Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab calling Nikhil on stage and says he is a sponsor who have helped to organize the event. Abhi thinks so Nikhil have helped her. Purab thinks Nikhil doesn’t come, and it means her doubt is true. Nikhil comes and shocking everyone. Pragya wonders how can this be possible? Tanu also thinks the same. Nikhil goes on stage and thanks Purab. He thanks the fans for success of the event. Dadi goes to washroom leaving Sarla alone. Sarla cries and faints seeing Nikhil. Pragya sees lady and thinks she is really a girl (actually she was Aaliya in burqa). Tanu asks Nikhil why did Purab announce his name? Nikhil tells Tanu that he suggested some sponsors name for the event, and that’s why Purab called him on stage. He tells her that he made fool of the security and came on stage

removing the burqa. Just then Tanu gets Abhi’s call. Abhi gets angry on her and threatens not to marry her if she don’t come on stage within 5 mins.

Nikhil asks Tanu to go. Tanu asks him to go to parking lot. Dadi comes there. Pragya asks why she left Maa alone? Dadi says she made someone sit with Sarla. Purab asks Pragya, why she doubted on Nikhil? Pragya says I have seen his face when his veil was moved for a sec. She says how can he come on stage and gets puzzled. Dadi says he can’t be Nikhil as she has a girl friend. Pragya says Tanu called blackmailer to the parking lot. Pragya and others come there. Pragya sees Sarla unconscious and try to wake her up. She asks them to call ambulance and says they will send her home.

Aaliya comes to the monitoring room wearing burqa and thinks this is a music room. I have to deal with this man. She asks him to bring water. He goes to give water. She compromises with the music system, and says Abhi will be ruined, and your downfall is started. Akash comes there and asks who are you? Akash asks Mitali to see her face. Mitali asks her to show her face. Aaliya nods no. Mitali asks her to remove her veil. Akash says she will not agree like this. Mitali says I am removing your veil. She shouts as she sees her face.

Akash asks what happened Bhabhi? Mitali says Aaliya. Aaliya removes the veil. Akash asks what are you doing here? Aaliya says she saw the wires removed and that’s why came to solve the voice problem. She says music system is bad. Mitali and Akash don’t believe her. Akash asks someone to check. He checks and says wires are removed. Akash asks why did you come in burqa? Aaliya says I wanted to attend the concert and that’s why worn burqa. She apologizes to Akash and acts as she tried to repair the equipments. She says she don’t want any credit and wants the concert to be a success. She asks him not to tell anyone. Tanu comes to meet Abhi back stage and apologizes to him. Abhi asks her to be there and asks her to come on stage, when he takes her name. Pragya thinks what to do as Abhi is going to stage and thinks how to stop her.

Pragya prays to God to stop Tanu somehow. Ronnie comes and tells her that he has an idea. He says only blackmailer can stop Tanu. He calls Tanu as a blackmailer and asks her to come with the money to the parking area. Tanu says she will come after some time. Blackmailer asks her to come now itself. Tanu agrees. Ronnie asks Pragya to handle Abhi and says he will handle Tanu. Tanu tells Pragya that she got blackmailer’s call and he called her to meet her. Pragya asks her to do what is more important. Tanu goes to meet blackmailer and asks Pragya to handle Abhi.

Abhi scolds Pragya for coming on stage as his girlfriend instead of Tanu. Pragya says as Tanu was not here, I came to save your respect else fans would have laughed at you. Abhi is angry on her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. madhu

    Oh my god …y they are not exposing tanu ….viewers have been waiting for abhigya union for almost one year ….it had been more than 10 months tanu track started .still no improvement always same eye lock , knok joke by abhigya ….i stopped watching kkb .This show is my favorite show.due to dragging i lost my interest in it ……….?when compared to kkb , fan fictions are really good …ff writers spent their valuable time to create a superb episode .i love all the ff ..

  2. "Revelation "

    Tanus pregnancy track has truly gone over board & over the limit. The scripts have reached a total level of insensibility with a terrible lack of logic. The audience have been taken for the longest ride & a total lack of respect for our intelligence & patience.
    The indian forum fans have put out a vote to end the pregnancy track. Its a brilliant n brave move. Check it out people & vote if u feel that the pregnancy track shld end. No Time for a BLACK OUT WEEK FOR KKB.

