kajol asks him to fulfill all his wishes in the reception. Abhi likes the idea. Pragya refuses to give the money.

Abhi requests Pragya to give him money for Purab’s reception and says he couldn’t arrange in such a small time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ♡♥Maha♥♡

    I want to see aaliyah reaction I am eagerly waiting for that

  2. after a milenium something gud has hapened in this show

  3. Poor Abhi asking for money even after getting sign on property papers. Did he forgot the papers or opening locker is so difficult 🙂

  4. At last purab and bulbul r married. Now aliya can’t do anything!!

  5. At last……Bulbul & Purab are married. Then……?

  6. omg..kkb is goin directionless now..why r the writers doin lyk dis?? making the fans go mad..what is the need for rabul’s reception now..frm my point of view i thought tat as soon as rabul entr the mehras’s hoz wid garlands..aliya wld lose her conscious and go made..nd slap bulbul and catch hold of her neck and continue her bla bla’s lyk she used to do bfre..i thought dis wld hpn..c wat the writers are doing!!! thy r going aimless..

  7. Atleast marriage was done finally..now they will unite together and will plan how to defeat those witches..good job pragya..atleast u have taken this step so fastly..I think this is the one she did perfectly fast & good decision..that abhi will can’t do anything…instead of that asking questions and arguing…actually he don’t know y they did marriage v.fastly without intimating..if they intimates what will happen again repeated story…aaliya will come and stop this marriage..that’s y they took this crct decision..for that he should feel happy for them.
    Instead of that questioning and arguing..writers pls fast up this story…

  8. Huh atlast d love birds are together……. Need to say ki purab n bulbul are d bst couple…..

  9. RIP kkb cvs…. Wtz wrng vid u…. Kiruku thanama poitruku….

  10. Not at all interesting

  11. Not at all interesting

  12. Please make the serial end. Aim of pragya is something serial what s happening is something. How reality of tanu anliya will come out?

  13. ????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Oh god happy 2 c them marid…..abhi wt pragya fight 2gether lk them will b mr interesting.

  15. I can belaive that a serial can be this rubish. they keep going on and on about Alia and Tanu and no one is solving the mystery. this is going boring day by day. annoying

  16. Very very boring

  17. Now where is Sarla

  18. Nikki 1 were r u

  19. Ranaji(narendran)

    Now only gud thing happened in this show waiting aaliya to cry now this show is from Monday to saturday

  20. Happy to see purab & bulbul marriage. I hope some important scene will happen In their reception.

  21. Interests things wer abt to happen .. Let’s wait fabthe changebin the track .. Actually sterdays episode so too fast n no more distractions lyk mitali Ronnie .. BT this had no link .. It was jus like the scenes wer jumping bn thr wer no link ..

  22. Now waiting to c aaliya’s reaction…
    Nice episode….☺

  23. Thideernu CVS Ku buthi vandhichu pola .. Sema fast ah marriage n dilwale’s promotion .. The CVS wer confused a little sterday itseems

    1. i too thought d same razia
      avanga indha madiri film promo marriage ku hurry up aguvanga
      bt tanu aliya expose nd abhigya reunion marandhuduvanga
      bt enna kodumaina ivanga unite agaradhukum aliya nd tanu vida matanga
      so 2 jodisum separate separate a alaya vendiyadhu than

    2. Nivi .. In Tamil I mean irumalargal la kidnapping track poitruku la .. Enjoyn tat .. N I’m badly waiting fa the episodes after kidnapping and til I mean from episode 245 to 345 .. Lovely .. Abhi saavan pragya va love panradhuku avala othuka vekradhuku

  24. Y there wer no fan fictions fa the past two days ?

  25. Since this show is based on Sense and Sensibility, whenever Purab – Bulbul marriage was stopped I feared if ultimately Bulbul will end up marrying Suresh as per the storyline of the novel. Atleast the viewers are saved from that pain of seeing Purab and Bulbul not getting married.

  26. guys can anyone help me is there any app to watch kumkumbhagya except zeetv and ditto app

    1. Ha ha .. Good question apdi edhachum irundha sooper a itukum .. Pls do tel guys is thr any app ?

  27. Guys I didn’t comment on yesterday’s episodebecoz it was nothing for comment and discussion. I don’t know why but I had no words for yesterday’s episode. Not on abhi, not on pragya, noton taaliya ornot onpurbul or dadi. Not becoz they were OK or episode was fab but don’t know why I didn’t felt connected with yesterday’s episode. May b becoz I have been seen it in segment already and nothing was new or surprising for me ormay b something lack in yesterday’s episode’s story. But I was feeling disconnected. I felt like everything was happening in so much hurry. Means the way purbul’s wedding sequence and it’s reason should b shoot, it was not like that. And abhi! As we all knows that nothing can say regarding his actions or reactions. Ye insaan to every minute girguit ki tarah rang badalta hai. Means he changes many colours with and according to the situations. Sometimes pragya becomes his fuggy, his love with whom he wants to spend his whole life and sometimes pragya becomes his enemy whom he doesn’t like for a single moment. As a whole after watching yesterday’s episode, I felt disappointed and disconnected, that’s why I didn’t comment before.

  28. razia daily motion app is there but its not that much clear on episodes..If there is any app pls tell me

  29. Nikki 1 you are right ..

    But do you have any guess .. Why aaliya called pragya Bhabhi and pragya was shocked ????

    Waiting for your reply ..

  30. desi tashan app is gud & hotstar super

  31. Sure srimathi .. If I knoe .. I’ll let u knoe n thanks .. Today wat vl happen ? Aaliyas anger ?

    1. I think Aaliya n Sarla ma both will know about the marriage today.

  32. am exceping in upcoming episode in purbul weeding party raj team was expose…….

  33. Gd that Purab and Bulbul got married

  34. Im waiting for today’s episode….

  35. this serial had become so annoying nowadays. This serial is becoming worst n worst day by day. M not any more interested in watching this bakwaas serial.

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