Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode with Abhi asking Aaliya not to worry and says the deal which you have sealed, I will not let it ruin. Aaliya thanks him and asks to sing song. Pragya dreams dancing with Abhi in the studio. Hua Hai Aaj Pehli Baar plays………She imagines Abhi leaving her and gets up. Sarla asks her to have water and asks if she saw any bad dream. She asks her not to go to office today. Pragya says no and rushes to go to office. Sarla tells Beeji that Pragya always dreams about Abhi. She asks when will Abhi get his memory and when will he unite with her. Beeji says it will happen for sure. Dadi prays to God and asks him to do some miracle and make Abhi remember his wife Pragya. Aaliya tells Abhi that he is looking rocking today, and asks him to record half song only. Abhi asks why? Aaliya says if you

record full song then he will not give us remaining amount. Abhi says okay and asks if you are coming with me. Aaliya says no, and asks him not to take tension as 5 bodyguards will go with him. Dadi asks Abhi to take aarti before going. Abhi says I don’t believe on this, but will take aarti for you. He takes Aarti. Dadi prays to God for his progress and says you shall get what is in your heart. Abhi says okay, you ask your God to give me what is in my heart. He says I am going. Dadi says I want Pragya and you to unite.

Manager asks Pragya if she has good morning wish with Abhi. Pragya says it is just a poster. Manager says I know everything and praise herself. Boss comes and says Abhi is coming today to record song. He tells Pragya that she is lucky to welcome Abhi, and says you are lucky even for us. Manager Sara says that he said right and says your dream guy is coming here. She goes to make the arrangements. Pragya thinks why is he coming here? He shall not see me. She thinks he should not see me and thinks to hide in the canteen when he comes. She silently goes to canteen and sits hiding her face. Sara comes and asks her to hurry up. She says Boss is calling you. Pragya refuses to come. Sara says you are his big fan. Pragya says I can’t meet him. Sara says Boss will get angry. Pragya says I will not go even then. I will leave the job, but can’t go.

Sara reminds her that she has signed on the papers and says she will be barred to work in any company. She forcibly takes her with her. She gives flowers plate to Pragya asking her to welcome Abhi nicely.

Abhi comes in his car….Everyone surround him to get his autograph. Pragya sees him and recalls their happy moments….a fb is shown, Abhi says my dreams is fulfilled….I got my fuggi. Abhi asking her if he can stay as her husband all their lives. She gets emotional. Abhi walks towards her. Allah Wariyan song plays……………..Pragya hides her face with dupatta and showers flower petals on him……Abhi looks at her surprisingly as she has hidden her face. Abhi gets Purab’s call and start talking. Pragya continues to shower flowers on him. Abhi looks at her surprisingly as her dupatta moves from her face. Abhi tells Pragya that flowers are finished. Sara tells Abhi that Pragya is his big fan. Abhi says I can see that she is crazy about me and says I like my fans. Pragya continues to stare him. Abhi gives her autograph on her hand and sets her specs right on her face. Pragya is happy and smiles.

Dadi comes somewhere. Sarla and Beeji also come there. Beeji asks Dadi, how she can take decision alone and is upset with her. Sarla tells Dadi that Pragya is happy as Abhi is alive. Dadi says we want them to live together and cries. She says I feel even if Abhi sees her then also he will not remember her. Beeji tells that Abhi has the same heart and will feel his love on seeing Pragya. Pragya looks at her hand and asks if it was a dream or reality. She sees Abhi’s autograph and thinks what did I do? I went infront of him. She thinks I can’t let anything happen to him and recalls Doctor’s words.

At the music studio, someone asks Pragya to hear music and gives her honest opinion about the song which Abhi has recorded. Pragya wears headphone and listens song. Abhi comes there and stands beside her. Pragya looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi people prove that you will NOT accept Madam Ekta’s rubbish anymore!! Stop commenting on this stupid and awful serial!! Come on prove that you feel that Ekta Kapoor is insulting your intelligence!!! Stop your comments!