  3. "Revelation "

    Tanus pregnancy track has truly gone over board & over the limit. The scripts have reached a total level of insensibility with a terrible lack of logic. The audience have been taken for the longest ride & a total lack of respect for our intelligence & patience.
    The indian forum fans have put out a vote
    to end the pregnancy track. Its a brilliant n brave move. Check it out people & vote if u feel that the pregnancy track shld end. No Time for a BLACK OUT WEEK FOR KKB.

  4. But I have seen that Ronnie will tell the truth to pragya and purab and at the end they both come to know the the boyfriend reality and again they will make the plan and I hope they will get success in their be plan

  5. tanu damm it she is preganant but her stomach still flat she is the only girl who is preganant more than 1 year damm it finish this idoit tanu’s track i cannot tolerate it expose this tanu very soon…

  6. Harshita

    Ths is the limit…i mean, tanu has been pregnant since ages..instead of showing 9 months they r showing 9 decades…..the show has become nothing but a crap!!! Writer of the show ”go get some lyf man”

  7. one news takhil try to kill ronnie &plusher him from up & ronnie fall on soft ground when pragy..purab rush to him ronnie tell trust to prarab (pragya & purab) & know our supe hero I mean purab he will once again plan to exposed takhil

  8. one news takhil try to kill ronnie &plusher him from up & ronnie fall on soft ground when pragy..purab rush to him ronnie tell trust to prarab (pragya & purab) & know our supe hero I mean purab he will once again plan to exposed tanu

  9. Itna drama Maine kisi serial me nahi dekha better to watch jindgi serials short n interesting no need to wait for months of redemption or justice so plz don’t chase this stupid story switch to jindgi channel

  10. gowtham

    one thing i have to admit…… though i am saying m fed up, if 9 pm comes my remote automatically put zee tv…. i love abhigya tat much…. i juz want thm to reunite…. and m desperately waiting fr d moment….

    and about todays episode i find onethng good which is tanus reaction…. she is very tensed whether to meet BM or stay near d stage… fr her irritating activities she has to suffer like this… and one more thing till nw takil dnt knw anythng about pragya and crew… if they come to knw that pragya knws everything thn their behaviour will be evn more brainy….. and also segment says ronnie will find about takil and told everything to crew…. so maybe at that time takil maybe also comes to knw about pragya’s plan… now itself tanu behaves very cleverly… if she comes knw about pragya juz thnk wat she ll do…. and frm precap scene i was slightly feel good… pragya says… abhi fans ll laugh if tanu is nt coming on stage.. so to save him she comes on stage… i really like this…. bt watever going to happen after i dnt want to comment on tat thing…. bt anyhow concert episode ends in a good note.. come to knw about nikhil….. as i said team of kkb wont give away all the truth at single instant… their plan is to display about nikhil to pragya through this concert… and they did it…. twist and turns nothing happened….. i already know this is how concert track ll end…. i thnk frm next plan they ll conquer the victory….

  11. Joe

    Bull Shit….Writers…Waste Waste…The Worst Worst Story and Irritating the Viewers….You people have no brains…

  12. Sahithi

    Best part of today episode is precap. Loved it.. Hope Abhi sustains his anger.

    Congrats to writers for killing Pragya’s character, am waiting to see it tomorrow. Instead they could have killed her in that accident before make over track. U guys successfully transformed her character so much that now she really behaves like Mogambo – Mogambo khush huwa. There is a limit for desperation, she doesn’t seem to have gone onto stage unintentionally. She is filling up for Tanu’s place, thats what she told Tanu today, I will handle Abhi while u r away.
    Pragya is trying to step into Tanu’s place, what crap..

    Someone here had doubt Pragya will take her mom n leave MM after concert. I feel Abhi will ask Daadi to come along n will want to leave by the time Pragya reaches home after Ronnie escapes from Tanu n Nikhil.

