Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi laughing at Pragya’s exercise tricks. Pragya asks him to watch her and tries to lift the dumb bells. Abhi gets surprised to see her lifting dumb bells till her shoulder. Abhi asks how can you lift it? Pragya says I have the power of money, so I can do anything. I was weak before. She says I like people who exercises in the money, but don’t like people who waste time. She asks him to get ready and come. Abhi looks at her dumb bells. Pragya asks him to get ready fast and leaves. Abhi thinks how can she lift it? He picks the dumb bell and sees it light weight. He is surprised and asks Robin for his coffee.

Dadi and Dasi decorate the inhouse temple. Dasi says why God don’t listen to us and asks him to bring peace in house. Aaliya comes and calls for Robin….Abhi

asks where is my coffee. Dasi jokes and asks them to do Robin’s name Keertan. Abhi sees Pragya’s PA Ronnie holding tea tray. He says he made it and says Didi asked to do work by themselves. He asks him to asks his assistant to make coffee, but drinks at his own risk. He says it was not tasty when she made it. Abhi asks Aaliya to make coffee for him. Dadi asks her to make it for her bhai. Tanu asks her to make juice and then seeing her angry, she goes with her. Aaliya says she wanted to drink green tea and now have to made coffee. She says she don’t have money else would have get Pragya’s shot.

Pragya, Dadi and Bulbul are in the restaurant. Pragya says our plan flopped. She says we couldn’t find out about the person helping Aaliya. We couldn’t find out about father of Tanu’s baby. A man sitting signs Pragya. Bulbul asks her to change place, and sees the man trying to flirt her. Bulbul asks what happened and scares him. She asks Pragya to tell about her day. Pragya tells about shocking Abhi by holding the fake dumb bells. Bulbul says she got the idea. Abhi asks Payal to get heavy weight dumb bells made. Purab comes. Abhi asks her to be alert.

Purab asks what is happening? Abhi says leave it, and says he will sing a song which will make everyone go crazy. He says he wants a good environment and same friends. Purab asks what is your plan? Abhi says I want to teach a lesson to Pragya. He says he will be making two music scratch, and one he will give to Pragya. He says he will open a company in his name, and give 30% to the singer. Purab says what if Pragya gets to know about it? Abhi says he knows her weakness and says he will surprise Dadi.

Bulbul gives the script to Pragya and asks her to talk in any accent. Aaliya plans to sell the jewellery to hire a lawyer. Tanu says it is gifted by Abhi and he will feel bad. Aaliya says she wants to get rid of Pragya. She gets a call and Pragya introduces herself as Meena Kumari. She tells her boss wants to expand his businss and wants to convert his black money into white. Aaliya says I am not interested. Pragya asks her to give one scratch of Abhi so that they can record a song. She says we will give 10 crores rupees for this. Aaliya is surprised and happy.

Pragya says I can give you 2 lakhs in advance. Aaliya asks are you joking? Pragya says we will know how Abhi makes music, and we will also make changes and do the work. Pragya says we can hire someone. Bulbul says we can’t hire and trust someone. She says we have to make sure Aaliya don’t get a chance to be saved.

Abhi asks Pragya, what you will do with this money? Pragya says I will do so much, will buy cars and go on a world tour. Abhi says you could have done this being with me. Pragya is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nikki..i saw ur comments regarding this kidnapping part… 🙂 good..special sequence:)

    But, i think they ll show like Pragya using it to prove all that money alone is important for her…may be when kidnapping some situation will come like , she has to either protect money or Abhi..but she ll go for money i think..but it is good, if they simply show it as special sequence also 🙂

    1. No chithu I don’t think so that pragya needs to plan her kidnapping becoz she already has been proved infront of abhi that she is money minded and chithu CVS never reveals their twists with it’s full description and climax becoz it’s not gud for their show. I read it on zee TV website, they described whole sequence as ganpati event episode description and other thing is that chithu it is ganpati festival event so every channel shows positive things happen in this event. So I think in this event also we will see only positivity becoz channels aim of showing the ganpati event with show’s track always remains gud wins over the bad becoz of Ganesha.