    1. KKB needs to Change or End

      Better than that STOP Watching….. you are Right….Show them that this is un-acceptable and Don’t support it.

    2. First u stop commenting if u dnt like. Let others to watch this who love abigya..

  2. Christine Nanan

    This show is too long too boring worst show on zeetv

    1. Awesome episode

  3. after leap I liked today epi it was nice first meeting of abhigya nice to see their eyelock I laughed fr pragya today she totally forgotten herself but best thing is it was noticed abhi so nice and precap is also nice mostly abhi would have suggested it so nice to see but one thing is confusion did abhi felt anything from his heart r not he has to feel something fr her r may he should have special impression on her which should bring them close and I felt very happy today because there is no tanu and they didn’t shown aaliya also fr much coming episodes also it must be like this without this evils if once abhi starts loving pragya then if tanu enters also no problem uff let’s how CVS will show us but I think tanu’s entry will also be in this week only oh god have to bear tanu again

  4. I feel abhi has not lost his memory maybe he is doing that to take out revenge

  5. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Misha, stopping comments will not stop her stupid useless show. .
    She just makes any rubbish she wants and having idiots washing them too.

  6. Iswarya_santhosh

    My doubt about abhis ml is getting strong day by day… It should be fake….
    What is the need of asking opinions to the girl who is new to the office? We all know if we r new to the job it takes a little bit time to make friends there and get their attention….. But how come everybody gives attention on pragya? In recording room, they r asking the opinion of the receptionist… What is the need of that?
    I used to say abhis ml canbe true… But now im thinking, it cant be true bcoz noone will give this much attention to the newly joined receptionist….. Abhi wants to know pragyas opinion so that only they r asking her….. Guys could u remember? He used to discuss about his newly composed song with pragya before also….. He s doing this intentionally. I guess…. (As i wish ) Abhis ml is fake…..

    1. Iswarya I don’t think abhi’s ml is fake it’s true only and coming to u r point before this recording scene there must be a scene bwn abhigya so may in that case abhi will tell them to ask her r it may also like this that abhi had already noticed pragya as his craziest faithful fan so he might have suggested that how much his fan liked it

  7. awesome epi…
    pragya maam looks good in old avtar
    loving the track…….
    anyways its abhigya…
    whatever track it may be they will do their best..
    i just love their realistic acting
    ATB kkb team

  8. New onlocation video – Pragya’s listening to the song from the precap and Abhi enters, making her all nervous and doey-eyed again. She then realizes she’s staring at him and fumbles, trying to think of what to say about the song when he places his arm around her shoulder, making her even more flustered and she says “yeh song mera favorite ho gaya hai!” LOL Abhi’s smirk of approval!! (In Dee’s words, MUST WATCH). Rockstar Abhi reminds the staff workers that his fans are crazy about his voice, so regardless of whether the song is good or bad, the song will be a hit and will be in his fan’s minds for months. He looks at Pragya for confirmation and she nervously nods and then scurries off. Abhi asks what happened to her and then says, “anyways, that was just a demo of my song. I’ll sing the whole song only when I see money transferred into my account.”

    Pragya runs out of the studio…and is thinking that the farther she tries to stay away from him, the closer she ends up being next to him. She says for him, she’s going to have to stay away. She’s looking at her hand, thinking of their moments together (from today’s episode and from the upcoming one) and smiles, blushing. And then she realizes he hasn’t recognized her, she’s a stranger for him, his health was fine, unlike what she was told. “He thinks I’m just a fan…so that means i can stay in front of him, be with him, it won’t affect his health!” Ends with a happy Pragya and Abhi leaving the studio with fans behind him.