  13. razia

    Haa dadi yua really superb .. If u dunno anytng n din put efforts on revelation y do u give opinion y the hell u said it might not b nikhil cyz he has gf ? Thank God Ronnie knoes the truth n dadi words vl not influence pragya n purab .. Bt ne yen pati vaaaya thorakura .. Ne panra velaika onnachum urupudiya iruka . l. Romba kaduparuku .. Chumma vey make over .. Hating drama adhu idhu nu .. Afta Bulbul death also u yelled at pragya fa changing as fuggi n stopped een pragya was abt to tel abhi evrytng .. Once n al I used to tel my dad tat I shud ve a dadi lyk her in my sasural .. Bt look at her .. If a person like her is there in our family .. Then half the family members vl die .. Avlo worst consequences cuz of her decision .. Being old n having this much experience in life time y they decided dadi fa this idea .. Y the CVS ruined dadis character this much?

    • gowtham

      exactly razia… intha paati oda torture thaanga mudila…. nikhil ah irukatham…. apdiye konudalam nu thonuchu… i strongly suggest kill dadi somehow….. elame nala aaidum….

      • razia

        Haha .. Konnudlam nu thonuchu .. Vena pavum irumalargal la now she’s awesome na .. So pavum vitralam 😉

      • shobana

        Gowtham I we kill pati then abhi wont believe pragya
        Andha pati oda work adu dha abhi eh namba vaikuradu
        Andha work aadu correct Patti will do ah nu teriyala

      • gowtham

        but antha wrk ah thavira all other wrks she is doing perfectly….. enalam pana pragya ll get into trouble nu paati knws….

        may i say the biggest really biggest upcoming twist

        dadi…. supports tanu…. tanu paati ah merati ava side ku pulled…. ithan kkb histry la biggest twist…. nadaka than poguthu….. paarunga

    • shobana

      Razia instead of sarla ma indha pati should be paralysis
      Mudiyala ….. Correct ah Nikhil stage Ku varum podu dha pati veliya poganuma
      Ippo lam pati Partha kovama varudhu
      Idula dialogue vara it won’t be Nikhil nu
      Teriyala na vai close pannitu irruka vendiyadu dana

  14. razia

    N CVS I wish takhil dunno abt pragya n purab knowing her truth if they knows then utter flop .. Unaware of pragya itself tanu is very clever .. If she’s aware of pragya then avlo Dan ..

  15. Priyanka

    Don’t watch KKB for a couple of days, maybe the writers will notice and start to speed up the script!

  16. neha

    Sarala maa already nikhil ka face dekhchukhina pragya sarala maa se poochke apna doubt clear karsakthina Phir Kyun bewajaj iss trak ko dragging karrai nonsense PlZ end this trak soon we want to see abhigya reunion

  17. Waste of comments n watching such serials full dragging going to stop watching this boring serial
    .really fed up n waste of time zee pls close its too dragging

  18. Shaz

    One concert 9t is equal to 5 days. So 10 month is equal to 50 months (4 yrs & 2 months). I think the writer is a gd mathematician. So that we hv to wait extra 3 yrs for Tanus delivery. According to dz calculation it is better to withdraw dz stupid serial. Bcoz until tanus delivery there will not be any improvement. Acho pragya pawamndu tanu herself true sonnal than munnetram. Bcos andha MM family membersku no knowledge. They r still in Paleolithic age. They will not expose anything. Bcos they can’t. First – planning, lecturing, & commanding, next – action (running, chasing,attacking), but last – failure…… finally crying, crying, OMG again & again crying… And consoling each other (don’t worry everything will be fine) When????????

  19. shobana

    Y this dadi is doing like this
    If she doesn’t know anything she should be silent
    Wat is her work ? To be with sarla ma right
    Without doing her work properly y she is peeping into pragya’s work
    Did she expect alia will b against abhi ?? Did she expect raj will be against abhi ???
    Then how can she expect Nikhil alone can’t be against abhi??
    Relatives itself against abhi then y nt Nikhil
    This is not at all a family show its a crime show
    Day by day the crime rate is increasing

    • gowtham

      athan solren…. i strongly suggest to kill dadi.. dadi ah konuta elam nala aaidum…. yarume en pacha keka maatranga

      • shobana

        We don’t want to kill her
        Better we will put her in coma
        Abhi Kita tanu and Nikhil exposure appa conscious vandu pragya va support pannuna podum
        Till that let her be is coma

  20. runu

    Let dadi die than everything will be solved.stupidy always ha Mein ha milati hai. At least abhi would hv believed dadi if she had opened her mouth.

