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The Episode starts with Sarla rehearsing for Ram Leela and tells a wife should obey her husband and fulfill her duty towards her husband. She says if she stays in palace and doesn’t follow her wife’s duties then she can’t be happy. Everyone claps for her. Pragya gets emotional. Aaliya says they are both dramebaaz. Pragya says atleast someone said her dialogues perfectly. Bulbul says I am so proud of you. Jhanki says you have touched my heart. Dadi calls Mitali and Taiji for Mantra and Kaikiye roles. They argue and start their usual saas bahu fight. Pragya asks them to stop it and be serious with their dialogues. She says Sponsors will not leave her if performance falls weak. Aaliya and Tanu leave. Dadi praises Sarla’s performance as Mata Ansuya. Sarla says she needs to go. Dadi says I will

ask driver to drop you.

Purab reads some papers about sponsors names and is surprised as the sponsors agreed to give crores because of Pragya. He praises Pragya and says she has some skills. Abhi says I don’t do small things. Purab asks him to have partnership with her, and says you will earn much. Abhi says I don’t need her help, but needs yours. He says she makes me cry, create misunderstanding between me and Tanu etc. I want to take revenge from her, and want to torture her. Purab says I will talk to Bulbul and asks for an idea. He asks him to think about a plan.

Dadi tells Pragya that they don’t know Tanu much, but they know Aaliya well. She says we shall expose Aaliya first. She says we have to make plan and know her weakness. Pragya says Aaliya’s weakness is money and marriage which was broken twice with Purab. Dadi says I will provoked her and talk about her marriage. She asks Pragya to make Aaliya angry with her provocative words. Pragya says you are superb. She says Aaliya will meet the person who is helping her.

Mitali tells that she is very hungry. Ronnie asks her to have something. Pragya comes and says everyone is looking happy. She signs Dadi. Dadi asks Dasi, if there is a good guy in her Pind. Dasi says there is young boys in her Pind, and asks why she is asking? Dadi says I am in tension and worried for Aaliya’s marriage. Aaliya says marriage will happen. Dadi asks her to keep quiet and asks Dasi. Dasi says there are many boys, but not for Aaliya. Dadi asks what do you mean? Raj comes and hears them from far. Dasi asks her to search for Mumbai guy. Aaliya asks them not to worry and says whenever she say yes, many boys will stand in queue to marry her. Pragya asks her to tell about the boys who will stand in queue. Aaliya asks her to mind her matter. Pragya says my money will be spend in your marriage, so it is my matter. She says nobody would want to marry you. Aaliya says it is enough and you are crossing your limits. She asks until when she will refer other’s rejection as her excuse not to marry. Aaliya says you are crossing your limits. Pragya says your past saying it all. You wanted to marry Purab twice, but he didn’t want to marry you even after knowing you from many years. She says I am happy as Purab’s life is not spoiled. Aaliya asks her to keep quiet else…………….Pragya asks her to get marry and show her. She says a good man will never marry you, and even my assistant will not agree. She asks Ronnie if he will marry her. Ronnie is silent and doesn’t reply. Pragya says Ronnie don’t want to reply, your line is finished before its start.

Dadi tells Pragya that Aaliya is very clever and will not come in their trap. Abhi hears them. She asks her to take care, and be away from Aaliya. She says I didn’t forget the day when she harmed Bulbul. Pragya says she will take care of herself and asks her not to worry. Dadi goes. Abhi thinks I will talk to Dadi now. He comes to her and asks what is she doing with Pragya. He asks her not to hide things from her. Abhi says you were talking as if you are talking to your daughter. Dadi says I was talking to her, but…….She says she is worried about Aaliya’s marriage. She says we can’t get Aaliya marry without her consent, and says she has bend down infront of her for her grand daughter’s happiness. Abhi says I will handle everything. Dadi asks him not to think her wrong, and says she is doing this for his betterment. Abhi says Pragya has snatched everything from me, and asks her to promise that she will never hide anything from him, and never lie to him. Pragya hears him. Dadi thinks what to do, she thinks she can’t tell truth and can’t lie. Dadi is about to give promise, just then Pragya comes and stops Dadi from keeping hand on Abhi’s hand. She asks Abhi to come and says it is an order. She says sponsor called her and the deal will be cancelled if he don’t talk to him. Abhi says I don’t care. Pragya says I will not go if you don’t come. Abhi asks Dadi to sleep and goes with Pragya. Dadi thinks about Pragya.