    When he comes out of the studio, he tells everyone that Pragya’s his special friend (I think because she’s the only one not bothering him for autographs). Someone asks how he knows if she’s a special friend, and he says “Because I’m a Rockstar!” (Cute TiSha moment here, where they burst out laughing). “Just like I know which songs are going to make my fans crazy, I also know which fans are crazy for me…” and he pauses, watching Pragya intently. “I can look deeply in their eyes and see the love they have for me.” And then he says something about how those people are his special friends, to which Pragya starts smiling. He winks at her, grins back and then pinches/taps her cheeks He starts signing autographs for everyone while Pragya stands there dazed, watching him admiringly (song plays in the back and winds blowing, loll adding all the details I can). I think she pulls out her hand, still gazing at him and the autograph he gave her a little while ago. I think the next few seconds are a dream sequence, where he’s holding her hand and making a heart on it while smiling at her, because she dazes out and is pushed by fans who are still trying to get their autographs from him.


    Abhi is drinking water out of a guard’s glass that he’s holding. Pragya passes by, appearing nervous/anxious and he whistles at her. She turns to see him and he makes a certain gesture at her, making her more flustered and she turns around. Saira appears distressed by Pragya’s dazed behavior and takes her aside. LOL while Abhi tries to give singing lessons to the guard who’s holding Abhi’s glass of water. *WHAT IS GOING ON??*

    1. That’s too funny, abhi can look into his fans eye and find out love they are having for him but cant pragya’s ??
      But I am there is going to be lot of abhigya scenes ??

      1. Wow … can’t wait for this episode. so much of cuteness …Thx for the links

  9. Cynthia Ramrekha

    We should really stop commenting The show has gotten very boring. This is not a love story.

  10. Episode was good but why abhi didn’t feel Pragya??? Nothing has happened to him, when he saw her. So if they the whole truth also, I think nothing will happen to him. Atleast they can say one by one slowly.
    I thought abhi will be confused whenever he sees Pragya, like why I have a weird feelings whenever I see her??? I feel like, I have lived with her for years…. But nothing happened as such, so its disappointing.
    And yesterday CVs filled the episode by allah wariya song. Anyways it looked cool

    1. He won’t feel Pragya, not yet. His focus now is on his music. The main thing is he sees her and is comfortable around her which is good because when Tanu comes around him he will not feel the same. That will be the time he will compare or realize this vast difference and will gravitate towards Pragya. When that happens then his memory will start reconnect the past and slowly starts to come back. Either that or he gets another big whack on his head!

      1. Mittenzz, I agree with you, but what I feel is it will suit for those who didn’t realize their love but in the case of abhi, he has realized his love for Pragya and has lots of happy moments with her. So I feel, something should make him to feel at the very meeting, that he has lived with her for years.
        And yup if he gets another whack on his head there are possible for him to regain his memory. But that too not sure since this CVs will do anything.

  11. best episode. abhi’s entry was superb.

  12. lovely ,cute and superb episode.

  13. See, nowadaysss comments for this serial also decreased… Only 9 comments.. I want this serial to be a flop.. Then the writers should realize their mistake

    1. Lovely episode.. waiting for next one… 😀

    2. If we coment so much ..they Will not change the serial in intellectual way. Don’t comment .be nutral…thats the best way to make this serial rating to come down.

  14. Plssss show us the abhi pragya reunion and their times together

  15. I agree with Misha, that bixxh is insulting all our intelligence and also that of the actors who continue with her brainless script. I have seen worst comments on KKB in the ZeeTV Complaints Board too.

    1. Its getting interesting to watch again 🙂

  16. kumkum bhagya

    l love abhigya

  17. New promo update – Abhi is sitting in a garden composing. He says the lyrics. He says what’s next, Pragya comes there and continues the lyrics.

    Abhi looks at her and says “you again?” You know me so well, who are you?

    Pragya smiled.

    Voice over says

    Why are Pragya seperate when they are made for each other.



  18. there r many good comments on Facebook.a new start is good story furthermore. surely bad people will get punished.I m going be patient n watch.true fans of kkb must watch it.

