Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rhea hits Pragya with her car

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The Episode starts with Pragya, Prachi and Shahana cleaning the house…hamesha forever song plays…..They play while cleaning… and have a hug. Sarita behen see them hugging. Pragya cleans the kitchen. Prachi says you will not throw anything, saying it will be useful..Prachi hears Abhi telling her that she made his luxurious house as kabadi house. Pragya asks if she will throw him if she gets old. Abhi says no, I will keep you for 250 years. He shows the things and asks what to do with these stuff. He takes out his belt and holds her closer, asking for fees…fb ends. Prachi thinks don’t know what she thought and realizes that she is missing Papa. Abhi comes to Dadi’s room and asks if she is still upset with him. Dadi says no. He asks I asked as you will hit me with chappal. Dadi says she is

upset as she thinks he don’t care about him. Abhi tries to apply lep. Dadi says she don’t want. Abhi says if you don’t get fine then how you will come to bring Pragya home. Dadi asks really, did you see her? Abhi says I saw and couldn’t figure out that 20 years passed. He says we will bring her. Dadi says I will do her grah pravesh and says she became lively hearing about pragya. Abhi says he will come. Dadi says I couldn’t sleep all night thinking how you didn’t see her. Meera hears them and smiles.

Abhi asks Dadi to rest and covers blanket on her. Dadi laughs and says good night. Abhi comes out of room and tells Meera that he did whatever she asked him. He asks what happened to you, you also smile. Meera smiles. Pragya tells that they have to buy few things. Shahana acts like Sarita behen and tells her dialogues. They laugh. Sarita behen comes and asks what is happening? Pragya says they laughed hearing the joke. Sarita behen asks them to tell joke, and says she came to ask them to fetch water in the morning. Shahana says we have cleaned the house and shall get discount. Sarita behen says it is a bad joke. Shahana asks Prachi to fetch water in the morning. Pragya asks them not to make noise.

Abhi thinks what clothes to wear and thinks if he don’t wear jacket then will the client say that you didn’t wear the jacket. Purab comes and says I will help you. Abhi says your dressing sense is bad. Purab asks him to wear anything as clients and Vikram are waiting. Abhi reminisces Pragya asking him to wear jacket as good luck charm.

Rocky tells Rhea that he is tensed as the video in which Prachi slapping her goes viral in the college campus. Rhea goes upset and goes. Abhi is leaving for the meeting. Meera asks him to wear some jacket. Abhi says no, if Pragya would have been here then..? Meera says I will bring jacket. She brings jacket, but Abhi is already gone. Meera thinks what was in Pragya that made him so dependent on her and wishes to see her pic. She thinks he must have one pic of her which he must have kept hidden. Pragya and Prachi come to the market to buy alarm clock and chappal. Pragya says it is for you. Prachi says she has good chappal. Pragya asks her to take it. Prachi says we both will wear it. Prachi says we both will wear it. Pragya says I will be happy if you wear it. Prachi thinks I wish I would have meet my sister. Rhea is driving the car and thinking about Prachi. She recalls Prachi slapping her. Meera calls her and asks if she has any pics of her mother. Rhea says I don’t have….She thinks she hates her for leaving her. Meera thinks Abhi don’t have any of her pics and thinks to search her. She thinks if Abhi feels bad then. She thinks she wants to see how Pragya looks like. Aaliya comes and asks what she is searching? Meera says she is searching Rhea’s book. She thinks if I tell about Pragya’s pic then she will get angry. Aaliya thinks she was searching something else. Pragya buys something for Shahana. Prachi buys something for Pragya and tells that money is with Maa. Pragya helps an old lady to cross the road.

Prachi calls Pragya and asks her to come to bangles shop. Rhea sees Prachi standing on the road and speeds up her car. She is about to hit Prachi, but Prachi moves away and Pragya gets hit by the car. Prachi shouts Maa. Rhea gets shocked.

Prachi takes Pragya to hospital. Rhea tells her that she wanted to hit her and says whoever is in her family will repent. Prachi gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. DannyComments

    I have a question..how come Pragya is still poor ? I kinda noticed that the only time she seem to have wealth is when she is Married or “pretend Married”. All that time, all those experiences, and she still struggles? I really wish she was Wealthy..her own wealth..so no one will look down on her…Crazy ass writers! And where is Disha?? What is going on with all these series ????😒

    1. Hullo Dannycomments, my suspicion is that Ekta Aunty continues to push the false belief and false narrative, that a woman is nothing without marriage. These false beliefs are indoctrination specifically for rural viewers and more innocent new viewers, who have a yearning for love.