  2. Aaliya and tanu track pls end this yaar.I want bulbul and purab marriage and abhi and pragya unite

  3. Nice epi but cant understand the precap
    Anyone explain me…

  4. Awesome episode….. Im waiting for next episode

  5. ganesh chathurthi promo is very excited and thrilling so i think kumkum bhagya will bring some changes in the upcoming episode ….
    and now abhi is trying very hard to find out the reason between pragya’s rude behaviour
    let us see wat is going to happen ;… please bring the truth soon in front of abhi

    I and ALL ARE WAITING……………

    1. Reji.. can u pls tell where have u seen that vinayagar chathurthi promo please tell plzz

    2. Hey thank u so much 🙂

  6. Now abhi and pragya r going to work on same plan, abhi to defeat pragya and pragya to trap aaliya and both r unaware from each other’s plan. Let’s see whose plan will b successful and whose will b failed and what if aaliya will also saved like tanu becoz of abhi, this time also! It means double trouble for pragya. One side taaliya and raaj and other side abhi himself. But one thing is for sure now that it is very difficult for pragya to get success in any plan until abhi will not come in between the way of pragya. So it’s very important that abhi should learn about the truth or he himself realize pragya’s truth.

    1. yes Nikki..i completely agree with youy..this innocent Abhi should realize the truth , otherwise it is going to be very difficult Pragya to execute her plans successfully..and she might easily be caught by Aaliya 🙂

    2. and ..am eagerly waiting to see what would be Pragya’s answer for Abhi’s Question in precap 🙂 she should be telling something which is believable for him and bit hurting also if she goes with her plan … i hope she will not take Tanu’s matter as an answer to make Abhi hurt ..

      1. Ya eagerly waiting for pragya’s answer toh abhi … Abhi yu mean a lot <3

  7. Can i get the link for the promo??

  8. Guys can anyone pls share the link of promo??

  9. hiii nikki plz send d link fr promo plz…..

  10. Abhi nalla kelvi 😀 so sweet

    1. M Tamil too ramya???????

    2. I am tamil too watching hindi serials without knowing hindi

      1. Same here 😛

      2. Enakkum hindhi theriyathu pa…written update padipen.??

    3. Im tamil too…. Same like u.

    1. I am tamil too watching hindi serials without knowing hindi

  11. bhavna shrivastav

    Nice episode lv y abhiya

  12. After longggg time, i feel like watching KKB’s episodes again and again 🙂 yesterday’s and today’s somehow meet the awesome margin of old episodes 🙂 their nok-joks r too cute & funny 🙂

    1. Hey Chithu…

      Me too feel the same.. I laughed to the core..

      I wish too have a LIKE button in Telly Updates.. I wish to put likes to all your predictions and comments…:):)

      Still we will hope that, Abhi knows Pragya is upto something and he will find it soon.. OR may be he is pretending like angry to find her actual intensions..

      Today Epi also Abhi said to Purab, “Don’t tell to Dadi, we will surprise her” – something like that I am a Tamilian so haven’t understand correctly. So that means Abhi don’t want Dadi to know about his plan, since he knew Dadi and Pragya are upto something.. I am not exactly sure.. but feel likes that..

      1. yeah Kanchi 🙂 Abhi asked Purabh to not tell about their plan to anyone..and he told he will also not tell Dadi …when they get the money due to their plan,then he will surprise Dadi and then he will do something to Pragya 🙂

        and yeah 🙂 there might be 2 motives for his this word 🙂 one as u said he has some doubt about Dadi and Pragya, which he doesn’t want to tell to Purabh also.. other one is, he simply thinks Dadi is also much affected by Pragya..so she will be happy if they have some way to get out of Pragya’s control ..so once he gets the money , he told he can give a happy surprise to Dadi… 🙂

        in oneway, i also thinks that somehow Abhi has some idea about Pragya and Dadi…but sometimes, Abhi’s thinkings are different which makes us feel he is still unaware of it… like day before sterday, he was thinking why Pragya is doing all this..whether because of money she saved him or due to her love she saved him… again the same old confusion 🙂 we will see how it is going 🙂

      2. Since v don’t understand much … First ill check the telly updates then wil watch kkb next day morning so that it’ll be enjoyable 😛

    2. Thanks Chithu:)

  13. I knew it was bulbul helping her n I hope aaliya n tanu get caught very soon

  14. The episode was Gud but still I dnt understand y they hide everything to abhi. Bcus he luvs pragya n he wil do anything to her I think this is their bigger mistake abhi no Sm Hw aliya n tanu wat they r. N Nikki hav u noticed the behaviour of purab he was shocked luking at payal n he was trying to knw the plan of abhi n i think so purab is also with pragya.