  21. razia

    N abhi pls don’t even say pragya I’ll kill u .. Let u b in tension .. Bt I can’t take these words these ruin abhigyas relationship .. :(:(

  22. Shraddha Sharma

    Tooooooo much now. ……
    Aaj se i am not watching, seeing, reading and not even writing comment for this show….. ?????????????

  23. ashthad

    This is being stretched too far its getting boring. if the Tanu fiasco is not revealed by Friday one less viewer for KB. Look at some of the other shows i mean in two weeks the suspense is revealed and move on. Tanu will be 18 months pregnant by the time these writers reveal the culprit. BORING

  24. sharmi

    This show is a total joke. I am surprise it even gets an audience….If you go back I think Tanu/Aliya/Nikil has been making a joke out of the other people with their cat and mouse game. By now Tanu’s baby should be a toddler but she is just recently showing that she is pregnant…world record of pregnant woman…

  25. Bobby

    Omg how long is this ridiculous tanu pregnancy going to last . This has become so boring now. First human pregnancy to last for over a year. Which world are the writers from . Come on get into the real world. I don’t think people want to sit through the most ridiculously boring soap when there are other more interesting programmes to watch. And also the alia story line is so boring going over the same thing over and over again REVENGE. She needs to get a life and so does Tanu. BORING BORING BORING.

  26. shalini

    what the hell is happening here
    pls stop this nonsense ,it was my fav show n now i hate it d most
    u r ruining all intrest

  27. sreya(luv n miss u ishveer)

    Whenever d truth is abt to cum out sumone or d other ruins it. This show had a good concept wen it started now it has completly crossed its limits of showing s**t…….

  28. Oh my gosh… Dadi y u r involving?? Don’t you keep quite..? First time They( pragya n purab) r trying to spy on nikhil.. but u r….???? u r there.. only to spoil.. I hate u dadi????
    U r only the main villion?

    • shobana

      Yes dadi is the main villain
      I too hate her her
      If she was with sarla ma means by this time Nikhil would’ve caught
      Who asked her to come and confuse pragya and purab

  29. Oh my gosh… Dadi y u r involving?? Don’t you keep quite..? First time They( pragya n purab) r trying to spy on nikhil.. but u r….???? u r there.. only to spoil.. I hate u dadi?
    U r only the main villion?

  30. Lara

    This is the most stupid serial ever…..this is a time waiting n a total carp….I can’t tolerate it more….. bcuz for da last one month the viewers don’t see any hope or improvements in this track…..kidnapping Abhigya was dragging…..confessing love was dragging…..exposing of raj n aliya was dragging….bulbuls n plurabs marriage was dragging……behind pragy’s make over n her missing track….who was helping her n showing da crew was dragging….only one thing was not dragging,,,…..that is abhi taking da blame n admitting he is the father of that never ending pregnancy woman’s baby…..actually v shud slap down self for keeping hope on this drama… reely this cannot make da viewers happy….btw nicely betraying n playing with r imitations….I’m reely gonna stop reading too..bcuz they will never expose tanu..make her baby bump visible…make her give birth to a child of reunited pragya n abhi…

  31. pavan

    i think writers dont know what to do after exposing tanu so they keep on dragggggggging this track for another couple of yearssssssssss and we watch this serial like foolsssssssssssssssssss

  32. rony

    how many days will u drag this nonsense….do u feel people has no work rather than watching this boring show…Pls pls pls…..stop this stupid and worst serial..writer u r great…to write such a stupid stuff….better not to write any stories further….don’t kill audience with ur so called stupid serials.once I loved to watch this serial….bt nw I hate it.

