Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya sadly serving breakfast to her family. Daasi says daadi that Pragya is very sad. Daadi says her 2 sisters are in trouble, so obviously she would be sad. She asks Abhi to make her bahu laugh, else she will not have breakfast. He thinks if he should sing or make a mimicry. He says if someone solves his puzzle, he will take them to timbaktu and asks if a person closes his one eye and sees an object at 3 km distance, with his eyes open, what will be the distance of object. Mitali says 6 km. Everyone laughs. He asks her to close 1 eye and check howmany Abhi’s she sees. She closes and says 1. He asks to open both and check. She says 1. He asks then how can it be 6 km. Pragya does not laugh and goes to her room.

Abhi thinks though Pragya is sad regarding

her sisters, even this is her happy and she should not be sad in front of them. He thinks what to do and when Pragya comes in tries to frighten her. She does not and goes out. He nervously does his jokergiri and thinks how to tell her…

Purab thinks how to stop Abhi from thinking about Tanu and looks at Bulbul and his pic. He hears door bell, opens it and sees Aaliya out who gets in and asks to get ready as they are going out. He says he will not. She says it is Bulbul’s wish. He asks how. She says Bulbul came in her dream and requested her to take Purab out. He says he has to fulfill Bulbul’s wish which she wanted him to fulfill before marriage. She asks what is it. He says she will not like it. She insists. He says Bulbul wants Abhi and Pragya to love each other and get Tanu out of their lives. Aaliya asks if he will be happy if she helps him. He says his happiness is in Bulbul’s happiness. She says her happiness is in his happiness, then says she mean he is her friend even before Tanu, so she also would like Abhi and Pragya unite. He hugs her and thanks her for her support.

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Sarla tells Sarla and family that Bulbul will have to be in hospital for some more time. Sarla says she will take care of her at home as she is a mother and took care of her 2 children alone. He says nurse will take care of Bulbul well. She insists. Abhi says a mother can take care better. Doc agrees to discharge bulbul and asks her to take care of her well at home. Sarla gets happy and hugs Pragya. Biji hugs Abhi and says that is why he is rockstar. He wears goggles and says he did not sleep in Bulbul’s worry and his eyes are swollen. Biji laughs.

Sarla reminisces getting tensed seeing heavy bill and Abhi clearing bills and telling he is like her son and it is his right to take care of family and nobody can snatch it from him. Biji comes and asks Janaki where is Sarla. Janaki says she is engrasped in toughts. Biji says we are getting troubles one after another and wakes up Sarla. Sarla says she is lucky to have Abhi as Jamai who took care of all her problems, he is a son for her. Biji says she is right, Abhi is jamai beta. Sarla prays god to keep Abhi happy always.

Pragya reaches Purab’s house and asks why did he call her. He says producer wants promo shoot with her. She asks him to call Abhi as she cannot do it. He says Abhi will be benefited with it. She says she gets nervous even before a simple camera, how will she face promo shoot. He says Bulbul wanted him and Abhi have a love relationship than only marriage and says if she does not agree, producer may take Tanu. Pragya agrees.

Precap: Abhi is surprised to see Pragya as a promo shoot model wearing a beautiful gown without specs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Fast update plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Whaatta fast update!!! Like a lightning ⚡

  3. There are some fun moments between Pragya and Abhi. Pragya in her usual self unexpectedly spills over the juice over Abhi’s face and she wasn’t aware of him at her back. Soon after, she gets worried and becomes nervous and tries to remind him on her intentions was to just bring juice. Abhi finds opportunity to use her Dupatta to clear his face. Later, on he gets possessive about Pragya and keeps an eye on her. Whether such actions indicate his blooming feelings for Pragya and love confession in the offing ?

    1. Waiting to see that

      1. Can anyone tell wats going to be nxt week? If u had read d spoilers..plzzzzz

    2. Pragya… May I know who are you?? Bcoz u updates the upcoming stories..

      1. hey zeeha SBB r giving these upcoming updates

      2. hey zeeha…. its not upcoming stories…. they are the spoilers tht r added today…

  4. Oh my god…the precap looks interesting…..and the last paragraph… Can wait till next Monday to know Abhi’s reaction towards pragya’s new avatar

  5. Can anyone tell wats going to be nxt week? If u had read d spoilers..plzzzzz

    1. Pragya reaches the set in a beautiful gown and gets ready for the shoot, where Abhi can’t bear to see her rehearsing with her co-actor. He keeps trying to come in between and stop the shoot, to have a moment to talk to Pragya. Pragya gets shy to act in Abhi’s presence, as the scene is romantic and she has to act well with the other guy. Abhi gets strong to express his love for Pragya for the first time and confesses feelings to her infront of everyone on the shooting set. He tells her I love you and the director claps saying it was best shot.

