Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab sees Aaliya talking to that man, but don’t hear anything. Man says good bye and goes. Pragya comes home and thinks nobody is at home. She opens the lock and comes inside. She gets a message that they went on a shopping with Purab and will return soon. Abhi thinks about Pragya. Dasi tells Dadi that Suman tortured Veena. Dadi asks her to stop gossip. Abhi thinks Dasi must have any idea to torture Nikita and comes to them, says hi dadi. Dadi says she is doing women gossip. Abhi says he wants to hear it. Dadi says I taught you that bad things shouldn’t be listen. Abhi says one have to reply if other is torturing him. Dasi says I have many ideas. Abhi says he wants to torture his fan no. 1. Dadi and Dasi are shocked and ask why you want to torture her. Abhi says she

did a mistake.

Dasi asks him to stop talking to her, to make her know that she has no place in your life. Abhi says I have tried this. Dasi gives another idea, Abhi says it is done too. Dasi says she is a true player, and shares some strong idea, which he likes. He says I will try this and will tell you result. He smiles and goes. Dadi asks Dasi, what did you tell him, what do you want? Dasi says no, makes an excuse and runs from there. Tanu waits for Aaliya and thinks she didn’t come till now. She thinks to drink something and bumps with Janki, making her vegetables fall and then scolds Janki. Janki scolds her too and asks what bad you are thinking to do. Tanu asks her not to interfere. Janki says she knows what she is, after whatever she had done with Pragya. Tanu says you are taking revenge. Janki says she is not low standard like her. Sarla and Beeji come there, and sees Janki arguing with Tanu. Purab asks Aaliya, what you are doing here? Aaliya says I came for shopping. She thinks if Purab heard me and saw with the man.

Purab asks where is the shopping bag and asks her to tell. Aaliya asks him to be in limits, and says you are not my boyfriend or husband, and excuses herself. Beeji asks what happened? Janki says Tanu made my stuff fall down. Beeji asks Tanu to keep all the stuff inside bag and calls her ladki. Tanu asks her to call her name and mind her tongue. Beeji says shall I tell your doings to everyone here. Tanu refuses to pick the stuff, and says it is your stuff not mine. Janki asks her to pick the stuff and says may be my glasses is broken. Tanu says oh I see, and says she will give the money. She says it is your trick to trap rich people and get money. Sarla says you are shameless, and says who can give other’s illegitimate baby name on Abhi, and says I will slap you repeatedly so that your face gets swollen. Beeji says she will shout and call the police for hurting a senior citizen, and asks her to pick her stuff fast. Tanu thinks where is Aaliya? She sees her and asks Aaliya to reply them. Aaliya thinks they came with Purab and asks Tanu to come with him, says we can’t fall to their level. Purab comes and asks what happened? Sarla, Beeji and Janki don’t tell him anything.

Pragya at her home thinks she can spend all her life with the happiness she got today. She writes in her diary that she got very happy when Abhi called her fuggi, and gets hopeful that Abhi will remember her one day, and then they will never separate. Abhi thinks super cool Dasi gave a good idea and thinks he will separate her with her precious thing and then she will know what is torture. Beeji calls Pragya and asks her to come. She asks Sarla if you are thinking about Tanu. Sarla says she is worried for Pragya, and Aaliya and Tanu are behind him. She says don’t know what will happen to Pragya, as Abhi doesn’t remember her. She says if they harm Pragya then what we will do. Pragya comes, says good morning to them, takes tiffin and says I will go. Sarla asks her to have food. Pragya says I will have breakfast in office and says I have to reach there before Abhi. Sarla tells Beeji that she is letting Pragya go because of her and if she gets a tear in her eyes then she will not forgive her.

Abhi and Purab are in the car. Abhi asks him to help him torture someone. He says she showed me attitude. Purab asks who is she? Abhi says he is my fan no. 1. Purab says I can’t help you and says she is cute, you only told me. Abhi says she is not fan no. 1, but gundi no. 1, and says one will drown in her eyes. Purab says you have looked in her eyes. Abhi says yes, and that’s why I am repenting. He asks him to do his work. Purab says he is trapped between a brother and a sister.

