Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarla walking on the road after getting down from the car with difficulty. Pragya gets down the car and looks for Tanu. Pragya gives money to the children begging there. Nikhil signs the truck driver and bike rider. Purab wonders where is Sarla? Sarla sees Pragya and thinks God give her strength to save her daughter. Truck and bike are coming from opposite directions. Tanu is also standing there and thinks Pragya have done a grave mistake and the punishment for stopping her marriage is death. She thinks you have done a big mistake, and will die, nobody will come to save you at the last min. She says even Abhi couldn’t save you. Pragya comes on road searching Tanu. Nikhil panics. Sarla thinks Pragya should move from there, sees truck fast speeding towards her and shouts Pragya……….Nikhil

and Tanu are shocked. Pragya says Maa….Sarla signs her to see the truck.

Nikhil goes to Sarla to stop her. Pragya sees Nikhil fighting with Sarla and moves from the way. Sarla pushes Nikhil and he falls on the speedy truck. Sarla asks Pragya if she is fine? Pragya says Maa. Sarla hugs her. Tanu comes to Nikhil and checks his breath. He says I am alive. He says plan is failed because of you. He blames her and says you have planned to kill me. Purab comes there and says Maa can give life to protect their children. Sarla says Nikhil and Tanu made plan in her room and tease her. She says Tanu called her from her phone. Pragya says I am fine. Nikhil asks how did she start speaking? And told the details to family. Tanu asks him to come. Sarla says I got a dream and started walking. I got Purab’s support and I reached here to save you. Purab says Tanu wants to kill you. Pragya says Nikhil deserve this and was caught in his own plan. Pragya goes to Tanu and says that’s why you called me.

Tanu says you was foolish to come here. Sarla says my maa is with me, and that’s why nothing can happen to you. She says you will also be on road one day. Tanu says what is the proof that I tried to kill you. She says you have your maa as proof, but nobody will believe you. She says if you want to prove me wrong, then prove that this baby is not of Abhi’s but of someone else. She says you want to make me go from Abhi’s life, and I want you to go from this world. Pragya asks her to start her life with Nikhil. Tanu says Abhi loves me. Pragya says you don’t love him. I will give you money and leave Abhi. Tanu says Abhi is mine and that house also. Tanu says I need everything, I have right on everything. Pragya says you have no right on anything. She asks her to thank her as she is not filing case against her. She says she is sparing her just because Sarla got fine.

Tanu says although you are married, but you are still spinster and can’t share bed with him. She says I am going to become his baby’s mum without marriage and he has promise me of marriage. She says I will make legal relation with him through this illegitimate child. She says I will kick you out from my life. She says you can’t snatch Abhi from me. Pragya hears her silently. Sarla says I want to slap you, but I don’t want to dirty my hands. She says if you have illegitimate child, then Pragya has kumkum. She says you can’t be happy in life. She says Pragya is not getting her arrested right now, but one day she will get arrested. She asks him to marry Nikhil and settle down. Tanu stares her. Sarla asks her to take Nikhil to hospital, as if Abhi comes to know about her then she can’t be mum or his wife. Pragya takes Sarla from there.

Pragya says Sarla that they will go home. Sarla says no, and asks her to call Abhi there. Pragya says we don’t have proof. Tanu will lie and prove that we are lying. She says Tanu makes Abhi emotional always because of baby. She says she knows that Tanu was planning against her, but came here. Sarla scolds her. Pragya says she tried to get proofs against Tanu, but got her mum. Sarla prays to God to give her husband. Tanu takes Nikhil to hospital. Receptionist asks her to get FIR done first. Doctor comes and asks what happened? Tanu says I will complete the formalities later, and asks him to admit him. Doctor asks her to fill form first. Receptionist asks Tanu what is her relation with patient. Tanu says wife….Abhi comes to hospital and asks about lifelong hospital. Ward boy asks can he read the board. Abhi reads the hospital name. Pragya tells Sarla that everything will be fine. Receptionist asks Tanu to file FIR at other desk, and asks about his age and address. Abhi enters hospital and checks gynaec dept. Tanu takes Nikhil to some ward and thinks if he went or not. Abhi asks receptionist about gynaec, and searches for that doctor room. Tanu gets tensed.

