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The Episode starts with Akash bringing Abhi home. Dasi asks what happened? Tanu tries to enquire about Pragya. Aaliya thinks why Abhi is making sad face, as if Pragya died. Akash tells that he saw Abhi outside the dargah and brought him home. Dadi comes. Abhi cries and hugs her saying Pragya is missing. Dadi tells that Pragya is not a kid, and she will return home. Abhi says he searched for her everywhere, but couldn’t find. Dadi asks Akash to file missing complaint in Police station. Sarla cries and worries for Pragya, blaming Abhi for her condition. She asks Beeji, why you didn’t stop her from going?

Aaliya is in Abhi’s office and wonders if Raj would have done the work or not. Raj comes and asks for coffee or tea. Aaliya asks if the work is done or not? Raj shows her 2 crores of

money, and says he kept 1 crore safely. Aaliya says we have withdrawn 3 crores from Abhi’s account and he didn’t know. Raj says he is waiting for the day when Abhi will be poor. Aaliya says she is also waiting for that day and says they shall have a party.

Tanu asks Abhi to think about their new life rather thinking about Pragya. She says Pragya will go to Sarla’s house and will not come here. She asks her to think about their baby. Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words asking him to take care of the baby, thinking baby to be theirs( Pragya and Abhi), and love him much. Abhi asks Tanu to take care of his baby and have food on time. Tanu says this is our child and I will take care of the baby. She says you don’t take care of us. Abhi says he will take care of them forever. He recalls Pragya and Hamari Adhuri plays………………………

Abhi and Tanu’s mehendi’s decorations are going on. Taya ji and Tayi ji manage the decorations. Mitali shows her new necklace and tells that Raj brought it for her. She says whenever Raj have any profit, he brings necklace for her. Tayi ji thinks Raj didn’t bring anything for her. Taya ji understands her greedy side.

Tanu gets ready for her mehendi function. Aaliya shows the dress. Tanu says she will show the dress to Abhi. Aaliya asks her to keep the dress as a surprise for Abhi, and asks her to wear it on her sangeet. Tanu says she is very happy and can only hear heart beat. Aaliya says she is very happy and asks about Abhi’s behavior. Tanu tells that Abhi is missing Pragya and is lost in her thoughts. Aaliya says atleast he has agreed to marry you. She says he will forget Pragya in sometime and will start loving her again. Tanu says she has a feeling that Abhi just needs her baby, and don’t care about her. She gets scared thinking about Abhi’s reaction on knowing that the baby is of someone else. Aaliya asks her to shut up and don’t let the truth come even in her mind, lest from her mouth.

Abhi talks to Kukreja and tells that tomorrow is sangeet and invites him for today’s mehendi function. He receives a letter through Courier. He reads Pragya’s letter. Pragya writes that she has gone far from him, and asks him to fulfill his promise. She asks him not to search her. Abhi comes out of flashback and says I have done what you asked me. Please come back fuggi. Tanu sees him reading letter again, and thinks she would have tear the letter. She thinks to do something to divert his attention, and starts acting as getting pain. Abhi rushes to her. Tanu asks him not to miss Pragya today as today is their mehendi. Dasi tells that she is feeling bad as Pragya didn’t return since 30 days. Dadi says we can’t do anything as our Pragya is happy with this marriage. She says Pragya should have come here to see the marriage happenings.

Abhi and Tanu’s photo frame falls down. Abhi picks it up and takes out the pic, and sees his pic with Pragya underneath. Hamari Adhuri plays……………………………….A woman is seen stepping out of car. Abhi tells that he didn’t see her since 20 days, and thinks he sleeps sadly with the thought of seeing her in the morning. He asks Pragya to come back as he is marrying for her happiness. He says you can’t break your promise, and if you break it, just remember that I won’t forget you. A woman turns out to be Pragya and looks at the house.