  15. nice episode

  16. Hope pragya sucess tis time.

  17. Happy vinayagar chathurthi to all indian..
    I am tamil

  18. I am waiting for mondays epi

  19. and Guys..i think Vinayagar Chathurthi special sequence shooting started..they have shared the photos in instagram …all r looking awesome 🙂 especially Sriti is toooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

    1. Ya chithu I saw those pics.

  20. Im so eager ro say that aftr monday epi it will go lik forest epi right nikki n chittu

    Im so happy that im waitn nikki

  21. I like kumkumbhagya every day i watch most lve for abi&pragya so sweet both of them i like all episode , i want only the director do not stop the sriyal i n’t without kumkum bhagya

  22. This track wil end in November first week n abhi will know first about Tanu real father first then aaliya but raj wil have close escape as aaliya wil tell it’s mitali
    Next track rock star downfall n aabigya romance

    1. Where do u get this news maggie..
      It will be nice

    2. Maggie r u 100% sure? How did u know this?

      1. Like is said b4 my husband works with balaji tele films so he told me they have started with new track story dialogs n all

    3. But Maggie how do uu know that this track will end in November first week?

    1. Thanks for this link..

  23. Chithu I want to discuss one more thing yaar. I read many comments and what I found that most peoples r doubting that purab is also could b involved in pragya-bulbul-dadi’s plan. I thought deeply and then I reached on a conclusion that their doubt is logical becoz on the day of pragy’s accident, puran and bulbul both were searching for pragya together. So how could only bulbul find pragya and know about truths? So I think they r right purab could also involved with them in their plan.But CVS r not showing the possibilities in front of us just like they didn’t reveal Bulbul’s involvement with pragya. So I think if purab will also involved with them then we will get to know later like bulbul and it will b best.

    1. oh ok… Nikki..if soo then it is tooooooo goodddddd 🙂 🙂 becoz it will make Pragya side more stronger…there couldn’t be any better support to Pragya than these combinations 🙂 becoz the only 2 persons(Dadi and Purabh) other than Pragya to whom Abhi will be sharing each and everything are by her side and also, only 1 person(Bulbul) other than Abhi to whom Pragya can share everything ..then she can definitely be much stronger 🙂 and Abhi’s plan also may not affect her 🙂

    2. Nikki…then why in day b4 yest episode they showed like bulbul asking sarla maa not to disclose it to purab that she went to meet abhi…if purab was involved she wudnt have any prob in purab knowing abt it or as usual misleading the viewers 😀

  24. I todays episode was pragya wearing abhi’s shirt?

  25. Guys I think abhi is completely unaware of dadi-pragya. .but now situation s too worse for pragya what she ll do while she trapped by dadi-pragya-bulbul or pragya is trapped by abhi..so confusing yaar requesting cvs to do something to unite abhigya may b in one saturation point abhi may hate pragya OMG I think v are completely addicted to kkb..anr one more is every one in the home r predicted that pragya is still in love with abhi even Ronnie also felt that and why can’t abhi. .

    1. ha ha 🙂 yes Srimathi… CVS people are leaving no stone unturned to confuse us or leaving us in a unpredictable state from the beginning of Tanu’s pregnancy track..all the new sequence introduced were to shock us 🙂 like Abhi’s confession to Pragya, Aaliya’s exposure, Raj turning negative, Pragya’s accident, her come back in a completely new avatar.. i mean, v didn’t expect all these inside Tanu’s pregnancy track 🙂 now we are not sure, who is going to do what 🙂 meanwhile, they are now untying Pragya’s secret one by one..not sure whether it is to her postive or negative impact 🙂 we will see 🙂

  26. New sbs
    Thy had shown vinayagr chathurthi special of abhi and pragya dance
    Sid and roshni dance they were fabulousto see ot

    Just go to google and search kumkum bhagya ganapathi special episod.