Abhi sees Nikhil in the ward and looks on. Receptionist asks Pragya if she saw Tanu, and says she has mentioned her relation as wife in the form. Pragya and Sarla are surprised and shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Thnx for the update.. Now I am waiting for bulbul re-entry.. Mrunal will be back soon… So waiting for her..

  2. Priyaraj

    is it really true mrunal thakur will be back as bulbul, because honestly I dont want any other person as bulbul it will be nice if she returns back.

  3. Naveen

    Cdirector expose tanu fastly and bubble is come back the show I think abhi also now now the truth in hospital Atleast now

  4. Nothing will happen but nikhil told hide and seek game is over and a lot of things will be out by the end of this month I don’t know exactly what is going to happen

    • kiara

      Mrunal is not coming back. It’s just a rumor. Mrunal herself confirmed on Twitter that she is not coming back about a month ago.

  5. Brintha

    Enough… today. they crossed all the limits of patience… cvs this is not acceptable. . this is injustice to the audience.. i hv one question to pragya.. bulbul is alive as all of us hoping or guessing.. so pragya forgiven alia for the crime she attended bulbul.. ok yar.. atleast some reason because of bulbul alia lost her love with purab, as per alia she lost her life.. . her crime had some reason.. and she is one among the family members. but tanu and nikhil?… no related with family.. what happened the kidnapping case and attempted for murder?…to prove tanu baby’s father is required proof…. but crime against sarla?… just she wants to prove abhi, that tanu is not carrying his baby she will leave takhil?…. and whole family has come to know the crime attempt against pragya… still all will be watching?… what is that dadi is going to do?… because of her guides only pragya lost bulbul and sarla went to the entrance of the death… still she will be waiting pragya to collect the proof?… what is the justice towards sarla family… no.. dadi is not opening her mouth.. its utter selfish… hw come family ppl think tanu will harm only pragya… yes.. that’s why.. its just because pragya and family is suffering this takhil drama… none of mehra family is suffered… dadi please do justice to pragya family.. otherwise ur not a human.. and u don’t hv heart and plz don’t apologise to sarla and don’t do any more drama as if ur guilty… if she is not telling the truth to abhi now.. i will consider dadi is the worst lady than tanu…… yes… dadi is the worst character.. and coming to sarla.. sarla tells tanu.. u will get arrested.. whn?.. monsoon time blue moon day… and precap tanu mentioned as wife… ayoooooooo ayoooo what a proof what a proof.. they got oh my god.. can’t control my laugh… sarla wud hv pushed the director on the van… we wud hv been escaped from this bakwass director.. atleast we wud hv got new director with sense

    • shobana

      Brindha, the cvs have made dadi’s character as worst. Tanu knws that everyone in MM knew that the baby she was carrying is not abhi’s but still she is confident for marring abhi.

      • Brintha

        that’s what the baby magic Shobana.. frm the beginning all are liking pragya and not tanu.. so tanu using that sympathy too.. sge will abhi, i am alia friend, and no one like me, all are trying not to come in ur life all are bluffing.. but still tanu lost all her support.. she can’t do anything alone.. now she is very weak… pragya team shud try to get proof very quickly… all alone she can use her brain this much… a full team keeping their brain in the freezer…

      • Brintha

        now pragya shud tell the truth remove her mogambo avatar, hand over all the properties to abhi and get out from mehra house.. then abhi may start thinking… till pragya is in this mogambo avatar he will not beleive her as pragya said, he need the proof… so thr is only two choice… proof against tanu, or removing mogambo avatar..


    • The writers of this show already preplanned for irritating us with this never ending track..
      They won’t put an end for this.. V hv to bare it
      & I think it vl take more months for the reunion of abhigya

  7. Rishneee

    Agree with brintha!!! Y can’t anyone just open their mouth… Will abhi believe or not is his problem.. y pragya always asume that with out proof abhi will not believe.. in that case there is no love between them.. coz where there us love there is trust..

