Kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bulbul telling Sarla that Pragya might tell that she is acting all these days. Sarla gets emotional and asks why she is showing her fake dreams, etc. Purab tells her that he will take her to have icecream. Pragya recalls seeing Nikhil with Tanu and Aaliya and wonders what is the matter? Abhi comes and says he needs to talk to her. Pragya says she is not in a mood to fight. Abhi says we will have lovely talk today, and says no girl can stay alone then why you are alone. Pragya says it is my life and my wish. Abhi asks if there is any reason? Pragya says it is my life and it is none of your matter. Abhi says I want to know who will enjoy my money. Pragya says she has not decided and says she has to work now. She says she wants to show to the world that she can live alone.

Abhi says he wants someone to love him and says he can’t stay alone. He says he wants to move on. Pragya says it is your decision and she don’t want to interfere. She excuses herself. Tanu asks Aaliya not to talk to Nikhil else he will trouble her. Aaliya says mistake is yours and reminds that Nikhil gave her a necklace. Tanu says he gave me and I haven’t asked for it. Aaliya says you are letting him do, and giving him chance. She says we couldn’t do anything to kick Pragya.

Tanu asks what we have to do? Raj brings some papers and says if Abhi signs on the papers then the money will come to them as they will become Abhi’s half partner. He says Pragya will win the case, but till then they will enjoy the profit. Tanu and Aaliya smirks. Abhi thinks something is hidden in Pragya’s heart which she don’t want to tell. He thinks to find out what is more important to her than money. He thinks to get close to her, and thinks it will be risky. Pragya comes back and asks why he didn’t sleep yet. Abhi says he couldn’t sleep and asks her to help. He says he wants to call his fuggi. Pragya asks how can I help you?

Abhi asks her to sit. He says whenever I didn’t get sleep, I used to keep my head on her lap and then I used to sleep. He says he wants to forget her. He places his head on her lap and thinks what she will do now. He thinks he is genius. Allah Wariyan plays……….Pragya keeps her hand on his head. She thinks what I am doing? If he is taking my test and thinks something is going on in his heart. She keeps his head above the pillow and goes.

Tanu asks Pragya why did she call her? Pragya says I called you to give warning, and tells Abhi can cross the limit. She says he insisted to rest his head on my lap and then…..I can’t say. Tanu asks if he misbehaved with you. Tanu thinks he is acting, but can fall for her. Pragya thinks Tanu will control Abhi now. Abhi wakes up and sees her sleeping. Pragya comes from outside and tells him good morning. Abhi sees Tanu sleeping beside him and is shocked. Pragya says I brought her here as you was feeling lonely yesterday. She says she is going to have breakfast, and asks him to decide till she finishes food. She goes.

Abhi asks Tanu what she was doing here? Tanu says Pragya told me that you was sleeping in her lap, and asks what happened then? Abhi says she gave me milk bottle? Tanu asks if you will cross the limit? Abhi says Pragya is fooling you and says I am pure as Ganga. Tanu apologizes. Abhi asks her not to doubt him else he will not woo Pragya then she will become servant wife of a servant husband.

Bulbul, Dadi and Purab meet in the restaurant. Bulbul says we shall kidnap Tanu to get truth out of her mouth. Dadi orders coffee and says Pragya doubts someone. Bulbul asks she is doubting on whom? And why they are hiding from them. Purab asks if they don’t trust them or think them incapable. Bulbul says we should go then. Dadi asks them to sit and asks to listen carefully. She says Pragya said that she is doubting someone. Bulbul asks when did she tell this? Dadi says during Dussera. Purab says it is late now and we have to ask her. Bulbul thinks to talk to Pragya. Pragya thinks about Nikhil meeting with Aaliya and Tanu.