Raj and Tanu talk about Aaliya. Raj asks her to find her. Tanu gets Aaliya’s call informing her something. Tanu tells Aaliya went to Delhi, and hired a killer who will kill Pragya on Dussera day. She cries and says why did she go there. She says I will be blamed. Raj asks her not to cry, and says Aaliya is in Delhi, so she will not be blamed. He says after Pragya’s death, I and Aaliya will do fraud in Abhi’s company, and you can marry him. Tanu gets happy and smiles.

Abhi asks where is the call? Pragya says it is on laptop and asks him to login. She thinks to ask whom? She asks God to call Abhi. Abhi asks where is the call. Pragya says sponsor is in foreign so first he will do breakfast and then call. Abhi argues. Just then someone calls comes on net. Pragya thinks thank God I am saved and wonders whose call it is.

Abhi tells Pragya that he met this girl before their marriage. Pragya says Tanu was in your life before our marriage. Abhi says it is none of your business.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Y is this getting soo bored……no improvement at all ……enemies r succeeding n going ahead …..bt pragya n her team is getting down day bay day wthout any improvement ….so sad….

  2. nice episode waiting for next episode..but plz meet abhigya fast nd start hot romance

  3. Dragging to much urghhhh to many enemies . Just reading through until all is revealed

  4. Boring why r they dragging the show a least Aaliyah n tanu is winning n getting away with a lot of things

  5. Still Very Boring

    Weak and sorry writing……

  6. Slow pace……pl show something positive…..after its navrathri…..good winning over evil…..guys writers wake up…..don’t drag it beyond the elastic limit

  7. Very boring just can’t bear this type of slow motion n not happening in my favourite show I hate u ppl u r making me loose interest in d show I have stopped watching the episode n just read the story in written episodes

  8. plz expose soon tanuuu… its very boring to see this serial.. aliya tanu pakka fraud.. rajj mind will going something about tanu … pragya shoot panathu yaru… abhi is stupid boy…

  9. Actually wat’s d concept s gng on… Its putting too much of bore…

  10. very boring. Director sir, pls don’t do like this. This is my first favourite show in my life. I am crazy about the jodi of Abi and Pragya. I am lost my interest. So, Now I just read written episode only. If it is continued , most of the viewers will stop to watch this show. Pls do something is better and positive approaches immediately. We are waiting.

  11. How did aaliya actually go to Delhi without money

  12. Sometimes it seems that CVS r making us fool through abhi. But in this episode, when he asked dadi for a promise not to hide anything from him then i felt he was blackmailing dadi emotionally so dadi tell him whatever she is hiding from him and when he stopped dadi to not to ask help from pragya for aaliya’s marriage that time I felt his purpose was to save pragya from aaliya becoz he knows very well that aaliya hates pragya a lot, special regarding her marriage matter, from the day one. So she could cross every limit to harm pragya if she will inyerupt in her marriage matter. So I think abhi was just using excuse of his anger to pragya for stopping dadi to ask her interruption in aaliya’s marriage matter. And in this whole abhi and dadi’s conversation, one more thing which I felt for future that abhi will b very much angry from them and he will not easily forgive anyone to hide this much things and truths from him even after taalya’s truth revelation, even after pragya’s truth revelation. He will b much angry with pragua, dadi, bulbul and purab than taaliya. He will forgive them becoz they r doing all this in his favour and for his gud,but after sometimes.And also it will b only abhi who will solve this mashup and expose tanu’s truth at last.

    1. And the last part of the episode where raaj and tanu were talking and executing plan of killing pragya with aaliya, my first question is from where aaliya got money to hire sharp shooter? Between raaj and taaliya, it is only raaj who have money in his hand for now. It seems raaj is going to use aaliya and her absence to harm pragya and later will trap her on pragya’s attack charges but it seems also that their plan will get flopped. Becoz they were very exited for the plan and for it’s positive result which is looks like is not going to happen.