  8. but bechari dadi what will do she is actress she has follow order of director producers & not dadi all takhil abhigya rabul akash rachna mitali raj aliya nile & all rest of character

  9. manoj

    this is the blo*dy f**king serial. there is no limit to test patence. i think director gone mad how many days they play this drama?

  10. reji

    Hi guys today’s episode I don’ have any words…first of all I have to say thanks to takhil…becoz of them sarla maa quickly recovered and regained her voice…ha ha …they leave the way for their exposure .. and as we all guessed abhi will come to hospital for tanu…but y pragya sarla maa reached there ?? And pragya can put case on takhil for attempt murder…for proofs….ha ha actually the accident took place in a busy road…traffic signals r there so sure CCTV camera will be there in traffic signals atleast they can search that for proofs…or ok takhil r not captured…the lorry no they can track and find out na?? Easily lorry driver will say that takhil made him to hit the car …!! Simple …actually their proofs before them but they aren’t using it…to stop tabhi’s marraige pragya’s brain got all proofs…but to expose takhil ..she is not using her brain to get proofs…!!

  11. Priyanka

    The fact that Tanu and Nikhil just tried to kill Pragya and NO ONE will open their mouths is just pushing it. Im glad the trp’s went down for this show. They’re dragging this show way to much. Its been over a year now and Tanu has still not been exposed.

  12. shobana

    Since I knew that Nikhil is going to get accident it was not that much interesting to me.
    Y this people going always behind proof?? When there is trust between two then there is no need for proof.
    Sarla ma recovered that’s a great thing but I feel its good for nothing. Because she is not going to tell anything to abhi now.
    I don’t think that precap will be suspicious for abhi because tanu will say receptionist call her and said that the appointment is not cancelled so she came here. And if abhi ask about signing form as Nikhil’s wife she will tell that aft reaching hospital, saw Nikhil , he was unconscious to save him I had no other go other than to sign as his wife.
    And what this pragya and sarla ma is doing in the hospital????
    Abhi after seeing sarla ma should ask her how she recovered?? How she met accident?? How she got kidnapped??? Who kidnapped her ??
    Now im really surprised that the CVs is showing us that abhi wont believe sarla ma words. Sarla ma itself a biggest proof. Don’t know for what
    they are searching for. The whole MM except mithali group knew that tanu’s baby is not abhi’s but still tanu is wandering in MM as a free bird.
    tanu says she is Nikhil’s wfe. Abhi comes and says that he came in behalf of his wife. That’s too irritating

    • Yes Shobana.. This is upcmng episode..
      Seriously its irritating a lot?
      If this track vl go on like this
      V hv to go to mental asylum???

    • gowtham

      thanks sis….. means alot to get this wrds from u…. now i am going… naan eveng vanthu solren… wat happened nu…. ??

  13. gowtham

    guys…. today is my joining date… plzz pray fr me everything should go well….. i will come evening and update you guys wat happens….. and dear 12th kutties al the best fr results…. u ll all come up wd grt results…. if not no issues, lif is big… so dnt stretch the mind…. once again all the best….. and i am eagerly waiting fr my frst day of my new world…… i am very very nervous….. wanted to share wd all of u guys….. hope all should go well… ok guys i see u evening….

    • Brintha

      all the best.. hope u learn a lot and enjoy.. first few days don’t talk much with others.. just watch 10days..don’t be so jovial.. till u find out ur ppl… u find out ppl who will suit for ur character and make them as freinds.. my hearty wishes..

    • Hi gowtham wish u all the best. Don’t b nervous. Just relax. Keep confidence on urself and faith in god. Give ur best. Everything will b gud.?

    • Reji

      Hello bro…don’t get nervous. ..just be free…and casual…and all the best gowtham…do ur job well…and be the best of whatever u r…god is always with u …he will bless u and give more acheivements…poitu job eppadi irundhuchunnu vandhu sollunga..!!..??????