    1. U r damn rgt leena. let wait n c .. New love story will rock KKB

    2. taunie shapiro

      I am patiently waiting.

  19. how the people watching ds serial..i am confuded n felt bad for them..once upon a time i am regular for KKB..after lot of irritation i quit ds more than 1 n half yrs..still now they show remain the same…serial crossed 600 episode still now lead pair joined;villans got punishment…then wat the purpose to telecast ds …very ridiculous…wr s purab ..only hero n brainful hero in ds serial s purab…they even cant introduce new pair to purab…how bad…stupid n utter serial ever in KKB…

  20. I have a doubt…
    Have abhi’s fans, & music industrial also got memory loss?????
    I think not only abhi but also the fans & the staffs have got memory loss..
    Because no-one knows about pragya. She returned all the properties to abhi one day before the accident. But no-one knows about the boss pragya or abhi’s fuggy even he proposed her in a concert. What is dz utter nonsense???
    In the awards function they have missed a category “The Most Illogical Serial” and definitely the award will goes to kkb…
    So one more award.. Wow! ??
    I think they r thinking that we r also fools like them to believe illogical things.
    I don’t know how they r making some illogical, & unsuitable scenes without any hesitate. OMG.
    Even a mental will not believe this illogical things…

    1. taunie shapiro

      Agreeably, some of the events don’t make sense. Pragya i have known to be very private when it comes to her husby and herself but there were some instances they both were in the limelight so the fact that no one in abhi’s office recognizes her strikes me odd. At least someone should.

      Another thing is, bad people do bad things and it’s like they are left off the hook without even a slap on the wrist ,except for i guess the corporator who got landed behind bars, the rest of the bad guys virtually go scott free which to me is a poor reflection of the hindu legal and justice system. Bad guys ought to face the cconsequences and they should be real.

      Nonetheless, it is a great telenovella. Excuse my words here but i keep telling people who watch kumkum bhagya that were it an american or mexican soap ,it would have been one of the best of the decade. The plot is great and the characters are awesome- abhigya to be exact but the scenes make it very ridiculous. Pragya needs justice. The maids daugther needs justice, abhi’s granny needs her joy made complete.

  21. Guys stop commenting.
    If u stop commenting she will stop making fun eth our intelligence.

  22. taunie shapiro

    Well i love every bit of it even for a guy ,and im keenly following events with lots of interest.

    I only wish there could be subtitles in english so i at least can appreciate and enjoy the discourses as i watch the serials without having to wait for the written update to understand them.

    Please, give some justice to pragya. She has suffered enough already. Give her a breather.

  23. yes Shaz I thought the same…. how is no one recognises Pragya?.

    I wasn’t going to comment but after watching this episode I had to. first episode I’ve seen since Pragya stabbed Abhi with the needle lol.
    it was so funny watching her look like a store window maniqin with a moving arm when she thre flowers on him… her hand kept moving when the flowers were no more. Abhi is feeling her… the way he looked in her eyes and touched her nose… so cute…I do NOT think he is faking memory loss , he has no need to .

  24. It was not mentioned as abhi’s company… And aliya is a new client ter who hS just signed a contract in that company .. its nit abhi’s company guyss…!!!

  25. Nice episode abhigya forever

  26. ImRagela

    A hearty Raksha Bandhan wishes to u all my brothers and sisters here !! And Pratiksha do u remember ?? Some months before you were saying that ur phone got repaired and you will ask your bhai for a new phone during Raksha Bandhan now the time came !! Enjoy madam !!..And Kumkum bhagya i liked today’s episode !!..

  27. Does Abhi’s driver can’t recognise Pragya?? & When Pragya was kidnapped by Neel, Abhi’s fans prayed for them to be recovered & the entire Mumbai knows that Pragya is rockstar Abhi’s wife,, then why don’t this music company or Sara couldn’t recognise her…. RUBBISH ..

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