Aaliya tells Pragya that she knows how to handle people. Pragya says if I would have known how to handle people then I would have handled you first. She says I know that you have changed the CD and I would have slapped you. Aaliya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. jiya

    i hate tanu and aliya mje unki shakl se b irritation hti ha man to karta hai donon ke mu per zor se thapad maru

    • Truth

      Jesus is Lord. don’t follow behind and get caught up in this foolishness. These writers follow evil and NOT good. Turn away and change your lives.

  2. QueenB


    |Registered Member

    The show is going okay
    But i think that they have strayed from the title KUMKUM BAGHYA
    Vermillon is my fate
    Pragya has never been able to live or enjoyed life of a wife/or say be happy with her vermillon
    She and abhi are always separated
    They do not have a marriage since they are always separated

  3. iswarya

    if pragya had knowed that aaliya changedf the CD then why she kept calm and got angry on abhi as she didnt do anything.

    • Iswarya_santhosh


      |Registered Member

      Hello iswarya i think u didnt watch ganesh chaturdi episode properly…. When pragya scolds abhi she doesnt knows that the cd was changed by aaliya… Once their fight shot was over purab came and told her that aaliya was the one who changed the cd….
      After 2 days pragya is seeing aaliya now only, so she is showing her anger now…..

    • Aishwarya

      Prathiksha i dont know whether abhi is acting or not but i m sure if abhi is not acting then pragya’s fake name nikitha will create more trouble abhi will definetly ask her a bundle of questions abt her lie n now i think abhi will not believe pragya as characterless n after this definetly we get some clue abt this ml track i m sure what u think guyssss???

  4. Sandy


    |Registered Member

    Hello friends🙋🙋,

    ******* 🎶🚧🚨ONEHELP🚨 🎶🚧******
    In yesterday’s episode 15 sep before the below scenes there was a bgm, By any chance you guys know what songs is that ?? If yes plzz leave a comment
    Pretty plzzzzzz
    “Pragya thinks I can bear any torture for the happiness which you have given me.”

  5. vashti

    gosh!!!!!!!are these writers out of their mind?!!!!Stop thiz Nuisance serial….utter Crap from d gutter!!!>:) :@ /:-)

  6. Pratiksha

    What’s happening in the show? Poor pragya, both brother and sister r running behind her obsessively to troubling her.😂😂, brother is troubling and behind pragya for satisfied his ego and sister is troubling and behind pragya to satisfied her insecurity from her.😂😂 Don’t understand how I should react? Should feel pitty for pragya or should laugh? To b very frankly, I have become answerless about further story and sequence, for now.

    • anne

      yes Pratiksha i agree with your comment i too feel very sad everyone only want to trouble Pragya so sad sometimes i even cry y must CVS do like tis not enough of trouble she gone thru when she got married to abhi. anyway i like to read your comments n updates i dont really comment here everytime can u accept me has a frd but i m very senior to all the young hearts is it ok n i like your name its very sweet thanx dear

      • Pratiksha

        Hi Anne, thank u so much for ur appreciation. Off course I can accept u as a friend but before it, if u don’t mind, may I know about u that how is my friend?

    • Asmitha

      Paritiksha abhi’s torcher is nice iit’s really fun to watch more than her for her replies he feeling torcher abhi’s part is nice but this stupid aaliya how many times she will try to prove her characterless this really nonsense but I think he will believe this and after this tanu will enter as his girlfriend and as usual after few days he will know it he feel sorry fr her and may he start realizing feelings on her but it shouldn’t happen he has to support pragya and purab should find out the truth r pragya should give gd answer but it not happens what to do they show only crap

      • Pratiksha

        Asmitha his torcher is funny to watch but not fair. He is doing all this just for satisfied his ego. And about upcoming sequence, so I don’t want to discuss about it, even I will not watch it becoz it is disgusting for me to watch. I m totally against it, whether it’s result will b gud or bad.