  14. Ramya

    Tanu’s speech was irritating me. How she can be so confident with this illegal child. How can she say that she will make legal relationship with abi using ghis illegal child. Its a absolute shame. First of all this track is annoying . Now what ever tanu spoke was height of insult to our culture. This is a family show . My parents started scolding me for watching this now a days. How cheap they are showing a girls character. And they are forcing us to hate pragya’s character as well. I feel happy that the TRP is coming now. Atleast now they should realise this stupidity and end this track.

    • sham

      True after all this she still have hope and her speech is illogical. And dumb pragya waiting for proof. Is all family members are not enough to tell the truth to Abhi that tanu is not carrying his baby. If normal person surely believe this if his Dadi who loves him lot as shown but it is not if she loves him she would tell him truth again illogical. He listen to his dadi for every thing why not and purab his best friend, Akash brother, Pragya his dumb wife and more than sarala. Why he will not believe sarala after knowing she is kidnapped, tried to kill. Now Abhi’s character also no strength. Doing all the time comedy. Now they have to give some investigation work to Abhi also like they should relieve Tanu’s truth to him and ask him to find the proof.

  15. Hai friends..???
    How are u all???
    Hope u r doing fine..???
    Cmng to episode…Uff nthng is worth to watch except Sarla ma’s recovery..& rockstar abhi’s naughty entry?
    &frustrated a lot at Tanu’s backwas??
    Nowadays I’m not liking pragya’s character.. Seriously she is complicating everything by herself
    Now Sarla ma won’t tell the triuth to Abhi bcz of pragya.. Oh god just stop this crap
    N tanu.. She is telling that she has all the Rights on abhi.. How it is possible? How can she talk like this after her truth??
    Seriously its illogical.. I’m still waiting for tanu’s truth to comeout.. I don’t think so soon it vl drag like anything
    So hv to put much patience to watch this never ending Tanu’s track

    • shobana

      Hai ? kutty
      Yes u r right nowadays pragya’s character is also worsening that too whenever she says that we don’t have proof to expose tanu. Don’t for how long she is going to search for proof. She is doing as if though abhi is judge and he wont believe any of his family members words without any proof. When there is trust and love between two there no need for proof. But here ulta is happening

  16. Kumkumbhagya tellyexpress spoiler-
    Kumkum Bhagya: Nikhil and Tanu plan to kill Pragya, but he gets severely injured while trying to kill her. Tanu takes Nikhil to the hospital and signs the important documents as his wife.Abhi and Pragya take Sarla to the hospital for a check-up; however, they don’t see Tanu. Later, Tanu steals the money for Nikhil’s treatment and blames Sarla for it.

    • asmitha

      hai pratiskha can u accept me as ur friend I love to read ur comments is it true but if tanu says like that then abhi believe it what is ur opinion

    • Brintha

      thiz is reason i am mentioning pragya shud take her mom to her house… they shud bring rockstar dadi and janaki… this the middle class culture… they won’t stay long in so inlaw house.. aby how this is all process if dragging… so the original flavour of kkb is lost long time ago

      • Reji

        But brintha for treatment only sarla stayed in mm..but if she go to her house means…security is less…so nikhil will easily try to kill her….so for this only pragya keeping her mom with her in mm…becoz all r there …so nikhil can’t try to kill her…and pratiksha u can crctly say if this spoiler is true or not ??…becoz may be track can change …so if tanu steals money means ….and putting blame on sarla means…I am sure. ..all came to know sarla is recovered. ..so only she can move…!!..but pratiksha wat u think? ?

      • Sahithi

        But if Pragya sends Sarla to her house, then how come we will see drama. Tanu should taunt Pragya n now also Sarla should witness it. Cry seeing her daughter’s pitiable state.
        Because yday Pragya mentioned that she is more confident she has her mom support now. So her mom will support her being in MM like everyone else in her team is doing. Supporting her.