      Though Abhi was giving moral support to Pragya and talking to her in the scene, Pragya feels it was from his heart. The music video shoot had another guy, who was paired opposite Pragya. She is unable to emote and Abhi helps her. Abhi get angry and scolds the actor and director, defending Pragya and comes in the frame to act. He says this is not the way to act and rehearses with Pragya. He flows in the lines and starts speaking his heart out, which Pragya realizes. The scene turns romantic for the couple, which will be worth watching for KB fans. Keep reading

  6. hey fan pragya will act a romantic scene wth anothr actor and Abhi feels jeolous aftr watchng this..he cnt see pragya wth anothr so he himslf will act wth pragya…dnt knw its true or just remours bt i read somewhere

  7. Priya shankar

    Wow realy tis episode seems better when compared to previous episode! Also i’m waiting for monday i think its vry cool precap!! On seeing tis precap ” MERSELLAITAN pa! ” “Cha! cha! Athkum maela” oooh! Huray!

  8. Hi priya shankar ur tamilian

    1. Hindi dramaku Tamil fans adhikamayittam.

      1. y dear ..we tamilians r not allowed to see these type of nice hindi serials?????????????

        sorry ..if u felt bad

      2. soo cming week, we fans can expect Abhi’s reply…ryt?

  9. Waiting for monday episode yaar…im already watching the scenes b/w abhi and pragya in utube… this was really awsme …sooo romantic ..alaiya stupid bulbul came in ur dream ah ..

  10. Nice precap. For this we want 2 wait still monday. Oh.. No..

  11. nalla vela purab aliya sonna pecha kekkale…..bulbul enna settha poita aliya dreamla vare….aliya oru saniya pidai…tanu same to same pidai….m waiting newr episode….

  12. hey…even I m a tamilian.. nd I m crazy on this serial..all r ryt but u can reduce pragya s make up..she looks grt wit simple make up.

  13. Pragya looks like really innocent girl.. What a mindful face god gave to pragya.. waiting for abhi proposal..

  14. Pragya looks like really innocent girl.. What a kind face god gave to pragya.. waiting for abhi proposal..

  15. I too like this serial even I could understand very little I am watching this serial regularly on seeing this updates I too wanna be a part of it

  16. whatever innocent must never be punished…. ektha kapoor ji pls aap purvi ko jaldi si jaldi innocent kariye… aur saath mein aaliya ka khatarnak chehhra ko bhi…

  17. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

  18. I must say good episode but why Purab have to tell Aaliya everything he’s too trusting, these characters of these show they are something else they always tell their plans certain things you have to keep don’t they know how to keep a secret?!

  19. Priya shankar

    Hai meenu, zeeha and kowsi!

  20. Bulbul aaliya ki sapno mein aayi! What a joke:-)

  21. I am expect to watch monday episode. I don’t no hindi.but with the help of dis written update i can under should serial and i also seeing in you tube

  22. I love abbbi and pragyaaaaa sooooooooo much pa

  23. Listening to Purvi tell Pragya tat she is treated differently is so true, if she was in Pragya ‘s place being kidnapped by Corporator, an they said tat Pragya had sumthin to do wit the kidnappin!! Sarla wud not hav believed it even if the evidence was against her, so why ar they not believin Purvi ?? Is it because she is not their blood an just a servant’s daughter!!! Wud realy like to see Purvi prove hert innocense to Pragya an the family!!! As for Alliyah she is a true Serpent wit a mouth???? Cannot take her, wish so badly tat she gets caught n very soon!!!

  24. this soap is tooooooooooo long and drawn out too I am fed up the the abhi and pragya and tanu scripts move this serial along fast it is tooooooooo boring and senseless for take for instance that kidnapping script in the forest that was uncalled for it wasted toooooo much time messing around it was getting away then getting back caught and toooooooooo much talk from the corporator abby and pragya which was very immature and senseless so writers do something about this serial fast

  25. Abhi has realized his feeling for pragya. When he said ye uski family hai na. Good story line .abhi is best.

  26. Nice precap… can’t wait to watch it on monday

  27. Nanum tamil than and I dont know hindi still I am watching dis serial daily love u rabul and abhigya

  28. Hey….guys..tannu banne wali hai abhi ke bache ki maa!!!!….i do remember that some intelligent had said about….may i know who is that???

  29. Upcoming episodes will be more twist in the serial as tanu saying to pragya that she is pregnent bcoz of abi.

  30. Even I m a tamilian but dnt knw Hindi..waitng 4 Monday’s episode…

  31. beautiful precap am waiting

  32. pragya’s life in trouble ..but abhi saves Her.
    Just type kumkum bhagya in news.u will find ABP live,in that u could get to know more.

  33. About tanu pregnant bcoz of abhi I don’t think it is true I’m pretty sure that she is trying to separate abhi and pragya.!!

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