Tanu tells Aaliya that you will stop talking once you see something. Aaliya asks what happened to you, just as Abhi sees Pragya everywhere. Did you see Pragya?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys.. whoever is scolding the writes and creators 🙂 what they are trying to tell is , people who are destined to be together ,can’t be separated though the situation makes it or they themself want to:) that is what we are showing from the beginning in case of Abhigya… initially, both Abhi and Pragya doesn’t want to get married..but becoz of Aaliya and Sarla Maa, they got married…then Abhi tried his best to throw Pragya out of his life..but each time, one or other thing made her stay back..then Aaliya and Tanu tried, but Abhi himself stood in support of Pragya that time…now Pragya herself wanted to be away from Abhi, but Abhi delayed it with one or other reason…now when they both are ready (not fully, but sacrificing) to separate permanently, fate again made itz point clear.. Pragya came to know the entire truth and she is back in Abhi’s life… the way they are showing might be bit clumsy and dragging just to get the TRP..though it is good when compared to usual rona – vona scenes.. we are getting some nok-jok and now some bold scenes from the leads of the show 🙂

  2. Hardly any critics today and many comments….lol.

  3. I think the couples that caused the accident are the helpers of pragya or purab and bulbul

  4. Sad episode.

  5. guys what about the real father of tanu baby is he still there or not if he is the true father of tanu baby why he is still keep quiet why he’s not doing anything about this becz tanu and Abhi are going to get marry

  6. nikki? can you tell me something I don’t understand plz

  7. Soooooo irritating this show is getting more and more. Plz stop this Tanu en alyah drama. !!!!!!!!!!

  8. nic episod

  9. So. I’m guessing that Pragya has lost her memory and now makes a grand entry. Can wait to watch. Loved the Avi appearance in the previous episode. I’m thinking that Pragya won’t behave like the innocent and “I’m-sorry-for-everyone” Pragya that she was

  10. Ab dekhayga ki woh yaadash chala gaya hoga. What the heck they r showing.

  11. Guys I was thinking about pragya’s new look which is now stylish, glamorous, smart and luxurious. I asked about it in my previous comments that how pragya have managed all this? Then I read zoya’s comment and India forum’s comments. I realized that there could b two persons who could help pragya in this, dadi or abhi. Becoz as we know that pragya has came in abhi’s house by claiming on his all property as owner, it could b only possible when the past owner of property, have transfered it on pragya’s name which could b only dadi or abhi. But in yesterday’s episode abhi was looking like he is nothing knew about pragya or her plan then it could b only dadi. Becoz abhi’s all properties belongs to dadi along with abhi. Abhi has given the right of signing authority to dadi also with himself and she is the another owner after abhi. So I think zoya is right. I also think now that dadi is helping pragya in all this. And guys did u remember when pragya was hospitalized after the accident and abhi was asking to dasi about dadi, she was saying that dadi went to the hospital. I think may b there she meets with pragya and pragya tells her everything then they both together de ides to come up with this plan to rescue abhi from the evils and exposed taaliya in front of everyone. Some of u r saying that may b nikhil or arjun and purvi helped her. But I don’t think so. Firstly arjun and purvi was only came for guest appearance in the show and to revive their chemistry. Their roles was only for two episodes that’s it. And if we talk about nikhil then also I don’t think so he is helping pragya becoz his help means pragya knows whole truth about him and tanu and if she knows then no use of her change behaviour and style. So I think it is dadi who r helping her in all this. Chithu u r saying that abhi knows nothing about pragya so he could misunderstood her and could start again hating her. But chithu I m saying it could only then happen when pragya will bother dadi also. If she will not bother her then he will not hate her. And chithu as I said it before that if abhi truely loves pragya then he will understand her that she could not do wrong and hurt anyone without any solid reason. If he understood pragya very well from the beginning till end then he will not doubt on pragya’s intentions. If he will, then it means he will repeat his mistake again like in past he did and for this he have been already repented. And chithu segments and spoilers r also saying that by her new plan and change, pragya will exposed taaliya and will get abhi’s love.

    1. And ya chithu I have also doubt on that letter, which abhi have and which is claimed pragya’s. Why pragya will write letter to abhi and suggest him to marry with tanu and take care of baby when she has been known tanu’s truth and then what’s the use of her coming, in change getup, if abhi had been marry with tanu before her coming. If she really wants to marry abhi with tanu then she never comes before it. I think it is tanu or aaliya who could wrote that letter to divert abhi’s attention from pragya on tanu and to make his decision determine of marry with tanu. Becoz they knows that abhi is doing all this just becoz of pragya’s wish. So they could force him again through pragya’s letter.