      • Brintha

        reji, sahithi in mms track she signed for divorce without any property.. thr is were abhi got the clue that pragya is not behind the money.. so same way she should remove her mogambo avatar, and tell the truth.. if he ask for proof its better do sign on divorce paper and go away with her mom..thn abhi hv to think all the way pragya came back to do what in mehra house?.. what all she gained?.. what all she lost? .. whn she remove the migambo avatar only he will hv all the questions.. after all this if abhi is not believing it is of no point of living with that person who doesn’t hv trust.. . trust is the most important think to lead the married life.. if that is not thr no point of struggling to collect the proof against tanu.. its time abhi has to find out.. and reveal the truth.. just telling something happening arround and all are hiding from him is not heroism.. finding the reason is the heroism..

      • Sahithi

        True Brintha, but these writers have messed up the track way too much and complicated it beyond repair. Or so they also think, because of which they dont seem to find a way to end it at some point. Everytime they themselves show a way to expose Tanu but leave it incomplete.

        Remember one epi when Abhi arrived at the lawyer’s place at last minute and saved Purab n Akash from an arrest n Pragya from an unwanted promise to Tanu. He just stepped into a mess in last minute without 1% clue of what is happening, but he turned things around by asking the right questions. Similar way, he had been trying to get the truth out of Pragya’s mouth from like ages.

        But Pragya for whatever reason is hell bent on only gathering proofs, even elders around her like Daadi n her mom, if only one of them guided her properly. But no, they speak dialogues straight out of 70s movies about Kumkum n husband. I personally feel it is Pragya n Daadi’s illusion that Abhi wont believe them without proofs. And I dont see any chances for them to come out of that illusion till end of track.

        Till they torture the audience more and give material enough to pen down a book – 101 ways to cheat and manipulate and always win the race – Written By a forever pregnant Tanu.

    • Guys I m not sure about this spoiler but it belongs to tellyexpress and it’s spoilers mostly happens right. That’s why i thought to share it with u all. So let’s see. But guys whatever is happening and will happen in the show, it is just boring, irritating and rubbish. That’s it. Sahithi is saying correct that we should not so much bother for the storyline becoz it will move only according to CVS. We have only two options either we should leave the show to watch or we should watch the show silently until we can, whatever they r showing. That’s it.

  17. hey guys if tanu blame sarla ma then pragya will lost her control & she will tell everything in anger I think so
    but pratiksha reji sahiti & all what u think tgat means pragya love her mother more than anything if some one blame there mother they will lose control & will tell trust

  18. Sahithi

    Guys there is no point in searching for logic in this show, as mentioned sometime back, after Tanu Abhi marriage episode I decided, if we have to watch it, dont use ur brain. Because most ppl in the temple during marriage know the baby truth but they r waiting for some miracle to happen, I lost interest that moment itself. Anyways the characters in this show r not humans rather aliens, so be ready to watch more illogical things. All the characters good n evil r equally dumb as the writers n makers of the show are.

    The fact is writers have decided that since from the start Abhi was the hero in all situations n tracks, we will make Pragya the hero for this loooooong track. So we have to wait for the day when Tanu gets irritated n frustated herself playing this cat-mouse chase game and will come in front of ppl and reveal the truth like how Aaliya did recently.

    Because dumb Pragya though given the hero role n her even more crazy team r not going to reveal Tanu’s truth anytime soon. Its irritating when Pragya says I have to save Abhi from his enemies when she couldnt save her sis, her mom n yday herself.

    Sarla says Pragya u always live for others, oh really, that was the Pragya before makeover. Now she is puppet in hands of selfish Daadi. Pragya does not have my sympathies after losing the Tanu confession video footage so carelessly. Even when her mom asked her to call Abhi to the accident location, Pragya says we need proofs, so my best wishes to Pragya n writers to keep searching for so called proofs.

  19. Anonymous

    they carry phones around and they even record confessions.. i swear tanu has confessed her crimes like so much times !!