  33. Leila

    I think dadi is making things very complicated for pragya n wen tanu baby due i hope sarla say something soon

  34. Guria

    Bulshit!!!! Bulshit!!!!!! Writers r makng us fool!!!! Y jst cant pragya nw ask Sarla abt nikhil??????!!!!!! Stupidity on its peak…..cmmon jst shw sm reallity

  35. NEHA

    really … it’s too boring.. i think writer is finding no more suspence except tanu’s pregnancy…

    • Bevashni

      I agree. What a rubbish story I mean its the same concept for 2years seriously and this show still has sponcors! Tanu has been pregnant 4ever, aaliya still?has the same role, nikhil worst acting ever and the plots to catch the criminals my 8year old niece will wright better short stories 4 school. I havenr watched episode in 2months which the channel the other day and it took me 5min to catchup. Such a waste to screen time and even more My premiums keep increasing but the rubbish they show still continues and I have to pay to watch such rubbish when theres other good programs that have so little screen time

  36. Ani

    Guys though the plot is so irritating us, your comments are worth reading and I really enjoy them. Keep rocking. I generally don’t comment and be a silent reader. Razia, your comment and reply to gowtham made me comment. Hope for the best in days to come. By the way am also Tamil. Enjoying reading your comments sitting in office in US.

  37. sam

    Hahahaha another bullshit episode… How long is tanu’s pregnancy going to go on???
    Seriously sooooo tired of it.. Make it short yah::: now am getting bored of pragya’s character too.. All her plans flopped. Bye to kumkum bhagya… See u after Tanu’s chapter is over.

    • lisa

      I wonder if Tanu is caring a human or an elephant. This story has run its course writers. Its time to allow Adhi and Pragya to get some happiness. And stop dragging, its becoming rediculous.

  38. Jas

    I really don’t like this show….. Dragging……..and why the repoters tell that tanu go to exposing abhigya union etc…. Stop watching kkb ???

  39. Martha Ray

    Very boring and tedious. Poor Abhi has been portrayed as a dumb, spoilt brat. In this day and age of DNA analysis paternity testing is easy and logical instead of the hackneyed twisted and dumb tale of Ekta Kapoor. She should be denied any air time for this show.

  40. gopi

    Please cut d crap. …or just end d show….end it by killing everyone..and let abhi live alone…story done…waste of time…

  41. Megha

    I’m reading everyone’s comment. I feel good to read. I’m waiting for all of your comments when Tanu gets exposed. Really awesome guys…so many people are loving kkb…but the writers don’t like that…better we watch this crap..because we can’t able to stop watching or reading updates…

  42. astha

    kumkum bhagya spoilers for u guys
    roni will come to know about nikil and tanu as he is the blackmailer then nikil and tanu will try u kill him . he will be saved and tell pragya and purab every thing then purab will plan something to expose tanu and nikil .

      • gowtham

        yeah… shobana… intha concert is only to display about nikhil to pragya… so writers successfully done that…. kandipa next plan la takil will get caught for sure…. kkb wont give away all shocking news at an instant

      • Shobana

        then we have to bear one more plan trapping chasing and all this hide and seek game
        lets wait and see
        whether there is any improvement or not

  43. Shaz

    I don’t know whether dadi is with pragya or tanu. Is dadi thinking that tanus baby is abhi’s? I think she don’t want to confuse abhi that’s y she is not allowing pragya to tell abhi about tanus pregnancy truth. She always doesn’t stop abhi’s plan and appreciating for his decision. But y she brought pragya to her home again??? Yeah she brought pragya to her home not to her family. That’s y she brought her as a mogambo. She want to save her family by using pragyas family. She want to make abhi to feel that his decision to marry tanu is absolutely correct. She want him to marry tanu intentionally. If pragya is with her, then she can control pragya’s mind & plans. What a selfish dadi????

    • gowtham

      juz kill dadi…. my only wish… then all good things ll happen… or atleast put her in coma…. until kkb ends…. and whn finally last episode she gains consciousness…. sema idea….

  44. Purvi

    Back to square one.. I suggest Everyone to stop watching this serial, let the trp go down.. Then producers will get some lesson.. I’m not going to watch this crap bullshit again..today is the last episode for me.. Just going to read written update to see if there s any change..BYE BYE KUMKUM BHAGYA.. GO TO HELL

  45. tina

    I hate this bullshit show!! Writers are mad o what!! No other story that have..!! Boring show!!!