    • anne

      yes i m frm malaysia n my age is 49 n i m a teacher in a kindergarten for 10 years my husband does real estate n i hve 3 sons my elder son is 26yrs he is a car foreman my second son is 23 n works as a research assistant n my youngest son is 22 works with my son second with the same job n i m a catholic n my husband is a hindu n my 3 sons n including their mum r great fans of Shabu thy admire him the way he acts the way dress up n all shabu’s outfit is their favorite especially my youngest one wil buy the wrist band the bandana n thats all for now wil chat again later thanx for accepting me

      • Pratiksha

        Omg😮 Anne, really u r so elder between us. Anne, plz don’t mind but can I call u as Anne ji or Anne mam? Actually, I can’t call my elders by their name, it is against our culture and manner and where I m living, that place is itself famous for it’s culture and manner. We even gives respect to each and every person here, whoever it is. That’s why I m asking that can I call u as Anne ji or Anne mam? I m like ur daughter and my age is same as ur elder son. An other beautiful relationship exists between a mother and daughter which is friendship. So I love to b ur friend. Now we r friends so it means we can share and discuss about other things too and I hope I will learn many things from ur experience.😊

    • shobana

      Sry for commenting late. Just now saw last 2 epic..sahithi, as u said abhigya was superb in it. Thank God I dint miss it..
      Prathiksha and sahithi, yesterday I had good time with my parents after a long time. Didn’t expect that the day will be good.. I am happy over it…

      Coming to epic, really don’t know what to say 😉☹ …😊😊

      • Asmitha

        Hai shobana did u started u r ff so all r here but where is sahithi and s feeling sad fr pragya h she will be out from aaliya plan

      • Roli


        |Registered Member

        Yes asmitha, I have started A Hidden Love FF on this Saturday😍.

        It’s me Shobana😍😍
        I wrote it in this name 😝😝

    • anne

      hi my dear Pratiksha sure u can cal me as u want na so nice to hear tht u respect your culture to give manners to the eldest so sweet of u sweetheart hve a nice day

      • Pratiksha

        Gud morning and Thank u so much Anne mam, thanks for understanding me. From now, u r Anne mam for me. Have a nice day to u too mam.

  7. ayat

    i think pragya should moveon now her life become hell day by day realy realy feel bad 4 pragya if abhi really loves pragya then y he is torturing her plzzz ans me pratiksha

    • Pratiksha

      Ayat he is torchering pragya just for satisfied his ego and he haven’t any realization of his feelings for her yet becoz he don’t know correct means of his feelings for her. He is not completely in love with her but he is just on the starting of the feelings of love so he is yet to b fall in love with her truely with the acceptance by his own wish and heart. And it will take more time to happen.

  8. aminnazrin

    wat that abhi mean he will seperate her favorite thing .. do u guys hav any idea need to wait till next episode

  9. Nisha

    I think abhi is going to bring pragya to MM to give torture to her by separating her from her family as this may be dasi’s plan. If this happens we can expect more abhigya scenes and abhi will remember everything too iff he is acting. What I guys think about this? BTW friends I love this track of kkb, entirely different from other serials. I am feared that bramarakshas will top the TRP rating as there is a small difference. So the cv’s should give some interesting track to always top the TRP rating.

  10. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    From the very first episode of kkb itself abhi is selfish… Bciz of his sis he married a innocent girl, tortured her, had a extra marital affair. He alays used to show ego to pragya, he never trusted his own wife, always he needs proof to prove herself, he never be close to her….. even in purbul marriage, he accepted their marriage bcoz of his sister wellness….. Yyyyyyy all these men in the world are similar….. We cant blame ekta for this, bcoz she is showing the reality only…
    Im fedup of this story….. Someone is always waiting to torture pragya…. Instead of this they kill ragya

  11. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Insead of this cvs pls kill pragya and end this crap….. Go to helll abhi…

    Abhi, uWant to seperate her precious thing from her? What else she is having to lose? she lost her husband, livable sister, rights which she is having on u… Everything…. Nothing is there……. Her mom and dadi is only there go and take them to your home… Ur missin will be success…. Go to hell….