  20. naren

    epi was good but I miss abhi so much. everyone r there in hospital. I don’t think so tanu will caught this time. only sarla ma will caught abhi will question her how did she recover and who kidnapped her and all. But pragya forced her not to tell the truth to abhi becoz we don’t have a proof. sarla will keep quiet and tanu will manipulating abhi again. poor abhi he belive all tanu’s words. is pragya is the one who created simple things into more complicated. tanu was more confident even majority of the members knows her secret. but pragya even many of them with her she doesn’t have the courage to tell the truth. If she tell the truth to abhi then only two things will happen. first abhi believe her words and he’s not. even if he is not believe in pragya words it doesn’t create more problems. becoz at least in a little bit abhi will doubt about the baby. surely it will lead to tahil exposure. only last 2 -3days only the story little bit moved on. I am sure tanu will make some excuse which abhi will believe her. but what reason pragya could tell. still waiting for a next epi which the director can justify the truth which these all days they hide the truth from abhi. II’ll am waiting to see tahil exposure when What would be the abhi’s reactions

  21. Reji

    hello guys…..i think 12 results today ……i am praying for u guys…….don’t worry results will be good……..don’t be nervous ……all the best to all………if results came means pls share ur results …!!

  22. what the hell is going on!!!pragya i mean you want Abhi back in your life or you want to enroll your name in genues book as Mahanta ki Devi????pls it’s enough now…..how long you wait for proof?now you have eyewitness of all crime still you stop your mom!!!i don’t get it….and this chanllenge challenge game is became very poor now….Abhi started thinking why Tanu was lying to him about the regular check up then it’s the perfect time to give hints to him why Tanu leaves house just after Pragya?how Sarla will became so poewrful to save her daughter’s life?how she got to know what gonna happend to Pragya?and most of all what’s the function of Dadi?do you think Abhi will not believe on his Dadi?his friend Purab?his mom Sarla?his love his life Pragya?his brother Akash??how you think Abhi only believe on Tanu???atlest try to tell…..Mitali’s charecter is look better than Abhi….atleat she suspects on Tanu,she follow her ,she tried to know why sarla is tensed and somehow she managed to know Tanu is planning againt Pragya!!!but what about Abhi?how the writters makes his charecter so dull?he is looking so stupid…..

  23. I think it’s Pragya who makes things very complicated for herself….and atlast she will done a impossible job to expose Tanu annd will became the superwoman….as simple as that.But ths kind of story line up is became very old now…we want a simple girl simpy get back her husband no need to became superwoman….Fuggy is enough for us….everything is look so illogical now a days….i read comments of you all guys i noticed someone told her parents scolds her as she watch this illogical show….very true…Even same kind of things i also face…not bcs of they showing the logical or illogical baby drama but the dragging track…Even last episode my mother wanted Pragya to die in that accident so that the drama will end …..and she was very disapointed to see it’s just a dream!!!so directors we are so much irritate with this tracka nd now some strted want Pragya to leave or die!!!can yoy hear us?

  24. Mittenzz

    So it’s obvious that Abhi has never been with Tanu in any of her visits, because he would definitely know where to go instead of asking directions. So who followed her i wonder…ah ! Nihkil perhaps? Abhi to show up only to find out that he’s not the one they are expecting but the baby’s father. He will stutter and say ” but i am the baby,s father. The nurse will tell him a different man always accompany her and claims he is the father. That they always come together for her appointments. Abhi will be surprise at this. This is the twist I want happen. This is the reason why Abhi gets the clinic call. So the wrong father gets the right call. How does that sound for a twist?

  25. Mittenzz

    Getting the description if the man Abhi will identify him as Nihkil. If Pragya should take the admittance record to him to show Tanu listed as wife to Nikhil, surely Abhi will see he was duped. He will recall all the times he found Nikhil around Tanu. Hopefully he can add one and one together and get three. Nikhil, Tanu and baby makes three. Hope this will open hia eyes.