  46. Fariha

    What a crap show.
    Balaji telefilms really sucks now a days. Boooorrrriiiinggg shows. Same story in all of its shows.
    Has any watched kalash ek vishwas?
    It has the same exact story but with different actors and in different channel.
    I have already stoped watching KKB
    I used to watch Kalash but stoped watching that too ?

  47. gowtham

    i seen iru malargal yesterday… after seen that i miss ammu(bulbul)…. ipo ava iruntha this much of nonsense things wont happen…. she ll do brave things…. pragya and bulbul are sisters… bt their behaviour totally differs…. bulbul is strong and brave…. pragya is fragile and coward… if she is here this much dragging cant happen… so writers intentionally closed her…. i miss her nw….

    • Shobana

      i too think the same
      bulbul irruntha this much dragging would have not happened
      she would have done some brilliant plans

    • Sahithi

      Mrunal knew what was in store in coming months, because the story line seems to have been decided long back. She did a good thing of quitting well ahead. If Mrunal stayed back, then we wouldn’t have seen Purab Bulbul marriage. She would also be part of this Team Pragya whose every plan fails. And we will have this constant doubt of why they r not getting married, what is stopping them. Or its like they want to solve Di’s problem before getting married. So till tanu is exposed no happiness for that pair also.

      Then guess we would have included her also in the dumb characters that we are seeing now. Anyhow after makeover track started, there was nothing much for Bulbul to do in the show. It was all about Tanu, now Nikhil also added.

      In a way that gives Aaliya some scope to concentrate on her brother only. Else if Bulbul was going around with Purab, poor Aaliya will have tough time to make plans to kill Bulbul as well as bring down Abhi.

      • Shobana

        hi sahithi

        3 months back there were a news that Kajol Srivastava is going to be introduce as bulbul what happened to that ???
        can we expect bulbul re entry after tanu nikhil exposure ???

    • kokila

      Very boring … i am getting upset of kkb hereafter i am going to see kkb not interesting very bad

  48. honey

    Guys when the hell be bulbuls re entry … is there any bulbuls reentry or not guys plssss tell me

  49. Div

    This is ridiculous!! But I’m not surprised…after all its an “ekta kapoor” show…what more can you expect? Be it kyunki saas bhi, bade ache lagte hain, pavitra rishta,kasauti zindagi kay , kalash and now kumkum bhagya….every serial gas been a freaking DRAAAAAAAAAAAG!! their only aim is to mint money…complete some 500-1000 episodes and not convey any sensible information to the audiencE. The only thing there been Successful in doing is forcing ppl to stop watching their show! If they can drag bulbul’s wedding for nearly 4-6 months and finally get her married in the temple, keep rachna pregnant for about a year, get Pragya kidnapped so many times at a stretch…then any blo*dy thing is possible! This show had a good storyline which was successfully murdered by the dear writers. I’m happy for Mrinal thakur (bulbul) for leaving this show though I miss bulbul’s character. And what happened to purvi..she wanted to prove herself and just disappeared.

  50. Jyoti

    Request to directors pls change the story and give happiness in abhi and pragyas lifr humble requedt now we cant get enjoyment

  51. Div

    I guess once tanu’s problem is over, they’ll introduce bulbul saying she survives the fall from the cliff and gets a plastic surgery but she’ll suffer a memory loss and nobody will recognise her and shell be living in some aashram. But one fine day she clashes with pragya or dadi and they bring her home. She’ll get hit on her head some day and get back her memory remembering who she is and….. yaaayy….. partyyyy! Wow…another ridiculous year of kkb >:( something even a 5 year old kid will say after watching ekta kapoor ‘s ridiculous, unrealistic, pathetic shows.