  12. Swetha

    I think he will act as if he fall in love for her and finally tell her that he was just acting .. think thatshow he think as emotional seperation from her loved one. guess, not sure if Im right but later he will realise that he really fall in love for her.

  13. R.Ramani

    The serial kumkum bhagya gets bored. I think the director got confused when to stop. It’s like Hanuman’s tail.

  14. Radhu

    It appears as if the episode is getting back to the beginnihg? What is this? Why the director is not able to give episodes without the two most irritating characters aaliya and the ugly tanu?

  15. Navi

    Kumkum bhagya is revolving around the same story again n again.. CVS r really lazy I believe.. Bec provin characterless idea had been shown multiple tyms.. Suresh,corporator,decorator..

    Cmin to strday’s episode… Abhi hs nevr changed his reality character.. Always torturing poor little pragya.. Bt I thnk by dng tis he ll completely undrstnd hr and fall in love with hr.. Tis ll lead to a hi support pragya wen aaliya does smethn..

    Wt say guys.?? Hw r u my old frds.?? I dnt knw wether u guys remembr me! Ws busy tis heavy schedule.. Free aftr months nw..

  16. Pinkyprisc

    What happens in this serial, may get happened. It’s not the matter. I need personally these couple to be united. Luv u both.

  17. Rachna

    I m frm UAE and live in pakistsan. I love u all. I love shabbir and sriti. I have utmost desire to visit india. Love u all. U all indians??

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Hi Rachna !! ..I am Ragela !..My short and pet name is Reji how r u ?..Welcome to this comment section ! Ya I born in Mumbai but like Aishwarya I am also living in Chennai ! And I am studying 8th ! And ofcourse I am Indian !😊👍

    • Aishwarya

      Ok rachna its happy to hear that u wish to visit india i m living in chennai i m studying 12th i love kkb very much n i dont watch anyother serial except this.

  18. Itsme_reji


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys !! ..How r u all ?..😊😊..Got stucked by learning for exams !!..Guys Pratiksha Sahithi Shobana Asmitha Aishwarya Vino evryone i got a very very good news for u all !..I read in a forum that Aliya fails in her plan to prove pragya characterless . Aliya itself made Abhigya more closer …
    Update – Aaliya (Shikha Singh) is way too jealous watching Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya’s (Sriti Jha) relationship shape up beautifully once again and so she is getting back with the vicious planning and plotting against Pragya, the female protagonist of Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV.

    Purab (Arjit Taneja) has already been informed by Pragya that she will leave the job once Abhi’s recording ends and Aaliya will be seen pinching her about the same and how she was never meant to be with Abhi. In order to create misunderstandings between the couple, Aaliya will attempt to prove Pragya characterless.

    A source informs, “After a lot of thinking, Varun Sethi has agreed to help Aaliya in proving Pragya characterless in front of Abhi. The show will witness a lot of ups and downs with some tragedy, but the truth always triumphs over evil. Aaliya’s plan will fail and the situation would get Abhi and Pragya closer than before. It will be interesting to watch how Pragya protects her love from Aaliya.”

    Link – http://www.india-forums.com/tellybuzz/buzzin-hot/34288-aaliya-vicious-plan-to-bring-abhi-pragya-closer-kumkum-bhagya.htm

    I heard that most updates comes in this forum r true !!..So Wat do u think guys ??..I think CVS wants again to raise the trp !..So this week it will be more fun to watch !…

    • Aishwarya

      Hey reji which standard r u studying???i ve also read this but dont know how much this is true coz they were said that abhi will tell d truth abt pragya in ganesh utsav but it didnt even sbs people be said that pragya will soon find out abt abhi fake ml but it didbt yet happen all our expectations are going to vain i m fed up of this all my suggestion is that pragya should move on enough is enough how many time she prove her love now its abhi’s turn to prove his love what he said before accident that his heart will always beat for her after his death also his soul live for her but what happened now??now he should prove his love thats it

    • Vinodhini

      I too feel like that only reji…after all , aaliya’s plan will often bring Abhigya close to each other..sometimes I will separate them.. however I also think that this plan of aaliya would make them closer than before… I think after this character less drama, pragya would resign the job, so that abhi will keep her as his assistant… he too wishes the same.i.e.he wants to be around her,needs the coffee prepared by her..if this doesn’t happen,then how they both will meet and then love each other is a big question mark…hoping for the best…what you guys think about upcoming episodes friends??