    1. I too watched pragya and abhi performance. Abhi performance also there. Then they took aarathi to lord ganesha.

  27. can Anyone tell me the link of KKB’s Segment of Kidnaping…Plz
    Chithu , Nikki , anyone??

  28. Guys just saw new segments of kkb ganesh utsav mahaepisode. Abhi and pragya with their whole family was welcoming jitendra ji on ganpati pandal set. Abhi’s dadi has performed welcome aarti of jitendra ji and abhi- pragya touched his feet togethet for taking blessings from him. Jitendra ji has performed Ganesha aarti with abhi- pragya and family. Then they showed abhi was singing the song kya hua tera vaada with background dancers. They were dancing with old pragya’s pics. Abhi was reminding old pragya (fuggy)through this song and he wants to remind their old days, love and promise to pragya also. At the end of the song, abhi breaks one of old pragya’s ( fuggy) photo by his guitar. When reporter asked him why did he do this? Then he replied that abhi is so much angry and disappointed with pragya’s this new change look so through the song, he is just show his frustration. Then they showed next pragya was performing on the song Teri galliyan alone with background dancers after abhi’s song but later abhi has also joined her in dance. May b pragya was dreaming about abhi during performing the dance. But they were performing romantically. There was a love with sadness cleary showed in their dance. Next, reporter was talking about pragya’s kidnapping sequence in maha episode. They asked from shabbir and sriti about it but they didn’t tell anything about it. But reporter was saying that pragya will b kidnapped during the event but abhi will save her on time by ganesha’s blessings. That’s it. So guys there is no confirmation about will abhi find out pragya’s truth or not. That’s why I think in this maha episode we could see only some abhigya’s moments, nothing more special regarding to the track. So I think after the maha episode, we will b back again with same abhigya’s differences, their cute nok- jhoks and fight, as we r watching during these days.

  29. Guys..Mahaepisode on location shoot is out 🙂 it is too good 🙂 their dance performance and interview ..everything is soo goood 🙂 will share the link once i got it…

    1. Ya chithu it was too gud and emotional too? but it will b best if it will end up on abhi’s realization of pragya’s truth. But looks like it will not. We will see only some abhigya’s moments which will b full of emotions.?That’s it.?

      1. hmmm.. yes Nikki.. we will see..when they are revealing the truth to Abhi ..i hope they ll not drag it to be bad till then ..

      2. and Nikki.. i think Abhi didn’t break Pragya’s photo by his guitar..he was about to break it..but he couldn’t break it becoz of his love for Pragya.. he then will break his guitar it seems..Shabbir told in the interview… and ..i think their group dance it is a real sequence…becoz in the end..Abhi was leaving the place angrily or hesistantly..as he was unable to control his feelings for Pragya when dancing with her, he leaves the dancing floor…

      3. Ya chithu I was mistaken but when I saw it again then I found that abhi broke his guitar on pragya’s photo, not pragya’s photo and chithu when I saw pragya’s dancing, I found it as whole dream sequence becoz according to track pragya could not express her feelings to abhi anyhow and she could not dance with abhi like this publically too becoz publically she has no relation with abhi. But anyways let’s see what is exactly this?

  30. one more link with some more details Guys.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jz6yqEicqYE

  31. and per reporters, the kidnapping is been done by Aaliya and Tanu..

    1. Sriti is sooo cute 🙂 the way she is talking like a kid ..is verryyy nice 🙂

    2. But chithu why zee people will give wrong description about mahaepisode on their official website? I don’t think so that they have given wrong detail. Itis only India TV peoples who r saying that it is taaliya who will plan pragya’s kidnapping, no other news channel has confirmed it. So I think pragya’s kidnapping will b eventually by goons, in the process of saving charity money, like zee have told.

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