    • Harika

      Yes. That’s is gonna happen. Perfect prediction. I stopped seeing these episodes since months. But I kept tracking story once a while. Getting bored seeing webisodes also. When will d story change. I used to be good when abhi and pragya had silly and cute fights. The story and direction totally lost track. No entertainment at all. And I think they are running some mystery and suspense. I really miss ipkknd

    • Harika

      Yes. That’s is gonna happen. Perfect prediction. I stopped seeing these episodes since months. But I kept tracking story once a while. Getting bored seeing webisodes also. When will d story change. I used to be good when abhi and pragya had silly and cute fights. The story and direction totally lost track. No entertainment at all. And they think
      they are running some mystery and suspense. I really miss ipkknd

  52. shobana

    Hi div
    I ve a doubt if bulbul has done plastic surgery means her face will be completely change no one can identify her and if she lost past memories too means she itself can’t recognize who pragya or dadi is then how pragya or dadi will bring her to home???

    • Div

      This is ekta kapoor for you! She has time and again proven that no one can beat around the bush better than her. That’s the whole point…neither bulbul will know who she is nor will her family know that she’s aLive and how she looks…so that drama will go for another 3 months. And finally when she meets someone from her family (pragya/dadi) they’ll bring her home thinking she’s so sweet and has no family…and bulbul will get a head injury due to wHich she’ll get back her memory…another 3-4 months. Purab will get emotional and say that he knew she was alive and again drama.
      Or bulbul will not lose her memory and tries to stay away from purab thinking he won’t love her anymore…so that drama will run for 3-4 months. That’s all balaji Tele films has given us all these Years…so I’m not surprised.

  53. poooja

    Frm al fanss….plz yar dont make ud angry…our wholr group jst left that serial and moved to colord for “kasam”…aapki tanu aur uska all waited child apko mubarak…abhi n pragya..romance to apje liye bana he nhi do bhul jao…
    Cut it..zztv change channel

  54. Div

    This is why ipkknd will forever remain the best show!! Reason being…though some things were a little exaggerated…they didn’t have stupid episodes like kaala jaadu, mahasangam, plastic surgery, rebirth and other bullshit! And the best part…they had one of the best crew and every single character is so dear to all the Viewers even after 3 Years. It is probably gul khan’s best work so far.

  55. shubhangi

    Such a rubbish disgusting show I have ever watched….i mean how cn they prolong ddat much…shit yar everything will have a limit…..its so boring to tanu alia pragya in da same manner all the time…evvery time villon wins …if so y pragya has back in new avtar…..bulbul gone her death nothing means to purab n rest of everyone…..everything wrong with this stupid serial……

  56. amna

    i haye ekta kapoor and writers also !!! they have distroyed the showw!! once i was a big fan of this show , this show was soo funny and romantic but now its like a pile of SHIT !! shit is much better than this show

  57. Crazylette

    Writers are seriously stupids! First time in television history It would Evils win over good ones! This serial is such a crap!
    None of them caught for Abhigya’s Kidnap
    None of them bother to know about Purvi’s Innocence
    How Ppl Can Believe Aliya’s Fake Tears?
    And The freaky Melodrama!
    Uff It would be Much Better To concentrate on studies rather than bothering for pragya’s life
    Seriously such a jerk
    Pragya didn’t even thought to ask her mother! Is she such a dumb
    Tanu used to be so stupid but seriously she’s been expressed as most witty
    Fed up with this dragging!


    Semma mokkai even to read. the writer could have seen these comments so that he may get some good story line.

  59. farida


  60. Today’s segment-
    They showed a special segment today on SBB with regards to ZEE TV Holi.

    They showed AbhiGya/TiSha’s performance and there was a new interview of them (not seen before).

    • And guys I tell u that abhigya’s dance sequence in holi event,seems abhi’s dream. So keep ur expectations low. They didn’t mentioned it but after watching their dance from starting, it was looking like a dream.

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, that holi event is it even related to the show or just a special event by all leads from ZEE TV shows. Any idea?

      I am thinking it wont be related to the ongoing track or story, just a fun and entertainment one.

      • Reji

        Ya sahithi I think it is not related to the track they r doing this as an event and it going to telecast on March 20…. but pratiksha and guys i don’t know which day is celebrated as holi… can anyone pls tell me…

      • Sahithi holi even will b telecast under kkb’s roof with other show’s couples of zee TV. May b they will give some story touch to the event but it will not important in show’s story sense. Means light and little moments of the character could b showed but not the important one as I think.