    • Asmitha

      It’s really gd news but I think we shouldn’t keep hope on it last time in tanu’s matter also it became false all spoilers said that abhi is not going to impress but at last he impressed which is really annoying and now all spoilers saying that aaliya’s plan is going to fall but if it happens reverse then we have to feel more torcher but one thing I can say surely if they show like aaliya plan is successful then their trp will fall down and many will not watch the show
      And one more thing guys don’t u feel in this season tanu is not looking gd in pregnancy track she looked gd but now she is not like that

  19. Aishwarya

    Hiiiii guyss i dont know whether abhi is acting or not but i m sure that abhi will not believe pragya as characterless but a small lie which is said by pragya will be big issue in future that is pragya said her name has nikitha definitely it will become a big problem in but now i think aliya’s this plan will get flip n prathiksha as u said really feel pitty for pragya poor girl bearing all this n i think she should move on so that a new hero can enter coz abhi is always has two girls in his life y pragya shuld not n then kkb will be more iteresting i think sarala maa’s fear will make to take this decision that pragya should move on n if abhi is acting then it will creates him d fear of loosing his fuggy but i know that cvs will neve fulfill our wish this all will be a guess only till d end n abhi’s ml is true or fake it is still a??????????????what u guys think plzzz share with me

  20. Helloo

    Helloo Prathiksha…u don’t have any work other than searching about kkb serial?? And how much patience u have -to type thisssss muchhhh lengthy stories…and it’s reallyyy funny that u r describing about how Abhi is feeling, what Pragya is thinking and what are their intentions..etc..really not sure what the writers or directors are thinking to make a scene, but u people are analyzing it by ur own theory..come on girls..this is a fictional story written by some body and being acted by somebody, not a real things which are happening at ur surroundings..those actors and directors also wouldn’t have this much analysis while making the scenes..u guys talk about their acting, how they made the scene, what might happen next…etc…but u people are talking about their inner feelings also which actually doesn’t exist..that’s too silly…be practical ya..

    • Gia

      Mr. Hello if you find it funny,then you don’t read any of the comments.Don’t you have a job other than humiliating others? n abt pratiksha? We love the way she explains n analyse the story 🙂 she s our frnd too 🙂 Dude trust me this site is not for practical beings like you 😜 so better not visit buddy.

    • Aishwarya

      Excuse me helloo if u have d talent to give updates like prathiksha then only u have d rights to talk we all love prathiksha n her updates too if u dont like tgen dont read her comments plzzzz stop talking rubbish abt her n if ur elder tgan me i m sorry for talking like this but prathiksha is like my sister so dont talk badmouth abt her

    • Vinodhini

      Mr.helloo, if you feel it as funny then y are you reading her comments…you have no rights to criticize her… pratiksha is our friend…and we all love her as well as her comments..she is one of the person who will share some latest information about kkb with us which are even useful for us…she have every right to express her feelings towards kkb… you can also express your feelings towards kkb but not towards anybody else..I hope you understood my point…

    • aminnazrin

      u r ryt ,,, bt u r thinking abt just a part of life . that is practical side ,bt v all hav an emotional side too .which u dnt want to accept ,bt to b frank that the same emotional side which lead u to read all this comment andu r ego side vch made u to comment lik this … b coz i itself blivd that these are damn stupidity bt these feeling lead our life hw u r so called practical ideas lead this world

    • Navi

      So hello I think u doesn’t have any other work than reading hr comments I thnk.!!! If u humiliate hr thn it means u r following hr comme ts as well.. Tis s even a achievement fr hr.. Bec the one who humiliates hr s readin hr comment line by line.. Go gt a lyf other than mocking others..