      1. And one more important thing guys actually shika Singh ( aaliya) is suffering from dengue and she has been hospitalized since 5-6 days. She is on complete bed rest. That’s why CVS have shown her in the show that she has gone to Delhi. Sources r saying she was going to play an important role in upcoming ramleela sequence’s twist but now becoz of her illness, CVS have started rework on her portion in upcoming episodes

      2. As I told earlier all this hide n seek will to end in November first week
        But as u said Abhi will b angry with Pragya n all, but what if Pragya gets angry it will b fun to see Abhi struggling to patch up with Pragya

    2. Yes you are correct nikki… I just had the same feeling… also he should have asked someone to do the video call… bcoz they never showed what abhi was doing when pragya went to take the laptop… as we all were guessing abhi knows everything and he is one who will reveal everything.. Did you see how nervous pragya was and shaking her hands… her regular way she does when she is tensed… all this he would have noticed for sure…

  13. hey producer can u make it interesting please

  14. I have question. What happened to tanu parents? They only pressured abhi to marry tanu but see they have no time to attend their only one dearest daughter mehendi function also. Did any parents will leave their daughter in friends house after knowing that she is pregnant and she didnt get any respect in mehra family. I mean before pragya leaving the house tanu didn’t get any respect. But they went somewhere leaving their daughter in trouble

  15. Plz stop dragging. from where did aalia get money to hire a killer??? Tanu is disgusting……..plz expose truth of tanu and end this pregnancy drama……..
    Reunite abhigya…….plzzzzz

  16. Errrrr!! Seriously pissed off?? with this Drama….. plz end this confusion & mk abhi & pragya togethr….urll hv spoilt the show???


  18. Well guyzz tanu chapter will end soon … And tanu and Aliya will reveal tanu real father name in front of abhi …

    Can anyone tell me is abhi new detective in show ???

  19. Can anyone tell me … When tanu exposed in front of abhi what will pragya do ??? Any guess what will Aliya and raj do ??

    It’s a request to producer please make it interesting

  20. Guys y no comments .. Trp 4 th place la kkb…i read that tanu s truth a will be revealed in ramleela s act … Is it true

  21. We r really missing the cute word fuggi,the word suniye and melodious background sweet songs. Please bring back all the good things in kkb.

    1. Yeah leena.. I agree with u. Missing those funny languages and background tunes.. don’t know when Will it come back in this serial.. But sure it won’t be so soon… 🙁

    2. Ur right leena …. i also miss everything… fuggi, pragya old look, abhigya love, emotional songs… everything …..

  22. Omg! I never saw this much less comments. It shows that his much we r pissed with the ongoing track and that’s why kkb has slipped on no- 4 this week. This is an indication for CVS that if they doesn’t show gud and positive in the show or doesn’t end this track soon then situation will b worst than it. I hope they understood.

    1. Guys no new update and news yet. But I saw some new pics from kkb’s sets where Dandiya function’s shoot was going on and everybody abhi,pragya, bulbul, purab, tanu, raaj, mitali, ronnie, payal were dressed up in dandiya function outfits. That’s it.

      1. Who need functions now.. not with the truth revealed.. for how many months they will keep this serial without any end point for this senseless track.. it seems the old kkb will not come back again I think so.. Fed up, irritated, annoyed, no words match for my feelings.. bc z it’s gone over limit. Trp also gone 4th. Hope atleast now they should make something interesting for fanzz..