    2. Nikki..and wat about that letter part.. i mean, Pragya didn’t send any letter to Abhi before accident..so is it part of her plan or is it Tanu/Aaliya’s to make Abhi bit more confident for this marriage??

    3. May b nikki if dadi helped pragya surely v ll get some lead. But I don’t think so logically Crct but writers won’t do tat. May b someone else there.

      1. But Priya it is 100% sure that someone is helping pragya. Becoz ragya can’t do this without anyone’s help. Ya but it’s other thing if cvs turns the situations and makes it as pragya did this all alone. Well in upcoming episodes, slowly-slowly it will b clear to us and we could guess right thing.

      2. Ya nikki but it ll take some more time

  12. NIKHIL is just a mute spectator waiting for nothing to happen. He is an idiot just just dumb Tanu and Greey Aliyah . As for RAJ hope he gets exposed soon

  13. maybe the glamorous look will impress abhi but the same innocence cant be seen in her….at least in some parts show the cute fuggi….. also now the leading lady will not behave like doormat and give each one the best comment….. maybe dadi is helping her but even then surely more drama is required to reveal all the truths which have been covered for so long…. and what about sarla maa??— when she will see her in this avatar, how will she respond?? already we have seen her anger for abhi….. it is true that pragya knows the truth but not the whole truth………. nikhil is of no use—- he has never done anything useful…. expecting some intelligent action from purbul…… surely that tabhi marriage will not happen now…. pragya is back to save her kumkum and will certainly get her love back…. fingers crossed!!!!!!!!

  14. Waiting eagerly for today’s episode… For sure someone is helping Pragya.. One thing I dint understand is does Pragya’s family know about her ? Then y dint daadi call sarla ma and ask about Pragya.. So we dont know that part yet.. Y dint Abhi ask Purab about Pragya ?

    There are many possibilities… 1) Daadi – but if daadi was helping Pragya then she wouldnt have said we havent heard anything about Pragya in last 20 days.. 2) Purab and Bulbul – as bulbul likes fashion and Purab has money though he is not very rich… but they dint show anythin about them in the last episode… 3) Nikhil – from the time he has entered the show he character has been a suspense.. we cudnt really tell if he is bad or good.. so may be he will be useful now.. 4) Raj – we had doubts when he suddenly turned into bad boy.. n since Pragya is the only other person than Aaliya who knows the true reason y he went to jail she might have told him and Raj might be helping.. Yday he also told 1 crore is kept safe.. though this might be the least possible…

  15. Nikki I like you’re comment very much.I think is dadi who’ s helping pragya.

  16. nikki is perfectly in line. I fully agree.

  17. SBS showed same yesterday’s segment of pragya’s entry back in abhi’s house with totally changed look. In yesterday’s segment, there was no voice except reporter’s but today they showed that segment again with voice. Pragya was entering menhra mension. She was walking ahead towards tanu then dadi came in between and hugged her. Pragya didn’t give her hug back and makes faces as uncomfortable and irritated. I think becoz tanu was standing next of dafi that’s why she gave this type of expressions so tanu could not doubt on her. After that when aaliya was arguing with pragya then she says that I m the owner of this house from now and without ur bhai it cannot b possible. Then she shows property transfer papers to aaliya, on which it was abhi’s signature. Then tanu tries to throw pragya out from the house by pulling her hand but pragya gives back to tanu and says stopped tanu, this isy house, pragya arora’s. Reporter says tanu and aaliya u should b alert from now becoz pragya will not leave anyone of u and will teach u both a very solid lesson. But in all this what if pragya will loose her love abhi becoz abhi will not like pragya’s this change behaviour. It means everybody have same fear like is that if abhi will misunderstood pragya and start hating her. I think and i hope he will not, he should not. Like pragya I have also expected trust from abhi on pragya. Well if abhi will misunderstood her then I m sure after it when all things will b clear and every problem will b sought out, his love will b increase more. But for now I just want to enjoy band bajao track of taaliya by pragya.?