  21. Geeta

    Helloo stop talking fool about Pratiksha. We all love her comments,updates and suggestions.if you’re not interested don’t read it.

  22. Trupti

    hey mr. hello shut ur stupid mouth and go from here.. we luv pratiksha we love reading her comments . u better go from here. stupid

  23. Ani

    Mr.Helloo, if you dont want to discuss, then this site is not for you. if u think it is funny better dont visit this page else don’t cmt on pratiksha. many of us including me visit this page just for pratiksha’s comments. she is more than a friend to us, and better stop talking ill about her…i think that wud do gud. if you are so practical, why do watch these shows or cm here which you think is illogical? so stop giving such comments which hurt others. do comment on things only which are genuine that doesnt hurt other’s feelings.

  24. Pratiksha

    I just don’t understand what issues have some peoples with me? I previously too said it and I m saying once again that those who doesn’t like my comments and updates, plz don’t bother urself and waste ur time in reading it. Is it some kind of competition here? I just shares about the show as a viewer with the loyal viewers of this show,except it i have no other purpose behind it. And during this, I made many friends so sometimes we talks about each other too. But I never did competition with anyone. Telly updates is open for all the viewers, their updates, comments and discussion. Everybody have right to share what they have about the show. That’s what I does too. That’s it. I know this is just a drama but it runs only by viewers likes and dislikes. Shows connects the viewers with them through emotional bond, and that’s why viewers gives their time to it and that’s why we have right to discuss about it, comment about it, appreciate it and criticize it. Even broadcast association and channels also gives rights too to us, to give our feedback, likes amd complains about the show. So nobody have right to stop anyone from sharing their thoughts and to stop anyone for commenting and discussing about it. So I m requesting from those peoples, who don’t like my comments and updates, plz don’t bother urself in reading it if u feels irritated. Most of peoples wants that I keep continue with my updates and comments, they likes it and me a lot so then I will b always here for them and will not care for those two- three peoples who don’t like it. For these peoples, who don’t like my comments and updates, there is only one solution, they should keep ownself away from it. That’s it.
    Gia, Aishwarya, Vinodhini,Geeta, Anne mam and trupti, thank u so much guys for supporting me. Love u all.😊😚

    • Pratiksha

      Guys look at those peoples who r criticizing me, they even don’t know what is my name exactly and what’s it’s correct spelling. So those who don’t know even about my name so how we can expect that they will know about me and will understand me. Guys just ignore them, I don’t have any care of these peoples, I love u all and for all of u, I will not care about anything else. I will always b here for u all my dear friends.

      • Ani

        ofcouse we dont bother for what other say. we love you. frankly though i watch the episode, i cm here just to read your comments. i am happy that you dont care for their stupid talks. we will always be there for you to support you at whatever cost.
        idiots they are. just keep rocking as always.
        Sahithi and Reji you too dont bother them. they dont know the bond we share within ourself. we are connected only bcoz of our thoughts. many wait for your comments. so keep commenting pratiksha, sahithi, and reji

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Thank u so much for your nice words ani !!..Thanks a lot ..Ya they don’t know abt the bond we share !..Really thanks for making me happy !

  25. Kavi

    Hai pratiksha i am really happy for u. How many frds you have to support u. I am glad to u. Dont mind it that stupid helloo comment (irritating idiot). We are here to support u. I am come to read comments only for u are here. You are really amazing . Dont mistake me i wrongly typed i dont know that much english. Sry. Keep rocking pratiksha

  26. Abc

    Ya you r ryt helloo i agree with you and I feel it very funny !..Even i don’t like Sahithi Shobana Reji’ s comments also !!these r just really thinking that they only knows everything and behaving too much ..These r just wasting their time by giving updates comments and making their views r true !..Stupid girls !!..

    • Sugashini

      Haha 😂😂😂 Abc such a funny name! And actually a stupid name where u don’t want to reveal urself! When people like u who don’t even have the guts to properly reveal ur name and u are here to comment on other’s updates! Hello haha thats is another funny name! Hello and abc! Their updates makes us think what will happen next and why the show is going in this way! Simply speaking its just helps us think in what way the story is going!