  23. I really like to watch this drama but every episode every new person is coming and confusing the drama and how long time Tanu can be pragent Like Rachanna Abhi loves Pragya and she can tell the truth to him and get help from him too just they won’t keep drama long just adding episode without nothing it make me to hate watch this drama anymore

  24. Nikki..though they are dragging it more..but i like the rumored upcoming track …that the shooter will fall for Pragya..i really want to see Abhi getting jealous..becoz throughout this 2 years..it is Pragya who loved Abhi much, who felt jealous much and who suffered much..and Abhi always using this jealousy in favor for him..so now i want to see it in reverse way 🙂 i hope it will be good without much dragging 🙂

    1. yes chithu .. even i want abhi to become jealous .. he must knw the value of pragya .. alwz pragya suffered and nw abhi has to suffer .. i wish the shooter shud fall fa pragya

    2. Chithu it’s gud if a guy fall in love with pragya but do u think it should a sharp shooter!, a murderer! Pragya deserves a perfect person who could not only give tough competition to abhi infact he could realize abhi his mistakes towards pragya. Abhi always annoyed pragya without any tension from pragya’s side becoz he knows that for now there is no one who loves pragya or pragya also doesn’t love any other person except him. So he always annoys her. But when someone actually will come close to pragya and abhi will get a fear to loose her then he will come on line. But for all this a guy should b much better in every sense from abhi.

  25. yeahhhh… this is ttaking toooooo longg.. but still not bored.. hehe.. i don’ think i would get bored as long as abhi and pragya are alive… hahaahaha..

  26. stupid show…so boring

  27. I love kkb be to see .but now a days its boring .pls ekta mam unite abi and pragya

  28. New segment update- Dandiya function was going on in mehra house. All were enjoying it. Abhi and pragya were playing dandiya with each other but with full of tashan. Abhi was playing dadndiya with her in so much aggression. He was hitting on her dandiya with so much force and anger by own dandiya. But pragya was also giving him back smartly and get success in saving herself from his every hit. Between dandiya, for a moment, pragya goes in deep thought and gets stop, then abhi brings her in senses by dandiya and they again starts playing dandiya with tashan. Lastly when their dandiya sticks hits each other crossly, they have an intense eyelock with each other and abhi brings back his dandiya down, pragya too moves from there hesitantly and nervously.

    1. One more thing guys. Pragya and bulbul has organized dandiya competition also. In which winner will win 10 lakhs rupees in prize. Tanu is going to take participate in it and she is going to dance becoz she needs 5 lakhs rupees.

  29. And guys one more thing. Just read tellyexpress new arrival about new entry as a sharpshooter in kkb. They took an interview of actor Mohit Dagga, who r going to play this role. He says about his this sharp shooter role that his character is fully negative in the show who will come to make pragya’s life hell in future. He is a psycho killer in the show. He will play a long cameo in the show. So guys full negativity means he will totally against of pragya and very dangerous for her, means fall in love spoiler is fake. His entry in the show will only for harm pragya.

    1. Long cameo!!!! Means more delay in reunion. O god! Will abhigya every unite? I hope abhi gets to know about everything on time so he could save her from this psycho killer every time and punish him badly for harming his fuggy.

      1. At lest some new track will start

  30. why do they spread false news everywhere…its too stupid…..EXPOSING……when I hear dt word itself I feel angry……how much they will drag…till next year or next to nexy year….doo whatever u want but don’t think we will watch this shit like fools…sorry I am not saying ds serial is bad….but d track right now is soo dumb..please for gods sake change this…now new entry..wt is d need of dt…..cant understand what r they upto 😛

  31. Friends it means one more trouble coming over Pragya.. How much she has to suffer and fight to save her LOVE… Toooooooo Much yaar.. I feel better they kill Pragya instead of torturing her like this because I really feel too hurt.. I know it is drama not real, but can’t see the pain of Pragya…. We have to find a line where we can express the writers.. If anyone knows, please update it.. I have mentioned all in KKB sites, but no reaction from so called stupid writers till now…

  32. This ramleela episode are regular episode or like Ganesh chathurthi special episode???? What happened in Ganesh chathurthi episode is it fake???does ekta think all viewers are mad???what is that episode???

  33. Guys as ur words the should be perfect ? in every sense …

    My comment I think do u all remember where simar will help sunaina and prem will not accept her and here u t

  34. And here I think abhi will not accept pragya because she is a cheater in front of abhi so like this a twist ? will come I think so

  35. It is sasural simar ka so ekta please don’t ever take the track like that

  36. I love ♡ kumkum bhagya! ! But I want abhi and pragya to join and romance!!!!!!!!!!!

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