Abhi tells Pragya that his romantic string is active and that he came to romance with her. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. appa saamigala neenga madila paduthu thoonga vechu rock star a infant range ku panreenga
    bt smthin he understood nw tat pragya s hiding smthin in her heart nd she has smthin important than money
    onnu tanu va expose pannunga
    ilaina pragya va abhi kitta expose pannunga
    aen edhayume pannama irukeenga

    1. yaee it seems quite interesting tday??atlst abi had undrstd tat pragya is hiding sumthng deep inside her heart..plss guys wateva unite abhighya..i hop so it wld b moree inrtstng f praghya and abi unite and find out te truth.Eeeeeee waiting fa furthr episodesss

    2. This show is pathetic and Boring.

  2. Vote for KKB friends… ?

    1. in which event hema??????

      1. Zee rishtey awards 2015

  3. nice episode cute romantic

  4. How abhi u choose this way to comes out pragya behaviour changed. Whatever u acts to pragya in romance way nice. But i know u still loves pragya.

    1. v cant mistake our abhi praveena
      even im tryin to hate his character bt i cant hate his character
      dn knw y???
      abhi s alwayz pragya’s ly
      no one can change…………
      hv u noticed 1 thing abhi shocked wen he saw tanu near to him in bed bt he comforts wen pragya nears @ him tats y he can kept his head on her lap
      such a cute idea even abhi can understand tis fact soon

  5. finally we came to know that Abhi is trying to bring out his fuggi and not playing with pragya for tanu’s stupid signature plan..Abhi is as always rocking yaar!!

    1. U think abhi is acting to know abt pragya s intention and not for sign?

  6. God plz move the track na….I’m losing interest now. Plz finish tanu track its been dragged for too long. In fact in 4 months time tanu will deliver n abhi will still not know the truth I guess….

  7. Love yoo abhi .. As you said yua as pure as ganga .. N guys do vote fa kkb n the cast fa this years zee rishtey awards 2015

  8. Now this track is good, we are getting to see new side of Abhi. During the time when Pragya decided to leave Abhi and get Tanu and had this fake pregnancy drama, Abhi was shown helpless though he loves Fuggi.

    In current track, its quite nice to see his flirting side, he was never like this before, with Tanu or Pragya.

    As always, this show has something unexpected which makes all the dragging and cribbing worth it 🙂

    Nobody predicted in any spoilers or forums about this behaviour of Abhi.

    1. Worth it???? You are Joking – Right!!!???

  9. Hey whn u will disclose Alia’s matter.
    That matter regarding purvi (charu mehra) she was innocent and hdnt done anything but alia had put the blame plzzz disclose that she was innocent ….. Plzzz…
    That matter is going to hve months over.
    plzzz …….. Disclose it

    1. aaisha i think purvi will be released and she will expose aliya for revenge

  10. Guys it’s a fake love yar he is showing. Fuggi has disappeard in this show. He is saying only the word fuggi. But not feeling it. Am not interested in this fake love. We need the real passionate love of fuggi ( ref- episode 343-347 ) not the mogambo who is managing her feelings. I think it’s Enough of cute fights with mogambo. Hoping in Maggie’s words… what’s your guess maggie?? Will the truth reveal at least in this week?? Or will abhi get back his property??

  11. Guys what u think? What is the main moto of abhi, behaving nicely and being lovey-dovey with pragya? Is he really wants only to get back his property from pragya or he is also trying to find his fuggy in mogambo pragya? Well I think, his present moto is only get his property back from pragya by this trick but in this process, he will find his fuggy also, unknowingly. Becoz he have started his suspicion on pragya also with his getting property mission. Like he did on that time when pragya was faking like this and then he found that pragya is faking becoz of tanu’s pregnancy. I m saying this since long time that why abhi is not using that same trick. Thank god he is doing this finally. I know this time his moto is different but like that time, this time also, it will take him near to the truth. I think now track is coming on it’s right track. Becoz along with abhi, other side purbul and dadi r also going to start get to know tanu’s baby’s father’s name mission, Pragya is also thinking about takhil again and again. I think one more time if she will catch them with each other than her doubt gets clear. And now if purbul also will help her than it will more easy for her. I was correct about raaj. He is just using abhi’s money through taaliya to settle his business and secure his future. Pragya is his hurdle in this way that’s why he is against pragya otherwise he have no issues with pragya and haven’t any care for abhi or family. He is fooling taaliya by fooling them. I m sure at last he will easily gets escaped by traping taaliya smartly.