    • Megha

      Hi Mittenzz, if it Pragya shows this to Abhi. Tanu will manipulate her by saying that she thought to come for check up only. At that time I saw Nikhil in accident. As a friend I want to help so I have signed like that. Then only they will treat him. Likewise she said to Abhi. Then Abhi believe her and ask Pragya what are you doing here. That’s y the CVS kept the same hospital for baby check up and accident admission. Again they going to plot a new plan on both sides….

      • Mittenzz

        Megha Hi, After I wrote this I read that Tanu will steal some money and will try to frame Sarla. That is why I no longer think Pragya will not show Abhi those papers. I think like Alyia, when she tried to steal the money to pay Coprator and frame Pragya for embezzlement and got caught, so too this money will be reason for Tanu being caught. It will be tracked directly to Nikhil’s treatment.
        My question is this when Tanu try to frame Sarla, will Pragya speak out on this? I look back on all the things these people did to her family, she lost her sister, almost lost her mom, almost lost her life, yet she says nothing, why? because of no proof? and all this in the name of saving a man and his family, while hers gets destroyed. when she’s suppose to speak out she didn’t, so a lie on her mom makes all the difference…changes the rule of the game, before she says to hell with proof.
        I say proof or not , tell Abhi what his going on, if the rest of is family can’t convince him after they back Pragya, if he insist on buying into Tanu’s lies then that’s on him. He claims he trust his granny and his best friend Purab, why wouldn’t he believe them on this? If he doesn’t, then when the truth does come out he would have no one to blame but himself. He also claims he loves Pragya, what is love without trust?

    • Megha

      Yes u r right… The problem is with Pragya. She herself decides that Abhi won’t believe her…that’s the main problem. Let her try atleast for one time…

  26. Gowtham anna Neenga office la first day Nalla enjoy panreenganu nenaikuraen and Anna I got 1106 marks.thank u for your prayers …Anna reji shobana kutty and everyone …thanks a lot…

  27. "Revelation "

    What on earth is happening with the script writers. How can you even pen a dialogue for pragyas character to offer money & leave her & abhi???? Really makes no sense.
    Pragya will not report her to the police because tanu played a role in curing her
    mum!! Holy “moses”!!!
    Takhil attempted murder on your mum
    “sista”…for crying out loud!!!!
    Tanus dialogue has always been void n brainless . So lets not even go there. We may lose our sanity.
    Shobana is spot on as to what to expect of abhi & tanus dialogues. Abhi wld be cluless & Tanu will escape by her obvious lies. N of course our romantic RS abhi will believe as our “beloved” CVs have not only frozen abhis brains….they hav decided to lay it right at the tail end of his small intestine & his anus. So wen abhiis suppose to get some indication…..his brain malfunctions & CVs make him unload ‘shite’ dialogue.
    Gosh CVs we can prempt & precap thy dialogues. Mother of mercy pls grant these CVs some SENSE &SENSIBILITY …

  28. Pam

    If d mother cud not talk, she cud have written and showed pragya. Making a fool of viewers. Getting fed up wit abhi’s stupidity. Its dragging n dragging

  29. Pooja

    Do hell wid ur show….its better if the writers die instead of the characters…..blo*dy flop serial

  30. Pam

    Sub plot is too long. U have made d hero look stupid all the time. Wonder why abhi does not mind playing dumb. Pls give him back some pride. Pragya can quietly record her conversation wit nikhil and tanu right. Oops sorry, the story will end faster den. And pls dont drag n stretch d plots until eternity. There is a limit to our patience. Infact a dna can be done on tanu baby. So many ways to catch them. Pls make it move faster otherwise i will watch other dramas and get back to urs every 2 days.

  31. Wtf is goin in kkb.. its been 1yr since dis dragging strtd.. heights of patience is just over… blo*dy pragya says she cnt tl abhi nythng as she doesnt hv ny proof.. i mean wtf… wt ws pragya doin since 1yr?? Tht she cud nt evn collect a single proof against takhil….. sensless serial…

  32. adamu alhaji adamu

    Senseless story. I don’t: why u keep on twisting on one story since last year without head way.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.