    • aminnazrin

      r u guys really hav any problem …. i just started to view this show by 2 month .this is amazing and best time killer .. and i just amazed to see how people commenting abt this this is not any kind of madness ,this is how we just criticize the charecter .dont u do the same at u r school na . we used to write character sketch abt a lot of charaecters from great novel .the best output vl b only given by a good reader .he read and visualise then analyse .he she watch n analyse thts it ..plz even though i am not their frnd i just love their frnndship …plz dnt make this grp a hell

  27. Geeta

    Hi Pratiksha you don’t have to worry about helloo and others who doesn’t like you. Those of us loves your comments and we love you

  28. Trupti

    yes ur right geeta. pratiksha we luv u.
    and i am here only for reading ur comments and suggestions.. and sahithi, reji, shobhna ur comments also..so don’t care about hello and other stupid people

  29. Leema Selvakumar

    Pratiksha, leave those bad comments, see how many people like u.update us dear Pratiksha who are our updater.As ur a English literature student u are good in criticising each and every character in the serial. As a literature student I admire ur comments . In between ur beautician work it’s really great to write more for us. Kumkum bhagya, egoistic pure love serial is simply carrying our ego away. Ego in love leads to comedy and tragedy,but love never fails.😃

  30. Alakananda

    hello and abc youmay not like their comments but u have no ryt to criticize them just let them be its their wish this page is not yours you comment whaterevr u want to abt the serial but not abt others ppl here may not b frnds in real life or anything but we do have mutual respect for each other and that is humanity too our purpose is to help others if we cant then the least we can do is not to hurt others so this sort of behaviour is not good really…….and pratiksha and sahithi reji dnt wrry u may not hav considered me ur frnd yet and i might not b ur frnd but i do respect all the ppl here and am not going to tolerate such negativity u guys keep going nd dnt take it to ur heart

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Hey Alakananda !!..Who said we didn’t consider you as our frnd !..Here everybody are my bestest frnds !..If you don’t mind can i call you Alu !..?..😊

  31. Helloo

    Wow..it’s really great to see all of your reactions .. I am not getting if you guys understood my point or not… I just told it’s good and pretty enough if you people talk about how the actor’s acted, how the scene was made, what might be the next or any update on coming episodes or some discussion on the episode which is shown in the show..etc.. but apart from that you are talking about something else other than actually shown..like what Abhi is thinking, why Pragya is doing..etc..
    Am not telling u guys to be tooo much practical or not to be emotional, but also think reality..
    Infact I really like Sahiti’s comments which are really meaningful..if you guys compare her comments with Pratiksha’s u all can get my point..but u guys don’t need do that as well.. thanks Mr.Abc and Ann for agreed..
    Pratiksha..(spelt correct?..does it matter?)..at least better if you get what I said..

  32. shobana

    Oh my god😱😱what’s going on…
    Anyways there is nothing to talk about it…
    I just thought to share one thing after seeing all these comments.. you guys ( vino, ayat, rachana,leema, geet and many more) have proved that there exist a good bond between us ,even we didn’t see each other. Thank you so much guys… I must thank God for making me to be a part of this cute world…
    Initially I was a silent reader of this forum for more than a month… don’t what made me to comment here.. but, today I feel happy for being a part of this comment section..

  33. Itsme_reji


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    Oh My God!!..😱..what happened here ?..Oh Hello what do u think uh 😡??..You can’t understand others views and making us feel bad !..Here everyone are our friends !Pratiksha is a very good commenter and we all like her and her comments..If you don’t like someone comment means pls for God sake don’t again read and criticise whats right and whats wrong !!..Here all r having rights to share their views so pls don’t create a mess here !.🙏..And Mr.Abc what name is this yaar ?..First learn Abc and come then you comment !..So sorry if i hurted you but pls don’t hurt others !..Lets all be frnds and create a good frndship here !😊..