    1. Worst thing was in today’s episode was sarla maa. What kind of a mother’s face cvs r trying to show? Why the hell they r ruining a mother’s image? In past episodes, she behaved with bulbul like this now same behavior, she is using with pragya. Sometime i feels that only marrige of their daughters matters for sarla maa, not their happiness. All time she gives speech on kumkum and shaadi. She was saying that pragya had everything gud family, so much loving husband etc. I think she forgot abhi’s all mistakes. I m sure she will beg for forgiveness with joining both hands in front of pragya, when she will get to know whole truth but pragya is her ideal daughter so like a gud daughter, i know she will forgive her easily and she will make sure that her maa don’t feel guilty.

      1. bt nikki if she signs d paper in any case wil abhi throw her 4m hm???
        bcoz our fabulous CVS can do anythin to make us jerk …………
        stil tanu doesnt hav any symptoms for her pregnant
        really medical miracle……
        bt watever it is abhi shld not do fake activity to pragya bcoz she s luvin u deeply
        anyway waitin 4 d episode which shows tanu’s real face

      2. Nivi it is not possible and it will not happen that pragya sign the property papers or any papers, bringing by abhi. Becoz abhi is doing fake love drama with her but her love is real and genuine for him. Abhi is trying to make her fall in love with her by showing fake love but she is already in his love and she knows that she should not agree for anything by anybody, not even abhi’s, except purbul and dadi until she gets succeed in her mission. Abhi thinks that she is money minded like she is behaving nowadays and doesn’t have love feelings for anyone. That’s why he is trying to trap her in his love by showing fake love but pragya knows abhi more very well. She could melt in his love for sometimes becoz he is using her fuggy’s image and feelings to trap her but she couldn’t come in trap of abhi becoz she knows she will have to hide her love and her secrets from abhi, for this, she needs to stay away from abhi. That’s why I believes that pragya will not sign on any papers at any cost, in her conscious stage. It could happen only then, when abhi take her sign by cheating. But then also I feels like it will not happen becoz if abhi will get success in his plan of getting back his property from pragya then everything will b finished. Becoz pragya have still nothing in her hand as a solid proof against taaliya, through which she could proof own self right and could save abhi from them. But one thing is I can see sure that abhi will get to know that pragya is still his same fuggy and has’nt changed. I assumed in yesterday’s episode that abhi is enjoying pragya’s company and he have started finding pragya’s truth also side by side but his main moto is getting his property back from pragya.

      3. Ya nivi it’s really bad to playing with her emotions but abhi has been tried direct way already but he got nothing and still confused and clueless. That’s why he is using this indirect way to solve all present issues. Abhi knows that pragya will not tell him the truth directly if she is hiding something so he have to use his style. I know abhi is saying that he is doing fake love drama with pragya but if he fakes love with pragya then he never uses her fuggy image, memories and emotions to trap her. Becoz he doesn’t like that anybody play with his fuggy’s memories not even pragya. That’s why he warned her to stay away from his fuggy’s things and that’s why he scolded her badly when he found his fuggy’s broken glasses. So here he is using her fuggy image and feelings to trap her then i would say it is not a trap, infact i think he is trying to bring out his fuggy and her love feelings for him from this mogambo pragya. He knows that through this idea he could not only get back his fuggy back, he will get his proerty back obviously and everything will b fine like before.That fuggy feelings idea will take him to the pragya’s truth.

    2. Ya nikki u r rit his present Moto was getting property back. But somewhere he had feelings tat he can get his Fuggi back. But it’s gud this track but they want to end this track in good thing. But v cant expect more some times they ll again cheat us..

  12. Actually I like reading these comments more than seeing the serial….mire entertaining definitely


    Abhi rockzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Kadaisi vara verupetherura mareye episode poguthu jiiiii……konjam rute ah mathugaa…..