  61. gowtham

    i thnk… talking about bulbuls reentry… is not gonna do anything…. bcoz tanus track mudiayave inum 5 months aaidum…. aftr that they may bring bulbul…. but maybe nw also they can bring bulbul to expose tanu…. all in the hand of team of kkb…. but if bulbul comes i will be very happy…. bt surly ll miss the old ammu….

    • Sahithi

      Looking at the current track, we can expect Tanu to be exposed in 2 weeks. Mostly by April 1st week as now they know the baby father as Nikhil. Mostly by the time team Pragya is back in MM, Sarla would be sleeping, so she will get the confirmation from her next morning. Anyways now that Ronnie will see his face so that also not needed from Sarla.

      And I dont think they will bring Bulbul before Tanu is exposed. It would have been interesting if Bulbul exposed Nikhil if at all she came with new face as we r expecting and if that anonimity helped her to gather proof. But now that Nikhil’s truth is known, I dont think Bulbul is needed at this point to bring out proofs. One more plan from Purab and Pragya is enough.

      May be once this truth is out, we can see the direction the show will take; we will know if Bulbul will really come back with new face. But before this plan is implemented, n is success what will Abhi do is my point of interest. How will Pragya be able to handle his anger n hatred.

      What will be Abhi’s plan of action to get the divorce, since his plan for announcement will fail today.

      • gowtham

        me too expecting d same sahithi…. tanu track shuld end as early as possible…. bt juz clarify me…. aftr ds track wat ll they do next?? do they have anythng other than aaliya and tanu….. till nw they are moving the stry wd these two and moreover they ll thnk lik… once abhigya reunited thn watever they do… they cant stretch it right….. so i thnk next they ll do somethng wd aaliya…
        not to forget…. aaliya s been forgiven twice or thrice by abhi…. will it be continuing???

  62. sheetha

    Attention please!!

    We are reaching the anniversary of Tannu pregnancy announcement in the show (April 2015) and supposed dates of conception were earlier than that (Nov 2014, Feb 2015).

    Although the whole of KB except Abhi knows Tannu’s baby being Nikhil’s it’s taking forever for them to expose Tannu. So Tannu is doing her evil dance on our heads and KB characters for a year now.

    And we can’t bear this track anymore.

    So let’s get together and start out movement on twitter/ Instagram.

    We will start trending on Saturday morning 9 am IST. And we continue until the track ends.

    Whatever you post, please use #endtanutrack hashtag.
    If you don’t have a account, create one. Please change your location in Twitter to India. If you don’t want to use your original one, create a second one.

    Give a minute time between two tweets so that twitter does not lock your account for spamming.

    Make edits, use the hashtag and tag the actors. If you tagging the actors or CVs, please make sure to be nice.
    Tag the SBS/SBAS/SBB/ZEE etc.

    Please don’t tag Ekta. It’s a complete waste of time.

    Please don’t bash Leena or any actor or any CVs.

    Be stern but not rude.

    And Sowmi will be updating the videos of episodes in Twitter even before its telecasted on TV. Spread those videos with the same tags. RT them.

    Most important-Please don’t watch episodes live. No TRP’s from any one of us. Not even 0.001% from our side.

    Don’t think we are wrong at all. We have tolerated this track all for months and have patiently waited.

    Don’t worry about ditto not telecasting it before the episodes. Ditto would have signed a contract with zee and they promised viewers to update before episodes and they will.

    We can do it, we will do it. We just need to stay strong and be united.

    Hoping for all ur support, Thank You.

  63. ashthad

    Trying to catch the culprit “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” Style. Late but I have realized that these drama writers take ideas bits and pieces from the movies and plug it in. This is it – time to use my time upgrading my self. watch these one day a month and not difficult to catch up.

  64. anne

    Hi Sheetha i am Anne frm Malaysia thumbs ups to u n whoever who joined u it is been answered go to twitter n c youtube tanu wil b exposed thanx 4 what u hve done i m very happy thanx again

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.