    2. How come a docile woman like Pragya was able to gave birth to a devil like Rhea? If someone is born to be bad, no amount of good parenting could make him or her into a good human being, similarly with a parent like Abhi, he was a lax and indulgent man so that’s double whammy for an individual like Rhea…no good moral and ethical upbringing, well don’t talk about her Bae, worst role model ever, master manipulator, serial attacker, seasonal and seasoned kidnapper etc… This serial gets more toxic by the day…

  2. I don’t think Rhea knows pragya is her mom dat dat doesn’t mean she has to behave so rudely to everyone

  3. I just hope that meera doesn’t turn negative with time coz makers will make abhigya meet which I terribly don’t it. Prachi hates abhi, Rhea hates pragya..meaning is clear that both the girls especially Rhea will accept her other parent and prachi noooooooooooo never😰😰😰😰😰and I also hope that meera should not make them meet. God!!!! I can just pray even after knowing that these will not be heard coz the story will not move frwd otherwise😡😡😡😡why this abhi is still thinking about pragya she doesn’t recall him then why he is doing it??? Pragya walked away..she was not faking it, her motherly feelings took over her completely and she has no repentance💪💪and this abhi only fakes his hatred to satisfy his ego that no one can open his blindfold of foolishness😂😂😂😂and pragya toh kbhi bhi nhi💔💔💔and its a clear msg that he always himself in loneliness but I’m loving it💚💚💚💚💚 as that’s what he deserves👌👌👌👌👌pragya should have been shown like a pure soul with light color clothes(light shades of green, blue, red and would look superbly awesome in white just paro in devdas)😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆and why these glasses r permanent🤔🤔🤔

    Precap- Rhea, if she can try to kill someone’s else mother then she can kill her mother also because mom is mom nooo yours or mine😤proved again Junior Alia👏👏👏👏👏👏👏WOW………👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋u r gone💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

    1. Hullo RV, I just asked about Disha being murdered by Aliyah because another viewer on the 15th, reported that Aliyah had murdered Disha. I didn’t recall seeing that or hearing that scene. So, I just wanted to know if you had possibly heard that information in a previous episode. Because, if some character had spoken that information, I missed it! Sorry that I wasn’t clear with my question yesterday.

    2. I don’t understand where the story line of this kumkum is going. It keeps dragging. That Rhea actions irritates me. How can she wake up and thinks she can rule people in college because of her so called borrowed riches. Not tgat she worked for it. Rubbish

  4. Another gently, dragged out episode. Firm use of flashbacks, some real, some obviously just shot. Pragya’s sweetness is perpetually useful.
    Rhea is typical of spoiled brats the world over. Besides their personal worshippers they are disliked and often laughed at (privately) by the general population. Why? They believe that they have the right to bully and no one else should be allowed ANY rights.
    Excepting for their own worshippers/followers these types of people do not garner honest respect. The production team insures that we will dislike this superficial piece of trash character. Her dresses shouldn’t be so short. She does not have the greatest legs. When she says, “I just hate her!” about Pragya, she does a beautiful characterization of a jungle beast showing their fangs, or jaws of death. This Tuna/aliyah replacement will easily become a beacon for hatred. We see that Abhi’s room still has the open door policy. It’s everyone’s bedroom clearly, reminding us that Pragya was just dust, swept in and then swept out. A dirty inconvenience to the Murdering Mehra’s. And of course we end with the newest murdering mehra feeding on her murder attempt and coming into power. We all know what’s happening next. We’ve already seen this stuff. Ekta Kapoor gets a big zero for creativity. She has none.

  5. The above serial showed after 20 years the kid kiara killed by nikil. Ok. Where is Disha and sunny that purav wife and son? When and why he married Aaliya? What happened between the 20 years. Where’s sunny? Very bore and confusion. The dasi old lady appears the same after 20 years also. Aalia didn’t realize that she did all previous mistakes till date. Then why puruv got married her and also he had a son to both of him. The seriol director think how to move the story of this serial. So he made confusion himself and also ourselves are fool. Please to stop and close the serial soon very very bore

  6. Apparently Disha and Purab split when Abi and Pragya split. Kiara did not die she was actually brought up by Disha who is the villian here (do not know why and how still) and King. She will come back as a rock star and a Pragya duplicate hating her parents. Still don’t know why ever did Purab marry Aliya.

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