  15. Well said nikkibi thot f this last Fridays episode .. BT since its jus a doubt I don’t share .. It vl b great if this abhis trick vl lead him to knoe the truth

  16. Yes I agree with you srimathi …. But who will save abhi .. Let’s see upcoming episode will abhi sign on papers or not ??

    But I think it is the right time for Dadi and pragya to tell whole truth to abhi ..

  17. Maggie .. Thr waitn frm a very long .. As u said wt vl b the next track n wats tat big twist ? Any guess ??? Waitn fa the 3rd week f November

  18. Nikki thanks for positive response … He is showing fake love .. Whatever he is doing tanu asked him to do ?? Let’s see what happens We don’t know what producer and writer are thinking .. Maybe after some romance between pragya and abhi .. They can show us some tragedy part …

    And from my point of view it is the correct time for Dadi , pragya , purab and bulbul to tell whole truth to abhi .. So they can save abhi from raj and Aliya ..

    Nikki what do you think will it get worst or interesting ??

    1. what tragedy part.?

  19. Innum konja naal poona tamil le pregnancy track start aidum but hindi la endcard podave mattaga…. appa samy mudiyala… super writer g…. vaaalga pallanduu

  20. Abhi-dumb
    Overall serial velanguna madhiri dhaan

    1. Now you are talking. (his show has become boring and uninteresting. I cannot believe that you guys put this much energy into KKB. It will continue to drag on as long as you guys continue to wait for a happy ending. This is just like Pavitra Rishtam. The happy ending happened as the show was going OFF the air.

  21. Thx you Nikki.I’mbglad to read some thinks of you

  22. wat dafuq s tis !! getting worser day by day -_- lost al interest fr tis serial !! m done wit it !! lost al patience >:( mindles writers wastin talented actors -_- Bubbye KKB -_-

  23. Always nice abhi rock

  24. Yes Abhi… this is the right track..and you are looking too good in tomorrow’s precap..

  25. Nice now abhi is improving

  26. guys even wen abhi shows fake love fr pragya he ws shocked to c tanu wit him.. tis means he s truly loving his fuggi bt nt mogambo.. bt in tis fake love sequence abhi ll fall really fr the mogambo n ll knw hr truth instead of getting papers signed.. these r js my assumptions.. thn he mi8 indirectly help pragya in finding out tanu’s secret lover or he may directly kick hr out.. v have to wait n watch.. n nw bulbul has given clue to hr mom abt pragya’s motive so sarla ma ll also cme to knw abt hr soon.. bt pls cvs end tis soon.. thnk new.. it has bcme the combination of MMS track n tanu pregnancy(strtin) track.. end tis crap soon.. bt fr nw I think oly tanu ll b exposed.. later oly aaliya n raj ll b exposed.. let’s c guys

  27. kumkum bhagya

    Iyyo……………… yennala mudiyala pa yen Ippadi pannuringa innum ethana naal indha track kondu povinga pls Abhi Pragya sethu vainga pa serial starting la irundhu Ippadi panuringala…………..

  28. omg!!! how much dragging.. not yet released a single knot from the beginning.. all evils living and may b abhi has no brain.. you may shown him instead rockstar as mentally ill

  29. Nikki they will show us again maha episode of kum kum bhagya , yeh vaada raha and tash-e-ishq …. Plz check if this news is correct or not ??

    1. Where did u get the news Ali??? Pls share the link..

  30. yes,ali I am also saw the segment

  31. Where you saw that segment jisha ???

    Nikki any update of mahasangham episode ??!

  32. there is a maha episode or maha sangam sources said

  33. in upcoming episode Abhi and pragya going for date and where Abhi date with 10 girls to make pragya jealous and there is a maha sangam episode of Kumkumbhagya yeh vaada raha and tashan-e-ishq

  34. If its really plz i willl continue watching.. i am misssing shabbir acting..
    i need tat allah waarya momeny

  35. in youtube

  36. Abi tied knot bcoz of tanu..abi showing fake lov bcoz of tanu.. then when will he use his own brain

  37. Pls all fans are kindly vote for Abhi and pragya

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