    And guys yesterday fully studying exams today only came to comment after seeing all your support and. Comments i felt really really very happy 😊..Thank..Sorry sorry in friendship no sorry no thank u ryt ?..Even i didn’t see your face also u r just supporting me and guiding me as your family member ..This is very good magical bond grows between us !…Thank u so much all of you !..Love you all !..😊😍..

  34. Itsme_reji


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    Aminazrin you are also our frnd !..😊..Don’t think that you are stranger to me !😊..Thank u so much my frnd !..And Sughasini you comment was also so funny to Mr.Abc !..😉😊..Thank u guys

  35. Pratiksha

    New segment update-
    Aliya’s man tries to molestate pragya, pragya taught him lesson by slap him hard, pragya leaves her job, abhi, purab and others tries to make pragya and her anger calm.
    Full update-
    Aliya’s hire man tries to molestate pragya for proving her characterless according to plan but pragya gives him a gud doze of punishment by slapping him hard. Pragya gets angry by seeing her insult and humiliation. She leaves her job. An office staff girl tries to make pragya calm. Abhi comes to make her anger calm. He gives water to pragya but pragya refuses to take. Abhi uses his funny antics to make pragya’s mood light. He says to her to show her hands, nails and teeth. Pragya shows him all. During this, bith takes funny faces. Pragya asks that what he is checking? Abhi says that I m checking that ur hand, nail and teeth all r fine so how u had become lioness from a wet cat. Pragya says that u said na to climb on him ( os pe chad jao) so that’s what I did. Abhi says that I said to climb on him not on mount everest. Pragya says that you said na slap him ( lafa tika do) so I gave him. Abhi asks from pragya that if she has keys at home? She says yes. He asks how much keys u have? She says may b four or five? He says go to home and count them. She asks why I count keys? Abhi says that u sayid na that u prove it? Pragya says that I said to prove sensible things. Abhi looks on. Abhi and pragya’s cute nok- jhok happens as usual. While leaving office of pragya, Purab comes and talks with abhi and pragya and says to abhi to drop pragya at her home. Firstly, abhi refuses to do so becoz of his nok- jhok with her and pragya too refuses but after making them understand a lot by purab, they both gets ready and abhi takes pragya from there to her home. Sriti told to reporters that everybody is making her calm as she is angry. She says that abhigya can’t live without nok- jhok so it happens always. She says that abhi is going to drop her at her home on purab’s asking. She says that this is not final meeting of abhigya becoz there r lot of more things to happen but ya there will b difficulty in their meetings from now as pragya has been left her job.
    Guys the update is clearly saying that abhi believed on pragya, infact he supported her and stand with her in her fight against aliya’s man. Pragya took very gud step. Everybody will feel proud on her.



    |Registered Member

    Actually I am silent reader.. till now I didn’t comment here.. but I wish to do so… I don’t what is your problem.. hello.. and Mr. Abc.. if you don’t like their comments their views.. you don’t read it or neglect it.. there are so many other people who liked that.. and it’s one’s decision to think in practical or not.. so you don’t bother about it.. actually we all have our perspective and views.. so don’t try to make us understand..

  37. Pratiksha

    According to the latest pic of shikha and arjit together, posted by shikha singh shah, she mentioned it below in that pic- ” Arjit taneja tu na ja..”. It seems arjit finally is going to quit the from the kkb. It heard before that arjit wants to quit from kkb in august but becoz makers didn’t finalized his replacement in the show so his quit extended and postponed till September. But now from the current pic posted by shikha, it seems the day has finally arrived and arjit is finally saying gudbye to kkb. Let’s see what happens with his character in kkb or who will replace him, if CVS will do replacement.

    • Pratiksha

      But guys it is not yet fully confirmed as shikha put three exclamation!!! marks with her comment below the pic which she posted so let’s see what happens?

    • Pratiksha

      I m gud Geeta and after seeing this much love of all of u for me, I feels that I m the luckiest girl on this earth and like ahibhna said, I feels blessed to have all if u as friends, true friends. I can’t express in words that how much I m thankful to all of u. Geeta thank u for ur concern. How r u?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.