  18. If cvs want to show anger of abhi for this change behaviour of pragya then I want that cvs show us the cute nok-jhoks of our abhigya’s, not typical serious anger.

  19. Nikki.. Have u seen Mrunal’s pics in Instagram… All the members of Arora family seems to have come for Mehndi function…

    1. Ya chithu I saw that pic. I think pragya has herself invited or call her to come in abhi’s house. I hope pragya share her plan with at least bulbul then we could see both sister in band bajao mode of taaliya. And chithu if bulbul will also support her DI, it means, it will b a too much fun.?

      1. Yes Nikki…I hope Abhi will not wrongly judge Pragya so fastly as usual… All these changes will become bad, if they start showing like Abhi hating Pragya ….
        And Nikki, in today’s SBS…they were showing Shabbir sometimes na..isn’t he out of station now?

  20. wating for today s episode , missing cute fuggy ,is raj good or bad .i don like him doing a negative role , and how he was able to take 3 crores without knowing abhi . anyone have any idea

  21. I don’t know why abhi was missing from the segments of SBS and SBB of pragya’s entry in mehra mension back. Even during in interview also, he was missing. Reporters took only sriti’s interview. Everybody was there except abhi. I think PRIYA was right that he didn’t shoot with everyone. I think becoz of some reason, cvs have shooted his scenes before, separately and added it with everybody’s scenes, later. Anyways, I like pragya’s new look but her cuteness and simplicity has gone or hide behind her glamorous makeup, which abhi likes most and for which he was in love with pragya. Even I also likes her cuteness and simplicity very much and I m missing it. But if it was needed to change her getup fully for completion her plan, then it could b manage but until she succeed in her plan. I mean Pragya could change her look, but occasionally, not forever. I hope cvs keep pragya’s this new look temporary not permanent. Becoz I want old pragya back, but with cuteness and simplicity not as an emotional foolish as she was before.

    1. Ya nikki I too missing it. She was bold and glamorous but her cuteness is not there. Don’t know how abhi going to react for this. Surely abhi won’t hate her but if Pragya acts like hating means they ll again dragg.

    2. yes Nikki..becoz Shabbir was travelling to New York for Independece Day Parade 🙂

  22. I like fuggi only. This pragya is glamorous but not cute like fuggi. Please give old pragya .

  23. Can someone tell me the sbs segment link

  24. priya if he will show anger to pragya then in his anger also, we could see so much passion for pragya becoz of his passionate love for her. And ya he should understand pragya this time instead of understood her, if he truely loves her and knows her very well. And if cvs wants to show abhi’s anger towards pragya’s change behaviour then they should show their same cute nok-jhok with passion like before. Cvs should not bring misunderstanding track between abhigya becoz now it’s high time to show only abhigya’s love story with so much love,respect, understanding and care for each other and it has been already late to show their love story without hurdles in the show.

    1. That’s true Nikki…am also expecting massive support from Abhi to Pragya because is his passionate love …since he already has took lot of time to understand and start loving Pragya…now he should have no confusions or doubts over her..and should be by her side at any cost 🙂 if he starts misunderstanding her again, then no point in showing such a passionate love from Abhi in these days 🙂

  25. Sarthiksharma

    I like fugy

  26. Like prAgya
    Cool we reached more dan 100 cmnts !!!!!

  27. we want olg pragya

  28. Abhi will become poor and tanu get to know that and also the reason is aliya and raj. And explains mitali’s behavior to raj so he s feeling bad and turns good and finishes mitali. Tanu fights with aliya . during both fights , tanu pushes aaliya from upstairs and aaliya got injured. Pragya explains about tanus child and abhi throws tanu out of the house. Aaliya realises her mistake and goodness of abhi pragya also about tanu and hates tanu.

  29. lauren fedric anthony

    the story was goin on intrestin when the story was revolving around fuggi and abhi. even though there were fights it was intrestin.
    but now with the new one i dont think it will move on intrestin cuz , here, pragya dosent know anythin n the story will jus keep movin on…..!!!!!!!!!

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